Africans and African Descendants from across the world, gathered in Vienna, Austria, in unity and solidarity born of the common African root, recognition of sharing a common history - that of the African Slave Trade, Slavery, and Colonization - and a continuing common experience of anti-Black racism, which root, history and experience bind us as a unique community; and,

Respectful of the Memory of Our Ancestors and the ultimate sacrifice which they paid, and mindful that this memory must never be forgotten; and,

As a Community, Committed to the elimination anti-Black racism wherever it occurs in the World; and,

Cognizant of the Enormity of the depredations of the Black Holocausts (Slavery and Colonization) and the significance of these historical epochs for the world; and,

In fraternity with all peoples imbued with a sense of genuine respect for the rights of people of all races, ethnicities and creeds; and,

In abhorrence of all forms of African Slavery and the African Slave Trade (trans-Atlantic, trans-Saharan and trans-Indian Ocean) and the Colonization of Africa;

BE IT RESOLVED that this Assembly: