Saturday, May 25, 2019

Rights of Indigenous Peoples


Tribal Sovereignty

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Title Author Hits
Beyond VAWA: Protecting Native Women from Sexual Violence Within Existing Tribal Jurisdictional Structures Jessica Allison Hits: 189
Rights of Indigenous People of the US Vernellia Randall Hits: 6031
Herrera v. Wyoming (Supreme Court 2019) United States Supreme Court Hits: 134
Treaty with the Chippewa Hits: 5666
Allotment Act of 1891 ACT OF 1891 Hits: 4723
Dawes Act 1887 Dawes Act 1887 Hits: 5482
Failed Protectors: The Indian Trust and Killers of the Flower Moon Matthew L.M. Fletcher Hits: 52
Indian Removal Act (1830) Indian Removal Act (1830) Hits: 8655
Indian Tribes: Evolving into Nationhood Matthew L.M. Fletcher Hits: 5923
Native Americans: Law and Policies Hits: 9558