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Criminal Justice and Racism


Criminal Justice, Generally

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Pretrial, Bail, etc

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Death Penalty

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Juvenile Justice

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Prision Industrial Complex and Mass Incarceration

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War on Drugs

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Trial and Sentencing

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Title Author Hits
The Reasonable Black Child: Race, Adolescence, and the Fourth Amendment, Kristin Henning Hits: 426
America, Please Don’t Feed the Prison Monster David A. Love Hits: 5146
Biased and Broken Bodies of Proof: White Heteropatriarchy, the Grand Jury Process, and Performance on Unarmed Black Flesh Blanche Bong Cook Hits: 1817
Black and Poor: The Grave Consequences of Utah V. Strieff Chanae L. Wood Hits: 595
Race and False Convictions Samuel R. Gross Hits: 1743
The Police-Created Exigency Doctrine and “Reasonableness” Standard Grant T. Herrin Hits: 8653
Who Locked Us Up? Examining the Social Meaning of Black Punitiveness Darren Lenard Hutchinson, Hits: 462
The Everyday Economic Violence of Black Life Renee C. Hatcher Hits: 1577
The Phantom Defense: the Unavailability of the Entrapment Defense in New York City “Plain View” Marijuana Arrests Ari Rosmarin Hits: 6914
"Curing" Own Race Bias: What Cognitive Science and the Henderson Case Teach about Improving Jurors' Ability to Identify Race-tainted Eyewitness Error Andrew E. Taslitz Hits: 6163
"Like Wolves in Sheep's Clothing": Combating Racial Bias in Washington State's Criminal Justice System Krista L. Nelson and Jacob J. Stender Hits: 6763
"Sounding Black": Court-sanctioned Racial Stereotyping Lis Wiehl Hits: 17604
“Hands Up, Don't Shoot”: The Use of Deadly Force by Police Against Racial Minorities in the United States Isabella Nascimento Hits: 80
15 Dead in Ohio: Cincinnati's Black and Blue Tim Wise Hits: 6569
2011 Annual Criminal Procedure Review: Selected Issues Georgetown Law Journal Hits: 40611
A Consideration of Mitigatory Criminal Defenses and Racism-related Mental Illness Camille A. Nelson Hits: 27046
A Legacy of Lynchings: Perceived Black Criminal Threat Among Whites Daniel P. Mears, Patricia Y. Warren, Ashley N. Arnio, Eric A. Stewart and Miltonette O. Craig Hits: 169
A New Frontier in Criminal Justice Reform Kami Chavis Hits: 132
A Snitch in Time: An Historical Sketch of Black Informing During Slavery Andrea L. Dennis Hits: 8179
Almost Gone: The Vanishing Fourth Amendment's Allowance of Stingray Surveillance in a Post-carpenter Age Harvey Gee Hits: 101
An Uneasy Dance with Data: Racial Bias in Criminal Law Joseph J. Avery Hits: 113
Asian and African American and the Criminal Justice System Sheila A. Bedi Hits: 10228
Batson for Judges, Police Officers & Teachers: Lessons in Democracy from the Jury Box, Stacy L. Hawkins Hits: 561
Benign Neglect of Racism in the Criminal Justice System (Book Review) Angela J. Davis Hits: 69
Bias in Blue: Instructing Jurors to Consider the Testimony of Police Officer Witnesses with Caution Vida B. Johnson Hits: 1534
Bias In, Bias Out: Race, Algorithmic Bias and Criminal Justice Sandra G. Mayson Hits: 155
Blue Lives Have Always Mattered: The Usurping of Hate Crime Laws for an Unintended and Unnecessary Purpose Lisa M. Olson Hits: 835
Booker Rules: The Fix for the Mandatory Guidelines System Amy Baron-Evans and Kate Stith Hits: 6544
Breaking Blue: Challenging Police Officer Credibility at Motions to Suppress Jennifer Sellitti Hits: 996
Can criminal laws improve existing black markets? David Michael Jaros Hits: 22783
Casual Ostracism: Jury Exclusion on the Basis of Criminal Convictions Anna Roberts Hits: 5120
Character in Criminal Justice Proceedings: Rethinking its Role in Rules Governing Evidence, Punishment, Prosecutors, and Parole Deborah L. Rhode Hits: 95
Children of the American Prison Generation: Student and School Spillover Effects of Incarcerating Mothers John Hagan and Holly Foster Hits: 10150
Coming and Going: Racial Disparity in the Punishment and Profit of Marijuana Rick Jones Hits: 861
Construction of Race and Crime in America Anthony Scott Washington Hits: 11473
Contemporary Police Brutality and Misconduct: A Continuation of the Legacy of Racial Violence Hits: 8838
Court Holds A Person Can Be Too Smart to be a Police Officer United States Court of Appeals, Second Circuit Hits: 551
Created Equal Report: Racial and Ethnic in the Criminal Justice System Christopher Bartney and Linh Vuong Hits: 6333
Creating the Trauma-to-Prison Pipeline: How the U.S. Justice System Criminalizes Structural and Interpersonal Trauma Experienced by Girls of Color DeAnna Baumle Hits: 723
Criminal Law's Tribalism Molly Townes O'Brien Hits: 6374
Criminal Records, Race and Redemption Michael Pinard Hits: 5239
Criminal Selectivity in the United States: A History Plagued by Class & Race Bias Valeria Vegh Weis Hits: 690
Defending White Space Addie C. Rolnick Hits: 217
Disentangling Disparity: Exploring Racially Disparate Effect and Treatment in Capital Charging Sherod Thaxton Hits: 793
DNA, Racial Disparities, and Biases in Criminal Justice Jennifer K. Wagner Hits: 1394
Do I Look like I Have an Attitude? How Stereotypes of Black Women on Television Adversely Impact Black Female Defendants Through the Implicit Bias of Jurors Fanta Freeman Hits: 307
Fairness and Equality in the Criminal Justice System: Internal Policies Kathleen Jennings Hits: 1608
Federal Civil Rights Lawsuits and Civil Gideon: a Solutionto Disproportionate Police Force? Hits: 13861
Federal Felon-in-Possession Gun Laws and Black Communities Emma Luttrell Shreefter Hits: 1135
Flowers v. Mississippi (June 2019) Supreme Court of the United States Hits: 230
From Fear to Rage: Black Rage as a Natural Progression from and Functional Equivalent of Battered Woman Syndrome Tosha Yvette Foster Hits: 92
From Proving Pretext to Proving Discrimination: The Real Lesson of Miller-el and Snyder Joshua C. Polster Hits: 10243
From Stop and Frisk to Shoot and Kill: Terry V. Ohio's Pathway to Police Violence Devon W. Carbado Hits: 1067
Give Me Liberty or Give Me... Alternatives? Ending Cash Bail and its Impact on Pretrial Incarceration Muhammad B. Sardar Hits: 137
Give Us Free: Addressing Racial Disparities in Bail Determinations Cynthia E. Jones Hits: 5629
Implicit Racial Bias Can Operate in Every Phase of Prosecutorial Discretion Robert J. Smith and Justin D. Levinson Hits: 22601
Implicitly Unjust: How Defenders Can Affect Systemic Racist Assumptions Jonathan A. Rapping Hits: 439
Implicitly Unjust: How Defenders Can Affect Systemic Racist Assumptions, Criminal Justice in the 21st Century: Eliminating Racial and Ethnic Disparity in the Criminal Justice System Jonathan A. Rapping Hits: 24426
Is Sympathy Towards Minorities a Race-neutral Reason under Batson V. Kentucky Thomas Galan Hits: 8720
It's Broke So Let's Fix It: Using a Quasi-inquisitorial Approach to Limit the Impact of Bias in the American Criminal Justice System Raneta Lawson Mack Hits: 98
Judicial Toleration of Racial Bias William E. Martin and Peter N. Thompson Hits: 23218
Legal Implications of Cognitive Bias in Police Decision-making L. Song Richardson Hits: 8270
Legal Punishment as Civil Ritual: Making Cultural Sense of Harsh Punishment SpearIt Hits: 20896
Looking Criminal and the Presumption of Dangerousness: Afrocentric Facial Features, Skin Tone, and Criminal Justice Mark W. Bennett and Victoria C. Plaut Hits: 842
Mean Women and Misplaced Priorities: Incarcerated Women Sarah Wynn Hits: 21710
Nigga Theory: Contingency, Irony, and Solidarity in the Substantive Criminal Law Jody Armour Hits: 2504
OJ Simpson and Justice in America Edward Blakemore Hits: 5450
Police Dogs and Race Ann L. Schiavone Hits: 79
Police Efficiency and the Fourth Amendment L. Song Richardson Hits: 8633
Policing Black Residents as Nuisances: Why Selective Nuisance Law Enforcement Violates the Fair Housing Act Rachel Smith Hits: 476
Policing the Prosecutor: Race, the Fourth Amendment, and the Prosecution of Criminal Case Renée McDonald Hutchins Hits: 1404
Policing, Race, and Place Bennett Capers Hits: 5790
Post-racialism and Searches Incident to Arrest Frank Rudy Cooper Hits: 4997
Preliminary Report on Race and Washingtons Criminal Justice System Research Working Group and Task Force on Race and the Criminal Justice System Hits: 20239
Prisoners of Fate: The Challenges of Creating Change for Children of Incarcerated Parents Amy B. Cyphert Hits: 716
Prosecutorial Crimes and Corruption: The (White) Elephant in the Courtroom Jamala Rogers Hits: 1950
Prosecutors as the Most Powerful Actor in the Criminal Justice System Angela J. Davis Hits: 17215
Race and Ambivalent Criminal Procedure Remedies Brooks Holland Hits: 7266
Race and Social Justice as a Budget Filter: The Solution to Racial Bias in the State Legislature? Sahar Fathi Hits: 5733
Race and the Elements of the Federal RICO Hits: 14138
Race, Identification and Memory of Criminal Events Nancy Franklin and Michael Greenstein Hits: 4982
Race, Paternalism, and the Right to Counsel Kristin Henning Hits: 390
Race, Reputation and the Supreme Court Fran Lisa Buntman Hits: 6635
Racial Disparity in Iowa's Criminal Justice System 150 Years after Clark Alfredo Parrish Hits: 272
Racism in the Criminal Justice System: An Infographic Hits: 7405
Racism in the Insanity Defense Hava B. Villaverde Hits: 67
Reimagining Prosecution: A Growing Progressive Movement Angela J. Davis Hits: 219
Senate Bill 756 - First Step Act of 2018 - Criminal Justice Reform TBA Hits: 3652
Shadow Citizens: Felony Disenfranchisement and the Criminalization of Debt Ann Cammett Hits: 5885
Silence and the Racial Dimension of Megan's Law Daniel Filler Hits: 5866
Smoke but No Fire: When Innocent People Are Wrongly Convicted of Crimes That Never Happened Jessica S. Henry Hits: 933
Solutions to the Discriminatory Bail System Lydia D. Johnson Hits: 8342
State Efforts to Reduce Racial Disparities in Criminal Justice:Empirical Analysis and Recommendations for Action Jesse J. Norris Hits: 8723
Stop Terry: Reasonable Suspicion, Race, and a Proposal to Limit Terry Stop Rene McDonald Hutchins Hits: 8119
Systemic Triage: Implicit Racial Bias in the Criminal Courtroom L. Song Richardson Hits: 432
Terry V. Ohio: its Failure, Immoral Progeny, and Racial Profiling Russell L. Jones Hits: 956
The “White” to Bear Arms: How Immunity Provisions in Stand Your Ground Statutes Lead to an Unequal Application of the Law for Black Gun Owners Victoria Bell Hits: 159
The Constructed Identities of Asian and African Americans: A Story of Two Races and the Criminal Justice System Sheila A. Bedi Hits: 37
The Crime of Color Paul Finkelman Hits: 1037
The Evidence of Things Not Seen : Non-matches as Evidence of Innocence James S. Liebman Hits: 4842
The Hate Crimes Prevention Act: Political Symbol or Prosecutorial Tool? Michael F. Pabian Hits: 6537
The High Crime Factor Has a Disparate Impact on African Americans Reshaad Shiraz Hits: 6669
The Intractable Problem: Implicit Juror Bias Anna Roberts Hits: 16944
“The Killer Behind the Badge”: Race and Police Homicide in New Orleans, 1925-1945 Jeffrey S. Adler Hits: 13954
The Lack of Accountability for the New York Police Department's Investigative Stops Dasha Kabakova Hits: 26061
The Legacy of Slavery, Cognitive Shortcuts, and Biased News: The Mass Media's Vilification of Black Males and the Resulting "Reasonableness" of Excessive Force by Law Enforcement Janyl Relling Smith Hits: 109
The Myth of the Good Cop and the Law Robin K. Magee Hits: 10917
The Paradox of “Progressive Prosecution" Harvard Law Review Hits: 736
Traffic Stop Federalism: Protecting North Carolina Black Drivers from the United States Supreme Court Anthony J. Ghiotto Hits: 169
Trapped in the Shackles of America's Criminal Justice System Shristi Devu Hits: 486
True Colors: Crime, Race and Colorblindness Revisited Itay Ravid Hits: 174
Viewing Access to Justice for Rural Mainers of Color Through a Prosecution Lens Maybell Romero Hits: 225
Warrantless Searches and Seizures (2016) Georgetown Law Journal Annual Review of Criminal Procedure Hits: 2472
Why are Cross-Racial Eyewitness IDs Especially Unreliable? John P. Rutledge Hits: 8888
Race, Poverty, and Bail: An Annotated Bibliography Clanitra Stewart Nejd Hits: 786
What the #Metoo Campaign Teaches about Stop and Frisk Josephine Ross Hits: 569
A Look at the Inappropriateness of Life Without Parole as an Alternative to the Death Penalty Ashley Nellis Hits: 14793
Constitutional Reform and the Abolition of the Mandatory Death Penalty in Kenya: An International Comparison Andrew Novak Hits: 49817
Death in Prison: the Right Death Penalty Compromise Russell D. Covey Hits: 9431
Death Penalty Statistics Hits: 6424
Death Penalty Statistics - II Hits: 8307
Death Penalty: Blind but Not Colorblind Hits: 7701
Devaluing Death: an Empirical Study of Implicit Racial Bias on Jury-eligible Citizens in Six Death Penalty States Justin D. Levinson, Robert J. Smith, and Danielle M. Young Hits: 279
Empathy Leads to Death: Why Empathy Is an Adversary of Capital Defendants Erik Aucoin Hits: 433
Institutionalizing Bias: The Death Penalty, Federal Drug Prosecutions, and Mechanisms of Disparate Punishment Mona Lynch Hits: 318
Race and Death Sentences in Texas Deon Brock, Nigel Cohen, Jonathan Sorensen Hits: 5991
Race and the Death Penalty: McCleskey v Kemp Chaka M. Patterson Hits: 9297
Statistics and Death: The Conspicuous Role of Race Bias in the Administration of the Death Penalty Ruth E. Friedman Hits: 7723
The Defunding of the Post Conviction Defense Organizations as a Denial of the Right to Counsel Roscoe C. Howard, Jr. Hits: 70
The Struggle Against the Death Penalty Moves Forward in Washington State: Reflections on State V. Gregory Neil M. Fox Hits: 67
The Youngest of the Young: Fourteen-year-olds Sentenced to Die Sheri Lynn Johnson, John H. Blume and Hannah L. Freedman Hits: 5741
Valuing Procedure over Substance: Racial Bias in the Capital Jury Room Grace Manning Hits: 155
What Can Brown Do for You?: Addressing Mccleskey V. Kemp as a Flawed Standard for Measuring the Constitutionally Significant Risk of Race Bias Mario L. Barnes and Erwin Chemerinsky Hits: 1213
Why the Injection of Race in Saldano v. State Constitutes Fundamental Error Diana L. Hoermann Hits: 7979
Race, Juvenile Justice, and Mental Health: New Dimensions in Measuring Pervasive Bias W. John Thomas, Dorothy E. Stubbe and Geraldine Pearson Hits: 265
A Broken Shield: A Plea for Formality in the Juvenile Justice System Robin Walker Sterling Hits: 5642
Cognitive Warfare and Young Black Males in America Perry L. Moriearty and William Carson Hits: 26175
Criminalization of Children: The Pipeline Patrick S. Metze Hits: 7873
Criminalizing Normal Adolescent Behavior in Communities of Color: The Role of Prosecutors in Juvenile Justice Reform Kristin Henning Hits: 5400
Disposable Children in Black Faces: The Violence Initiative as Inner-city Containment Policy Alfreda A. Sellers-Diamond Hits: 583
Disproportionate Representation of Minority Youth in the Juvenile Justice System: a Lack ofClarity and Too Much Disparity among States “addressing” the Issue Elizabeth N. Jones Hits: 10448
No MANDATORY Life Without Parole for Juvenile (Miller v Alabama) Supreme Court of the United States Hits: 2668
Suspicionless Searches of Students' Belongings: a Legal, Empirical, and Normative Analysis Jason P. Nance Hits: 9522
The “Reasonable Black Child”--Youth, Race, and the Fourth Amendment Laura Cohen Hits: 359
The Child as Other: Race and Differential Treatment in the Juvenile Justice System Kenneth B. Nunn Hits: 6659
The Color of Justice for Children Ernestine S. Gray Hits: 467
The Conflict of Juvenile Shaming Punishments Alicia N. Harden Hits: 17729
When They Need Us Most: The Unaddressed Crisis of Mentally Ill African American Children in the Juvenile Justice System Jennifer M. Keys, Hits: 150
Why Ross V. Blake Opens a Door to Federal Courts for Incarcerated Adolescents Nicola A. Cohen Hits: 492
Black Lives Matter and Respectability Politics in Local News Accounts of Officer-involved Civilian Deaths Osagie K. Obasogie and Zachary Newman Hits: 2470
Reforming the Law on Police Use of Deadly Force: De-escalation, Preseizure Conduct, and Imperfect Self-defense Cynthia Lee Hits: 785
We Are Always Already Imprisoned: Hyper-incarceration and Black Male Identity Performance Frank Rudy Cooper Hits: 5754
“A Few Bad Apples”: How the Narrative of Isolated Misconduct Distorts Civil Rights Doctrine Chiraag Bains Hits: 626
“Body Cameras Won't Bring Justice”: Why Pennsylvania's Chapter 67a Does Not Promise Police Accountability Peter Hyndman Hits: 194
A Culture of Silence: Exploring the Impact of the Historically Contentious Relationship Between African-Americans and the Police Mikah K. Thompson Hits: 1907
A Genealogy of Programmatic Stop and Frisk: The Discourse-to-Practice-Circuit Frank Rudy Cooper Hits: 461
A Proposed Act: the Stop Police Violence & Criminal Justice Reform Act Maurice R. Dyson Hits: 1507
Accountability in Policing: How Complicity Perpetuates Institutional Injustice and Inequities in the United States and South Africa Aditi Juneja Hits: 513
Afrofuturism, Critical Race Theory, and Policing in the Year 2044 I. Bennett Capers Hits: 285
Are Police Obsolete? Breaking Cycles of Violence Through Abolition Democracy V. Noah Gimbel and Craig Muhammad Hits: 158
Are We Nearing the End of Impunity for Taking Black Lives? Margalynne J. Armstrong Hits: 188
Behavioral Realism, Implicit Bias, and the Reasonable Police Officer: Moving Beyond Good Cop/Bad Cop Megan Quattlebaum Hits: 743
Black Lives Matter Review: Jill Leovy, Ghettoside: A True Story of Murder in America (2015) Samuel H. Pillsbury Hits: 394
Black People Against Police Torture: The Importance of Building a People-Centered Human Rights Movement Vickie Casanova Willis and Standish E. Willis Hits: 4638
Black, White, and Blue: Bias, Profiling, and Policing in the Age of Black Lives Matter Bridgette Baldwin Hits: 512
Book Review: The Black Police: Policing Our Own Locking up Our Own: Crime and Punishment in Black America Devon W. Carbado and L. Song Richardson, Hits: 744
Challenging Racist Predictive Policing Algorithms under the Equal Protection Clause Renata M. O'Donnell Hits: 114
Dignity Restoration and the Chicago Police Torture Reparations Ordinance Andrew S. Baer Hits: 678
Dismantling Structural Inequality: Lock Ups, Systemic Chokeholds, and Race-based Policing Cedric Merlin Powell and Laura McNea Hits: 401
Flagrant Police Abuse: Why Black Lives (Also) Matter to the Fourth Amendment Joelle Anne Moreno Hits: 2040
From Black Power to Hip Hop: Discussing Race, Policing, and the Fourth Amendment Through the “War On” Paradigm Donald F. Tibbs Hits: 327764
In the Shadows of the War on Terror: Persistent Police Brutality and Abuse of People of Color in the United States Andrea J. Ritchie and Joey L. Mogul Hits: 297
KKK in the PD: White Supremacist Police and What to Do About It Vida B. Johnson Hits: 368
Law Enforcement “Bills of Rights” Enable Police Violence and Prevent Accountability Nick Place Hits: 2357
Lawless Cops, Latino Injustice, and Revictimization by the Justice System Lupe S. Salinas Hits: 199
Legal Consciousness as Race Consciousness: Expansion of the Fourth Amendment Seizure Analysis Through Objective Knowledge of Police Impunity Lindsey Webb Hits: 889
Mapping the Blank: Centering Black Women's Vulnerability to Police Sexual Violence to Upend Mainstream Police Reform Jasmine Sankofa Hits: 485
Nearsighted and Colorblind: The Perspective Problems of Police Deadly Force Cases Jelani Jefferson Exum Hits: 1275
Not-So-Great Expectations: Implicit Racial Bias in the Supreme Court's Consent to Search Doctrine Diana R. Donahoe Hits: 738
Of Law and Blacklives, 50 Years Later: Race and Policing in the Aftermath of the Moynihan Report Donald F. Tibbs Hits: 181
Officer or Overseer?: Why Police Desegregation Fails as an Adequate Solution to Racist, Oppressive, and Violent Policing in Black Communities Liyah Kaprice Brown Hits: 9374
Open Letter to Tamir Rice Osagyefo Sekou Hits: 5822
Our Uneasiness with Police Unions: Power and Voice for the Powerful? Marcia L. McCormick Hits: 137
Police Reform as Preventative Medicine: Reframing Police-community Violence as a Public Health Law Issue Justin K. Reichman Hits: 293
Police Violence, Use of Force Policies, and Public Health Osagie K. Obasogie and Zachary Newman Hits: 584
Policing the Boundaries of Whiteness: The Tragedy of Being “Out of Place” from Emmett Till to Trayvon Martin Angela Onwuachi-Willig Hits: 761
Policing the Police: Could Mandatory Professional Liability Insurance for Officers Provide a New Accountability Model? Deborah Ramirez, Marcus Wraight, Lauren Kilmister and Carly Perkins Hits: 134
Policing, and Lethal Force: Remedying Shooter Bias with Martial Arts Training Cynthia Lee, Hits: 330
Political Activism: Chicago Politicians' Silence When Black Lives Matter Alison Hill Hits: 1022
Predatory Policing Devon W. Carbado Hits: 2002
Pretext and Justification: Republicanism, Policing, and Race Ekow N. Yankah Hits: 226
Probable Cause Affidavit - George Zimmerman State iof Florida vs George Zimmerman Hits: 10868
Race, Policing, and Technology (Abstract) I. Bennett Capers Hits: 1359
Racial Character Evidence in Police Killing Cases Jasmine B. Gonzales Rose Hits: 643
Reaction To: of Law and Black Lives, 50 Years Later: Race and Policing in the Aftermath of the Moynihan Report Jasmine Adams Hits: 1137
Reasonably Radical: Terry's Attack on Race-based Policing Eric J. Miller Hits: 447
Redefining Standards of Excessive Force: Implications for Policy and Practice Mawia Khogal Hits: 292
Reducing the Impact of Racial Discrimination in Policing Brittain McClurg Hits: 230
Reforming Policing André Douglas Pond Cummings Hits: 607
Refusing to Be Governed: Urban Policing, Gang Violence, and The Politics of Evilness in an Afro-Colombian Shantytown Jaime Amparo Alves Hits: 198
Reopening Ferguson and Rethinking Civil Rights Prosecutions Paul Savoy Hits: 1504
Requiem for Laquan Mcdonald: Policing as Punishment and Abolishing Reasonable Suspicion Donald F. Tibbs and Tryon P. Woods Hits: 1687
Resisting Arrest and Racism - the Crime of "Disrespect" C. Scott Holmes Hits: 2303
Stop, Frisk, and Assault? Racial Disparities in Police Use of Force During Investigatory Stops Rory Kramer and Brianna Remster Hits: 879
Systems Failures in Policing Joanna C. Schwartz Hits: 319
The American Declaration of the Rights and Duties of Man: Using a Human Rights Framework to Deconstruct Systemic Police Misconduct Against Low-income Women of Color Neda Saghafi Hits: 652
The Duty to Charge in Police Use of Excessive Force Cases Rebecca Roiphe Hits: 1538
The End of Intuition-based High-crime Areas Ben Grunwald and Jeffrey Fagan Hits: 172
The Futile Fourth Amendment: Understanding Police Excessive Force Doctrine Through an Empirical Assessment of Graham V. Connor Osagie K. Obasogie and Zachary Newman Hits: 588
The Klan's Constitution Jared A. Goldstein Hits: 638
The Logic of Data Bias and its Impact on Place-based Predictive Policing P. Jeffrey Brantingham Hits: 635
The People's Welfare, Police Powers, and the Rights of Free People of African Descent01 Kate Masur Hits: 1606
The Struggle for Reparations in the Burge Torture Cases Joey L. Mogul Hits: 7832
The Truth About the Murder of Chinedu Okobi Ebele Okobi Hits: 2414
Traces of the Slave Patrol: Notes on Breed-Specific Legislation P. Khalil Saucier Hits: 706
What Exposes African Americans to Police Violence? Devon W. Carbado and Patrick Rock Hits: 172
2018 Police Killings of Unarmed Persons (Summary) Vernellia Randall Hits: 649
2018 Presumption of Guilt Bryan Stevenson Hits: 2404
Anthony Marcell Green (33 Year Old Black Male) Vernellia Randall Hits: 499
Antwon Rose (17 Year Old Black Male) Vernellia Randall Hits: 538
Arther Mcafee Jr. (61 Year Old Black Male) Vernellia Randall Hits: 571
Cameron Hall (27 Year Old Black Male) Vernellia Randall Hits: 546
Chinedu Valentine Okobi (37 Year Old Black Male) Vernellia Randall Hits: 501
Claudia Gonzalez (20 Year Old Hispanic Female) Vernellia Randall Hits: 549
Cynthia Fields (60 Year Old Black Female) Vernellia Randall Hits: 524
Darell Richards (19 Year Old Black Male) Vernellia Randall Hits: 492
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Ulises Valladares (47 Year Old Hispanic Male) Vernellia Randall Hits: 596
Cops Killing Kids Has Got to Stop! Dave Lindorff Hits: 615
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Jorevis Sruggs (15 Year Old Black Male, 2016) Vernellia Randall Hits: 621
Jorge Tapia (15 Year Old Hispanic Male)(2015) Vernellia Randall Hits: 646
Kameron Prescott (6 Year Old Hispanic Male)(2017) Vernellia Randall Hits: 603
Kemonte Cobbs (15 Year Old, Black Male)(2017) Vernellia Randall Hits: 643
Laquan McDonald (17 Year Old Black Male) (2014) Vernellia Randall Hits: 526
Logan Simpson (16 Years Old White Male) (2018) Vernellia Randall Hits: 623
Michael Brown (18 Year Old Black Male) (2014) Vernellia Randall Hits: 565
Qusean Whitten (18 Year Old Black Male) (2014) Vernellia Randall Hits: 603
Shane Whitehead (16 Year Old Black Male) (2015) Vernellia Randall Hits: 585
Tamir Rice (12 Year Old Black Male) (2014) Vernellia Randall Hits: 561
Tyre King (13 Year Old Black Male) Vernellia Randall Hits: 640
VonDerrit Myers Jr (18 Year Old Black Male) (2014) Vernellia Randall Hits: 583
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The Stories, the Statistics, and the Law: Why "Driving While Black" Matters David A. Harris Hits: 27251
Why Driving While Black Matters David A. Harris Hits: 6827
The Profitability of Racism: Discriminatory Design in the Carceral State Elizabeth Jones Hits: 607
(Color)blind Reform: How Ability-to-pay Determinations Are Inadequate to Transform a Racialized System of Penal Debt Theresa Zhen Hits: 193
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Abolishing the Private Prison Industry's Evolving Influence on Immigrant Oppression Antonio Iglesias Hits: 94
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Administering Justice: Removing Statutory Barriers to Reentry Joy Radice Hits: 6637
American Hypocrisy: How the United States' System of Mass Incarceration and Police Brutality Fail to Comply with its Obligations under the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination, R. Danielle Burnette Hits: 842
American Hypocrisy: Mass Incarceration, Police Brutality and ICERD R. Danielle Burnette Hits: 80
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Caged In: the Devastating Harms of Solitary Confinement on Prisoners with Physical Disabilities Jamelia N. Morgan Hits: 450
Civil Death in the United States Gabriel J. Chin Hits: 15131
Constitutionally Unprotected: Prison Slavery, Felon Disenfranchisement, and the Criminal Exception to Citizenship Rights Jennifer Rae Taylor Hits: 23353
Death with Dignity for the Seemingly Undignified: Denial of Aid in Dying in Prison Kathleen S. Messinger Hits: 152
Ending Mass Incarceration Is a Moral Imperative Jonathan Simon and Adrian A. Kragen Hits: 12098
Expanding Public Safety in the Era of Black Lives Matter Nicole D. Porter Hits: 462
Explicit Bias: Why Criminal Justice Reform Requires Us to Challenge Crime Control Strategies That Are Anything but Race Blind Jonathan Simon Hits: 272
Freedom and Prison: Putting Structuralism Back into Structural Inequality Anders Walker Hits: 419
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How Mainstream Reformers Design Ambitious Reentry Programs Doomed to Fail and Destined to Reinforce Targeted Mass Incarceration and Social Control Gerald P. López Hits: 6155
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Law, Prison, and Double-double Consciousness: A Phenomenological View of the Black Prisoner's Experience James Davis III Hits: 212
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High Time for Change: How Legalizing Marijuana Could Help Narrow the Racial Divide in the United States Gene Taras Hits: 118
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Opioid Courts and Judicial Management of the Opioid Crisis John Kip Cornwell Hits: 77
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Zoning, Race, and Marijuana: the Unintended Consequences of Proposition 64 Alexis Holmes Hits: 81
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Discipline Disparities: Myths and Facts Vernellia Randall Hits: 1388
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Discipline Policies, Successful Schools, Racial Justice, and the Law Daniel J. Losen Hits: 22046
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School-based Legal Services as a Tool in Dismantling the School-to-prison Pipeline and Achieving Educational Equity Barbara Fedders and Jason Langberg Hits: 50546
Stop School Pushouts Racial Justice Now! Hits: 3116
Students of the Mass Incarceration Nation Katayoon Majd Hits: 512
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Tracing the School-to-Prison Pipeline from Zero-Tolerance Policies to Juvenile Justice Dispositions Aaron J. Curtis Hits: 21832
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What Is Implicit Bias, And How Might It Affect Teachers And Students? Esther Quintero Hits: 15942
Why Did The Black-White Dropout Gap Widen in the 2000s? Suhyun Suh, Ashley Malchow and Jingyo Suh Hits: 5325
Are Black Kids Worse? Myths and Facts about Racial Differences in Behavior Russell J. Skiba and Natasha T. Williams Hits: 1552
Be a State and National Leader: Stop the School-to-Prison Pipeline in Dayton Public Schools Racial Justice Now! Hits: 1968
City of Learners Action Plan (Draft) City of Learners Hits: 1642
Dayton Education Association Call to Action Regarding RJN! Proposal and RJN!'s Response to the Call to Action Vernellia Randall Hits: 7433
Expulsions and Suspensions: Testimony - Appendix Prof. Vernellia Randall Hits: 16836
Expulsions and Suspensions: Zero Tolerance and Racial Inequality in Ohio Schools Prof. Vernellia Randall Hits: 6821
Letter to Ohio Senate Education Committee: Race Does Matter. (January 25, 2014) Vernellia R. Randall Hits: 3532
Ohio Disciplinary Statistics (Selected) Racial Justice Now! Hits: 7333
Ohio HB 441 - Excess Suspensions Roland Winburn Hits: 1372
Ohio HB 443 - Eliminate Zero Tolerance Fred Strahorn Hits: 1605
Ohio Senate Bill 167 Vernellia Randall Hits: 3511
Pushouts in Montgomery County (March 2014) Vernellia Randall Hits: 1213
Talking Points: School-to-Prison Pipeline Racial Justice Now! Hits: 5440
Testimony: Racial Inequality: Education and School Discipline Maria A. Holt Hits: 3409
Exclusion, Punishment, Racism and Our Schools: A Critical Race Theory Perspective on School Discipline David Simson Hits: 7148
Implementation of Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support in Texas Youth Commission Schools Patrick S. Metze Hits: 5075
The Impact of Zero Tolerance School Discipline Policies: Issues of Exclusionary Discipline Amy C. Nelson Hits: 7064
Zero Tolerance and Alternative Strategies: A Fact Sheet for Educators and Policymakers National Association of School Psychologists Hits: 4788
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Disciplinary Actions by Building (Dayton, 2012) Vernellia Randall Hits: 1366
Disciplinary Actions Rate per 100 Students (Dayton 2012) Vernellia Randall Hits: 1506
Disciplinary Actions Rate per 100 Students (Ohio, 2012) Vernellia Randall Hits: 1283
Disciplinary Actions Rate per 100 Students by Race (Ohio, 2012) Vernellia Randall Hits: 1314
Out-of-School Suspensions/Expulsions Occurrences (State 2012) Vernellia Randall Hits: 1843
Prek-3rd Grade Suspension in Dayton Public School or why are only black kids being suspended for "harassment/ intimidation" Prof. Vernellia Randall Hits: 7956
Racial Disparities in Disciplinary Actions by Building (Dayton, 2012) Vernellia Randall Hits: 1312
Excusing “Women of Circumstance”: Redefining Conspiracy Law to Hold Culpable Offenders Accountable Amanda E. Smallhorn Hits: 541
Have Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Sentencing Declined? Ryan D. King and Michael T. Light Hits: 157
Mandatory Minimum Sentencing and Black Males Edward Blakemore Hits: 11784
Slave Narratives and the Sentencing Court Lindsey Webb Hits: 531
The Implicit Racial Bias in Sentencing: The Next Frontier Mark W. Bennett Hits: 427
Where Bias Lives in the Criminal Law and its Processes: How Judges and Jurors Socially Construct Black Criminals Jody Armour Hits: 926


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