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Alien and Non-alien Alike: Citizenship, “Foreignness,” and Racial Hierarchy in American Law Natsu Taylor Saito Hits: 443
Proving Identity Jonathan Weinberg Hits: 1536
“A People Distinct from Others”: Service, Sacrifice, and Extending Naturalized Citizenship to American Samoans Benjamin E. Mannion Hits: 627
Birthright Citizenship under Attack: How Dominican Nationality Laws May Be the Future of U.S. Exclusion Ediberto Román and Ernesto Sagás Hits: 766
Birthright Citizenship, Race and Legal Scholarship (Searchable Database) Vernellia Randall Hits: 657
Birthright Justice: The Attack on Birthright citizenship and Immigrant Women of Color Allison S. Hartry Hits: 578
Race, Rights, and the Asian American Experience: A Review Essay Harvey Gee Hits: 818
The Plessification of the Equal Protection Clause Ronald Turner Hits: 16393
Beyond VAWA: Protecting Native Women from Sexual Violence Within Existing Tribal Jurisdictional Structures Jessica Allison Hits: 463
Rights of Indigenous People of the US Vernellia Randall Hits: 6451
2015 Acknowledgement Regulations Invalidate Native American Treaties Bart T. Stupak and Justin Nemeroff Hits: 122
Herrera v. Wyoming (Supreme Court 2019) United States Supreme Court Hits: 754
Treaty with the Chippewa Hits: 6086
Allotment Act of 1891 ACT OF 1891 Hits: 5033
Dawes Act 1887 Dawes Act 1887 Hits: 5871
Examining the Administrative Unworkability of Final Agency Action Doctrine as Applied to the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act Adam Gerken Hits: 86
Failed Protectors: The Indian Trust and Killers of the Flower Moon Matthew L.M. Fletcher Hits: 254
From Foundational Law to Limiting Principles in Federal Indian Law Alex Tallchief Skibine Hits: 189
Indian Removal Act (1830) Indian Removal Act (1830) Hits: 9052
Indian Tribes: Evolving into Nationhood Matthew L.M. Fletcher Hits: 6224
Native Americans: Law and Policies Hits: 9881
Native People in America and Legal Scholarship (Searchable Database) Professor Vernellia Randall Hits: 463
Racial Anxieties in Adoption: Reflections on Adoptive Couple, White Parenthood, and Constitutional Challenges to the ICWA Addie Rolnick and Kim Pearson Hits: 433
Separate Sovereigns, Civil Rights, and the Sacred Text: the Legacy of Justice Thurgood Marshall's Indian Law Jurisprudence Rebecca Tsosie Hits: 652
A Bird's Eye View of Native American Law Steven Paul McSloy Hits: 7356
A Brief History of Indian Law and Policy Hits: 16304
Annotated Bibliography: Native American Land Rights Student (Spring 2012) Hits: 13591
Bringing Jim Thorpe Home: Inconsistencies in the Native American Graves and Repatriation Act Benjamin Hochberg Hits: 6951
Colonial Calibrations: The Expendability of Minnesota's Original People Waziyatawin Hits: 21388
Contested Meanings: Native American Grave Protection Laws Suzianne D. Painter-Thorne Hits: 5250
Federal Recognition as a Native American Tribe Marisa Katz Hits: 4640
Finding Harmony or Swimming in the Void: the Unavoidable Conflict Between the Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children and the Indian Child Welfare Act Neoshia R. Roemer Hits: 199
Incorporative Discourse in Federal Indian Law N. Bruce Duthu Hits: 6055
Indian Redress William Bradford Hits: 5656
Indigenous Peoples and Epistemic Injustice: Science, Ethics, and Human Rights Rebecca Tsosie Hits: 4835
Inextricably Political: Race, Membership, and Tribal Sovereignty Sarah Krakoff Hits: 6308
Justice for Native Americans Requires Returning to Our Constitutional Origins Larry EchoHawk Hits: 4919
Law Review Articles on American Indian Issues Vernellia Randall Hits: 11223
Museum Provisions of The Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act Robert Travis Willingham Hits: 6474
Native American Graves Protection Act Renee Kosslak Hits: 6396
Native Sense - Marshall Triology Hits: 5861
Protecting Native Americans: The Tribe as Parens Patriae Cami Fraser Hits: 5186
Reflections on a Fundamental Aspect of American Indian Sovereignty Andrea M. Seielstad Hits: 5621
The Demise of the Ongwehoweh Robert B. Porter Hits: 20167
The Indian Boarding School Era and its Continuing Impact on Tribal Families and the Provision of Government Services Ann Murray Haag Hits: 2704
The Land is Itself a Sacred Living Being Joel Brady Hits: 6350
The Politics of Inclusion: Indigenous Peoples and U.S.Citizenship Rebecca Tsosie Hits: 339
The US and the Crime of Genocide Against Native Americans Lindsay Glauner Hits: 16817
The Use of the Alaskan Native Claims Settlement Act to Justify Disparate Treatment of Alaska's Tribes Natalie Landreth and Erin Dougher Hits: 5713
Tribal Consent> Matthew L.M. Fletcher Hits: 5000
Tribal Sovereign Status and Executive Order Vicki J. Limas Hits: 8906
Violation of Human Rights of Native Americans Hits: 10635
We Live on Their Land Anthony Peirson Xavier Bothwell Hits: 4833
Western Shoshone National Council and CERD CERD Hits: 4646
Wintertime for the Sisseton-wahpeton Oyate: Over One Hundred Fifty Years of Human Rights Violations by the United States and the Need for a Reconciliation Involving International Indigenous Human Rights Norms Angelique Townsend Eaglewoman Hits: 17358
Columbus's Legacy: Law as an Instrument of Racial Discrimination Against Indigenous Peoples' Rights of Self-determination Robert A. Williams, Jr. Hits: 395
Multiculturalism and the Future of Tribal Sovereignty Scott C. Idleman Hits: 364
New York's Quest for Jurisdiction over Indian Lands Carrie Garrow Hits: 317
Redressing the Genocidal Act of Forcing American Citizenship upon Indigenous Peoples Robert B. Porter Hits: 3579
Return to Worcester: Dollar General and the Restoration of Tribal Jurisdiction to Protect Native Women and Children Sarah Deer and Mary Kathryn Nagle Hits: 616
Sovereign Metaphors in Indian Law Gregory Ablavsky Hits: 185
The Reports of Our Death Are Greatly Exaggerated--Reflections on the Resilience of the Oneida Indian Nation of New York Allison M. Dussias Hits: 212
Tribal (De)termination? Commercial Speech, Native American Imagery and Cultural Sovereignty Jason Zenor Hits: 295
Worcester v. Georgia (1832) Supreme Court of the United States Hits: 688
Worcester V. Georgia: A Breakdown in the Separation of Powers Matthew L. Sundquist Hits: 134
Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo United States and Mexico Hits: 8888
Federal Legislation and Court Cases Christine A. Klein Hits: 7125
Map Vernellia Randall Hits: 4416
Racist Myths about Mexican Immigrants Chris Schefler Hits: 7578
The Forgotten Promises of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo Jon Michael Haynes Hits: 13191
The Mexican War - A 1911 Explanation David Saville Muzzey Hits: 7714
The New Mexico Constitution Dr. Guillermo Lux Hits: 9417
U.S. "Theft" of Mexican Territory Chris Schefler Hits: 7898
Is the Third Time the Charm? Reconstructing Personhood and Reimagining “We the People” Lisa A. Crooms-Robinson Hits: 685
Emancipation of Slaves in the State of New York Craig A. Landy Hits: 1307
The Czar and the Slaves: Two Puzzles in the History of International Arbitration Bennett Ostdiek and John Fabian Witt Hits: 127
The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade: a Forgotten Crime Against Humanity Patricia M. Muhammad Hits: 13971
Bound in Wedlock: Slave and Free Black Marriage in the Nineteenth Century (Book Review) Tamika Y. Nunley Hits: 485
What to the Slave Is the Fourth of July? Frederick Douglass Hits: 720
Bankrupted Slaves Rafael I. Pardo Hits: 790
Dred Scott v. John F.A. Sandford United States Supreme Court Hits: 2051
Enslaved Africans and Descendants Before 1865 (Searchable Database) Vernellia Randall Hits: 1152
Fugitive Slave Act of 1793 Fugitive Slave Act of 1793 Hits: 7722
Fugitive Slave Law - 1850 Fugitive Slave Act(1850) Hits: 7326
General Court Responds to Runaway Servants and Slaves (1640) General Court of Virginia Hits: 738
Law Articles on Slavery and Reparations Vernellia Randall Hits: 20202
Slave Codes of the State of Georgia, 1848 State of Georgia Hits: 29588
Slavery (1787 - 1863): Selected Laws and Policies affecting AfricanAmericans Hits: 9769
Slavery Federal Cases - 1790 Hits: 8759
Slavery Federal Cases - 1835 - 1849 Hits: 6951
Slavery Federal Cases 1850 - 1865 Hits: 7410
Slavery: Federal Cases 1783 through 1864 Hits: 5385
Petition for Freeom: MAHONEY v.ASHTON (1799) General Court of Maryland Hits: 2266
The Rule of Law and the Genesis of Freedom: A Survey of Selected Virginia County Court Freedom Suits (1723-1800) Gloria Whittico Hits: 601
American Slavery: the Complete Story Gearld A Foster Hits: 20174
An Essay on Slavery's Hidden Legacy: Social Hysteria and Structural Condonation of Incest Zanita E. Fenton Hits: 9974
Articles Sell Best Singly: the Disruption of Slave Families at Court Sales Thomas D. Russell Hits: 2606
Chief Justice Roger Taney's Defense and Justice Thurgood Marshall's Condemnation of the Precept of Black Inferiority A. Leon Higginbotham, Jr. Hits: 648
Distant Voices Then and Now: The Impact of Isolation on the Courtroom Narratives of Slave Ship Captives and Asylum Seekers Tara Patel Hits: 496
Echoes of Slavery II: How Slavery's Legacy Distorts Democracy Juan F. Perea Hits: 796
From Status to Agency: Abolishing the “Very Spirit of Slavery” Herman N. Johnson Jr. Hits: 1545
How the Proslavery Constitution Shaped American Race Relations Paul Finkelman Hits: 24474
Lincoln on Slavery Unknown Hits: 8697
Morals of Slavery (1837) Harriet Martineau Hits: 882
Opinions of Early Presidents about Slavery Loyal Publication Society Hits: 15636
Race, the Rule of Law, and the Merchant of Venice: from Slavery to Citizenship Ken Masugi Hits: 8150
Racism: The Rhetorical Pacifier of Moral Qualms about Slavery Tania Tetlow Hits: 7284
Slave Trade Statistics Melville J. Herskovits Hits: 9385
The Fancy Trade and the Commodification of Rape in the Sexual Economy of 19th Century U.S. Slavery Tiye A .Gordon Hits: 141
The Supreme Court and Slavery in the 1850s Paul Finkelman Hits: 30904
The Ten Precepts of American Slavery Jurisprudence Leon Higginbotham, Jr. Hits: 10801
The Ten Precepts of American Slavery Jurisprudence A. Leon Higginbotham, Jr. Hits: 7797
The Ten Precepts of American Slavery Jurisprudence A Leon Higginbotham Jr Hits: 1452
The Trials and Tribulations of Josephine Michael P. Mills Hits: 8663
William Lynch & The Slave Consultant's Narrative Unknown Hits: 8711
From Racial Discrimination to Separate but Equal: the Common Law Impact of the Thirteenth Amendment David S. Bogen Hits: 37983
Ku Klux Klan and Sexualized Racism/Gendered Violence Lisa Cardyn Hits: 7565
Post Reconstruction Justice W. Lewis Burke Hits: 10578
The Emancipation Proclamation Abraham Lincoln Hits: 7427
The Emancipation Proclamation Abraham Lincoln Hits: 5612
The Freedmen's Bureau's Judicial Powers and the Origins of the Fourteenth Amendment Bernice B. Donald and Pablo J. Davis Hits: 478
The Thirteenth Amendment as a Model for Revolution Sandra L. Rierson Hits: 648
Negro Peonage and the Thirteenth Amendment (1904) Anonymous Hits: 3628
Prisoners for Sale: Making the Thirteenth Amendment Case Against State Private Prison Contracts Ryan S. Marion Hits: 10499
Prisoners, Sexual Slavery and the 13th Amendment Alvaro Hasani Hits: 14249
The Thirteenth Amendment and Interest Convergence William M. Carter, Jr. Hits: 4007
Apartheid and Jim Crow: Drawing Lessons from South Africa's Truth and Reconciliation Benjamin Zinke Hits: 304
Cumming v. Board of Education of Richmond County (1899) Supreme Court of the United States Hits: 380
Enslaved Africans and Descendants 1865 to 1963 (Searchable Database) Vernellia Randall Hits: 570
Examples of Jim Crow Laws Martin Luther King, Jr., National Historic Site Hits: 35302
Forgotten Negro Protest Movement and EO 9981 John L. Newby Hits: 22554
Making Blacks into Foreigners Kunal M. Parker Hits: 6245
Martin Luther King's Constitution Randall Kennedy Hits: 8047
Plessy v. Ferguson (1896) (Separate but Equal) Supreme Court of the United States Hits: 6911
Post-civil War Restrictions on Interstate Migration David E. Bernstein Hits: 8971
Remains of Black People Forced Into Labor After Slavery Are Discovered in Texas Image Sarah Mervosh Hits: 642
Strange Fruit at the United Nations Ursula Tracy Doyle Hits: 753
The Tyranny of the Minority: Jim Crow and the Counter-MajoritarianDifficulty Gabriel J. Chin and Randy Wagner Hits: 1014
Building Toward Major Policy Change: Congressional Action on Civil Rights, 1941-1950 Jeffery A. Jenkins and Justin Peck Hits: 6775
Civil Rights for the Twenty-first Century: Lessons from Justice Thurgood Marshall's Race-transcending Jurisprudence Sheryll Cashin Hits: 612
Mr. Justice Thurgood Marshall 1908-1993: A Bio-bibliographic Research Guide Ruth Johnson Hill Hits: 4943
Race, Law, and Inequality, 50 Years after the Civil Rights Era Frank W. Munger and Carroll Seron Hits: 1391
Subsidizing Segregation Joy Milligan Hits: 479
The Emergence of a Segregated World and the Road to Sweatt Paul Finkelman Hits: 8997
The Ghosts of 1964: Race, Reagan, and the Neo-conservative Backlash to the Civil Rights Movement Anthony Cook Hits: 388
 Time to Fix Civil Rights Act of 1964 Christopher Dunn Hits: 8723
"Color Struck": Intragroup and Cross-racial Color Discrimination Leland Ware Hits: 60302
#BlackLivesMatter and Legal Scholarship (Searchable Database) Vernellia Randall Hits: 1198
#BLACKLIVESMATTER Kitchen Talk Richael Faithful Hits: 200
Critical Black Protectionism, Blacklivesmatter, and Social Media: Building a Bridge to Social Justice Katheryn Russell-Brown Hits: 550
Derrick Bell's Dilemma: The Interest Convergence Principle and Racial Realism Brandon Hogan Hits: 866
How the Thirteenth Amendment's Promise of Abolition Holds Protections Against the Modern Debtors' Prisons Sarah Morgan Hits: 1567
Modern Narratives About Race and Slavery: Post-Racialism, Race-Consciousness, and Reparations Atiba R. Ellis Hits: 15623
RADTALKS: What Could Be Possible If the Law Really Stood for Blacklives? Purvi Shah, Colette Pichon Battle, Vincent Warren, Alicia Garza, Elle Hearns, Carl Williams, Norris Henderson, Umi Selah Hits: 852
Recent Developments in Desegregation Cases Danielle Holley-Walker Hits: 7640
Subjective and Objective Indicators of Racial Progress Betsey Stevenson and Justin Wolfers Hits: 8226
The Early History of the Black Lives Matter Movement, and the Implications Thereof Garrett Chase Hits: 514
White Supremacy, Anti-blackness and the Afterlife of Slavery in the Law Nancy A. Heitzeg Hits: 4449
2019 New York Assembly Bill 3080 Commission on Reparations Remedies New York Assembly Hits: 610
A "Legacy Preference" for Descendants of Slaves: Why Georgetown's Approach to Admissions Is Misguided Latiqua Liles Hits: 851
A Consideration of Black Life under American Law from 1619 to 1972 and a Challenge to Prevailing Notions of Legally Based Reparations Carlton Waterhouse Hits: 513
A No-excuse Approach to Transitional Justice: Reparations as Tools of Extraordinary Justice David C. Gray Hits: 515
American Reparations Theory and Practice at the Crossroads Eric K. Yamamoto, Sandra Hye Yun Kim, and Abigail M. Holden Hits: 535
Black America and Reparations Art Alcausin Hall Hits: 8270
Correcting the Harms of Slavery: Collective Liability, the Limited Prospects of Success for a Class Action Suit for Slavery Reparations, and the Reconceptualization of White Racial Identity Ryan Fortson Hits: 587
Declaration of the International Conference on Reparations International Conference on Reparations Hits: 699
Dominant Perspectives on Reparations Vincene Verdun Hits: 9326
Educational Inequality and the Science of Diversity in Grutter: A Lesson for the Reparations Debate in the Age of Obama Derrick Darby Hits: 465
Extraordinary Justice: Reparations for Historic Abuses David C. Gray Hits: 546
Failure to Enforce the 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments Edieth Y. Wu Hits: 75008
HR 40 Commission to Study and Develop Reparation Proposals for African-Americans Act US House of Representatives Hits: 1497
Illinois House Resolution 45, Study Reparations for Slavery (2017) Illinois House of Representative Hits: 490
JP Morgan Chase Manhattan Bank and Slavery Deadria C. Farmer-Paellmann Hits: 12053
Legal Issues and Reparations Adjoa A. Aiyetoro Hits: 6477
National Education Association (NEA) Votes to Support Reparation for Descendants of Africans Enslaved in the United States Erika Strauss Chavarria Hits: 217
New Avenues for Slavery Reparations Michelle E. Lyons Hits: 6999
Political Autonomy as a Form of Reparations Lee A. Harris Hits: 6292
Racial Justice Demands Truth & Reconciliation Michael A. Lawrence Hits: 2074
Racial Reparations: Japanese American Redress and African American Claims Eric K. Yamamoto Hits: 637
Re-assembling Osiris: Rule 23, the Black Farmers Case, and Reparations Kindaka Jamal Sanders Hits: 4910
Re-assembling Osiris: Rule 23, the Black Farmers Case, and Reparations Kindaka Jamal Sanders Hits: 492
Reparation and DAEUS (Selected Law Review Articles) Vernellia Randall Hits: 715
Reparation Debate Beyond 1865 Alberto B. Lopez Hits: 5951
Reparations and Legal Scholarship (Searchable Database) Prof. Vernelia Randall Hits: 1315
Reparations as Redistribution Kyle D. Logue Hits: 6733
Reparations Lawsuit (2004) Bob Brown v. John Paul II, et. al. Attorney for the Plaintiff Hits: 425
Reparations Theory and Practice Then and Now: Mau Mau Redress Litigation and the British High Court Eric K. Yamamoto and Susan K. Serrano Hits: 635
Responsibility for Historical Injustices: Reconceiving the Case for Reparations Amy J. Sepinwall Hits: 478
Shocking List of 10 Companies that Profited from the Slave Trade Your Black World Hits: 13990
Slavery and Tort Law Keith N. Hylton Hits: 6711
Slavery, Reproductive Abuse, and Reparations Pamela D. Bridgewater Hits: 7665
Slavery, Segregation and Reparations Cynthia McKinney Hits: 8641
Speaking Truth to Power: An Analysis of American Truth-telling Efforts Vis-À-vis the South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission Olivia Ensign Hits: 577
Statutes of Limitations and Reparations Suzette M. Malveaux Hits: 8793
Taking Conservatives Seriously Kim Forde-Mazrui Hits: 13968
Takings Clause Solution to Reparations Yanessa L. Barnard Hits: 11428
The Case Against Black Reparations Richard A. Epstein Hits: 12350
The Case for a Reparations Law School Clinic Brian G. Gilmore and Hannah D. Adams Hits: 184
The Case for Black Reparations Robert Westley Hits: 15707
The Case For Black Reparations (Book Review) Ewart Guinier Hits: 1663
The Case for Black Reparations Redux Watson Branch Hits: 8002
The Cultural War over Reparations for Slavery Alfred L. Brophy Hits: 15220
The Mass Tort Analogy and African American Reparations James R. Hackney, Jr. Hits: 7130
The Race-Skewed Notion of Victimhood Charles J. Ogletree Hits: 6120
The Rhetoric of Race, Redemption, and Will Contests: Inheritance as Reparations in John Grisham's Sycamore Row Teri A. McMurtry-Chubb Hits: 464
The Role of the Federal Government in Slavery and Jim Crow David Lyons Hits: 12120
The Trans-atlantic Slave Trade: A Legacy Establishing a Case for International Reparations Patricia M. Muhammad Hits: 5241
The Utility and Disadvantages of Reparations Vernellia Randall Hits: 10180
This Means War: A Case for Just Reparations under the Doctrine of Inalienability Makiba Gaines Hits: 766
Transforming Public Perceptions of Reparations Harvard Law Review Hits: 6326
Uncivil Wars and Reparation David Boyle Hits: 5704
Understanding the Legal Difference Between Equitable and Compensatory reparations Vernellia Randall Hits: 289
Unjust Enrichment and Reparations for Slavery Dennis Klimchuk Hits: 6367
Vermont Bill Apology and Proposal for Reparations Rep. Brian Cina, Rep. Kevin Christie. Rep. Selene Colburn, Rep. Harold "Hal" Colston, Rep. Mari Cordes , Rep. Diana Gonzalez Hits: 1774
White America and Reparations Art Alcausin Hall Hits: 8534
Plaintiffs' Memorandum in Opposition to Defendants' Joint Motion to Dismiss Vernellia Randall Hits: 874
First Consolidated and Amended Complaint and Jury Demand Deadria Farmer-Paellmann, et. al. Hits: 9308
Motion for Reconsideration of Dismissal Order Deadria Farmer-Paellmann Hits: 713
Response of Defendants-Appellees to Appellate Brief Aetna, Fleetboston, and New York Life . et. al. Hits: 748
Second Consolidated and Amended Complaint and Jury Demand Deadria Farmer-Paellmann, Plaintiff, et al Hits: 7201
Opinion and Order: Appeal Judge Posner Hits: 773
Opinion and Order: Plaintiffs' Motion to Preserve Evidence: (July 15, 2003) United States District Court, N.D. Illinois, Eastern Division Hits: 705
Opinion and Order: Defendants' Joint Motion to Dismiss United States District Court, N.D. Illinois, Eastern Division Hits: 2999
Opinion and Order: Defendants' Joint Motion to Dismiss United States District Court, N.D. Illinois, Eastern Division. Hits: 7515
Opinion and Order: Motion to Transfer Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation Hits: 796
Opinion and Order: Plaintiffs' Motion to Appoint a Mediator United States District Court, N.D. Illinois, Eastern Division Hits: 648
Opinion and Order: Plaintiffs' Motion to Recuse TBA Hits: 655
Brief of Defendants-Appellees Brown Brothers Harriman & Co, et. al. Hits: 612
Brief of Plaintiffs-Appellants Deadria Farmer-Paellmann, Timothy Hurdle, et al. Hits: 697
Defendants' Opposition to Plaintiffs' Motion for Enlargement of Time to Respond Brown Brothers Harriman & Co, et. al. Hits: 685
Memorandum in Support of Defendants' Joint Motion to Dismiss Brown Brothers Harriman & Co, et. al. Hits: 4115
Reply Brief of Plaintiffs-Appellants Deadria Farmer-Paellmann, Timothy Hurdle, et al. Hits: 575
Reply in Support of Defendants' Joint Motion to Dismiss TBA Hits: 554
Reply in Support of Defendants' Joint Motion to Dismiss Plaintiffs' Second Consolidated and Amended Complaint Brown Brothers Harriman & Co, et. al. Hits: 726
A Critical Legal Rhetoric Approach to In Re African-American Slave Descendants Litigation Lolita Buckner Inniss Hits: 808
Akaka Bill: Native Hawaiians and Politics as Usual R. H K Lei Lindsey Hits: 6733
Native Hawai'ian Sovereignty Hits: 4933
Providing Good Living Conditions for Native Hawaiian Homesteaders Shaunda A.K. Liu Hits: 6055
Race over Rice: Binary Analytical Boxes and a Twenty-first Century Endorsement of Nineteenth-Century Imperialism in Rice V. Cayetano Chris K. Iijima Hits: 559
Restoration of Native Hawaiian Fishponds Ian H. Hlawati Hits: 6731
US Apology for Overthrow of the Kingdom Hawaii Hits: 8783
We Are Who We Thought We Were: Congress' Authority to Recognize a Native Hawaiian PolityUnited by Common Descent Derek H. Kauanoe and Breann Swann Nu'uhiwa Hits: 22579
The Blacks Who "Got Their Forty Acres": A Theory of Black West Indian Migrant Asset Acquisition Eleanor Marie Lawrence Brown Hits: 16698
“Alien” Litigation as Polity-participation: the Positive Power of a “Voteless Class of Litigants” Daniel Kanstroom Hits: 4706
“Hispanics in the Heartland: The Fremont, Nebraska Immigration Ordinance and the Future of Latino Civil Rights” Chad G. Marzen Hits: 66
A History of Immigration Law Regarding People of Color Diana Vellos Hits: 14797
A Short History of Immigrant Rights in the United States Geoffrey Heeren Hits: 18884
African Immigrants, Intersectionality, and the Increasing Need for Visibility in the Current Immigration Debate Bolatito Kolawole Hits: 1453
Alabama Introduces the Immigration Debate to its Classrooms Jeremy B. Love Hits: 12098
Anatomy of a Modern-day Lynching: The Relationship Between Hate Crimes Against Latina/os and the Debate over Immigration Reform Kevin R. Johnson and Joanna E. Cuevas Ingram Hits: 78
Annotated Bibliography: No Fence, No Foul Student (Spring 2012) Hits: 13096
Anti-Blackness, Immigration Law, and Criminal Law Breanne Palmer Hits: 1873
Arizona, Immigration, and Latinos: The Epistemology of Whiteness George A. Martínez Hits: 86
Automatic Birthright Citizenship: How Europe Has Fallen and Why We Should Not Follow Brooke Huley Hits: 4798
Birthright Justice: the Attack on Birthright Citizenship and Immigrant Womenof Color Allison S. Hartry Hits: 13853
Black Sentiment on Immigration Makani Themba-Nixon Hits: 5407
Blacks and Browns: The Need to Make Common Cause Bruce Dixon Hits: 6634
Burlingame-Seward Treaty of 1868 Hits: 8402
Constructing Crimmigration: Latino Subordination in a “Post-Racial” World Yolanda Vazquez Hits: 623
Contemporary First-generation European Americans: The Unbearable “Whiteness” of Being Dagmar Rita Myslinska Hits: 945
Criminalization and the Politics of Migration in Brazil Jayesh Rathod Hits: 84
Crimmigration –Structural Tools of Settler Colonialism Carrie L. Rosenbaum Hits: 124
CRT and Immigration: Settler Colonialism, Foreign Indigeneity, and the Education of Racial Perception Josué López Hits: 160
Deporting the Pardoned Jason A. Cade Hits: 6436
Enforcing Stereotypes: The Self-fulfilling Prophecies of U.S. Immigration Enforcement Katie Kelly Hits: 512
Fear of an "Alien Nation" Kevin R. Johnson Hits: 9152
Federal Preemption and Immigration Kevin R. Johnson Hits: 7668
Gender and Alien Refugees Asylum Jennifer A. des Groseillier Hits: 4904
Global Migrations and Imagined Citizenship Ernesto Hernndez-Lopez Hits: 6140
Haitians: Seeking Refuge in the United States Joyce A. Hughes and Linda R. Crane Hits: 856
Harlan, Chinese and Chinese Americans Gabriel J. Chin Hits: 7771
Immigrant Passing Andrew Tae-Hyun Kim Hits: 1499
Immigrant-Bashing: Why Now? Stephen H. Legomsky Hits: 6974
Immigrants with Prior Criminal Record Risk Removal from the United States Elizabeth R. Ouyang Hits: 12457
Immigration and Blackness Karla McKanders Hits: 87
Immigration and Civil Rights: Is the “New” Birmingham the Same as the “Old” Birmingham? Kevin R. Johnson Hits: 4665
Immigration Enforcement and the Fugitive Slave Acts: Exploring Their Similarities Karla Mari McKanders Hits: 20504
Immigration Law and the Racialization of Latina /Latino Kevin R. Johnson Hits: 9205
Immigration, Sovereignty, and the Constitution of Foreignness Matthew J. Lindsay Hits: 5393
Inclusive Immigrant Justice: Racial Animus and the Origins of Crime-based Deportation Alina Das Hits: 505
Marriage and Morality: Examining the International MarriageBroker Regulation Act Noga Firstenberg Hits: 57646
Marrying Poor: Women's Citizenship, Race, and Tanf Policies Cristina Gallo Hits: 6678
Migrant Workers: Connecting Domestic Law with International Labor Standards, Lance Compa Hits: 1402
Migration, Identity, & the Colonial Encounter Tayyab Mahmud Hits: 104
Now They've Robbed Me: The Use of Termination of Parental Rights in Government-fractured Immigrant Families Olivia Saldaña Schulman Hits: 113
Opening Borders: African Americans and Latinos Through the Lens of Immigration Maritza I. Reyes Hits: 622
Overcriminalizing Immigration Jennifer M. Chacón Hits: 5212
Papers Pleased Provision Uphelded (Arizona v. UniteStates)d Administrator Hits: 2181
Races at the Gate: A Century of Racial Distinctions in American Immigration Policy (1865-1965) Patrick Weil Hits: 33
Removing Non-Citizen Parents of Citizen Children: The US Approach Patrick Glen Hits: 13057
School Attrition Through Enforcement: Title VI Disparate Impact and Verification of Student Immigration Status Paul Easton Hits: 5015
Show Me Your Papers”: An Equal Protection Violation of the Rights of Latino Men in Trump's America Monica Chawla Hits: 443
The Absurdity of Crime-based Deportation Kari Hong Hits: 1684
The Canadian Indian Free Passage Right and Explicit Race Restriction in United States Immigration Law Paul Spruhan Hits: 43
The Crossroads: Being Black, Immigrant, and Undocumented in the Era of #Blacklivesmatter Breanne J. Palmer Hits: 694
The Curious Relationship Between “Self-deportation” Policies and Naturalization Rates Angela M. Banks Hits: 5001
The Immigrant "Other": Racialized Identity and the Devaluation of Immigrant Family Relations Anita Ortiz Maddali Hits: 6757
The Impact of Prohibiting Legal Service Corporation Offices from Representing UndocumentedImmigrants on Migrant Farmworker Litigation Hits: 6073
The Political Behavior of Asian Indian American Women: Gendered and Generational Perspectives on Race, Immigration and Socio-economic Status Shankar K. Prasad and Caroline M. Nordlund Hits: 25
The Undocumented Worker and the Law Kati L. Griffith Hits: 6511
Undocumented Debtors Publishing Hits: 4470
United States v. Bhagat Singh Thind (1923) Supreme Court of the United States Hits: 876
What Killed the Dream? Recession Politics and the Ironic Power of the Undocumented Immigrant Mariela Olivares Hits: 5723
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Glossary Related to Internment C. John Yu Hits: 7136
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Internment of Japanese Americans in Concentration Camps Hits: 12686
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This Is (Not) Who We Are: Korematsu, Constitutional Interpretation, and National Identity Mari J. Matsuda Hits: 551
TimeLine Related to Internment C. John Yu Hits: 9236
Trump V. Hawaii: How the Supreme Court Simultaneously Overturned and Revived Korematsu Neal Kumar Katyal Hits: 485
A Local Official's Guide to Language Access Laws David Jung, Noemí Gallardo and Ryan Harris Hits: 19026
“If You Want to Speak Spanish, Go Back to Mexico”?: A First Amendment Analysis ofEnglish-only Rules in Public Schools Scott J. Bent Hits: 8812
Impact of English Language Movement Steven W. Bender Hits: 10194
What's wrong with English-Only? Jennifer Bonilla Moreno Hits: 20772
Limitations of the Jones Act: Racialized Citizenship and Territorial Status Nelson Torres-Ríos Hits: 1629
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Asian Americans and the Law: Sharing a Progressive Civil Rights Agenda During Uncertain Times Harvey Gee Hits: 660
Asian Americans and the Law: Sharing a Progressive Civil Rights Agenda During Uncertain Times Harvey Gee Hits: 523
Black, Poor, and Gone: Civil Rights Law's Inner-city Crisis Anthony V. Alfieri Hits: 130
From Hernandez V. Texas to the Present: Doctrinal Shifts in the Supreme Court's Latina/o Jurisprudence Jamie L. Crook Hits: 637
Juries and Race in the Nineteenth Century James Forman, Jr. Hits: 1102
Recognizing Discrimination: Lessons from White Plaintiffs Wendy Parker Hits: 6125
#Blacklivesmatter and Voting Disenfranchisement Nicole Austin-Hillery Hits: 747
Cooper, Governor of North Carolina, et al. v. Harris, et al. (Synopsis) Supreme Court of the United States Hits: 2048
Debunking an Urban Legend: Death of Voting Rights Vernellia Randall Hits: 6053
Disparate Impact and Voting Rights: How Objections to Impact-based Claims Prevent Plaintiffs from Prevailing in Cases Challenging New Forms of Disenfranchisement Jamelia N. Morgan Hits: 917
Felon Disenfranchisement: the Modern Day Poll Tax J. Whyatt Mondesire Hits: 8276
Has Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act Run Its Course? Enbar Toledano Hits: 13875
How Second-Generation Discriminatory Voting Barriers Harm Jenigh J. Garrett Hits: 6298
Intentional Discrimination in Farrakhan V. Gregoire: the Ninth Circuit's Voting Rights ActStandard “Results In” the New Jim Crow Jonathan Sgro Hits: 8411
LDF filed suit in federal court challenging the Pence/Kobach Election Integrity Commission Sherrilyn Ifill Hits: 2327
Race and Election Irregularites on November 7 2000 Anita Hodgkiss Hits: 6314
Race or Party?: How Courts Should Think about Republican Efforts to Make it Harder to Vote in North Carolina and Elsewhere Richard L. Hasen Hits: 5781
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Reconstruction, Felon Disenfranchisement, and the Right to Vote: Gabriel J. Chin Hits: 12330
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The First Amendment, Equal Protection, and Felon Disenfranchisement: a New Viewpoint Janai S. Nelson Hits: 13457
The Poll Tax Before Jim Crow Brian Sawers Hits: 2471
The Right Choice for Elections: How Choice Voting Will End Gerrymandering and Expand Minority Voting Rights, from City Councils to Congress Rob Richie Hits: 6155
Validity of Laws that Restrict Voting Rights of Felons Michael B. Mushlin Hits: 82
Voting Rights Act and Indians Danna R. Jackson Hits: 8039
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Equal Voting Rights Require Removing Race and Partisan Discrimination from Elections and Legislative Gerrymandering L. Darnell Weeden Hits: 114
Partisan Gerrymandering, the First Amendment, and the Political Outsider Bertrall Ross Hits: 123
Political Gerrymandering and Racial Justice (Video) Vernellia Randall Hits: 135
Race-based Political Exclusion and Social Subjugation: Racial Gerrymandering as a Badge of Slavery Patricia Okonta Hits: 117
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New Strategies for Civil Rights in the New Millennium Bernie D. Jones Hits: 8394
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The Hidden Fences Shaping Resegregation Jeannine Bell Hits: 64


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