Subjective Behavior Grade


Schools received a grade if they had a large portion of exclusions for inappropriate discipline and non-violent behavior that is subject to individual comfort level and biases. The subjective behavior grade was based on the percentage of exclusions that was for disruptive/disobedient behavior, harassment/intimidation, and unwelcome sexual conduct. To see the specifics of how this grade was constructed, click on this link.


Of the 880 districts that reported Initial Subject Behavior Discipline grade, the median grade was 39.8. The average was 41.0; the lowest was 0, and the highest was 100. 

The mean for Community (charter) schools (40.0) was lower than the mean for Public Districts (41.0). This difference was not statistically significant (p=.275); That is there is a 27.5% chance that the difference occurred by chance alone.

Type 8 Urban districts had a lower mean grade (28.0) and Type 6 suburban districts (49.1) had the highest mean grade(49.1). This difference was statistically significant (p=.000).


2019 Ohio School Subjective Behavior Grade 
(25% Final)

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