Sunday, January 29, 2023

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Supreme Court

Title Published Date Author Hits
Fanon, Colonial Violence, and Racist Language in Federal American Indian Law 14 June 2022 Joubin Khazaie Hits: 2155
Black Progressivism and the Progressive Court (1896–1916) 10 February 2021 James W. Fox Jr. Hits: 2124
Frozen in Time: The Supreme Court's Outdated, Incoherent Jurisprudence on Congressional Plenary Power over Immigration 22 July 2022 Hallie Ludsin Hits: 1264
A Look Back at the Warren Court's Due Process Revolution Through the Lens of Immigrants 11 August 2020 Raquel E. Aldana and Thomas O'Donnell Hits: 4545
Circuit Circus: Defying Scotus and Disenfranchising Black Voters 06 September 2022 Charquia Wright Hits: 1291
Outlaws, Pirates, Judges: Judicial Activism as an Expression of Anti-authoritarianism in Anglo-American Culture 12 November 2020 Beau Steenken Hits: 2250
The Court of Mass Incarceration 03 January 2023 Rachel E. Barkow Hits: 346
Lemonade: A Racial Justice Reframing of the Roberts Court's Criminal Jurisprudence 26 August 2022 Daniel S. Harawa Hits: 1032
On Discrimination Law, Abortion, Gun Violence (The Rule of Law in the New Abnormal) 20 May 2022 Charles Crumpton Hits: 1947
“The More Things Change . . .”: New Moves for Legitimizing Racial Discrimination in a “Post-race” World 07 April 2021 Mario L. Barnes Hits: 2162
Most Favored Racial Hierarchy: The Ever-Evolving Ways of the Supreme Court's Superordination of Whiteness 29 October 2022 David Simson Hits: 860
Supreme Court Responsibilities (July 8, 2022 ) (ThinkTech Hawaii) 08 July 2022 Chuck Crumpton Hits: 2587
The Supreme Court and Racial Progress 20 May 2022 Erwin Chemerinsky Hits: 795
Admitting a Wrong: Apology for the Historical Injustice of the Dred Scott Case 08 May 2022 Laura Kyte Hits: 1628
The Worst US Supreme Court Decision in History: Dred Scott v. Sanford 24 April 2022 Leeja Miller Hits: 1334
Ketanji Brown Jackson, the Supreme Court and the Black Community 26 March 2022 Jon Jeter Hits: 2236
The Religion of Race: The Supreme Court as Priests of Racial Politics 17 November 2021 Audra L. Savage Hits: 1201
Racial Transition and The United States Supreme Court 11 November 2021 Yuvraj Joshi Hits: 2560
A Lost World: Sallie Robinson, The Civil Rights Cases, and Missing Narratives of Slavery in the Supreme Court's Reconstruction Jurisprudence 06 July 2021 Aderson Bellegarde François Hits: 2156
Outlaws, Pirates, Judges: Judicial Activisim as an Expression of Antiauthoritarianism in Anglo-American Culture 24 September 2020 Beau Steenken Hits: 1436
Just Another Brother on the SCT?: What Justice Clarence Thomas Teaches Us about the Influence of Racial Identity 13 July 2020 Angela Onwuachi-Willig Hits: 2733
Don't Fall for the Clarence Thomas Con! 08 December 2019 John Blake Hits: 1816
Brief for the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, Inc. and the American Civil Liberties Union as Amici Curiae in Support of Respondents, United States Supreme Court Amicus Brief, Barbara Grutter, Petitioner, V. Lee Bollinger 04 December 2021 NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, Inc. and the American Civil Liberties Union Hits: 4187
Disparate Treatment: Justice Clarence Thomas's Conspicuously Nonoriginalist Affirmative Action Jurisprudence 13 July 2020 Ronald Turner Hits: 3310
On Women's Rights, Voting Rights, Civil Rights and the US Supreme Court (The Rule of Law in the New Abnormal) 13 May 2022 Charles Crumpton Hits: 2127