Sunday, February 05, 2023

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Bias and the Law

Title Published Date Author Hits
Bias and Racism in Legal Scholarship (Searchable Database) 14 January 2023 Vernellia Randall Hits: 12860
Confronting Indeterminacy and Bias in Child Protection Law 26 December 2022 Josh Gupta-Kagan Hits: 595
A Preponderance of Bias: Why Artificial Intelligence Should Be Qualified Immunity's Fatal Flaw 29 August 2022 Ande Davis Hits: 1646
Are Constitutional Rights Enough? An Empirical Assessment of Racial Bias in Police Stops 24 July 2022 Rohit Asirvatham and Michael D. Frakes Hits: 1381
Terrified by Technology: How Systemic Bias Distorts U.S. Legal and Regulatory Responses to Emerging Technology 31 May 2022 Steve Calandrillo and Nolan Kobuke Anderson Hits: 2496
Structural Biases in Structural Constitutional Law 30 May 2022 Jonathan S. Gould and David E. Pozen Hits: 1732
Bias in International Law 29 May 2022 Veronika Fikfak, Daniel Peat and Eva van der Zee Hits: 2102
Nudging Judges Away from Implicit Bias: Using Behavioral Science to Promote Racial Equity in Federal Sentencing 28 May 2022 Samantha Cremin Hits: 2637
Crime and Punishment: an Empirical Study of the Effects of Racial Bias on Capital Sentencing Decisions 31 March 2022 Matthew A. Gasperetti Hits: 2781
Implicit Bias: The Science, Influence, and Impact on Justice 28 November 2021 Bernice B. Donald Hits: 1847