Thursday, October 06, 2022

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Stereotype, Bias, Racism


Defining Racism

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Colorblind Racism

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Race and Racism

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Bias and the Law

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Title Published Date Author Hits
The Racial Classification Cases 14 October 2020 Ian Haney Lopez Hits: 25444
Litigating Whiteness: Trials of Racial Determination in the Nineteenth-century South 31 December 2019 Ariela J. Gross Hits: 5307
From Black to White and Back Again 29 December 2019 Frank H. Wu Hits: 5295
Inequality in the United States Is Killing African Americans! 16 June 2019 Prof. Vernellia R. Randall Hits: 2000
Thanksgiving: The National Day of Mourning; Text of 1970 Speech by Wampsutta, An Aquinnah Wampanoag Elder 26 November 2020 Frank Wampsutta James Hits: 1874
Diasporic Dreams: Law, Whiteness, and the Asian American Identity 20 June 2022 Nicholas Loh Hits: 888
Whose Lives Mattered? How White and Black Americans Felt about Black Lives Matter in 2016 03 June 2021 Kevin Drakulich, Kevin H. Wozniak, John Hagan and Devon Johnson Hits: 1426
Rethinking the Language of Race and Racism 11 October 2020 Michael Omi Hits: 2560
Virtual Hatred: How Russia Tried to Start a Race War in the United States 08 October 2019 William J. Aceves Hits: 4705
Normalizing Domination 13 June 2018 Atiba R. Ellis Hits: 3455