Tuesday, December 06, 2022

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Wealth and Economic Issues

Title Published Date Author Hits
Taxes, Taxpayers, and Settler Colonialism: Toward a Critical Fiscal Sociology of Tax as White Property 29 March 2022 Kyle Willmott Hits: 2713
It's None of Your Business: State Regulation of Tribal Businesses Undermines Sovereignty and Justice 12 April 2022 Sam J. Carter and Robin M. Rotman Hits: 1619
Finding Ways to Empower Tribal Oil Production 13 March 2022 Adam Crepelle Hits: 1616
Bankrupting Tribes: An Examination of Tribal Sovereign Immunity as Reparation in the Context of Section 106(a) 12 June 2021 Joshua Santangelo Hits: 1702
How Negro Slavery Provided Capital for the Industrial Revolution 14 March 2022 Eric Williams Hits: 2790
Financial Freedom Suits: Bankruptcy, Race, and Citizenship in Antebellum America 07 April 2020 Rafael I. Pardo Hits: 3456
Connections Between Black Wall Street and Oklahoma's All-black Towns 09 May 2022 Warigia M. Bowman Hits: 1871
Racial Capitalism and Race Massacres: Tulsa's Black Wall Street and Elaine's Sharecroppers 25 April 2022 André Douglas Pond Cummings and Kalvin Graham Hits: 2503
The Battle of Brandy Creek: How One Black Community Fought Annexation, Tax Revaluation, and Displacement 05 July 2021 Mark Dorosin Hits: 2019
Racial Capitalism in the Civil Courts 18 October 2022 Tonya L. Brito, Kathryn A. Sabbeth, Jessica K. Steinberg and Lauren Sudeall Hits: 601
Duty and Diversity 17 May 2022 Chris Brummer and Leo E. Strine, Jr. Hits: 1143
The Law and Economics of Crime in Indian Country 09 July 2022 Adam Crepelle Hits: 1233
Suspending Prisoners' Social Security Benefits: Yet Another Blow to Financially Vulnerable African American and Hispanic Families 24 May 2022 John B. Mitchell Hits: 1324
Juridical Intimidation from Greenwood Onward: Systemic Racism, Economic Terror, and A Call for Curative Court Reform 11 May 2022 Amos N. Jones Hits: 1377
Diminished Self Worth 05 April 2012 Thomas E. Hanson, Jr. Hits: 9615
Integrating a Racial Capitalism Framework into First-Year Contracts: A Pathway to Anti-capitalist Lawyering 30 August 2022 Chaumtoli Huq Hits: 870
Race and the History of International Investment Law 08 November 2022 Felipe Ford Cole Hits: 308
Filing While Black: The Casual Racism of the Tax Law 06 November 2022 Steven A. Dean Hits: 465
The Forgotten 40 Acres: How Real Property, Probate & Tax Laws Contributed to the Racial Wealth Gap and How Tax Policy Could Repair it 04 November 2022 Sarah Moore Johnson and Raymond C. Odom Hits: 535
How to Design an Antiracist State and Local Tax System 16 October 2022 Francine J. Lipman Hits: 483
Shining a Bright Light on the Color of Wealth 14 September 2022 A. Mechele Dickerson Hits: 646
The Role of Law, Policy, and Practice in the Erosion of Economic Power in Underserved Communities 13 September 2022 Sandra M. Moore and Dorothy L. White-Coleman Hits: 709
Racially Collusive Boycotts: African American Purchasing Power in the Wigs and Hair Extensions Market 07 September 2022 Felix B. Chang, Anisha Rakhra and Janelle Thompson Hits: 768
Inequality by Unnatural Selection: The Impact of Tax Code Bias on the Racial Wealth Gap 21 August 2022 Phyllis C. Taite Hits: 1821
The Mistreatment of Black-owned Businesses During the First and Second Rounds of the Paycheck Protection Program 11 August 2022 Ashley Evans Hits: 971
Rattlesnakes, Debt, and ARPA § 1005: The Existential Crisis of American Black Farmers 11 August 2022 Maia Foster and P.J. Austin Hits: 913
Interest Convergence and the Racial Wealth Gap: Defusing Racism's Divide-and-Conquer via Universal Basic Income 13 July 2022 Palma Joy Strand and Nicholas A. Mirkay Hits: 1047
Wage Enslavement: How the Tax System Holds Back Historically Disadvantaged Groups of Americans 07 July 2022 Goldburn P. Maynard Jr. And David Gamage Hits: 1118
Homeownership While Black: A Pathway to Plunder, Compliments of Uncle Sam 05 July 2022 Richard Winchester Hits: 1445
The Racial Wealth Gap: Strategies for Addressing the Financial Impact of Mass Incarceration on the African American Community 27 June 2022 Artika R. Tyner Hits: 1358
Racial Capitalism: Complexities with Enforcing Corporate Commitments to End Racial Injustice 17 June 2022 Natè Simmons Hits: 797
Black Deaths Should Matter, Too!: Estate Planning as a Tool for Antiracists 04 June 2022 Terrence M. Franklin Hits: 1354
The Pocketbook Next Time: From Civil Rights to Market Power in the Latinx Community 23 May 2022 Rachel F. Moran Hits: 990
Asian American-owned Banks Do Count: No Wrongful Jailing of Abacus Bank 23 May 2022 Chloe Chung Hits: 1375
Colorblind Tax Enforcement 16 May 2022 Jeremy Bearer-Friend Hits: 612
I Am Once Again Asking for Federal Student Loan Debt Reform: a Discussion on Federal Student Loan Debt and its Negative Effects on the Race Wealth Gap 15 May 2022 Magdalene Mannebach Hits: 1382
Empowering Black Wealth in the Shadow of the Tulsa Race Massacre 13 May 2022 Lynne Marie Kohm, Katrina Sumner and Peyton Farley Hits: 1702
Genocide: The Legal Extermination of the African-American's Economic Interests 11 May 2022 Norman O. Hemming, III Hits: 940
The Perils of Urban Redevelopment for Black Business Districts 10 May 2022 Angela E. Addae Hits: 1761
Black Wall Street: Wealth and Lessons for Today 09 May 2022 Karen Gantt Hits: 1381
Black Assets Matter 08 May 2022 Keeva Terry Hits: 1004
From Zero-sum to Economic Partners: Reframing State Tax Policies in Indian Country in the Post-covid Economy 09 April 2022 Pippa Browde Hits: 1409
Ethnically Segmented Markets: Korean-owned Black Hair Stores 20 March 2022 Felix B. Chang Hits: 1166
Biden's Gambit: Advancing Racial Equity While Relying on a Race-Neutral Tax Code 06 February 2022 Goldburn P. Maynard Jr. Hits: 939
Black Livelihoods Matter: Access to Credit as a Civil Right and Striving for a More Perfect Capitalism Through Inclusive Economics 05 February 2022 Kim Vu-Dinh Hits: 873
Wealth, Bankruptcy and Taxation (Search Database) 20 January 2022 Vernellia Randall Hits: 2089
The Illusory Promise of Free Enterprise: A Primer to Promoting Racially Diverse Entrepreneurship 26 October 2021 Mirit Eyal-Cohen Hits: 909
Advertising Injustices: Marketing Race and Credit in America 12 October 2021 Jim Hawkins and Tiffany C. Penner Hits: 945
Consumer Bankruptcy and Race: Current Concerns and a Proposed Solution 26 August 2021 Edward J. Janger Hits: 1393
Seeking Economic Justice in the Face of Enduring Racism 19 August 2021 Deseriee Kennedy Hits: 1028
Fintech and Race-based Inequality in the Home Mortgage and Auto Financing Markets 18 August 2021 Winnie F. Taylor Hits: 1041
The Tribal per Capita Payment Conundrum: Governance, Culture, and Incentives 12 July 2021 Adam Crepelle Hits: 4125
Financing Minority Entrepreneurship 10 June 2021 Carlos Berdejó Hits: 1026
Revisiting the Work We Know So Little About: Race, Wealth, Privilege, and Social Justice 20 May 2021 Stephanie M. Wildman, Margalynne Armstrong and Beverly Moran Hits: 1076
Financial Technology's Role in Exacerbating or Reducing the Wealth Gap 12 April 2021 Pamela Foohey and Nathalie Martin Hits: 1595
Private Interests, Public Law, and Reconfigured Inequality in Modern Payment Card Networks 25 February 2021 Stephen Wilks Hits: 981
Race and Wealth Disparity: The Role of Law and the Legal System 11 February 2021 Beverly Moran and Stephanie M. Wildman Hits: 1868
Race and Bankruptcy: A Bibliography 05 January 2021 Matthew A Bruckner Hits: 1110
Borrowing Equality: Dispossession and the Need for an Abolitionist Approach to Survival Debt 28 December 2020 Chrystin Ondersma Hits: 1221
Myth, Manipulation, and Minor League Baseball: How a Capitalist Democracy Engenders Income Inequality 27 November 2020 Phillip J. Closius and Joseph S. Stephan Hits: 1851
Black-Owned Banks: “Anchors of a Community” 20 November 2020 TheHistoryMakers.org Hits: 2125
Estate Planning with Shaq and Strom: Teaching Post-mortem Intimacy Audits 11 November 2020 Adrienne D. Davis Hits: 2923
Race: Examining Legal Remedies for Disparate Student Debt Outcomes 20 October 2020 Katherine Welbeck Hits: 1521
Racially Asymmetric Market Failures and Imperfections (Video) 22 April 2020 Andre L. Smith Hits: 2054
Jim Crow Credit: The New Deal for White America 09 July 2019 Mehrsa Baradaran Hits: 2240
Sovereign Resilience: Reviving Private-sector Economic Institutions in Indian Country 23 May 2019 Robert J. Miller Hits: 2096
The Third Rail of San Francisco Politics: Transportation, Race, and the Central Subway 30 April 2019 Wendell Lin Hits: 1925
Racial Discrimination in Business Transactions 09 January 2019 Robert E. Suggs Hits: 2943
The Wealth Gap and the Racial Disparities in the Startup Ecosystem 24 July 2018 Lynnise E. Phillips Pantin Hits: 3520
Live Black ... Retire Poor ... Die Early: How Social Security as an Institution Continues to Perpetuate the Social Racism of the 1930s 13 June 2017 Joseph Robinson Jr Hits: 29230
Racism in the Credit Card Industry (Abstract) 08 June 2017 Andrea Freeman Hits: 8097
Will US Black and White Household Incomes Ever Converge? 30 December 2015 Brooks Robinson Hits: 8682
Discriminatory Effects of Credit Scoring on Communities of Color 17 January 2014 Lisa Rice and Deidre Swesnik Hits: 37467
Legal Landscape of Payday Lending 17 January 2014 Amy J. Schmitz Hits: 22262
Racial Capitalism 30 November 2013 Nancy Leong Hits: 42899
Checks Payable on Due Date as Alternative to PayDay Lending 20 February 2013 Linda R. Crane Hits: 8919
Debt and Discipline: Neoliberal Political Economy and the Working Classes 29 January 2013 Tayyab Mahmud Hits: 40990
Payday Peonage: Thirteenth Amendment Implications in Payday Lending 29 January 2013 Zoë Elizabeth Lees Hits: 38557
Race, Markets, and Hollywood's Perpetual Antitrust Dilemma 24 January 2013 Hosea H. Harvey Hits: 10520
Circumventing State Consumer Protection Laws: Tribal Immunity and Internet Payday Lending 29 December 2012 Heather L. Petrovich Hits: 14021
Refusing to Work: a Form of Resistance 13 December 2012 Tommie Shelby Hits: 21286
Congress Protected the Troops: Can the New CFBP Protect Civilians from Payday Lending? 24 June 2012 Creola Johnson Hits: 10546
Application of the Bankruptcy Code to Indian Tribes 18 May 2012 Alexander Hogan Hits: 36478
Leveraging Tribal Sovereignty for Economic Opportunity: aStrategic Negotiations Perspective 20 April 2012 Gavin Clarkson and Jim Sebenius Hits: 9671
Tribal Energy Development: Renewables and the Problemof the Current Statutory Structures 20 April 2012 Judith V. Royster Hits: 8764
Now the Robber Barons Replace the Welfare Queens (and Rightly So) 04 April 2012 David A. Love Hits: 9214
Annotated Bibliography: “Raising Minimum Wage, Raising Quality of Life” 03 April 2012 Student (Spring 2012) Hits: 37589
Racial Discrimination and Directorial Duty of Care 01 April 2012 Cheryl L. Wade Hits: 11427
 Racial Predatory Lending and  African American Wealth Accumulation 01 April 2012 Charles Lewis Nier III Hits: 13268
Income Tax and Civil Rights Law 01 April 2012 Laura Sager and Stephen Cohen Hits: 14317
Tax and Race: the Impact on Asian Americans 01 April 2012 Mylinh Uy Hits: 20428
Social Security and African American Families: Unmasking Race and Gender Discrimination 01 April 2012 Laura Ann Foster Hits: 13390
Shopping While Black 01 April 2012 Anne-Marie G. Harris Hits: 14314
A Comment on Justice O'connor's Quest for Power and its Impact on African American Wealth 01 April 2012 Joan Tarpley Hits: 13741
Is Anything Ever Free?: NAFTA the FTAA and Minorities 01 April 2012 Karla Shantel Jackson Hits: 9750
Economic Empowerment: Washington and du Bois Approaches 01 April 2012 Hits: 19614
Persisting Disparities: Globalization and the Economic Status of African Americans 01 April 2012 Clarence Lusane Hits: 12673
Race and Empathy in Corporate Governance Processes 01 April 2012 Hits: 23661
The Need for a Critical "Raced" Economics 01 April 2012 Charles R.P. Pouncy Hits: 9414
Race and the Mortgage Meltdown 01 April 2012 Video Hits: 8044
Impact of the Economic Stimulus Plan on Communities of Color 01 April 2012 Kirwan Institute for the Study of Race and Ethnicity Hits: 9329
Recession and the Racial Wealth Divide 01 April 2012 Video Hits: 8189
American Indian Entrepreneurs: Unique Challenges, Unlimited Potential 01 April 2012 Robert J. Miller Hits: 9607
Unconditional Bailout for Rich White People, Tough Love for the Rest of Us 01 April 2012 minutemanmedia.org Hits: 8353
Bankruptcy Disparities by Race 01 April 2012 Rory Van Loo Hits: 11494
Making Unemployment Insurance Work for Working People 22 October 2020 Emma Janger, Nicole Rubin and Sejal Singh Hits: 2185
Children and Racial Injustice in the United States: A Selective Annotated Bibliography and Call to Action 08 March 2021 Christina Cullen, Olivia Alden, Diana Arroyo, Andy Froelich, Meghan Kasner, Conor Kinney, Anique Aburaad, Rebecca Jacobs, Alexandra Spognardi and Alexandra Kuenzli Hits: 4376
The Racial Wealth Gap Is a Racial Health Gap 09 September 2022 Aurora J. Grutman Hits: 790
“What Shall I Give My Children?”: Installment Land Contracts, Homeownership, and the Unexamined Costs of the American Dream 21 November 2020 Caelin Moriarity Miltko Hits: 2464
Enforcement of the Fair Housing Act and Equal Credit Opportunity Act to Combat Redlining 23 February 2022 Samantha Ondrade Hits: 1313
De-gentrified Black Genius: Blockchain, Copyright, and the Disintermediation of Creativity 09 May 2022 Tonya M. Evans Hits: 1280