Tuesday, December 06, 2022

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Sexual Orientation (LGBTQIA+)

Title Published Date Author Hits
Addressing Gendered Trauma, Identity, and the Crime-to-deportation Pipeline among Southeast Asian Men 22 May 2022 Cody Uyeda Hits: 1801
And What of the “Black” in Black Letter Law?: A Blaqueer Reflection 10 August 2021 T. Anansi Wilson Hits: 1722
Upending “Normal”: Toward an Integrated and Intersectional Approach to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the Legal Profession: Comment on Blanck, Hyseni, and Altunkol Wise's National Study of the Legal Profession 20 August 2021 Angela C. Winfield Hits: 1870
Diversity and Inclusion in the American Legal Profession: Discrimination and Bias Reported by Lawyers with Disabilities and Lawyers Who Identify as LGBTQ+ 26 July 2021 Peter Blanck, Fitore Hyseni and Fatma Altunkol Wise Hits: 2178
Valuing All Identities Beyond the Schoolhouse Gate: The Case for Inclusivity as a Civic Virtue in K-12 13 October 2020 Sacha M. Coupet Hits: 2012
Beyond Diversity and Inclusion: Understanding and Addressing Ableism, Heterosexism, and Transmisia in the Legal Profession: Comment on Blanck, Hyseni, and Altunkol Wise's National Study of the Legal Profession 13 September 2021 Shain A. M. Neumeier and Lydia X. Z. Brown Hits: 2534
Now Is the Time for Black Queer Feminist Ecology 08 August 2021 Zsea Bowmani Hits: 2027
Beyond the Myth of Affluence: The Intersection of LGBTQ Family Law and Poverty 16 November 2020 Catherine P. Sakimura Hits: 2951
Logging Out: The Inadequacies of Current Cyberbullying Remedies and Their Impact on LGBTQ+ Youth 01 November 2020 Elizabeth Zhang Hits: 2534
Stop Surveilling My Genre!: On the Biometric Surveillance of (Black Trans) People 09 June 2022 William B. Heberling Hits: 2443
When Your Identity Is Inherently “Unprofessional”: Navigating Rules of Professional Appearance Rooted in Cisheteronormative Whiteness as Black Women and Gender Non-conforming Professionals 26 April 2021 Shannon Cumberbatch Hits: 2860
Challenging the Single Axis from the Nexus: Operationalizing Intersectionality in International Human Rights Law to Adequately Address the Corrective Rape of Black Lesbians in South Africa 06 September 2022 Waruguru Gaitho Hits: 1006
Queer Black Trans Politics and Constitutional Originalism 06 July 2022 Marc Spindelman Hits: 1002
Superior Status: Relational Obstacles in the Law to Racial Justice and Lgbtq Equality 13 February 2022 Osamudia James Hits: 888
Queering Bostock 23 September 2021 Jeremiah A. Ho Hits: 903
Transgender Rights and Issues 19 August 2021 Rose Gilroy, Meredith Johnson, Rachel Keirstead, Kelley Kling, Elizabeth McGuire, Shea O'Meara, Fulton Wald, Katie Wiese, Ricky Yeager, Melissa Zubizarreta Hits: 1097
In the Margins: How Mainstream Legal Advocacy Strategies Fail to Fully Assist Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander LGBT Youth 23 December 2019 Roel Mangiliman and Myron Dean Quon Hits: 3572
When the Spirit Says Dance: A Queer of Color Critique of Black Justice Discourse in Anti-transgender Policy Rhetoric 05 July 2019 Antron D. Mahoney & Heather Brydie Harris Hits: 1761
Is Gay the New Asian?: Marriage Equality and the Dawn of a New Model Minority 22 June 2019 Stewart Chang Hits: 2646
Queer Margins, Queer Ethics: A Call to Account for Race and Ethnicity in the Law, Theory, and Politics of “Sexual Orientation” 19 June 2019 Francisco Valdes Hits: 1814
Gun Control, Mental Illness, and Black Trans and Lesbian Survival 18 June 2019 Gabriel Arkles Hits: 20566
“Gay Rights” for “Gay Whites” ?: Race, Sexual Identity, and Equal Protection Discourse 17 June 2019 Darren Lenard Hutchinson Hits: 2002
Toward a Black Lesbian Jurisprudence 09 April 2019 Theresa Raffaele Jefferson Hits: 3344
It's [Not] a Black Thing: the Black/gay Split over Same-sex Marriage--a Critical [Race] Perspective 06 April 2013 Adele M. Morrison Hits: 12057
Heterosexism and Internalized Racism among African Americans: the Connections and Considerations for African American Lesbians and Bisexual Women: A Clinical Psychological Perspective 01 April 2012 Beverly A. Greene Hits: 26737
Curing Corrective Rape: Socio-legal Perspectives on Sexual Violence Against Black Lesbians in South Africa 05 June 2022 Waruguru Gaitho Hits: 1773