Friday, October 07, 2022

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Whiteness and White Privilege

Title Published Date Author Hits
The Racial Classification Cases 14 October 2020 Ian Haney Lopez Hits: 25445
Litigating Whiteness: Trials of Racial Determination in the Nineteenth-century South 31 December 2019 Ariela J. Gross Hits: 5308
From Black to White and Back Again 29 December 2019 Frank H. Wu Hits: 5295
Diasporic Dreams: Law, Whiteness, and the Asian American Identity 20 June 2022 Nicholas Loh Hits: 889
Whose Lives Mattered? How White and Black Americans Felt about Black Lives Matter in 2016 03 June 2021 Kevin Drakulich, Kevin H. Wozniak, John Hagan and Devon Johnson Hits: 1426
The HistoryMakers and The MYTH of White Supremacy 02 October 2020 The HistoryMakers Hits: 3063
Neo-colonialism, Same Old Racism: A Critical Analysis of the United States' Shift Toward Colorblindness as a Tool for the Protection of the American Colonial Empire and White Supremacy 07 April 2021 Marissa Jackson Hits: 2177
The White Supremacist Constitution 29 September 2022 Ruth Colker Hits: 271
White Vigilantism and the Racism of Race-Neutrality 27 September 2022 Christian Powell Sundquist Hits: 370
White Supremacy's Police Siege on the United States Capitol 24 April 2022 Vida B. Johnson Hits: 1467