Thursday, October 06, 2022

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Civil Justice and Racism

Title Published Date Author Hits
The Color of Pain: Racial Bias in Pain and Suffering Damages 15 September 2022 Maytal Gilboa Hits: 296
Contract Law & Racial Inequality: A Primer 09 September 2022 Danielle Kie Hart Hits: 272
Racial Bias, Jury and The False Promise of Peña-Rodriguez 26 May 2022 Daniel S. Harawa Hits: 886
Preemption & Gender & Racial (In)equity: Why State Tort Law Is Needed in the Cosmetic Context 18 May 2022 Marie Boyd Hits: 799
Duty and Diversity 17 May 2022 Chris Brummer and Leo E. Strine, Jr. Hits: 797
Of Bias and Exclusion: An Empirical Study of Diversity Jurisdiction, its Amount-in-controversy Requirement, and Black Alienation from U.S. Civil Courts 11 May 2022 Scott DeVito Hits: 1013
Race in America 2021: A Time to Embrace Beauharnais v. Illinois? 02 August 2021 Steven A. Ramirez Hits: 854
Constructing the Trident of the Reasonable Person: Enough Is Enough! It's Time for the Reasonable Indian Standard 01 August 2020 Genevieve Frances Steel Hits: 2927
Producing Justice in Poor People's Courts: Four Models of State Legal Actors 26 April 2020 Tonya L. Brito Hits: 1513
Modern Racism But Old-fashioned IIED [Intentional infliction of emotional distress]: How Incongruous Injury Standards Deny "Thick Skin" Plaintiffs Redress for Racism and Ethnoviolenc 25 February 2020 Hafsa S. Mansoor Hits: 1873
The Relevance of Race and Disparity in Discussions of Contract Law 05 December 2019 Blake D. Morant Hits: 10348
Strengthen Judicial Impropriety Standards and Removal Remedies to Include Procedural Justice and Community Harm 28 October 2019 Joshua E. Kastenberg Hits: 2411
The Teachings of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Contract Theory: An Intriguing Comparison 05 September 2019 Blake D. Morant Hits: 2980
Law, Literature, and Contract: An Essay in Realism 03 September 2019 Blake D. Morant Hits: 2233
The Future of Tort Litigation for Undocumented Immigrants in Donald Trump's “Great” America 29 August 2019 Dina Lexine Sarver Hits: 1719
Valuing Black Lives: A Constitutional Challenge to the Use of Race-based Tables in Calculating Tort Damages 07 May 2019 Kimberly A. Yuracko and Ronen Avraham Hits: 2268
The New Jim Crow's Equal Protection Potential 30 January 2019 Katherine Macfarlane Hits: 2331
Standing in the Way of Justice: How the Standing Doctrine Perpetuates Injustice in Civil Rights Cases 13 December 2018 Douglas Coonfield Hits: 2677
Do Black Lives Matter? Race as a Measure of Injury in Tort Law 06 November 2018 Alberto Bernabe Hits: 2693
Latino/a Plaintiffs and the Intersection of Stereotypes, Unconscious Bias, Race-neutral Policies, and Personal Injury 27 October 2018 Andrew W. Bribriesco Hits: 2919
Invention of a Slave 05 May 2018 Brian L. Frye Hits: 3015
Why Congress's Attempt to Cover Torts Committed by Indian Tribal Contractors with the FTCA Hurts the Government and the Tribes 22 January 2013 Joseph W. Gross Hits: 8900
Intentional Blindness 24 December 2012 Ian Haney-López Hits: 10937
ne Racial Epithet That Was Sufficiently Severe to Create a Hostile Work Environment 02 April 2012 David C. Cox Hits: 10036
Discrimination in the Wen Ho Lee Case 02 April 2012 Miriam Kim Hits: 12775
Victims Under Attack: North Carolina's Flawed Rule 609 27 October 2019 Daniel R. Tilly Hits: 2819
The Increasingly Broad Language of Qualified Immunity, Deference Towards Granting It, and the Ramifications of Racial Injustice 15 November 2021 Brandon Sweeney Hits: 1275
Confronting the Biased Algorithm: the Danger of Admitting Facial Recognition Technology Results in the Courtroom 29 June 2021 Gabrielle M. Haddad Hits: 1638
A Prelude to a Critical Race Theoretical Account of Civil Procedure 24 June 2021 Portia Pedro Hits: 1406
Jury Nullification as a Spectrum 24 March 2022 Richard Lorren Jolly Hits: 1444
How to Include Issues of Race and Racism in the 1-l Torts Course: A Call for Reform 28 September 2022 Jennifer Wriggins Hits: 218
Breaking Down Status 30 August 2021 Kaiponanea T. Matsumura Hits: 1512
Ignoring the Cries of Black Mamas: Looking Beyond Tort Law to Ensure That Black Mothers Are Heard During Childbirth 10 February 2022 Elise Ashley Hits: 1286
The Economics of Injustice: Stratification in Medical Malpractice Claims by Poor and Vulnerable Patients 13 July 2022 Cassidy Viser Hits: 518
Courts and Civil Justice in the Time of Covid: Emerging Trends and Questions to Ask 23 October 2021 Helen Hershkoff and Arthur R. Miller Hits: 1030
The Implications of Covid-19 on Potential Jury Attitudes and Perspectives 03 June 2021 Christopher W. Martin and Rick Goldberg Hits: 1365
The Dawn of a New Era: Antitrust Law vs. The Antiquated NCAA Compensation Model Perpetuating Racial Injustice 21 April 2022 Amanda L. Jones Hits: 1330