Monday, January 17, 2022


Media, Enterainment and Sports

Title Author Hits
Thug Life: Hip-hop's Curious Relationship with Criminal Justice Andre Douglas Pond Cummings Hits: 340
Every Rhyme I Write”: Rap Music as Evidence in Criminal Trials Reyna Araibi Hits: 1475
Black Deaths Matter: Disparities in Gun Homicides, Policing, and News Coverage in Chicago Zach Sommers Hits: 369
Chopped & Screwed: Hip Hop from Cultural Expression to a Means of Criminal Enforcement Taifha Natalee Alexander Hits: 300
Hip Hop and the New Jim Crow: Rap Music's Insight on Mass Incarceration Donald F. Tibbs Hits: 433
Raza Islámica: Prisons, Hip Hop & Converting Converts Spearit Hits: 338
Sonic Jihad--Muslim Hip Hop in the Age of Mass Incarceration Spearit Hits: 536
A Furious Kinship: Critical Race Theory and the Hip-hop Nation Andre Douglas Pond Cummings Hits: 354
Country Club Sports: The Disparate Impact of Athlete Admissions at Elite Universities William B. Morrison Hits: 596
Plantation Labor or How Poor Black College Kids Support Wealth White College Kids Craig Garthwaite, Jordan Keener, Matthew J. Notowidigdo, and Nicole F. Ozminkowski Hits: 1582
Teaching Social Justice Through “Hip Hop and the Law” Andre Douglas Pond Cummings Hits: 411
Myth, Manipulation, and Minor League Baseball: How a Capitalist Democracy Engenders Income Inequality Phillip J. Closius and Joseph S. Stephan Hits: 951
From Housing to Health: Imagining Antidiscrimination Provisions for Menthol Cigarette Marketing Olivia Li Hits: 2941
“You Can't Sing Without the Bling”: The Toll of Excessive Sample License Fees on Creativity in Hip-hop Music and the Need for a Compulsory Sound Recording Sample License System Josh Norek Hits: 220
A Network of Our Own Makani Themba-Nixon Hits: 8307
Blackout: A Textual Analysis of the Media's Influence on Race and Culture Raven King Hits: 2482
Creative Differences: Indigenous Artists and the Law at 20th Century Nation-building Exhibitions: A Comparison of Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the United States Lucas Lixinski and Stephen Young Hits: 301
Dysregulating the Media: Digital Redlining, Privacy Erosion, and the Unintentional Deregulation of American Media Jon M. Garon Hits: 1106
Fake News and Racial, Ethnic, and Religious Minorities: A Precarious Quest for Truth Kimberly Grambo Hits: 3762
From Tiktok to Racial Violence: Anti-blackness in the Gendered Sphere Donald F. Tibbs Hits: 825
he Absence and Stereotyping of People of Color by The Broadcast Networks in Prime Time Entertainment Programming Leonard M. Baynes Hits: 11831
How the FCC Suppressed Minority Broadcast Ownership, and How the FCC Can Undo the Damage it Caused David Honig Hits: 2534
Race and the Legal Treatment of Digital Sampling Student Note Hits: 47508
Rap on Trial: The Case for Nonliteral Interpretation of Rap Lyrics Dre'Kevius O. Huff Hits: 2842
Social Media, Racism, and Sports: Social Media Platforms, Not Governments, Are Best Positioned to Change the Game Peter M. Ayers Hits: 529
Strange Mix of Entitlement and Exploitation: The African American Experience in Predominantly White College Sport David K. Wiggins Hits: 18351
Television and Societal Effects: an Analysis of Media Images of African-Americans in Historical Context Sherri Burr Hits: 27289
The Black Stake in the Internet: Network Neutrality is an African American Issue Bruce Dixon Hits: 9684
The False Reality of the African American Culture: The FCC and Reality Television Briana N. Tookes Hits: 2059
The Politics of “Mo' Money, Mo' Money” and the Strange Dialectic of Hip Hop Music Ronald D. Brown Hits: 182
Wake up or Get Woke: The Paradox of America's Diplomatic Export of Hip Hop Kalen Coleman Hits: 686
Other People's Property: Hip-hop's Inherent Clashes with Property Laws and its Ascendance as Global Counter Culture Andre L. Smith Hits: 228
Protecting Protest Art Caleb L. Green Hits: 1241
Race in the Courthouse: Less Protection as More Equal Protection for Musical Works Charles Cronin Hits: 530
Sampling as Transformation: Re-evaluating Copyright's Treatment of Sampling to End its Disproportionate Harm on Black Artists Vincent R. Johnson II Hits: 627
Missing White Woman Syndrome: An Empirical Analysis of Race and Gender Disparities in Online News Coverage of Missing Persons Zach Sommers Hits: 552
Regulating Cyber Racism in the United States: Legal and Non-legal Responses from a Comparative Perspective Ying Chen Hits: 624