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Family, Children and Adoption

Title Published Date Author Hits
The Unborn Citizen 24 November 2020 Michael H. LeRoy Hits: 2848
Indian Boarding Schools, Indian Child Welfare Act and Legal Scholarship (Searchable Database) 10 January 2022 Vernellia Randall Hits: 19676
The Politics of the Adoption Of Indigenous Children 16 June 2021 Springer Nature Switzerland AG Hits: 2418
Love in the Time of ICE: How Parents Without Papers Are Stripped of the Right to Raise Their Children in a Safe and Healthy Environment 23 June 2022 Asees Bhasin Hits: 1211
A Lineage of Family Separation 03 April 2022 Anita Sinha Hits: 1325
In-and-out Justice: How the Acceleration of Families Through Immigration Court Violates Due Process 22 May 2021 J. Nicole Alanko Hits: 1584
America's Second-class Children: An Examination of President Trump's Immigration Policies on Migrant Children and Inquiry on Justice Through the Catholic Perspective 23 June 2020 Gabriel Sáenz Hits: 2662
The Rise of Zero Tolerance and the Demise of Family 26 February 2020 Mariela Olivares Hits: 3013
The Ties That Bind: What Pauli Murray Teaches Us about Race, Family, Slavery, and Inequality 08 September 2022 Jessica Dixon Weaver Hits: 1102
So Sue Me: How the Justice Department Can Protect Children by Suing Indigent Defenders 02 June 2021 Joshua Perry Hits: 1598
The Fundamental Right to Be Parented and The Implications for Children with Incarcerated Mothers 01 October 2022 Cissy Morgan Hits: 988
In Their Absence We Remain: Embracing the Victims of Parental Incarceration 28 March 2021 Reece M. McGovern Hits: 1743
Trauma: Community of Color Exposure to the Criminal Justice System as an Adverse Childhood Experience 22 April 2022 Todd J. Clark, Caleb Gregory Conrad, André Douglas Pond Cummings and Amy Dunn Johnson Hits: 1627
Protect Black Girls 06 May 2022 Denise Ama Ghartey Hits: 1954
Moving Forward from the Scoop Era: Providing Active Efforts under the Indian Child Welfare Act in Illinois 18 February 2020 Cassandra Crandall Hits: 2883
Knocking Against the Rocks: Evaluating Institutional Practices and the African American Boy 05 February 2022 Theresa Glennon Hits: 3378
Corporal Punishment in the United States: Abolishment under the Civil Rights Act of 1964 04 October 2022 Caroline J. Capili Hits: 614
The Imperative for Trauma-Responsive Special Education 10 December 2020 Nicole Tuchinda Hits: 4620
Estate Planning with Shaq and Strom: Teaching Post-mortem Intimacy Audits 11 November 2020 Adrienne D. Davis Hits: 2924
Breaking Down Status 30 August 2021 Kaiponanea T. Matsumura Hits: 1916
Why the Numbers of the Family Medical Leave Act Don't Add up for New Parents of Color and Low-wage Workers 04 April 2020 Juan C. Flores Hits: 3204
Equal Protection and the Indian Child Welfare Act: States, Tribal Nations, and Family Law 18 November 2022 Ann Laquer Estin Hits: 304
Lawyering the Indian Child Welfare Act 14 November 2022 Matthew L.M. Fletcher and Wenona T. Singel Hits: 389
Improving Res Ipsa Loquitur Doctrine in Child Abuse Cases: A Step Toward Racial Justice 24 September 2022 Chris Gottlieb Hits: 714
Black Child, White Parents: Balancing Biology and Bond in Modern Transracial Adoptions 04 September 2022 Aleigh Flournoy Hits: 773
The Surveillance Tentacles of the Child Welfare System 28 August 2022 Charlotte Baughman, Tehra Coles, Jennifer Feinberg and Hope Newton Hits: 909
Fertility, Immigration, and Public Support for Parenting 22 July 2022 Eleanor Brown, Naomi Cahn and June Carbone Hits: 1135
Parenting While Black 05 July 2022 R.A. Lenhardt Hits: 625
Falling Through the Cracks: The American Indian Foster Care to Sexual Exploitation Pipeline and the Need for Expanded American Indian Community Services in Minnesota 14 June 2022 Sadie Hart Hits: 1359
The White Supremacy Hydra: How the Family First Prevention Services Act Reifies Pathology, Control, and Punishment in the Family Regulation System 01 June 2022 Miriam Mack Hits: 1221
Communities as Caretakers: The Indian Child Welfare Act as an Antiracist Framework for All Child Welfare Cases 15 May 2022 Sydney Groll Hits: 1114
Using Peacemaking Circles to Indigenize Tribal Child Welfare 11 April 2022 Lauren van Schilfgaarde and Brett Lee Shelton Hits: 1337
The Intergenerational Effects of the Child Welfare System and the Legal Obligation to Rectify Them 29 March 2022 Eliana Schachter and Elizabeth Kroll Hits: 917
The Restatement of the Law, Children and the Law: A Blueprint for Reforming the Child Welfare System 25 February 2022 Clare Huntington Hits: 672
An Examination of Racism and Racial Discrimination Impacting Dual Status Youth 13 February 2022 Jessica K. Heldman and Geoffrey A. Gaither Hits: 1255
An Innovative Alternative or An Institutional Failure of Family Courts?: A Critical Perspective on the Experience of Latinx Families in an Anglo-centric Mediation Process 21 September 2021 Donna Saadati-Soto Hits: 1112
Just Another Fast Girl: Exploring Slavery's Continued Impact on the Loss of Black Girlhood 15 July 2021 Mikah K. Thompson Hits: 2465
Shelter from the Storm: Human Rights Protections for Single-mother Families in the Time of Covid-19 02 July 2021 Theresa Glennon, Alexis Fennell, Kaylin Hawkins and Madison McNulty Hits: 2502
Child Welfare, Reasonable Efforts, and Covid 24 June 2021 Anita Weinberg and Lilia Valdez Hits: 1370
The Irony of the Indian Child Welfare Act 18 May 2021 Marcia Zug Hits: 1585
Equity over Equality: Equal Protection and the Indian Child Welfare Act 15 May 2021 Lucy Dempsey Hits: 2076
The Tragedy of Wasted Funds and Broken Dreams: An Economic Analysis of Childhood Exposure to Crime and Violence 29 March 2021 Michal Gilad and Abraham Gutman Hits: 1123
Children and Racial Injustice in the United States: A Selective Annotated Bibliography and Call to Action 08 March 2021 Christina Cullen, Olivia Alden, Diana Arroyo, Andy Froelich, Meghan Kasner, Conor Kinney, Anique Aburaad, Rebecca Jacobs, Alexandra Spognardi and Alexandra Kuenzli Hits: 4376
The Amplification of Bias in Family Law and its Impact 08 January 2021 Mark B. Baer Hits: 2517
Equal Protection for Children: Toward the Childist Legal Studies 09 December 2020 Hiroharu Saito Hits: 1360
Beyond the Myth of Affluence: The Intersection of LGBTQ Family Law and Poverty 16 November 2020 Catherine P. Sakimura Hits: 2951
Logging Out: The Inadequacies of Current Cyberbullying Remedies and Their Impact on LGBTQ+ Youth 01 November 2020 Elizabeth Zhang Hits: 2534
Toward a Theory of Intercountry Human Rights: Global Capitalism and the Rise and Fall of Intercountry Adoption 26 August 2020 Barbara Stark Hits: 1443
Recent Challenges to the Indian Child Welfare Act Suggest it Is Time for the United States Supreme Court to Act: Indian Survival Depends on it 17 August 2020 Mariam Hashmi Hits: 3025
Protecting Native American Culture and Children 15 July 2020 Johnathan R. Baldauf Hits: 2397
On Racial Justice in the Child Welfare System 06 February 2020 Khiara Bridges, Peggy Cooper Davis, and Dorothy Roberts Hits: 5063
The Legitimacy of the Children of Slave Marriages Post-Slavery 09 December 2019 Kentucky Probate Practice and Procedure Hits: 4869
Trauma-informed Practice: The Future of Child Welfare? 18 July 2019 Sarah Katz Hits: 1812
The Origins and Evolution of the Indian Child Welfare Act 27 June 2019 Danielle J. Mayberry Hits: 2744
Where Sovereigns and Cultures Collide: Balancing Federalism, Tribal Self-determination, and Individual Rights in the Adoption of Indian Children by Gays and Lesbians 23 June 2019 Steve Sanders Hits: 1958
On Indian Children and the Fifth Amendment 23 June 2019 Matthew L.M. Fletcher Hits: 2222
The Hispanic Experience of the Child Welfare System 19 May 2019 Ryan D. Davidson, Meredith W. Morrissey and Connie J. Beck Hits: 2937
In Spite of the Odds: Achieving Educational Stability for Maryland's African American Foster Youth 03 May 2019 Marja K. Plater Hits: 2424
Criminalizing (Poor) Fatherhood 18 November 2018 Cortney E. Lollar Hits: 3036
"Burn this Bitch Down!": The Gendered Politics of Black Parenthood 03 July 2017 Teri A. McMurtry-Chubb Hits: 22112
Romantic Discrimination and Children 17 June 2017 Solangel Maldonado Hits: 16147
Racial Bias in American Foster Care: The National Debate 12 April 2014 Tanya Asim Cooper Hits: 13855
Transracial Adoption in the United States: The Reflection and Reinforcement of Racial Hierarchy 11 April 2014 David Ray Papke Hits: 9750
The (In)visibility of Motherhood in Family Court Proceedings 22 February 2013 Melissa L. Breger Hits: 12064
Creating a Child-friendly Child Welfare System: Effective Early Intervention to Prevent Maltreatment and Protect Victimized Children 15 February 2013 Elizabeth Bartholet Hits: 10527
Fathers Behind Bars: Rethinking Child Support Policy Toward Low-income Noncustodial Fathersand Their Families 24 June 2012 Tonya L. Brito Hits: 74039
Dark Secrets: Obedience Training, Rigid Physical Violence, Black Parenting, and Reassessing theOrigins of Instability in the Black Family Through a Re-reading of Fox Butterfield's All God'sChildren 25 May 2012 Reginald Leamon Robinson Hits: 13975
Families of Color in Crisis: Bearing the Weight of the Financial Market Meltdown 25 May 2012 André Douglas Pond Cummings Hits: 25945
What's Wrong With Me? 05 April 2012 Asher D. Isaacs Hits: 8628
Model Race Preference Statute 05 April 2012 Asher D. Isaacs Hits: 8528
Transracial Adoption and the Unblinkable Difference 05 April 2012 Jennifer Swize Hits: 14036
Foster Care for Minority Children 05 April 2012 Ruth McRoy Hits: 16320
Race Matters in Adoption 05 April 2012 Ruth-Arlene W. Howe Hits: 12707
Contractual and Statutory Basics for a "New" African American Coparenting Joint Adoption Model 01 April 2012 Angela Mae Kupenda, Angelia L. M. Wallace, Jamie Deon Travis, Brandon Issac Dorsey and Bryant Guy Hits: 9071
Flashpoints and the Indian Child Welfare Act 01 April 2012 Barbara Ann Atwood Hits: 11908
The Black Family: Confronting the Lie of Black Inferiority 01 April 2012 Enola G. Aird Hits: 15948
From “Mind Playing Tricks on Me” to “Trauma”: Adverse Childhood Experiences and Hip Hop's Prescription 27 April 2020 André Douglas Pond Cummings and Caleb Gregory Conrad Hits: 2408
Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman: The Legal Limbo of Being a Parent Before Becoming an Adult 16 October 2022 Simone Lieban Levine Hits: 520
Covid-19 and the Perils of Free-market Parenting: Why it Is past Time for the United States to Install Government Supports for Families 06 July 2022 Maxine Eichner Hits: 991
Privacy in a Pandemic: An Examination of the United States' Response to Covid-19 Analyzing Privacy Rights Afforded to Children under International Law 04 November 2021 R. Chantz Richens Hits: 1726
Covid-19 Reflections on Resilience and Reform in the Child Welfare System 15 January 2021 Kele Stewart and Robert Latham Hits: 2025
Domestic Violence, The Indian Child Welfare Act, and Alaska Natives: How Domestic Violence Is Weaponized Against Alaska Native Survivors 12 September 2021 Sumaya H. Bouadi Hits: 2787
The Health and Legal Implications of Early Screening for Developmental Disabilities 06 August 2020 Jacqueline Safstrom and Jennifer Safstrom Hits: 2336
In the Margins: How Mainstream Legal Advocacy Strategies Fail to Fully Assist Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander LGBT Youth 23 December 2019 Roel Mangiliman and Myron Dean Quon Hits: 3572
Psychiatric, Epigenetic, Legal, and Public Health Challenges Facing Refugee Children: An Integrated Approach 10 November 2018 John Thomas and Dorothy E. Stubbe Hits: 3746
White Supremacy, Police Brutality, and Family Separation: Preventing Crimes Against Humanity Within the United States 30 September 2022 Elena Baylis Hits: 1341
The Right of Women to Child Care in the United States 17 March 2022 Caroline Raines Greenfield Hits: 2082
International Law, African Customary Law, and the Protection of the Rights of Children 04 August 2020 John Mukum Mbaku Hits: 3403
On Obsessions or When Being Black Is Not Enough! (1998) 24 November 2019 Vernellia Randall Hits: 5101