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Family, Children and Adoption

Title Author Hits
The Unborn Citizen Michael H. LeRoy Hits: 1905
Indian Boarding Schools, Indian Child Welfare Act and Legal Scholarship (Searchable Database) Vernellia Randall Hits: 14814
The Politics of the Adoption Of Indigenous Children Springer Nature Switzerland AG Hits: 1411
A Lineage of Family Separation Anita Sinha Hits: 542
America's Second-class Children: An Examination of President Trump's Immigration Policies on Migrant Children and Inquiry on Justice Through the Catholic Perspective Gabriel Sáenz Hits: 2093
In-and-out Justice: How the Acceleration of Families Through Immigration Court Violates Due Process J. Nicole Alanko Hits: 987
Love in the Time of ICE: How Parents Without Papers Are Stripped of the Right to Raise Their Children in a Safe and Healthy Environment Asees Bhasin Hits: 237
The Rise of Zero Tolerance and the Demise of Family Mariela Olivares Hits: 2429
So Sue Me: How the Justice Department Can Protect Children by Suing Indigent Defenders Joshua Perry Hits: 909
In Their Absence We Remain: Embracing the Victims of Parental Incarceration Reece M. McGovern Hits: 1030
Trauma: Community of Color Exposure to the Criminal Justice System as an Adverse Childhood Experience Todd J. Clark, Caleb Gregory Conrad, André Douglas Pond Cummings and Amy Dunn Johnson Hits: 464
Protect Black Girls Denise Ama Ghartey Hits: 485
Moving Forward from the Scoop Era: Providing Active Efforts under the Indian Child Welfare Act in Illinois Cassandra Crandall Hits: 2287
Knocking Against the Rocks: Evaluating Institutional Practices and the African American Boy Theresa Glennon Hits: 1406
The Imperative for Trauma-Responsive Special Education Nicole Tuchinda Hits: 3066
Estate Planning with Shaq and Strom: Teaching Post-mortem Intimacy Audits Adrienne D. Davis Hits: 2091
Why the Numbers of the Family Medical Leave Act Don't Add up for New Parents of Color and Low-wage Workers Juan C. Flores Hits: 2720
Breaking Down Status Kaiponanea T. Matsumura Hits: 1121
Transracial Adoption and the Unblinkable Difference Jennifer Swize Hits: 13535
"Burn this Bitch Down!": The Gendered Politics of Black Parenthood Teri A. McMurtry-Chubb Hits: 19851
An Examination of Racism and Racial Discrimination Impacting Dual Status Youth Jessica K. Heldman and Geoffrey A. Gaither Hits: 509
An Innovative Alternative or An Institutional Failure of Family Courts?: A Critical Perspective on the Experience of Latinx Families in an Anglo-centric Mediation Process Donna Saadati-Soto Hits: 720
Beyond the Myth of Affluence: The Intersection of LGBTQ Family Law and Poverty Catherine P. Sakimura Hits: 2185
Child Welfare, Reasonable Efforts, and Covid Anita Weinberg and Lilia Valdez Hits: 736
Children and Racial Injustice in the United States: A Selective Annotated Bibliography and Call to Action Christina Cullen, Olivia Alden, Diana Arroyo, Andy Froelich, Meghan Kasner, Conor Kinney, Anique Aburaad, Rebecca Jacobs, Alexandra Spognardi and Alexandra Kuenzli Hits: 2722
Communities as Caretakers: The Indian Child Welfare Act as an Antiracist Framework for All Child Welfare Cases Sydney Groll Hits: 308
Contractual and Statutory Basics for a "New" African American Coparenting Joint Adoption Model Angela Mae Kupenda, Angelia L. M. Wallace, Jamie Deon Travis, Brandon Issac Dorsey and Bryant Guy Hits: 8754
Creating a Child-friendly Child Welfare System: Effective Early Intervention to Prevent Maltreatment and Protect Victimized Children Elizabeth Bartholet Hits: 10076
Criminalizing (Poor) Fatherhood Cortney E. Lollar Hits: 2661
Dark Secrets: Obedience Training, Rigid Physical Violence, Black Parenting, and Reassessing theOrigins of Instability in the Black Family Through a Re-reading of Fox Butterfield's All God'sChildren Reginald Leamon Robinson Hits: 13418
Equal Protection for Children: Toward the Childist Legal Studies Hiroharu Saito Hits: 1058
Equity over Equality: Equal Protection and the Indian Child Welfare Act Lucy Dempsey Hits: 1295
Falling Through the Cracks: The American Indian Foster Care to Sexual Exploitation Pipeline and the Need for Expanded American Indian Community Services in Minnesota Sadie Hart Hits: 195
Families of Color in Crisis: Bearing the Weight of the Financial Market Meltdown André Douglas Pond Cummings Hits: 24023
Fathers Behind Bars: Rethinking Child Support Policy Toward Low-income Noncustodial Fathersand Their Families Tonya L. Brito Hits: 71104
Flashpoints and the Indian Child Welfare Act Barbara Ann Atwood Hits: 11477
Foster Care for Minority Children Ruth McRoy Hits: 15463
In Spite of the Odds: Achieving Educational Stability for Maryland's African American Foster Youth Marja K. Plater Hits: 1715
Just Another Fast Girl: Exploring Slavery's Continued Impact on the Loss of Black Girlhood Mikah K. Thompson Hits: 1546
Logging Out: The Inadequacies of Current Cyberbullying Remedies and Their Impact on LGBTQ+ Youth Elizabeth Zhang Hits: 1828
Model Race Preference Statute Asher D. Isaacs Hits: 7977
On Indian Children and the Fifth Amendment Matthew L.M. Fletcher Hits: 1826
On Racial Justice in the Child Welfare System Khiara Bridges, Peggy Cooper Davis, and Dorothy Roberts Hits: 3941
Parenting While Black R.A. Lenhardt Hits: 2
Protecting Native American Culture and Children Johnathan R. Baldauf Hits: 1938
Race Matters in Adoption Ruth-Arlene W. Howe Hits: 12070
Racial Bias in American Foster Care: The National Debate Tanya Asim Cooper Hits: 12879
Recent Challenges to the Indian Child Welfare Act Suggest it Is Time for the United States Supreme Court to Act: Indian Survival Depends on it Mariam Hashmi Hits: 2243
Romantic Discrimination and Children Solangel Maldonado Hits: 14506
Shelter from the Storm: Human Rights Protections for Single-mother Families in the Time of Covid-19 Theresa Glennon, Alexis Fennell, Kaylin Hawkins and Madison McNulty Hits: 1393
The (In)visibility of Motherhood in Family Court Proceedings Melissa L. Breger Hits: 11428
The Amplification of Bias in Family Law and its Impact Mark B. Baer Hits: 1782
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The Intergenerational Effects of the Child Welfare System and the Legal Obligation to Rectify Them Eliana Schachter and Elizabeth Kroll Hits: 302
The Irony of the Indian Child Welfare Act Marcia Zug Hits: 966
The Legitimacy of the Children of Slave Marriages Post-Slavery Kentucky Probate Practice and Procedure Hits: 3987
The Origins and Evolution of the Indian Child Welfare Act Danielle J. Mayberry Hits: 2398
The Restatement of the Law, Children and the Law: A Blueprint for Reforming the Child Welfare System Clare Huntington Hits: 377
The Tragedy of Wasted Funds and Broken Dreams: An Economic Analysis of Childhood Exposure to Crime and Violence Michal Gilad and Abraham Gutman Hits: 820
The White Supremacy Hydra: How the Family First Prevention Services Act Reifies Pathology, Control, and Punishment in the Family Regulation System Miriam Mack Hits: 240
Toward a Theory of Intercountry Human Rights: Global Capitalism and the Rise and Fall of Intercountry Adoption Barbara Stark Hits: 1066
Transracial Adoption in the United States: The Reflection and Reinforcement of Racial Hierarchy David Ray Papke Hits: 9003
Trauma-informed Practice: The Future of Child Welfare? Sarah Katz Hits: 1520
Using Peacemaking Circles to Indigenize Tribal Child Welfare Lauren van Schilfgaarde and Brett Lee Shelton Hits: 501
What's Wrong With Me? Asher D. Isaacs Hits: 8137
Where Sovereigns and Cultures Collide: Balancing Federalism, Tribal Self-determination, and Individual Rights in the Adoption of Indian Children by Gays and Lesbians Steve Sanders Hits: 1693
From “Mind Playing Tricks on Me” to “Trauma”: Adverse Childhood Experiences and Hip Hop's Prescription André Douglas Pond Cummings and Caleb Gregory Conrad Hits: 1819
Covid-19 Reflections on Resilience and Reform in the Child Welfare System Kele Stewart and Robert Latham Hits: 1325
Privacy in a Pandemic: An Examination of the United States' Response to Covid-19 Analyzing Privacy Rights Afforded to Children under International Law R. Chantz Richens Hits: 879
Domestic Violence, The Indian Child Welfare Act, and Alaska Natives: How Domestic Violence Is Weaponized Against Alaska Native Survivors Sumaya H. Bouadi Hits: 1290
The Health and Legal Implications of Early Screening for Developmental Disabilities Jacqueline Safstrom and Jennifer Safstrom Hits: 1750
In the Margins: How Mainstream Legal Advocacy Strategies Fail to Fully Assist Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander LGBT Youth Roel Mangiliman and Myron Dean Quon Hits: 2992
Psychiatric, Epigenetic, Legal, and Public Health Challenges Facing Refugee Children: An Integrated Approach John Thomas and Dorothy E. Stubbe Hits: 2390
International Law, African Customary Law, and the Protection of the Rights of Children John Mukum Mbaku Hits: 2448
The Right of Women to Child Care in the United States Caroline Raines Greenfield Hits: 810
On Obsessions or When Being Black Is Not Enough! (1998) Vernellia Randall Hits: 3885