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Labor and Employment


Title VII

Article Count:
Title Published Date Author Hits
Toward a Touchstone Theory of Anti-racism: Sex Discrimination Law Meets #Livingwhileblack 22 August 2021 Kyle C. Velte Hits: 3562
The Never-ending Grasp of the Prison Walls: Banning the Box on Housing Applications 01 December 2020 Ashley De La Garza Hits: 3237
Professionalism as a Racial Construct 21 April 2022 Leah Goodridge Hits: 2952
Stop Punishing Our Kids: How Title VII Can Protect Children of Color in Public School's Discipline Practices 01 July 2022 Lizette Rodriguez Hits: 1528
The Soft-shoe and Shuffle of Law School Hiring Committee Practices 13 August 2021 Carliss N. Chatman and Najarian R. Peters Hits: 2018
Wage Enslavement: How the Tax System Holds Back Historically Disadvantaged Groups of Americans 07 July 2022 Goldburn P. Maynard Jr. And David Gamage Hits: 1439
Employment, Racism and Legal Scholarship (Searchable Database) 17 January 2023 Vernellia Randall Hits: 2940
Racial Inequality, Covid-19, and Health and Unemployment Insurance: Lessons Learned and Pathways Forward 13 November 2022 Shauhin A. Talesh Hits: 842
What Matters for Black Workers after 2020? 05 November 2022 Michael Z. Green Hits: 767
Progressive Slavery: Violations of the Fair Labor Standards Act in Court-ordered Rehabilitation Programs 07 October 2022 Madison Tallant Hits: 1012
A “Historic Westside” Story: Las Vegas Black History, Gaming Policy Effects on Black Employment, and Gaming Companies Leaving Money on the Table 08 September 2022 Sebastian O. Ross Hits: 2347
Beyond Sex-plus: Acknowledging Black Women in Employment Law and Policy 03 September 2022 Jamillah Bowman Williams Hits: 1285
Race, Gender, and Place: How Judicial Identity and Local Context Shape Anti-discrimination Decisions 11 June 2022 Christopher Kleps Hits: 1276
The Impact of Covid-19 on the Older Workforce: Reforms to Ensure a Safer Future for Older Workers 01 June 2022 Angela Coco Hits: 2077
White Hair Only: Why the Concept of Immutability must Be Expanded to Address Hair Discrimination Against Black Women in the Workplace 26 May 2022 Aaron Roberson Hits: 3195
Authentic Compliance with a Symbolic Legal Standard? How Critical Race Theory Can Change Institutionalist Studies on Diversity in the Workplace 24 February 2022 Yael Plitmann Hits: 1635
To Shatter the Glass Ceiling, Clean the Sticky Floor and Thaw the Frozen Middle: How Discrimination and Bias in the Career Pipeline Perpetuates the Gender Pay Gap 30 November 2021 Rachel DiBenedetto Hits: 3072
Preserving Pandemic Protections 26 November 2021 Daiquiri J. Steele Hits: 1896
Sí, Se Puede: Why the Agricultural Industry's “Mujeres Imparables” Fight for Adequate Legal Remedies for Survivors of Sexual Assault Matters 25 November 2021 Alexandra Cotroneo Hits: 2234
#METOO Innovators: Disrupting the Race and Gender Code by Asian Americans in the Tech Industry 23 November 2021 Xuan-Thao Nguyen Hits: 2349
Veiling and Inverted Masking 31 August 2021 Vanita Saleema Snow Hits: 2861
Breaking Down Status 30 August 2021 Kaiponanea T. Matsumura Hits: 2313
The Human Right to Workplace Safety in a Pandemic 13 July 2021 Ruben J. Garcia Hits: 1937
Meat Processing Workers and the Covid-19 Pandemic: The Subrogation of People, Public Health, and Ethics to Profits and a Path Forward 02 July 2021 Kelly K. Dineen Hits: 2558
The N-word Creates a Hostile Work Environment 21 June 2021 Vernellia Randall Hits: 6842
The N-word at Work Is Discrimination Akin to a Demotion 19 June 2021 Lisa Holder, Eva Paterson, Mona Tawatao and et. al. Hits: 2239
#SEEHERNAME: Using Intersectionality and Storytelling to Bring Visibility to Black Women in Employment Discrimination and Police Brutality 07 June 2021 Nia A.D. Langley Hits: 2627
Breaking Down Status 28 March 2021 Kaiponanea T. Matsumura Hits: 2163
A Forgotten History: How the Asian American Workforce Cultivated Monterey County's Agricultural Industry, Despite National Anti-asian Rhetoric 19 December 2020 Dominique Marangoni-Simonsen Hits: 4125
Protection by Law, Repression by Law: Bringing Labor Back into the Study of Law and Social Movements 06 December 2020 Catherine L. Fisk and Diana S. Reddy Hits: 1529
An Experience of Race and Gender Climate in Academia 26 November 2020 Vernellia Randall Hits: 11337
Making Unemployment Insurance Work for Working People 22 October 2020 Emma Janger, Nicole Rubin and Sejal Singh Hits: 2462
Fighting from Within and Without: African Americans and the Labor Movement 04 September 2020 The HistoryMaker Hits: 3116
Proving Disparate Impact Discrimination under Title VII 25 June 2020 Anonymous Hits: 2180
EEOC Enforcement Guidance on National Origin Discrimination 25 June 2020 Office of Legal Counsel (Jenny R. Yang) Hits: 2404
What is National Origin Discrimination in Employment? 21 June 2020 Office of Legal Counsel (Jenny R. Yang) Hits: 3268
The Unfinished Mission of Title VII: Black Parity in the American Workforce 04 May 2020 Paul W. Mollica Hits: 3122
ME TOO? Race, Gender, and Ending Workplace Sexual Harassment 05 April 2020 Trina Jones and Emma E. Wade Hits: 3757
Why the Numbers of the Family Medical Leave Act Don't Add up for New Parents of Color and Low-wage Workers 04 April 2020 Juan C. Flores Hits: 3485
Critical Ethnic Legal Histories: Unearthing the Interracial Justice of Filipino American Agricultural Labor Organizing 24 March 2020 Marc-Tizoc González Hits: 4266
Chronology of Filipina/o American Legal History as of December 28, 2013 24 March 2020 Marc-Tizoc González Hits: 3584
Is the "Hire American" Executive Order a Suspect Classification 24 February 2020 Michael H. LeRoy Hits: 2976
White Employees Can't Sue Because of Hostility Targeted at African-American Employees 07 December 2019 Employment Discrimination Law and Litigation Hits: 4170
Who Told You Your Hair Was Nappy?: A Proposal for Replacing an Ineffective Standard for Determining Racially Discriminatory Employment Practices 07 November 2019 Martin Childs IV Hits: 3862
Kaepernick Can Kick It!: Employment Discrimination, Political Activism, and Speech in the NFL 10 September 2019 Brittney Watkins Hits: 4744
Challenging Discriminatory Guesswork: Does Impact Analysis Apply? 31 August 2019 Michael A. Middleton Hits: 1898
Prevailing Wage Legislation and the Continuing Significance of Race 09 July 2019 David E. Bernstein Hits: 2461
Criminalizing Work and Non-work: The Disciplining of Immigrant and African American Workers 07 July 2019 Shirley Lung Hits: 3126
The Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA )at the Intersection of Age and Race 06 July 2019 Nicole Delaney and Joanna N. Lahey Hits: 2136
Barbers, Caregivers, and the “Disciplinary Subject”: Occupational Licensure for People with Criminal Justice Backgrounds in the United States 02 July 2019 Alec C. Ewald Hits: 1916
The Purposes of Title VII: Solving the Problem of the Equality Principle, Black Unemployment and Underemployment. 30 June 2019 Chuck Henson Hits: 2141
Balancing Customer Care and Employee Civil Rights : Race Discrimination When an Employer Grants a Patient or Customer Request Based on Race 16 June 2019 Julie A. Gafkay Hits: 2020
This Gun for Hire: Concealed Weapons Legislation in the Workplace and Beyond 04 June 2019 Raneta Lawson Mack Hits: 3538
“Parental” Leaves and Poor Women: Paying the Price for Time Off 03 June 2019 Maria O'Brien Hylton Hits: 1873
The Unconscious Discrimination Paradox: How Expanding Title VII to Incorporate Implicit Bias Cannot Solve the Issues Posed by Unconscious Discrimination 30 May 2019 Daniel Masakayan Hits: 2433
Fool Me Once, Shame on You; Fool Me Twice, Shame on You Again: How Disparate Treatment Doctrine Perpetuates Racial Hierarchy 30 May 2019 David Simson Hits: 2478
Whiteness at Work 24 April 2019 Lihi Yona Hits: 3529
A Founding Failure of Enforcement: Freedmen, Day Laborers, and the Perils of an Ineffectual State 09 April 2019 Raja Raghunath Hits: 2779
Radical Reconstruction: (Re) Embracing Affirmative Action in Private Employment 26 February 2019 Hina B. Sha Hits: 2688
Black Hair(tage): Career Liability or Civil Rights Issue? 20 February 2019 Kaili Moss Hits: 2925
Employment Discrimination: The Shortcomings of Title VII for the Black Female Plaintiff 04 February 2019 Yvette N. A. Pappoe Hits: 4087
Case Study and Overview of Laws Pertaining to Workplace Grooming Standards and Hairstyles Akin to African Culture 07 January 2019 April Williams Hits: 3770
One Path for “Post-racial” Employment Discrimination Cases--The Implicit Association Test Research as Social Framework Evidence 30 December 2018 Tanya Katerí Hernández Hits: 2402
Latino Inter-ethnic Employment Discrimination and the “Diversity” Defense 25 November 2018 Tanya Katerí Hernández Hits: 3789
Employment Discrimination and the Domino Effect 01 October 2018 Laura T. Kessler Hits: 6088
Slurred Speech: How the NLRB Tolerates Racism 12 September 2018 Michael H. LeRoy Hits: 3178
A Look at Inequality, Workers' Rights, and Race 25 July 2018 William E. Spriggs Hits: 3949
The Influence of Justice Thurgood Marshall on the Development of Title VII Jurisprudence 03 July 2018 Wendy B. Scott, Jada Akers and Amy White Hits: 3084
Targeting White Supremacy in the Workplace 07 May 2018 TBA Hits: 6289
Title VII and African American Hair: A Clash of Cultures 09 April 2018 Taylor Mioko Dewberry Hits: 5288
Reforming Employment Discrimination Doctrine to Combat the Negative Consequences of Ban-the-box Legislation (Abstract) 22 May 2017 Nina Kucharczyk Hits: 4708
Amending Title VII to Safeguard the Viability of Retaliation Claims 13 December 2013 Brandon Wheeler Hits: 9208
Categorically Black, White, or Wrong: “Misperception Discrimination” and the State of Title VII Protection 26 November 2013 D. Wendy Greene Hits: 12883
Domestic Workers and A Legacy of Legislative Exclusion 28 April 2013 James Lin Hits: 23258
“Unemployed (And Black) Need Not Apply” 28 April 2013 Jasmine A. Williams Hits: 32479
To Check or Not to Check: New EEOC Enforcement Guidance on the Use of Criminal History Information in Making Hiring Decisions 12 April 2013 Jon D. Bible Hits: 23918
In Search of a Second Chance: Reconsidering Occupational Licensing Restrictions on Felons 30 January 2013 Lahny R. Silva Hits: 34432
Employing the Presidential Executive Order and the Law to Provide Integrated Conflict Management Systems and Adr Processes: the Proposed National Employment Dispute Resolution Act (Nedra) 29 January 2013 Lamont E. Stallworth and Daniel J. Kaspar Hits: 9385
Disparate Treatment and Disparate Impact of the “Currently Employed” Requirement 26 January 2013 Jennifer Jolly-Ryan Hits: 9335
“Don't Kill the Messenger”: Reprisal Discrimination in the Enforcement of Civil Rights Laws 25 May 2012 Floyd D. Weatherspoon Hits: 11810
Remedying Employment Discrimination Against African-American Males: Stereotypical BiasesEngender a Case of Race plus Sex Discrimination 25 May 2012 Floyd D. Weatherspoon Hits: 115296
Need Not Apply: The Racial Disparate Impact of Pre-employment Criminal Background Checks 27 April 2012 Roberto Concepcin, Jr. Hits: 42668
An Industry Missing Minorities: the Disparate Impact of the Securities and Exchange Commission's Fingerprinting Rule 27 April 2012 Kelly Noonan Hits: 12158
Title VII's Unintended Beneficiaries: White Supremacist Group 14 April 2012 Hits: 10086
Annotated Bibliography: Racial Inequality and Workplace Discrimination 10 April 2012 Student (Spring 2012) Hits: 36283
Performing in a Hostile Environment 01 April 2012 Phoebe Weaver Williams Hits: 9181
The Republication of Title VII: What's Hair (And Other Race-based Characteristics) Got to Do with It? 24 October 2021 D. Wendy Greene Hits: 2752
A Tale of Two Cities: Interpreting Racial Disparity in Enforcement of Stay-at-home Orders & Social Distancing Rules in New York 10 June 2022 Sarah Hopkins Hits: 2079
Protecting the Pandemic Essential Worker 19 May 2022 Mechele Dickerson Hits: 1642
Essential But Ignored: Covid-19 Litigation and the Meatpacking Industry 19 April 2022 Alexia Brunet Marks Hits: 1711
Color of COVID and Gender of COVID: Essential Workers, Not Disposable People 20 August 2021 Catherine Powell Hits: 3083
On Being Black, Female, and Marginalized During the Covid-19 02 July 2021 Patricia A. Broussard, Cheryl T. Page and Angela Downes Hits: 8165
Forsaken Heroes: Covid-19 and Frontline Essential Workers 15 January 2021 James J. Brudney Hits: 2555
Protecting Vulnerable Employees of Covid-19 Pandemic Through Reasonable Accommodation 22 October 2020 Merrick T Rossein Hits: 10310
Congressional Democrats Demand That Federal Reserve Examine Racial Employment Gaps — Proposed Legislation 27 August 2020 CCH INCORPORATED Hits: 2625
Importing Indian Intolerance [of Dalits]: How Title VII Can Prevent Caste Discrimination in the American Workplace 14 June 2022 Brett Whitley Hits: 2057
Title VII and Caste Discrimination 10 July 2021 Guha Krishnamurthi and Charanya Krishnaswami Hits: 2659
On Beauty and Policing in South Africa 07 April 2020 I. India Thusi Hits: 8347
Mori Women, Discrimination and Paid Work: The Need for an Intersectional Approach 04 November 2019 Amanda Reilly Hits: 3106
Presumption of Incompetence - Response to Denial of Promotion 20 November 2019 Vernellia Randall Hits: 17539