Tuesday, January 31, 2023

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Race and Racial Groups


Racial Groups

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Asian Americans

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Latina(o) Americans

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White (European) American

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Biracial and Multiracial

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Other Racial Groups

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What is Race?

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Title Published Date Author Hits
23ANDDIVERSEME: Using Genetic Ancestry Tests to Establish Minority Status 08 July 2020 Robert Karl Hits: 5087
Call it What it Is: How Michigan's Public Universities Practice Affirmative Action for White Applicants 30 September 2022 McKenna L. Thayer Hits: 1384
Diminished Self Worth 05 April 2012 Thomas E. Hanson, Jr. Hits: 10070
Neither Black Nor White: Asian Americans and Affirmative Action 28 July 2020 Frank H. Wu Hits: 4545
Requisite Realignment: Affirmative Action, Asian Americans, and the Black--white Binary 22 December 2022 Moushmi Patil Hits: 581
 Racial Predatory Lending and  African American Wealth Accumulation 01 April 2012 Charles Lewis Nier III Hits: 13692
Asian American-owned Banks Do Count: No Wrongful Jailing of Abacus Bank 23 May 2022 Chloe Chung Hits: 1702
Filing While Black: The Casual Racism of the Tax Law 06 November 2022 Steven A. Dean Hits: 983
Genocide: The Legal Extermination of the African-American's Economic Interests 11 May 2022 Norman O. Hemming, III Hits: 1208
Racially Collusive Boycotts: African American Purchasing Power in the Wigs and Hair Extensions Market 07 September 2022 Felix B. Chang, Anisha Rakhra and Janelle Thompson Hits: 1146