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Reclaiming The Past for Mauna a Wkea's Future: The Battle Over Collective Memory and Hawai'i's Most Sacred Mountain 20 June 2021 Terina Kamailelauli'i Fa'agau Hits: 1434
Apartheid-era Chicago 28 March 2022 Karl T. Muth Hits: 1735
Taxes, Taxpayers, and Settler Colonialism: Toward a Critical Fiscal Sociology of Tax as White Property 29 March 2022 Kyle Willmott Hits: 2713
You're on Native Land: the Genocide Convention, Cultural Genocide, and Prevention of Indigenous Land Takings 12 July 2020 Bonnie St. Charles Hits: 4218
Bridges to a New Era: A Report on the Past, Present, and Potential Future of Tribal Co-management on Federal Public Lands 11 September 2021 Monte Mills and Martin Nie Hits: 2257
“Like Master, like Man”: Constructing Whiteness in the Commercial Law of Slavery, 1800-1861 30 December 2019 Ariela J. Gross Hits: 6693
Sororities as Confederate Monuments 03 December 2020 Stephen Clowney Hits: 3065
Critique of the Black Commons as Reparations 10 February 2022 Norrinda Hayat Hits: 1384
Reparations and the Right to Return 08 February 2022 Deborah N. Archer Hits: 1654
The Unmaking of “Black Bill Gates”: How the U.s. Patent System Failed African-American Inventors 07 February 2022 Olivia Constance Bethea Hits: 1992
The Reparations Work Underway in Evanston, Il: Promoting an Affirmative and Accountable Government 09 November 2021 Robin Snyderman and Robin Rue Simmons Hits: 1664
Black Reparations for Twentieth Century Federal Housing Discrimination: The Construction of White Wealth and the Effects of Denied Black Homeownership 07 March 2020 Jane Kim Hits: 5461
Rebellious Lawyers for Fair Housing: The Lost Scientific Model of the Early NAACP 22 February 2022 John Bliss Hits: 1852
Post-Pandemic, but Not Post-Racial 20 October 2022 Courtney Lauren Anderson Hits: 762
Excluded and Evicted: The Impact of Mass Incarceration on Access to Housing for Black and Latinx Tenants 25 November 2022 Sarah Carthen Watson Hits: 562
Breaking the Cycle of Homelessness and Incarceration: Prisoner Reentry, Racial Justice, and Fair Chance Housing Policy 01 October 2022 Tom Stanley-Becker Hits: 692
The Never-ending Grasp of the Prison Walls: Banning the Box on Housing Applications 01 December 2020 Ashley De La Garza Hits: 2785
The New Tipping Point: Disruptive Politics and Habituating Equality 28 October 2021 Rachel D. Godsil and Sarah E. Waldeck Hits: 1418
Overcoming Racism in Community Associations: Attorneys as Agents of Change 17 September 2021 Leah K. Burton and Noelle G. Hicks Hits: 1514
Facilitating Tribal Co-management of Federal Public Lands 12 July 2022 Kevin K. Washburn Hits: 1645
Protecting the Indian Reorganization Act Trust Acquisition Authority 24 October 2019 Kendall McCoy Hits: 2790
Race, Place, and Citizenship: The Influence of Segregation on Latino Educational Attainment 17 April 2022 Stella M. Flores, Suzanne M. Lyons, Tim Carroll and Delina Zapata Hits: 2649
The History Wars and Property Law: Conquest and Slavery as Foundational to the Field 03 April 2022 K-Sue Park Hits: 1234
The Forgotten 40 Acres: How Real Property, Probate & Tax Laws Contributed to the Racial Wealth Gap and How Tax Policy Could Repair it 04 November 2022 Sarah Moore Johnson and Raymond C. Odom Hits: 535
Rattlesnakes, Debt, and ARPA § 1005: The Existential Crisis of American Black Farmers 11 August 2022 Maia Foster and P.J. Austin Hits: 912
Homeownership While Black: A Pathway to Plunder, Compliments of Uncle Sam 05 July 2022 Richard Winchester Hits: 1445
 Racial Predatory Lending and  African American Wealth Accumulation 01 April 2012 Charles Lewis Nier III Hits: 13268
A Forgotten History: How the Asian American Workforce Cultivated Monterey County's Agricultural Industry, Despite National Anti-asian Rhetoric 19 December 2020 Dominique Marangoni-Simonsen Hits: 3637
Gun Violence and De Facto Segregation: Could Environmental Discrimination Be Fueling Chicago's Soaring Gun Violence? 13 May 2021 Joerika Stitt Hits: 2206
Fracking in Pueblo and Diné Communities 10 April 2021 Melodie Meyer Hits: 2298
The Legitimacy of the Children of Slave Marriages Post-Slavery 09 December 2019 Kentucky Probate Practice and Procedure Hits: 4869
Eradicating Race-based Health Disparities by Effectuating the Fair Housing Act's De-segregation Intent 07 April 2022 Parisa Ijadi-Maghsoodi Hits: 1905
Housing Instability and COVID 23 August 2022 Courtney Lauren Anderson Hits: 790
Sheltering in Place: How California Confronted Covid-19's Looming Eviction Crisis under the Contract Clause 03 April 2021 Matt Urban Hits: 1643
“You Can't Sing Without the Bling”: The Toll of Excessive Sample License Fees on Creativity in Hip-hop Music and the Need for a Compulsory Sound Recording Sample License System 07 November 2021 Josh Norek Hits: 1117
Race to Property: Racial Distortions of Property Law, 1634 to Today 08 November 2022 Bethany R. Berger Hits: 366
Adaptive Rezoning for Social Equity, Affordability and Resilience 18 October 2022 Shelby D. Green Hits: 414
Beyond Institutions: Analyzing Heirs' Property Legal Issues and Remedies Through a Black History Lens 11 October 2022 Heidi Kurniawan Hits: 789
Dispossession: An American Property Law Tradition 08 October 2022 Sherally Munshi Hits: 974
Exclusionary Economic Zoning: How the United States Government Circumvented Prohibitions on Racial Zoning Through the Standard State Zoning Enabling Act 28 September 2022 Michael Kim Hits: 700
Ending a War Waged by Deed of Title: How to Achieve Distributive Justice for Black Farmers 05 July 2021 Jordan C. Patterson Hits: 1004
How Jim Crow-era Laws Still Tear Families from Their Homes 10 March 2021 Matt Reynolds Hits: 1939
“What Shall I Give My Children?”: Installment Land Contracts, Homeownership, and the Unexamined Costs of the American Dream 21 November 2020 Caelin Moriarity Miltko Hits: 2464
Keeping Current–Property (Sept/Oct 2019) 31 October 2019 Shelby D. Green Hits: 1822
A Racial Trust: The Japanese YWCA and the Alien Land Law 03 November 2021 Brant T. Lee Hits: 1307
Race, Property, and Citizenship 07 August 2021 Eleanor Brown and June Carbone Hits: 1465
Between Racially Restrictive Covenants and Indian Beaver Hunting: The Metatheory of Property Rights 22 July 2019 Barak Atiram Hits: 2769
President Trump's Big, Beautiful Wall: Discrimination, Eminent Domain, and the Public Use Requirement 03 May 2019 Meghan K. Tierney Hits: 2592
#Blacklivesmatter, Disparate-impact, and the Property Agenda 08 November 2018 S. Lamar Gardner Hits: 3290
The Black Man's Dog: The Social Context of Breed Specific Legislation 22 October 2018 Ann Linder Hits: 19535
The Legacy of Racial Zoning in Birmingham, Alabama 15 October 2018 Walker Mason Beauchamp Hits: 7625
Neighborhood Upzoning and Racial Displacement: A Potential Target for Disparate Impact Litigation? 20 July 2018 Bradley Pough Hits: 4008
Landscape Fairness: Removing Discrimination from the Built Environment 26 November 2013 Stephen Clowney Hits: 11245
Racially Restrictive Covenants and Mexican Americans 01 April 2012 Christopher Ramos Hits: 17473
Free: Liberty, Citizenship, Property 01 April 2012 Phyliss Craig-Taylor Hits: 11954
“Pigs in the Parlor”: The Legacy of Racial Zoning and the Challenge of Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing in the South 18 November 2022 Jade A. Craig Hits: 311
Segregation Autopilot: How the Government Perpetuates Segregation and How to Stop it 04 November 2022 Heather R. Abraham Hits: 442
Denial of Housing to African Americans: Post-slavery Reflections from a Civil Rights Advocate 07 October 2022 Elaine Gross Hits: 721
Affirmative Action Housing: A Legal Analysis of an Ambitious but Attainable Housing Policy 10 September 2022 Micah Tempel Hits: 822
Housing the Decarcerated: COVID-19, Abolition & the Right to Housing 22 August 2022 Norrinda Brown Hayat Hits: 614
Just Housing, Rooted in West Oakland: How Moms4housing Challenged Real Estate Speculation and the Racial Hierarchy in Our Property Laws 21 August 2022 Liam McSweeney Hits: 763
Hidden Burdens: Household Water Bills, “Hard-to Reach” Renters, and Systemic Racism 20 August 2022 Martha F. Davis Hits: 680
Enforcement of the Fair Housing Act and Equal Credit Opportunity Act to Combat Redlining 23 February 2022 Samantha Ondrade Hits: 1313
Transportation Policy and the Underdevelopment of Black Communities 23 February 2022 Deborah N. Archer Hits: 887
Systemic Racism and Housing 13 February 2022 A. Mechele Dickerson Hits: 1290
Housing, Racism and Legal Scholarship (Searchable Database) 25 January 2022 Vernellia Randall Hits: 2371
HUD's Collaboration with Tribal Nations to Respond to Covid-19 v 15 November 2021 Elly Kugler and Kyra Perrigo Hits: 2221
The Trap Chronicles, Vol. 1: How U.S. Housing Policy Impairs Criminal Justice Reform 04 November 2021 Lahny Silva Hits: 2007
Looking for a Silver Lining: How the Covid-19 Pandemic Forces New York to Reckon with its Affordable Housing Crisis 02 July 2021 Daniel Finnegan Hits: 1358
Structural Racism in Housing in Indianapolis 19 June 2021 Florence Wagman Roisman Hits: 1714
Residential Eviction and Public Housing: Covid-19 and Beyond 15 June 2021 Anne Kat Alexander Hits: 1394
Surviving Gentrification and Segregation 15 June 2021 Courtney Lauren Anderson Hits: 1468
Institutionalized, Legal Racism: Housing Segregation and Beyond 15 April 2021 Deborah Kenn Hits: 1309
A Framework for Effective and Strategic Eviction Prevention 23 November 2020 Maya Brennan Hits: 1178
The Effects of Race and Criminal History on Landlords' (Un)willingness to Rent to Exonerees 20 August 2020 Lesley Zannella, Kimberley Clow, Emma Rempel, Leah Hamovitch and Victoria Hall Hits: 3035
How the Law Fails Tenants (And Not Just During a Pandemic) 20 July 2020 Sarah Schindler and Kellen Zale Hits: 2906
Burning Down the House? Ben Carson and U.S. Housing Policy 31 March 2020 Brendan Williams Hits: 1704
The New Housing Segregation: The Jim Crow Effects of Crime-free Housing Ordinances 27 October 2019 Deborah N. Archer Hits: 4198
The Hidden Fences Shaping Resegregation 18 September 2019 Jeannine Bell Hits: 4383
When Disability Is a “Nuisance”: How Chronic Nuisance Ordinances Push Residents with Disabilities out of Their Homes 27 August 2019 Alisha Jarwala Hits: 2094
When “Class” Explanations Don't Cut It: Specters of Race, Housing Instability, and Education Policy 10 July 2019 Ann M. Aviles and David O. Stovall Hits: 2336
Contemplating Homeownership Tax Subsidies and Structural Racism 07 July 2019 Victoria J. Haneman Hits: 2118
An Aggrieved City: How an Entire Municipality Sued Bank of America over Housing Discrimination Practices 10 June 2019 Nyasha Buchongo Hits: 3843
Racism Knocking at the Door: the Use of Criminal Background Checks in Rental Housing 08 April 2019 Valerie Schneider Hits: 3656
The Invisible Hands of Structural Racism in Housing: Our Hands, Our Responsibility 09 March 2019 Palma Joy Strand Hits: 3737
Health and Housing: Altruistic Medicalization of America's Affordability Crisis 14 November 2018 Dayna Bowen Matthew Hits: 3058
"Our Taxes Are Too Damn High": Institutional Racism, Property Tax Assessments, and the Fair Housing Act 22 September 2018 Bernadette Atuahene Hits: 5376
Testing Fannie Mae's and Freddie Mac's Post-crisis Self-preservation Policies under the Fair Housing Act 29 June 2018 Shelby D. Green Hits: 3706
#Airbnbwhileblack: Repealing the Fair Housing Act's Mrs. Murphy Exemption to Combat Racism on Airbnb 24 May 2018 Brenna R. McLaughlin Hits: 4437
Dismantling the Narratives That Constrain Public Support for Fair Housing: the Urgent Need to Reframe the Public Conversation to Build Public Will 24 May 2018 Tiffany Manuel Hits: 4265
Race, Disparate Impact and the Federal Housing Administration 18 May 2012 Eric W.M. Bain Hits: 22833
Moving Beyond Two-person-per-bedroom: RevitalizingApplication of the Federal Fair Housing Act to Private Residential Occupancy Standards 30 April 2012 Tim Iglesias Hits: 11242
Anti-illegal   Immigrant Ordinances, and Housing Discrimination 09 April 2012 Rigel C. Oliveri Hits: 11449
An Attempted Revolution in Native American Housing: the Native American Housing Assistance and Self-determination Act 01 April 2012 George H. Cortelyou Hits: 10909
The Limited Equity Coop as a Vehicle for Affordable Housing in a Race and Class Divided Society 01 April 2012 Duncan Kennedy Hits: 11530
Homeownership: In Black and White 01 April 2012 Adam Gordon Hits: 11357
Reducing Racial Bias Embedded in Land Use Codes 16 November 2020 Jonathan Rosenbloom Hits: 1283
The Disappearing Act: How to Prevent the Decline of Black Farmers in the United States 07 November 2020 Jordan M. Jennings Hits: 2107
African American Farmers and Fair Lending 01 April 2012 Cassandra Jones Havard Hits: 9190
Undermining Black Landownership, Political Independence, And Community Through Partition Sales of Tenancies in Common 01 April 2012 Thomas W. Mitchell Hits: 14937
Centering Black Women Inventors: Passing and the Patent Archive 11 October 2022 Kara W. Swanson Hits: 824
Sy-stem-ic Bias: An Exploration of Gender and Race Representation on University Patents 13 September 2022 Jordana R. Goodman Hits: 772
An Empirical Study of Gender and Race in Trademark Prosecution 17 May 2022 W. Michael Schuster, Miriam Marcowitz-Bitton and Deborah R. Gerhardt Hits: 854
Imitation Is Not Flattery When You Don't Get Credit: Protecting Intellectual Property in the Age of Fast Fashion, Social Media, and “Culture Vultures” 14 May 2022 Katherine Sawczyn Hits: 680
Thieves in the Temple: The Scandal of Copyright Registration and African-American Artists 12 May 2022 Kevin J. Greene Hits: 1540
De-gentrified Black Genius: Blockchain, Copyright, and the Disintermediation of Creativity 09 May 2022 Tonya M. Evans Hits: 1280
Culture and Fair Use 07 April 2022 Michael P. Goodyear Hits: 749
The Last Breakfast with Aunt Jemima and its Impact on Trademark Theory 23 March 2022 Deborah R. Gerhardt Hits: 767
Trademarks, Race and Slur-appropriation: an Interdisciplinary and Empirical Study 13 February 2022 Vicki Huang Hits: 571
From J.C. Bach to Hip Hop: Musical Borrowing, Copyright and Cultural Context 13 November 2021 Olufunmilayo B. Arewa Hits: 782
Other People's Property: Hip-hop's Inherent Clashes with Property Laws and its Ascendance as Global Counter Culture 20 October 2021 Andre L. Smith Hits: 1098
Race in the Courthouse: Less Protection as More Equal Protection for Musical Works 15 July 2021 Charles Cronin Hits: 1516
Temporality in a Time of Tam, or Towards a Racial Chronopolitics of Intellectual Property Law 02 July 2021 Anjali Vats Hits: 1591
Sampling as Transformation: Re-evaluating Copyright's Treatment of Sampling to End its Disproportionate Harm on Black Artists 08 June 2021 Vincent R. Johnson II Hits: 1640
The Covid-19 Vaccine Race: Intellectual Property, Collaboration(s), Nationalism and Misinformation 06 May 2021 Ana Santos Rutschman Hits: 1440
Protecting Protest Art 05 December 2020 Caleb L. Green Hits: 2166
Impoverished Intellectual Property 15 November 2020 Stephanie Plamondon Bair Hits: 1924
In Defense of Culture: Protecting Traditional Cultural Expressions in Intellectual Property 16 September 2020 Richard Awopetu Hits: 2170
IP Social Justice Theory: Access, Inclusion, and Empowerment 14 April 2020 Lateef Mtima Hits: 1495
Copyright's One-way Racial Appropriation Ratchet 11 February 2020 Elizabeth L. Rosenblatt Hits: 2132
Promoting Asian American Representation Through Copyright: Moral Rights in the Last Airbender and Fair Use in Ms. Marvel 21 April 2019 Jon T. Tanaka Hits: 2270
Response to Takedown Notice on Fee Simple Subject to Executory Interest: An Analysis of the Preemption and Revocation of Black Property Rights 21 February 2019 Vernellia Randall Hits: 11141
Whitewashing Expression: Using Copyright Law to Protect Racial Identity in Casting 23 September 2018 Brandon Johnson Hits: 3825
Critical Race Intellectual Property 05 August 2018 Anjali Vats and Deidré A. Keller Hits: 5888
Offensive Marks: the Policing of Trademarks in a Diverse World 21 March 2013 Francine Ward and Stephanie Quick Hits: 25856
Copyright Protection's Challenges and Alaska Natives' Cultural Property 03 January 2013 Vernellia Randall Hits: 9272
Segregation, Racial Health Disparities, and Inadequate Food Access in Brooklyn 17 June 2022 Silvia M. Radulescu Hits: 1882
The Carrot Is the Stick: Food as a Weapon of Systemic Oppression for Black Consumers and the Disenfranchisement of Black Farmers 07 June 2021 Shawn “Pepper” Roussel Hits: 2294
The Relationship Between Food Sovereignty and Hawaiian Health: the Implications Behind Alexander and Baldwin's Recent Land Sale 16 August 2020 Kaylee Kilolani Michiko Correa Hits: 5297
Whitewashing Australia's History of Stigmatising Trade Marks and Commercial Imagery 01 March 2020 Fady JG Aoun Hits: 3058
Broken Promise: Eminent Domain, Peoplestown and Joe Biden (Video) 13 September 2020 Tanya Washington Hits: 3292