Saturday, May 21, 2022


Intellectual Property

Title Author Hits
The Unmaking of “Black Bill Gates”: How the U.s. Patent System Failed African-American Inventors Olivia Constance Bethea Hits: 711
“You Can't Sing Without the Bling”: The Toll of Excessive Sample License Fees on Creativity in Hip-hop Music and the Need for a Compulsory Sound Recording Sample License System Josh Norek Hits: 518
An Empirical Study of Gender and Race in Trademark Prosecution W. Michael Schuster, Miriam Marcowitz-Bitton and Deborah R. Gerhardt Hits: 126
Copyright Protection's Challenges and Alaska Natives' Cultural Property Vernellia Randall Hits: 8539
Copyright's One-way Racial Appropriation Ratchet Elizabeth L. Rosenblatt Hits: 1679
Critical Race Intellectual Property Anjali Vats and Deidré A. Keller Hits: 5182
Culture and Fair Use Michael P. Goodyear Hits: 189
De-gentrified Black Genius: Blockchain, Copyright, and the Disintermediation of Creativity Tonya M. Evans Hits: 176
From J.C. Bach to Hip Hop: Musical Borrowing, Copyright and Cultural Context Olufunmilayo B. Arewa Hits: 451
Imitation Is Not Flattery When You Don't Get Credit: Protecting Intellectual Property in the Age of Fast Fashion, Social Media, and “Culture Vultures” Katherine Sawczyn Hits: 79
Impoverished Intellectual Property Stephanie Plamondon Bair Hits: 1363
In Defense of Culture: Protecting Traditional Cultural Expressions in Intellectual Property Richard Awopetu Hits: 1497
IP Social Justice Theory: Access, Inclusion, and Empowerment Lateef Mtima Hits: 1136
Offensive Marks: the Policing of Trademarks in a Diverse World Francine Ward and Stephanie Quick Hits: 23799
Other People's Property: Hip-hop's Inherent Clashes with Property Laws and its Ascendance as Global Counter Culture Andre L. Smith Hits: 489
Promoting Asian American Representation Through Copyright: Moral Rights in the Last Airbender and Fair Use in Ms. Marvel Jon T. Tanaka Hits: 1924
Protecting Protest Art Caleb L. Green Hits: 1537
Race in the Courthouse: Less Protection as More Equal Protection for Musical Works Charles Cronin Hits: 833
Sampling as Transformation: Re-evaluating Copyright's Treatment of Sampling to End its Disproportionate Harm on Black Artists Vincent R. Johnson II Hits: 941
Temporality in a Time of Tam, or Towards a Racial Chronopolitics of Intellectual Property Law Anjali Vats Hits: 764
The Covid-19 Vaccine Race: Intellectual Property, Collaboration(s), Nationalism and Misinformation Ana Santos Rutschman Hits: 779
The Last Breakfast with Aunt Jemima and its Impact on Trademark Theory Deborah R. Gerhardt Hits: 251
Thieves in the Temple: The Scandal of Copyright Registration and African-American Artists Kevin J. Greene Hits: 433
Trademarks, Race and Slur-appropriation: an Interdisciplinary and Empirical Study Vicki Huang Hits: 159
Whitewashing Expression: Using Copyright Law to Protect Racial Identity in Casting Brandon Johnson Hits: 3418
Whitewashing Australia's History of Stigmatising Trade Marks and Commercial Imagery Fady JG Aoun Hits: 2220