Thursday, June 27, 2019

Immigration, Race and Racism

Title Author Hits
The Blacks Who "Got Their Forty Acres": A Theory of Black West Indian Migrant Asset Acquisition Eleanor Marie Lawrence Brown Hits: 16500
“Alien” Litigation as Polity-participation: the Positive Power of a “Voteless Class of Litigants” Daniel Kanstroom Hits: 4514
A History of Immigration Law Regarding People of Color Diana Vellos Hits: 14510
A Short History of Immigrant Rights in the United States Geoffrey Heeren Hits: 17849
African Immigrants, Intersectionality, and the Increasing Need for Visibility in the Current Immigration Debate Bolatito Kolawole Hits: 1279
Alabama Introduces the Immigration Debate to its Classrooms Jeremy B. Love Hits: 11632
Annotated Bibliography: No Fence, No Foul Student (Spring 2012) Hits: 12470
Anti-Blackness, Immigration Law, and Criminal Law Breanne Palmer Hits: 1649
Automatic Birthright Citizenship: How Europe Has Fallen and Why We Should Not Follow Brooke Huley Hits: 4622
Birthright Justice: the Attack on Birthright Citizenship and Immigrant Womenof Color Allison S. Hartry Hits: 13587
Black Sentiment on Immigration Makani Themba-Nixon Hits: 5205
Blacks and Browns: The Need to Make Common Cause Bruce Dixon Hits: 6376
Burlingame-Seward Treaty of 1868 Hits: 7988
Constructing Crimmigration: Latino Subordination in a “Post-Racial” World Yolanda Vazquez Hits: 453
Contemporary First-generation European Americans: The Unbearable “Whiteness” of Being Dagmar Rita Myslinska Hits: 772
Deporting the Pardoned Jason A. Cade Hits: 6204
Enforcing Stereotypes: The Self-fulfilling Prophecies of U.S. Immigration Enforcement Katie Kelly Hits: 372
Fear of an "Alien Nation" Kevin R. Johnson Hits: 8906
Federal Preemption and Immigration Kevin R. Johnson Hits: 7489
Gender and Alien Refugees Asylum Jennifer A. des Groseillier Hits: 4739
Global Migrations and Imagined Citizenship Ernesto Hernndez-Lopez Hits: 5948
Haitians: Seeking Refuge in the United States Joyce A. Hughes and Linda R. Crane Hits: 290
Harlan, Chinese and Chinese Americans Gabriel J. Chin Hits: 7566
Immigrant Passing Andrew Tae-Hyun Kim Hits: 1335
Immigrant-Bashing: Why Now? Stephen H. Legomsky Hits: 6707
Immigrants with Prior Criminal Record Risk Removal from the United States Elizabeth R. Ouyang Hits: 12244
Immigration and Civil Rights: Is the “New” Birmingham the Same as the “Old” Birmingham? Kevin R. Johnson Hits: 4488
Immigration Enforcement and the Fugitive Slave Acts: Exploring Their Similarities Karla Mari McKanders Hits: 19825
Immigration Law and the Racialization of Latina /Latino Kevin R. Johnson Hits: 8971
Immigration, Sovereignty, and the Constitution of Foreignness Matthew J. Lindsay Hits: 5188
Inclusive Immigrant Justice: Racial Animus and the Origins of Crime-based Deportation Alina Das Hits: 373
Marriage and Morality: Examining the International MarriageBroker Regulation Act Noga Firstenberg Hits: 54618
Marrying Poor: Women's Citizenship, Race, and Tanf Policies Cristina Gallo Hits: 6507
Migrant Workers: Connecting Domestic Law with International Labor Standards, Lance Compa Hits: 1227
Opening Borders: African Americans and Latinos Through the Lens of Immigration Maritza I. Reyes Hits: 446
Overcriminalizing Immigration Jennifer M. Chacón Hits: 5009
Papers Pleased Provision Uphelded (Arizona v. UniteStates)d Administrator Hits: 2074
Removing Non-Citizen Parents of Citizen Children: The US Approach Patrick Glen Hits: 12900
School Attrition Through Enforcement: Title VI Disparate Impact and Verification of Student Immigration Status Paul Easton Hits: 4840
Show Me Your Papers”: An Equal Protection Violation of the Rights of Latino Men in Trump's America Monica Chawla Hits: 296
The Absurdity of Crime-based Deportation Kari Hong Hits: 1447
The Crossroads: Being Black, Immigrant, and Undocumented in the Era of #Blacklivesmatter Breanne J. Palmer Hits: 518
The Curious Relationship Between “Self-deportation” Policies and Naturalization Rates Angela M. Banks Hits: 4797
The Immigrant "Other": Racialized Identity and the Devaluation of Immigrant Family Relations Anita Ortiz Maddali Hits: 6518
The Impact of Prohibiting Legal Service Corporation Offices from Representing UndocumentedImmigrants on Migrant Farmworker Litigation Hits: 5917
The Undocumented Worker and the Law Kati L. Griffith Hits: 6356
Undocumented Debtors Publishing Hits: 4321
United States v. Bhagat Singh Thind (1923) Supreme Court of the United States Hits: 609
What Killed the Dream? Recession Politics and the Ironic Power of the Undocumented Immigrant Mariela Olivares Hits: 5567