Saturday, October 16, 2021


Poverty and Welfare

Title Author Hits
Pushing Past the Pandemic: Re-evaluating Tribal Exemptions to Medicaid Work Requirements Kathrin Lozah Hits: 211
Criminalization of Poverty Peter B. Edelman Hits: 2139
Bias and Guilt Before Innocence: How the American Civil Liberties Union Seeks to Reform a System That Penalizes Indigent Defendants Candace White Hits: 1785
The Implied Promise of a Guaranteed Education in the United States and How the Failure to Deliver it Equitably Perpetuates Generational Poverty Anjaleck Flowers Hits: 2293
Estate Planning with Shaq and Strom: Teaching Post-mortem Intimacy Audits Adrienne D. Davis Hits: 1276
Beyond the Myth of Affluence: The Intersection of LGBTQ Family Law and Poverty Catherine P. Sakimura Hits: 1330
Choosing Between Healthcare and a Green Card: the Cost of Public Charge Shanzeh Daudi Hits: 1205
Inner-city Anti-poverty Campaigns Anthony V. Alfieri Hits: 2203
A Change Must Come: The Intersection of Intergenerational Poverty and Public Benefits Tricia Young Hits: 457
A Theory of Poverty: Legal Immobility Sara S. Greene Hits: 1762
Annotated Bibliography: Welfare and Poverty within the African American Community Student (Spring 2012) Hits: 25546
Lessons of the Poverty Defense Michele Estrin Gilman Hits: 16035
Race Poverty & Globalization john a. powell and S.P. Udayakumar Hits: 14421
Race and Income Disparity: An Ideology-neutral Approach to Reconciling Capitalism and Economic Justice Robert Hardaway Hits: 10357
Socioeconomic Status Discrimination Danieli Evans Peterman Hits: 11688
Terrace V. Thompson and the Legacy of Manifest Destiny Jean Stefancic Hits: 51001
The Poverty Defense Michele Estrin Gilman Hits: 11111
The Unconstitutionality of Urban Poverty Dawinder S. Sidhu Hits: 34027
Unearthing the Impact of Institutionalized Racism on Access to Healthy Food in Urban African-american Communities Kate Meals Hits: 65689
Welfare and the Problem of Black Citizenship Dorothy E. Roberts Hits: 45906
How the Law Fails Tenants (And Not Just During a Pandemic) Sarah Schindler and Kellen Zale Hits: 1695
Impoverished Intellectual Property Stephanie Plamondon Bair Hits: 946
The Intersectionality of Race, Gender, Poverty, and Intimate Partner Violence Melissa Broaddus Hits: 2322
What is the Human Right to Freedom from Poverty? The People's Movement for Human Rights Education Hits: 2332