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Gender and Gender Identity

Title Published Date Author Hits
From Lynching to Central Park Karen: How White Women Weaponize White Womanhood 07 December 2020 Megan Armstrong Hits: 4337
A White Heteropatriarchal Property Right in Philandering, Sexual Exploitation, and Rape (The "WHP") or Johnny and the Whp 26 October 2019 Blanche Bong Cook Hits: 3980
Taking Stock: Open Questions and Unfinished Business under the VAWA [Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act] Amendments to the Indian Civil Rights Act 09 April 2022 Jordan Gross Hits: 2879
Legal Barriers to Tribal Jurisdiction over Violence Against Women in Maine: Developments and Paths Forward 16 September 2021 Nina Ciffolillo Hits: 2961
Ku Klux Klan and Sexualized Racism/Gendered Violence 09 April 2012 Lisa Cardyn Hits: 13368
Decitizenizing Asian Pacific American Women 24 May 2022 Shoba Sivaprasad Wadhia and Margaret Hu Hits: 1435
Addressing Gendered Trauma, Identity, and the Crime-to-deportation Pipeline among Southeast Asian Men 22 May 2022 Cody Uyeda Hits: 1801
Beyond the U Visa and Carceral Feminist “Crimmigration”: Transforming the VAWA Self-petition to Remedy Sexual Violence in Immigration Detention 18 July 2021 Monica Ramsy Hits: 1905
Immigrant Latina Domestic Workers and Sexual Harassment 18 November 2019 Diana Vellos Hits: 23204
The Political Behavior of Asian Indian American Women: Gendered and Generational Perspectives on Race, Immigration and Socio-economic Status 19 September 2019 Shankar K. Prasad and Caroline M. Nordlund Hits: 3484
Not Your Mule? Disrupting the Political Powerlessness of Black Women Voters 03 June 2021 Chinyere Ezie Hits: 2289
From Suffrage to Substantive Human Rights: The Continuing Journey for Racially Marginalized Women 15 December 2020 Bandana Purkayastha Hits: 3412
“Not as a Favor, Not as a Privilege, but as a Right”: Woman Suffragists, Race, Rights, and the Nineteenth Amendment 21 November 2020 Joan Marie Johnson Hits: 2761
The “Welfare Queen” Goes to the Polls: Race-based Fractures in Gender Politics and Opportunities for Intersectional Coalitions 11 July 2020 Catherine Powell and Camille Gear Rich Hits: 3823
The Political Urgency of Black Manhood: Frederick Douglass on Constitutional Theory 08 October 2022 John M. Kang Hits: 1081
Women’s Rights, Civil Rights and SCOTUS (May 13, 2022) (ThinkTech Hawaii) 13 May 2022 Chuck Crumpton Hits: 1338
Anger, Gender, Race, and the Limits of Free Speech Protection 18 June 2020 Andy Carr Hits: 3650
The Failure to Protect Pregnant Pretrial Detainees: The Possibility of Constitutional Relief in the Second Circuit under a Fourteenth Amendment Analysis 15 June 2020 Joella Adia Jones Hits: 4008
Black Women & Women's Suffrage: Understanding the Perception of the Nineteenth Amendment Through the Pages of the Chicago Defender 05 September 2022 Tamar Anna Alexanian Hits: 1086
Gendered Racial Vulnerability: How Women Confront Crime and Criminalization 10 August 2021 Amber Joy Powell and Michelle S. Phelps Hits: 1592
Black Man's Burden: Race and the Death Penalty in America 04 September 2022 Charles J. Ogletree, Jr. Hits: 1086
No Girl Left Behind: Girls Courts as a Restorative Justice Approach to Healing 21 March 2022 Tiffany Williams Brewer and H. Mitchell Caldwell Hits: 1589
The Diversity Officer: Police Officers' and Black Women Civilians' Epistemologies of Race and Racism in Policing 07 September 2022 Shannon Malone Gonzalez, Samantha J. Simon and Katie Kaufman Rogers Hits: 845
Breonna Taylor: Transforming a Hashtag into Defunding the Police 26 June 2022 Jordan Martin Hits: 2739
“Who's the Man?”: Masculinities Studies, Terry Stops, and Police Training 11 February 2021 Frank Rudy Cooper Hits: 1889
Masculinities, Post-racialism and The Gates Controversy: The False Equivalence Between Officer and Civilian 11 February 2021 Frank Rudy Cooper Hits: 1682
The Unexpected Role of Women's Liberation in Mass Incarceration 09 June 2021 I. India Thusi Hits: 1567
The Violent State: Black Women's Invisible Struggle Against Police Violence 25 April 2020 Michelle S. Jacobs Hits: 3719
Female Inmates and Access to Feminine Hygiene Products 28 March 2020 Milea Moye Hits: 3548
A Call for an Intersectional Feminist Restorative Justice Approach to Addressing the Criminalization of Black Girls 09 November 2022 Donna Coker and Thalia González Hits: 732
Untested and Neglected: Clarifying the Comparator Requirement in Equal Protection Claims Based on Untested Rape Kits 18 May 2021 Emily Jones Hits: 1527
The Forgotten Victims of Missing White Woman Syndrome: An Examination of Legal Measures That Contribute to the Lack of Search and Recovery of Missing Black Girls and Women 09 June 2019 Jada L. Moss Hits: 4692
Experimental Meets Intersectional: Visionary Black Feminist Pragmatism and Practicing Constitutional Democracy 11 May 2022 Linda C. McClain Hits: 1633
Protect Black Girls 06 May 2022 Denise Ama Ghartey Hits: 1954
Gender Bias as the Norm in the Legal Profession: It's Still a [White] Man's Game 26 September 2020 Kimberly Jade Norwood Hits: 3502
(En)gendering Indian Law: Indigenous Feminist Legal Theory in the United States 13 October 2019 Sarah Deer Hits: 3848
Knocking Against the Rocks: Evaluating Institutional Practices and the African American Boy 05 February 2022 Theresa Glennon Hits: 3378
From Brock Turner to Brian Banks: Protecting Victims and Preserving Due Process in the New Area of Title IX 28 July 2021 Laura Perry Hits: 1962
Riding the Wave or Drowning?: An Analysis of Gender Bias and Twombly/iqbal in Title IX Accused Student Lawsuits (Abstract) 31 May 2017 Bethany A. Corbina Hits: 5928
Title IX Narratives, Intersectionality, and Male-biased Conceptions of Racism 26 May 2017 Antuan M. Johnson Hits: 8278
Remediating Discrimination Against African American Female Athletes at the Intersection of Title IX and Title VI 16 June 2012 Alfred Dennis Mathewson Hits: 18873
Hair Rules: Race, Gender, and Stigmatization in Schools 16 February 2022 Patricia A. Banks Hits: 1775
Under the Guise of “Due Process”: Sexual Harassment and the Impact of Trump's Title Ix Regulations on Women Students of Color 21 September 2021 Haley C. Carter Hits: 1817
The Watcher's Paradox: Bearing Witness/Racial Voyeurism 14 September 2022 Lua Kamál Yuille Hits: 622
A Black Woman Law Dean Speaks about the Precarity of Leadership 04 June 2022 Danielle M. Conway Hits: 1224
Walking the Tightrope: Reflections of a Black Female Law Professor 18 April 2021 Njeri Mathis Rutledge Hits: 2346
Intersectionality and Strengths and Challenges in Leadership 27 November 2020 M. Isabel Medina Hits: 3137
The Challenges Facing Black Women Law Professors in Selecting Teaching Methods 12 December 2019 Joyce Hughes Hits: 4333
Beyond Sex-plus: Acknowledging Black Women in Employment Law and Policy 03 September 2022 Jamillah Bowman Williams Hits: 862
White Hair Only: Why the Concept of Immutability must Be Expanded to Address Hair Discrimination Against Black Women in the Workplace 26 May 2022 Aaron Roberson Hits: 2689
To Shatter the Glass Ceiling, Clean the Sticky Floor and Thaw the Frozen Middle: How Discrimination and Bias in the Career Pipeline Perpetuates the Gender Pay Gap 30 November 2021 Rachel DiBenedetto Hits: 2607
#METOO Innovators: Disrupting the Race and Gender Code by Asian Americans in the Tech Industry 23 November 2021 Xuan-Thao Nguyen Hits: 2025
#SEEHERNAME: Using Intersectionality and Storytelling to Bring Visibility to Black Women in Employment Discrimination and Police Brutality 07 June 2021 Nia A.D. Langley Hits: 2213
ME TOO? Race, Gender, and Ending Workplace Sexual Harassment 05 April 2020 Trina Jones and Emma E. Wade Hits: 3456
Who Told You Your Hair Was Nappy?: A Proposal for Replacing an Ineffective Standard for Determining Racially Discriminatory Employment Practices 07 November 2019 Martin Childs IV Hits: 3599
Title VII and African American Hair: A Clash of Cultures 09 April 2018 Taylor Mioko Dewberry Hits: 4682
The Republication of Title VII: What's Hair (And Other Race-based Characteristics) Got to Do with It? 24 October 2021 D. Wendy Greene Hits: 2315
Mapping Racial Geographies of Violence on the Colonial Landscape 10 September 2022 Ingrid Waldron Hits: 843
Environmental Justice in the United Nations Human Rights System: Challenges and Opportunities for the Protection of Indigenous Women's Rights Against Environmental Violence 13 June 2022 Laura Cahier Hits: 1670
Raping Indian Country 09 November 2019 Sarah Deer and Elizabeth Ann Kronk Warner Hits: 4728
Just Another Fast Girl: Exploring Slavery's Continued Impact on the Loss of Black Girlhood 15 July 2021 Mikah K. Thompson Hits: 2465
Women and AIDS -- Racism, Sexism, and Classism 15 November 2021 Taunya Lovell Banks Hits: 2202
Centering Black Pregnancy: A Response to Medical Paternalism, Stillbirth, & Blindsided Mothers 09 October 2021 Brietta R. Clark Hits: 1705
Made Whole: The Efficacy of Legal Redress for Black Women Who Have Suffered Injuries from Medical Bias 05 December 2022 McKenzi B. Baker Hits: 358
On Women's Rights, Voting Rights, Civil Rights and the US Supreme Court (The Rule of Law in the New Abnormal) 13 May 2022 Charles Crumpton Hits: 1648
Coercive Interventions in Pregnancy: Law and Ethics 13 July 2021 Debra DeBruin and Mary Faith Marshall Hits: 2342
The Disproportionate Effect on Native American Women of Extending the Federal Involuntary Manslaughter Act to Include a Woman's Conduct Against Her Child in Utero: United States V. Flute 17 May 2021 Andie B. Netherland Hits: 2809
Personal Narrative as a Tool of Legal Analysis to Evaluate and Improve Access to Abortion Services for Indigenous Women in Canada 18 June 2020 Ciarra J. Minacci-Morey Hits: 4117
Resuscitating The Black Body: Reproductive Justice as Resistance to the State's Property Interest in Black Women's Reproductive Capacity 02 November 2019 Jill C. Morrison Hits: 3900
Period Poverty in a Pandemic: Harnessing Law to Achieve Menstrual Equity 30 August 2021 Bridget J. Crawford and Emily Gold Waldman Hits: 1936
Color of COVID and Gender of COVID: Essential Workers, Not Disposable People 20 August 2021 Catherine Powell Hits: 2691
On Being Black, Female, and Marginalized During the Covid-19 02 July 2021 Patricia A. Broussard, Cheryl T. Page and Angela Downes Hits: 6804
Racialized, Judaized, Feminized: Identity-based Attacks on the Press 14 November 2022 Lili Levi Hits: 320
From Tiktok to Racial Violence: Anti-blackness in the Gendered Sphere 01 August 2021 Donald F. Tibbs Hits: 2442
Just Housing, Rooted in West Oakland: How Moms4housing Challenged Real Estate Speculation and the Racial Hierarchy in Our Property Laws 21 August 2022 Liam McSweeney Hits: 764
Centering Black Women Inventors: Passing and the Patent Archive 11 October 2022 Kara W. Swanson Hits: 825
Sy-stem-ic Bias: An Exploration of Gender and Race Representation on University Patents 13 September 2022 Jordana R. Goodman Hits: 772
Unbowed, Unbroken, and Unsung: The Unrecognized Contributions of African American Women in Social Movements, Politics, and the Maintenance of Democracy 07 June 2019 Patricia A. Broussard Hits: 3622
Legal Obstacles in the Epidemic of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women in the United States 15 June 2022 Elaina Erola Hits: 3143
Man Camps and Bad Men: Litigating Violence Against American Indian Women 18 November 2021 Ana Condes Hits: 2470
Anthropological Contributions to International Legal Approaches to Violence Against Indigenous Women 15 September 2021 Rachel Sieder Hits: 2112
Discounting Women: Doubting Domestic Violence Survivors' Credibility and Dismissing Their Experiences 28 May 2019 Deborah Epstein and Lisa A. Goodman Hits: 3407
Ain't I a Victim? The Intersectionality of Race, Class, and Gender in Domestic Violence 28 December 2012 Geneva Brown Hits: 61097
Girls, Assaulted 14 March 2022 I. India Thusi Hits: 1406
Stop Surveilling My Genre!: On the Biometric Surveillance of (Black Trans) People 09 June 2022 William B. Heberling Hits: 2443
Caregiver Discrimination in the Wake of the Covid-19 Pandemic 10 March 2022 Alaina Harwood Hits: 1375
Women, Racism and Legal Scholarship (Searchable Database) 14 January 2022 Vernellia Randall Hits: 9232
Men, Racism and Legal Scholarship (Searchable Database) 13 January 2022 Vernellia Randall Hits: 8936
Missing White Woman Syndrome: An Empirical Analysis of Race and Gender Disparities in Online News Coverage of Missing Persons 18 November 2021 Zach Sommers Hits: 2402
When Your Identity Is Inherently “Unprofessional”: Navigating Rules of Professional Appearance Rooted in Cisheteronormative Whiteness as Black Women and Gender Non-conforming Professionals 26 April 2021 Shannon Cumberbatch Hits: 2860
From the Oppressed to the Terrorist: Muslim-American Women in the Crosshairs of Intersectionality 20 April 2021 Sahar F. Aziz Hits: 1653
Against Bipolar Black Masculinity: Intersectionality, Assimilation, Identity Performance, and Hierarchy 19 April 2021 Frank Rudy Cooper Hits: 1281
Why the Equal Rights Amendment Would Endanger Women's Equality: Lessons from Colorblind Constitutionalism 11 April 2021 Kim Forde-Mazrui Hits: 2529
Battered Asian American Women: Community Responses from the Battered Women's Movement and the Asian American Community 22 March 2021 Karin Wang Hits: 2123
Identities Cubed: Perspectives on Multidimensional Masculinities Theory 11 February 2021 Ann C. McGinley and Frank Rudy Cooper Hits: 941
The Missing and Murder of Indigenous Women and Girls: New Policies on an Enduring Crisis 16 December 2020 Kathleen A. Fox Hits: 3930
Mules, Madonnas, Babies, Bath Water, Racial Imagery and Stereotypes: The African -American Woman and The Battered Woman Syndrome 14 October 2020 Linda L. Ammons Hits: 2799
#METOO and the Pursuit of Women's International Human Rights 04 October 2020 Benedetta Faedi Duramy Hits: 2226
The Intersectionality of Race, Gender, Poverty, and Intimate Partner Violence 20 August 2020 Melissa Broaddus Hits: 5113
Gender Violence Against Afro-Colombian Women: Making the Promise of International Human Rights Law Real 08 June 2020 Julie Goldscheid Hits: 4774
In the Crosshairs: Centering Local Responses to Sexual and Gender-based Violence in Afro-Colombian Communities 07 June 2020 Babe Howell and Naree Sinthusek Hits: 4116
25 Years Later: Gender, Race, and the Intersectionality Critique 05 May 2020 Katharine T. Bartlett Hits: 2209
American Muslim Women: Who We Are and What We Demand from Feminist Jurisprudence 21 April 2020 Mehwish Shaukat Hits: 2770
In Search of the Common Law Inside the Black Female Body 01 February 2020 Teri A. McMurtry-Chubb Hits: 2712
A History of Black Feminism in the United States 26 January 2020 Unknown Hits: 9721
Whiteness and Women, In Practice and Theory: A Response to Catharine Mackinnon 01 January 2020 Martha R. Mahoney Hits: 4507
Self-Determination, Subordination, and Semantics: Rhetorical and Real-World Conflicts over the Human Rights of Indigenous Women 10 November 2019 Sam Grey Hits: 3364
Apparitions in the Theory: How the Sciences Cause Race and Gender to Matter in the Twenty-first Century 07 September 2019 Antwann Michael Simpkins Hits: 2027
VAWA Reauthorization of 2013 and the Continued Legacy of Violence Against Indigenous Women: A Critical Outsider Jurisprudence Perspective 18 August 2019 Luhui Whitebear Hits: 1726
Protecting Native Women from Violence: Fostering State-Tribal Relations and the Shortcomings of the Violence Against Women Act of 2013 21 June 2019 Dayna Olson Hits: 1785
Resilience and Native Girls: A Critique 19 May 2019 Addie C. Rolnick Hits: 1894
#METOO, Statutory Rape Laws, and the Persistence of Gender Stereotypes 03 May 2019 Leslie Y. Garfield Tenzer Hits: 2515
Pink Hats and Black Fists: The Role of Women in the Black Lives Matter Movement 03 November 2018 Jessica Watters Hits: 4057
Women Fighting Both Sexism and Racism of White Feminist 13 October 2018 Anne Branigin Hits: 34934
``But Some of Us Are Brave: A History of Black Feminism in the United States 09 October 2018 Akasha (Gloria T.) Hull, Patricia Bell-Scott, Barbara Smith Hits: 14266
What is Judge Kavanaugh's Type? You Decide! 25 September 2018 Vernellia Randall Hits: 2694
She Touched Me: Five Snapshots of Adult Sexual Violations of Black Boys 09 August 2018 Tommy J. Curry and Ebony A. Utley Hits: 5984
Thurgood Marshall, the Race Man, and Gender Equality in the Courts 05 July 2018 Taunya Lovell Banks Hits: 3292
What about #Ustoo?: The Invisibility of Race in the #Metoo Movement, 24 June 2018 Angela Onwuachi-Willig Hits: 8294
#MuteRKelly: Black Women and Girls Deserve Safety 30 April 2018 Kimberle Crenshaw Hits: 3172
Microaggressions and Sexual Harassment: How the Severe or Pervasive Standard Fails Women of Color 26 April 2018 Katherine E. Leung Hits: 5615
The Tokyo IMT's Legacy of Forgetting Crimes of Violence Against Women 07 January 2014 Caroline Joan (Kay) S. Picart Hits: 9772
Lean In and One Percent Feminism 07 April 2013 Linda Burnham Hits: 19052
Hit it and Quit It”: Responses to Black Girls' Victimization in School 05 April 2013 Sonja C. Tonnesen Hits: 63639
The Importation of Female Genital Mutilation to the West: the Cruelest Cut of All 16 March 2013 Patricia A. Broussard Hits: 51521
How U.S. Policy Denies Indian Women Bodily Autonomy and the SAVE Native Women Act's Attempt to Reverse That Policy 29 January 2013 Hossein Dabiri Hits: 10356
Seeking Justice in Missouri: The Case of The Honorable Barbara T. Peebles 18 December 2012 Athena Mutua Hits: 11639
Another Hair Piece: Exploring New Strands of Analysis under Title VII 15 December 2012 Angela Onwuachi-Willig Hits: 14405
Black Women’s Hair and the Law: When Race and Gender Intersect 15 December 2012 Paulette M. Caldwell Hits: 33253
A Perfect Storm: The U.S. Anti-trafficking Regime's Failure to Stop the Sex Trafficking of American Indian Women and Girls 18 May 2012 Andrea L. Johnson Hits: 78970
Compensating "Comfort Women" of World War II 01 April 2012 Joseph P. Nearey Hits: 14337
A Latina Experience of Race Discrimination 01 April 2012 Celina Romany and Katherine Culliton Hits: 13145
Lil' Kim And Foxy Brown- Caricature of Black Womanhood 01 April 2012 Lori A. Tribbett-Williams Hits: 14225
Sex Slavery and Trafficking of African Women in Western Europe 01 April 2012 Melanie R. Wallace Hits: 13185
Indian Policy and the Imagined Indian Woman 01 April 2012 Bethany R. Berger Hits: 13259
The Realities of Enslaved Female Africans in America 01 April 2012 Gloria J. Browne-Marshall Hits: 12661
Sister to Sister: A Response from One White Woman to Another 01 April 2012 Elayna A. Monts Hits: 30968
Dismantling the Sex Slave Trade 01 April 2012 Helen Fisher Hits: 11174
Common Stereotypes of African American Women 01 April 2012 Marilyn Yarbrough with Crystal Bennett Hits: 28368
Mammy Jezebel and Sistahs 01 April 2012 Marilyn Yarbrough with Crystal Bennett Hits: 84469
The Newest Siblings: Cassandra 01 April 2012 Marilyn Yarbrough with Crystal Bennett Hits: 53453
Queer Black Trans Politics and Constitutional Originalism 06 July 2022 Marc Spindelman Hits: 1003
Third Party at the Table: Afro-Colombian Women's Struggle for Peace and Inclusion 06 February 2021 Lisa Davis Hits: 2414
Understanding Threats Against Afro-Descendant Women Human Rights Defenders: Re-envisioning Security 08 December 2020 J.M. Kirby and René Urueña Hits: 4255
On Beauty and Policing in South Africa 07 April 2020 I. India Thusi Hits: 7841
The Right of Women to Child Care in the United States 17 March 2022 Caroline Raines Greenfield Hits: 2082
Time Is A-wasting”: Making the Case for CEDAW [ Convention for the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women ] Ratification by the United States 24 February 2022 Rangita de Silva de Alwis and Melanne Verveer Hits: 1737
Response to 1993 Faculty Promotion, Retention and Tenure (PRT) Report 12 February 2020 Vernellia Randall Hits: 10868
Presumption of Incompetence - Response to Denial of Promotion 20 November 2019 Vernellia Randall Hits: 15957