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Student Work
Race, Racism and the Law
Spring, 2012

Statute (Federal/State)

  • 8 U.S.C.A. § 1103(b)(1) (West).  Powers and duties of the Secretary, the Under Secretary, and the Attorney General
  • Civil Rights Act of 1964, 88 P.L. 352 (July 2, 1964). 
  • Secure Fence Act Of 2006, PL 109–367, 120 Stat 2638 (Oct 26, 2006).

Cases (Federal/State)

  • Alexander v. Sandoval, 532 U.S. 275, 279 (2001).
  • U.S. v. 1.04 Acres of Land, more or less, situate in Cameron County, Tex., 538 F. Supp. 2d 995 (S.D. Tex. 2008). 
  • U.S. v. 1.16 Acres of Land, more or less, situate in Cameron County, Tex., 585 F. Supp. 2d 901 (S.D. Tex. 2008).  

Law Review Articles

  • Bryan Clark, Refining the Nondelegation Doctrine in Light of Real Id Act Section 102(c): Time to Stop Bulldozing Constitutional Barriers for A Border Fence, 58 Catholic University Law Review 851, (2009).
  • Maurice Hew, Jr., The Fence and the Wall (mart): Wal-Mart and Immigration Reform Policy, 39 Connecticut Law Review 1383 (2007).
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  • Jose R. Perez, Jr., Key Legislative Developments in Immigration Law Since September 11, 2001, 17 International Law Journal 43 (Summer 2009)


  • Adalberto Aguirre, Jr., Mexican Border Crossers: The Mexican Body in Immigration Discourse, 35(4): Journal for Social Justice 99-106 (2009).
  • Emil B. McCain, Evidence of Resident Jaguars (Pantha Onca) in the Southwestern United States and the Implications for Conservation, 89(1): Journal of Mammalogy, American Society of Mammalogists 1-10 (2008).

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