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State Name City Comment
Alabama Alinaki Master Wetumpka No reason to detain.
Alabama Fahad Munshi Auburn  
Alabama Khan samina    
Alabama Maria Sara Jijon Calderon Quito, Ecuador Freedom & Dignity
Alabama Mohamad shomit Momin Decatur  
Alabama Rifat Parwaiz Ozark  
Alabama San Haider    
Alabama Sumana banu Momin Auburn  
Alabama Zainab Rahim    
Alaska Aftab Khan Apo  
Alaska Faheem Kazmi Apo  
Alaska Robin Martinez Anchorage  
Arizona Aiman Arif Mesa  
Arizona Amir Moayed Tempa  
Arizona c lane sedona  
Arizona Chasity Shelton Tucson  
Arizona d h phoenix  
Arizona Damian Aranda Phoenix  
Arizona Ebrahim Al Seragi Chandler  
Arizona Farah Alikhan Phoenix Please free Marzieh Hashemi immediately. This is severe racism and racial profiling. It’s against all human rights and an abomination.
Arizona Francisca Bermudez Phoenix  
Arizona Ghaffar Allah Gilbert  
Arizona Hani Rahal Gilbert  
Arizona HASAN ALMAGHASLAH Garden Grove  
Arizona James Lent Prescott  
Arizona Lina Saleh Yuma  
Arizona masoud mollaee Tucson  
Arizona Patricia Ruiz Marana  
Arizona Rose Zadeh Tucson  
Arizona Shakila Husain Tucson  
Arizona Xavier O’Mack Tucson  
Arkansas Chris McLean Conway  
Arkansas Eric Pippins Little Rock  
Arkansas Glen Coleman Manila  
Arkansas Gulamabbas Mohamedali Arusha  
Arkansas Jodda Mitchell Malvern  
Arkansas Mohammed Rahman Bentonville  
Arkansas syed ahsan rizvi hyderabad Injustice is happening with her, she should be released insha allah asap
California Abazar Wahedi Riverside  
California Abdel Ali Oakland Abdel Malik Ali
California Abeer Hasan Fontana  
California Abu Tarleyb San Diego  
California Adam Gulfun Santa Clara Where's American Democracy, freedom of speech and human rights?
California Afshan Mirza Tustin  
California Ahmad Kahil Diamond Bar  
California Ahsan Raza Fremont  
California Alex Smith Santa Rosa  
California Ali Abbas Pomona  
California Ali Ataya Antelope  
California Ali Behbahani Irvine Despicable barbaric Saudi rulers silenced journalist Jamal Khashoggi and now the self proclaimed leader of freedom and supporter of free press and women's rights and human rights is silencing another brilliant female journalist on its own soil on the behest of its totatalitarian apartheid implementing masters! How shameful and sad.
California Ali Karimi Los Angeles  
California Ali Salaam San Diego  
California Ali Taj Cerritos #freemarziehhashemi
California alireza mahmoudieh Merced  
California Alison Weir Richmond  
California Allen Vo San Francisco  
California Amber rizvi Rancho Cordova  
California Amin S Stockton  
California Amjad Saiyed Fremont  
California Amna Hussain Santa Clara #freemarziehhashemi
California Amy Raei Palm Springs  
California Ana Bird Los Angeles  
California Angel Lee Fremont  
California Anjum Khan San Jose  
California Annie Ali Covina  
California Aoun Syed Corona  
California Ashar Naqvi San Ramon  
California Ashfak Jafri San Jose  
California Ashi Golkar Aliso Viejo  
California ASIM jafri san ramon  
California Athar Tayeb Fremont  
California Athraa hussein LA mesa  
California atif shaikh Torrance  
California Attar Audeh San Diego  
California ayanna harris Los Angeles  
California AZ Zaidi Fairfield  
California Azim Shah Downey Please release her as soon as possible! Thanks
California Baber Zaidi Sugar Land I demand, Sis. Marzieh Hashemite should be free immediately. Her detention is illegal and provocation towards Free Press!
California Baha Abhari Laguna Hills  
California Baqir Hussain Fremont  
California Barbara Martinez Los Angeles  
California Basim Elkarra Sacramento  
California Bassam Essayli Long Beach  
California Billy Farris Brawley  
California Brandon Beak Los Angeles  
California Carol Coulter Poway  
California charles crowley Costa Mesa  
California Christopher McLean Martinez Signed. Arresting and detaining an American journalist without explanation is dangerous precedent that threatens the flow of information.
California cindy newman la  
California cynthia wintop-henry Oakland  
California Dante Solano Glendale  
California Dr. Steven Ahmed Modesto  
California Duaa Alsabag El Cajon  
California Elham Shah Simi Valley  
California Eric Arreola San Diego  
California Eric X Wheeler Oakland Because I agree that she is unjustly incarcerated.
California F H Oakland  
California Fadya Suleiman San Francisco  
California Faeze Shirazian San Leandro  
California Fahad Khan Springfield  
California Fahim Gafor La Mesa  
California Faiza Joiyah Fremont  
California Farah Rizvi Rancho Cucamonga  
California farheen mehdi Pleasanton  
California Farshid Soli Concord  
California Fast Fusion   She was unjustly abducted by FBI, imprisoned and has been treated like a criminal without any charges on her. Her Rights are violated like snatching her hijab against her will, feeding pork and mentally torturing her when she is not even a criminal... Just because she was critical of US goverment and isreal.She ripped off the true face of fascist imperialist US empire...
California Fatema Chandoo Buena park  
California Fatemeh Bakhtiari Fremont  
California fatemeh nassirian ranchocucamonga  
California Fatima Arefi Fremont  
California Fatima Hijazi Buena Park  
California Fatima Hirawala Placentia  
California Fatima Rizvi Fontana  
California Fatina Jaber Glendora  
California Fatuma Broady Bellflower  
California firouzeh White Menlo Park  
California Flower Salit Altadena  
California Frank mo Patterson  
California Fstima Sheikh Rancho Palos Verdes  
California Georgina Cabrera Van Nuys  
California Ghulam Abbas Norwalk I am signing this because according to FBI itself there are no charges filed against her. She is only supposed to be a material witness. FBI and police are wrong in putting her in shakels and keeping her hungry for so many days. I feel ashamed of such treatment for someone who is innocent.
California Golgooneh Mazloumi Irvine  
California Guity Irani Rancho Palos Verdes  
California h khadem Fremont  
California Hadi Matar cudahy Free Merzieh Hashemi.
California Hadis Handukic Van Nuys  
California Hamid Algar Berkeley  
California Hamideh Farajian Fremont  
California Haseen Tirmazi Walnut  
California Hashir Shahid Alameda  
California HASSAN SALEH Downey  
California Hassan Sheikh Irvine  
California Hedeel Albayati El Cajon  
California Heidi Merchen Novato  
California Hina Asad Anaheim  
California Hina Haji Northridge  
California Hind Hamzah Anaheim  
California Hoda Alamdar Fremont  
California Hooshyar Karimi Orange  
California Hossein Khodaparast Encino  
California Hossein Mohajer Pasadena  
California Huda Mooswi Milpitas Free her now!
California Husna Mirza Anaheim  
California Hussain Ali Fairfield  
California Hussein Mollanazar Fremont  
California Inab Habsyi Alameda  
California Isabella Tarassoly Granada Hills  
California Ismael Balkhi San Jose  
California Jacob Amiri Sacramento  
California Jafar Sakha La Mesa Because it’s wrong. Illegal.  Opposite of justice.
California Jamila Mroueh Pomona  
California Javad Kazemitabar Newark  
California Johanna Movassat, Ph.D. San Jose  
California Kai Chung Stockton  
California Kamran Siddiqui Rancho Cordova  
California Kara Poole Los Angeles  
California Karl Abrams Studio City  
California Kausar Ladha San Diego  
California Keenan BOOKER Folsom  
California Kelley Lynch Nowheresville  
California Kenneth Pascua San Jose Freedom
California Laila Asad irvine  
California Laila Khan Fremont  
California Layla Saab Bell  
California leeda delavarkhan Union City  
California Lisa Blecher San Francisco  
California M. Azam Sacramento  
California mahdi Hadavi Fremont  
California Mahjabeen Wasi San Jose.  
California Maliheh Movassat Irvine  
California Mariam Ali Fremont  
California Mariam Fatima Newark  
California Mariam Jiwa Rancho Cucamonga  
California Mariam Kareem Irvine  
California Mariam Matar Bell  
California Mariam Noorzayee Irvine  
California Mariam S. San Jose  
California Mariam Zehra Irvine  
California Marion Bowens jr San Diego This is a terrible injustice! They need to #FreeMarziehHashemi #FreeMarziehHashemiNow
California Marion Bowens jr San Diego #FreeMarziehHashemi #Pray4MarziehHashemi #FreeMarziehHashemiNow !!!
California Mark Williams-Washington Los Angeles  
California Mary Hasan Palo Alto  
California maryam azarchehr Santa Clara  
California Maryam Kashani san francisco  
California Maryam Vahedian Berkeley  
California Masooma Tirmazi West Covina  
California Masooma Zaidi Modesto  
California Masoora Ali La Mirada  
California Mazhar Khan Morgan Hill This is Discrimination
California Meesum Ashary Van Nuys  
California Mehdi Lali Beverly Hills  
California Meisam Movassat Newark  
California Meraj Akbar Los Angeles  
California Michael Adili Copperopolis  
California Michael Crump Mountain View  
California Michael Nassar Brea  
California Mike Bakhtiari Los Angeles  
California Mina Tatari Fremont  
California minoo ardehali danville  
California Minoo Kh San Mateo  
California Mir Ali Jawad La Jolla  
California Mir Hussain Elk Grove  
California Mirza Aslam San Diego  
California Mirza Baig Fontana  
California mm zm Aliso Viejo  
California Moballer K Diamond Bar  
California Mohamad Manah Orange  
California Mohammad Naz Santa Ana  
California Mohammad Rahnama Chino  
California Mohammad Rezayi Fremont  
California mohammad Wasi Sunnyvale  
California mohsen Asadbeigi Irvine  
California Mostafa Mohammad Reseda  
California Muhammad Abbas Fremont Marzeih Hashmi stands for justice and nothing else. Now is the time for us to stand up for her and ask DOJ to release her ASAP.
California Muhammad Abbas Manteca  
California Muhammad Mustafa San Diego  
California muhammad Zaidi Fremont  
California Mujib Ahmed Sun City  
California Murtaza Zaidi North Hills  
California muzaffar khan milpitas  
California nabila mehdi fontana  
California Nadeem Jaffri Torrance It’s not right she is a woman and mother
California Nadwa Chahbour Brea  
California Nahid Muhammadi Costa Mesa  
California Najma Gardexi Lakewood  
California Naseema Patel Fremont  
California Nassir Yahfoufi San Jose  
California Nathan Hare San Francisco  
California navid Reza hoston  
California Nazeera Salak Fontana  
California Nicole Melnick West Hills This is the most vile and shocking miscarriage of justice on a protected journalist imaginable. Free Marzieh Hashemi now!
California Nisreen F Bellflower  
California Noreen naqvi hercules Marsiya stands for freedom of speech religion and all other social differences.The least any free thinking person can do is support her release from this unjust imprisonment.
California Nur Roohi Montebello  
California Nuzhat Jaffery Moreno Valley  
California Oday Hassan San Jose  
California Ojan Arefi Fremont  
California Paul Foote Fullerton  
California Peaceful Co-Existence Newport Beach  
California peter church Los Angeles  
California Peter Wagner Los Angeles  
California Qasam Jafari Moreno Valley  
California Rashid Ali Khan San Jose Rashid Ali Khan
California Raul Anorve Los Angeles  
California Raz Khan Milpitas Razia Khan South Africa
California Reem N Milpitas  
California Rehana Ali Fairfield  
California Reza Khan San Jose  
California Reza Namvar Sacramento  
California Ridah Mazhar West Covina  
California Robert Ortiz San Francisco  
California Rola Saab Bell Gardens  
California Ronnie Ramos Commerce  
California Saaj Mahal Oakland  
California Sadia ZAIDI San Jose  
California Sahar Rizvi San Diego  
California Saied Hosseini Mountain View  
California Saima Mujtaba Palo Alto  
California Saja Alhareeri Emeryville  
California Sajjad Mir San Jose  
California Sakina Mirza Sunnyvale  
California Saleem Khan San Jose  
California Samina Naqvi San Diego  
California Saouda Sadiq Lawndale  
California Sara Khan San Diego  
California Sara O’Meara Weed  
California Sara Sadeghi Rancho Cucamonga  
California sarah kahil diamond bar I am signing this petition requesting the American authority to release Marzieh Hashemi today. I also support the American principles of supporting Free of Speech policy.
California Sayeda Abid Fremont  
California Segran kala Berkeley  
California Shadia Chahine cudahy  
California Shafi Raza San Francisco  
California Shali Afta Newport Beach  
California Shawh Shahidi Ladera Ranch  
California Shawn Ayromloo Los Angeles  
California SHILA SABER Bellflower  
California Shuja Yezdi Alameda  
California Siamak Azimie Menifee  
California Soheila Ghodsi Berkeley  
California Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich San Clemente  
California Soroush Fashandi Marina  
California Steven Almighty Topanga  
California Steven Schoeffler Garden Grove  
California Syed Aftab Naqvi Redwood City  
California Syed Hussain Fairfield  
California Syed Hussain Los Angeles  
California Syed najam Naqvi San Francisco  
California Syed Naqvi Tracy  
California Syed Rizvi Tustin  
California Syed Sajjad Murrieta  
California Syed Zaidi Los Angeles  
California Syed` Jafri San Ramon  
California Syeda G San Jose  
California Syeda Mirza Cerritos  
California Syeda Naqvi Tracy  
California Tahira Alam Aliso Viejo  
California Tahira Tayeb Sacramento  
California Tahseen Javed San Jose  
California Taiyeba Khan Morgan Hill  
California Tanveer Raza San Carlos  
California Tanveer Syed Los Angeles  
California Tarik Ibrahim Anaheim  
California Ted Clausen Santa Cruz  
California Tracey Benoit Santa Cruz  
California Truong Phuc Nguyen Santa Clara US government is a liar in promoting free speech and freedom of information. They are the enemies of peace loving people around the world. Free Marzieh Hashemi now.
California Tryphena DeBruhl Santa Clara  
California Um Yusuf Yahfoufi san jose  
California Vahid C San Mateo  
California Vahid Jamali la jolla Freedom of Press needs to be respected.
California Val Shadowhawk Mokelumne Hl  
California Victor Magana Fresno  
California Vincent Ruiz Bouvet Ventura  
California Waqar Dossani Oakland  
California William Patrick Smith Salinas  
California Yasamin Taghipoor San Jose  
California Yasmina Aden Long Beach  
California Yasmine Mahmoudieh Berkeley  
California Z. Patel San Jose  
California Z. Patel Sunnyvale  
California Zahra Rahmani Beverly Hills  
California Zain Zaidi Albany  
California Zainab Hussain San Jose  
California Zainab Jaffery Moreno Valley  
California Zainab S. Pasadena  
California Zehra Peerbhoy Corona  
California Zehra Rajani Loma Linda  
California Zeinab Khanum san francisco  
California Zohra Ali Tracy  
California Zubeda Mooman Brea  
Colorado Ahl al-Bayt Assembly of America Littleton  
Colorado Arshad Razvi Littleton  
Colorado Ben Lachini Denver  
Colorado Celeste Cool Ft Collins  
Colorado Diana Beatty Colorado Springs  
Colorado Diane Farazandeh Aurora  
Colorado Edward Laurson Denver  
Colorado Hasan اصغری Denver  
Colorado Hossein Noori Aurora  
Colorado Husayn Abdullah-Aziz denver If they come for me in the morning, they will come for you in the night -Angela Davis Marzieh Hashemi (legal name: Melanie Franklin), is an African-American Journalist and news anchor that has been arrested by the FBI. They have not announced any charges after 48+ hours. They forcibly removed her religious headscarf 崙 (hijab) and have been disrespectful and harsh in their treatment. They are supboening her children to testify in court for unknown reasons. She has been subject to harrassment when traveling in and out of the United States for over a decade.  Keep in mind that she is a US citizen !  Do US citizens even have true free speech? Or is there truly freedom of religion? Are we innocent till proven guilty or is it the other way around?! This event serves as a a reminder to all conscious people. In the immortal words of Ali ibn Abi Talib:   Stand firmly against the oppressor and be a helper of the oppressed.I implore everyone to raise awareness about this issue. If you are unsure or doubtful about
Colorado Jaafar Bahraini Denver  
Colorado Javaad Schultz Denver  
Colorado Karima Zareie Littleton  
Colorado Maliheh Jabbari Denver  
Colorado Masooma Ali Denver  
Colorado Mohammed Almosawi Denver  
Colorado Nancy Meadows Carbondale  
Colorado Onaiza Rizvi Aurora  
Colorado Razieh farazandeh Aurora  
Colorado Rubi Wise Denver  
Colorado Sarah Hashemi Denver  
Colorado Shazia Imam Littleton  
Colorado Zahra Farazandeh Aurora  
Colorado Zahra Rezai Denver  
Conneticut Farzeen Zaidi Branford  
Conneticut Heera Syeda Newington  
Conneticut Samna Rani Milford  
Conneticut Sukaina Rizvi Meriden  
Conneticut Syed Zaidi Middletown  
Conneticut Wayne Johnson Burlington  
Delaware Fahimeh Shahi Wilmington  
Delaware Hamza Kaka Abdul Wahab Wilmington  
Delaware Hessam Heidarzadeh Wilmington  
Delaware Kristian Chung Lewes  
Delaware M Fakhriyan Wilmington  
Delaware mohammad ranjbar Wilmington  
Delaware Mohd Shaheedi Lewes  
Delaware Nadali Firoozi Wilmington  
Delaware Sareh Zareii Lewes  
Delaware Sheida Sh. Wilmington  
Delaware Ta Arshadi Wilmington  
Delaware Wesley C Nickelson Ocean View  
District of Columbia Ali Mirzazadeh Washington  
District of Columbia Aqeela Mehar Washington  
District of Columbia Arpita Upadhyaya Washington  
District of Columbia Benjamin Woods washington  
District of Columbia Ebony White Arjahnea1  
District of Columbia Emir Bozkurthanoglu Washington  
District of Columbia Heena Z Washington  
District of Columbia Irene Jillson Washington  
District of Columbia Mohamed Abbas Roshanali Washington  
District of Columbia Nadirah Rasheed Washington It's quite shameful that you violate and desecrate your own constitution to achieve unjust and unfair political agendas. Shame on you.
District of Columbia Naqi M Washington  
District of Columbia Paul Wolf Washington  
District of Columbia Sadia Ayaz Washington  
District of Columbia Sarooj Shah Washington  
District of Columbia Syed Fawad Washington  
District of Columbia Syed Hadi Washington  
Florida Aamena Shivji Lake Mary  
Florida Abdollah Moghanaki Palm Coast  
Florida Aesha Hemmings Orlando  
Florida Aijaz Alamdar Tampa  
Florida Ajmal Abed Orlando  
Florida Ali Baqri Orlando  
Florida Ali Dhanji Pompano Beach  
Florida Ali Ibrahim Lake Mary  
Florida Ali J Orlando  
Florida Ali Ladak Sanford  
Florida ali noureddine Winter Park  
Florida Ali Rehemtulla Sanford  
Florida Ali Zaidi Kissimmee  
Florida Alina Rizvi Fort Lauderdale  
Florida Amaneh M Lake Mary  
Florida Amin Toussaint West Palm Beach Freedom of speech is the cornerstone of this country .. this is an Attack on all American
Florida Ammara Muhammad Orlando  
Florida Anwar Bodal Davenport This Is A Gross Violation Of Her Personal & Religious Rights - SHAME On Lawless USA - Let AmeriKKKa Lecture No One About Democracy, Human Rights & Rule Of Law
Florida Arifa DHANJI Sanford  
Florida Arifa Parpia Sanford  
Florida Arzina Jaffer Lake Mary  
Florida Ashley Grady Casselberry  
Florida ashraf hassanali Sanford  
Florida Azra Dhanji Jacksonville  
Florida Batool Ali Oviedo  
Florida Behrooz Sojeri Sanford  
Florida Ben Burton Dunedin  
Florida Dad Dad Orlando What a stupid thing this regime has done ....Holding a women just because she works for press tv..She is Muslim and she is black .........shame on the person who is really behind this ..........every one in the world knows not ...This is USA free for everyone .....what is this govt doing ...
Florida dale lane Orlando  
Florida Dean Baaj Stone Mountain  
Florida Deb Moulavi Oviedo Freedom of speech?? These are WORDS only to encourage the “sheep mentality”. These WORDS are created to cover the ugly reality! Why would the government that spouts “Freedom of speech, Freedom for all” worry about what  Saudia Arabia’s government did.  Both retain individuals without charges or without legal representation. The 99% of humans in the world “matter”. Why is it that us 99% allow the 1% to tell us what to think and why we do not demand honesty, integrity, and kindness.
Florida Didika Iqbal Sanford  
Florida Eftekgar Arshadi Sarasota Please release her. Eftekhar Arshadi
Florida Faheem Abbas Tampa  
Florida Farha Yusufali sanford  
Florida farhat ahmed Miramar  
Florida Fatima Aly Gainesville  
Florida Fatima Datoo Sanford  
Florida Fatima Fazel Lake Mary  
Florida Fatimah Virjee Lake Mary  
Florida Fatma Karim Sanford  
Florida Fehmida Kermalli Hollywood  
Florida Gholam Modaresi Orlando  
Florida Halima J Lake Mary  
Florida Hasnain Karim Lake Mary  
Florida Hasnain Yusufali Orlando  
Florida Hassan Makki Orlando  
Florida hassan peera Sanford  
Florida Hassanain Jaffer Orlando  
Florida Hossein Nourkhiz Mahjoub Orlando  
Florida Hussein Ali Sanford  
Florida Imran Pirmohamed Altamonte Springs  
Florida irene Stone Port Richey  
Florida Irfanali Karim Orlando  
Florida Ismat Fayiz Zephyrhills  
Florida Jabbar Almashahdani Tampa I'm signed to support the human rights
Florida Jabir Somji Sanford  
Florida James Miller West Palm Beach  
Florida Jamilah Slayton Orlando  
Florida JANE KUSUMA Newberry  
Florida Joe Makki Orlando  
Florida Joe Samar Miami  
Florida John Stroncheck Tampa  
Florida Joshua West Port St Lucie I'm signing because fascist tactics are ethically wrong.
Florida Kaniz Jagani Lake Mary  
Florida Kenneth knoppik Boca Raton  
Florida Kevin Ealey Miami  
Florida Khalilah Goodman Kissimmee  
Florida Khidhr Tariq Tampa  
Florida Kulsoom Habibi Orlando  
Florida Lita Huaman Windermere  
Florida Maqbool Ali ORLANDO  
Florida Maqbool Merchant Orlando  
Florida Marcos Acosta Orlando Deep state American Zionists must be stopped.
Florida Masuma Bhalwany Sanford  
Florida Mehboob Kizilbash Tampa  
Florida Mehdi Alirezaei Orlando  
Florida Meheboob Jagani Lake Mary  
Florida Michal Wilk Santa Rosa Beach  
Florida Mirza Hussain Melbourne  
Florida Mishal Raza Fort Lauderdale  
Florida Mohamad Pourfar Hollywood  
Florida Mohamed Kermalli Lake Mary  
Florida Mohamedyusuf Somji Sanford  
Florida Mohammad Malik Port Saint Lucie  
Florida Mohammed Merchant Orlando  
Florida Monica coote Pembroke Pines  
Florida Muhammad Jaffer Tampa  
Florida Muhammad Jafri Boca Raton  
Florida Mujahid Abdullah Key West  
Florida Mujtaba Merchant Orlando  
Florida Mumtaz Merchant Orlando  
Florida Munawarali Bhimani Fort Lauderdale  
Florida Murtaza Yusufali Orlando  
Florida Musa Raza Boca Raton  
Florida Mykill Mayhem Largo  
Florida Nafees Hussain Windermere Please free Ms. Hashemi, she is being held in custody for no reason.
Florida Nasira Hudda Sanford  
Florida Naureen Hussain Orlando  
Florida Nida Merchant Orlando  
Florida Noor Baqueri West Palm Beach  
Florida Parveen Parpia Sanford This is injustice! Makes me seriously wonder is this really USA. What happened to our freedom of speech?
Florida patti miller springhill  
Florida Rafina Bacchus Hialeah  
Florida Rawan Kara Ocala  
Florida Razia Yusufali Sanford  
Florida Roohi Jaffer Jacksonville  
Florida Rosemin Dharsi New York  
Florida Rubab Merchant Windermere  
Florida Sabeen Ladak Sanford  
Florida Sabira Jamal Sanford  
Florida Sabrina Arshad Sanford  
Florida sadiq walji apopka  
Florida Sajeda Ladak Pompano Beach  
Florida Sajida Pirbhai Lake Mary It is inhuman and against human dignity to jail someone without any charges.
Florida Sajidali Saboowala Marianna  
Florida Sajjad Dewji Sanford  
Florida Salma Jaffer Orlando  
Florida Sameera Peera Casselberry  
Florida Sara As Tama  
Florida Say Mukhi Sanford  
Florida Scott Rickard Satellite Beach  
Florida Shabana Bhayani Orlando  
Florida Shabir Pirbhai Lake Mary  
Florida shafiqali Khaki Miami  
Florida Shaheda Soonasra Winter Springs  
Florida Shakira Kermalli Sanford  
Florida shehnaz ali Orlando  
Florida shirin Shirazi West Palm Beach  
Florida Sibtain Yusufali Lake Mary  
Florida siddiqa Hasham-Meghjee longwood  
Florida sikina Rahemtulla Sanford  
Florida Sultan Yusufali Lake Mary  
Florida Sumayya Mukhi Lake Mary  
Florida Suraiya Kermalli Sanford  
Florida Susanne Beranek Naples  
Florida Tanveer Dewji Sanford  
Florida Tanvir Shirazi Fort Lauderdale  
Florida Tasneem Kirmani Kissimmee  
Florida Theodore Chamalian Tampa  
Florida Tyrie Williams Tampa  
Florida Vernellia Randall Orlando
Florida Vernellia Randall Orlando 01/20/2019#FreeMarziehHashemi Trend Analytics:_Tweets:_ 21.1K_Impressions:_ 300K_Reach:_ 120K_Contributors:_ 880_Accounts Reached:_ 250KFor one day's work of mobilization, we did amazing.Proud of all of you. We will do even better next time.
Florida Vernellia Randall Orlando 01/20/2019#FreeMarziehHashemi Trend Analytics:_Tweets:_ 21.1K_Impressions:_ 300K_Reach:_ 120K_Contributors:_ 880_Accounts Reached:_ 250KFor one day's work of mobilization, we did amazing.Proud of all of you. We will do even better next time
Florida Vernellia Randall Orlando You should not be holding Marzieh as a material witness.  Release her immediately.
Florida Waqar Hasan Boca Raton Release her immediately pleaee! We live in USA not in Africa
Florida Yasmin Merchant Orlando  
Florida Youssef Husseiny Oviedo  
Florida Zahira Yusufali Sanford  
Florida Zahra Daudaly Sanford  
Florida Zahra Merchant Windermere  
Florida Zahra Mohamedhusein Orlando  
Florida Zahra Souri Brandon  
Florida Zee L Sanford  
Florida Zishan Hasham Lake Mary  
Florida zohra virjee Lake Mary  
Georgia aaliya momin Decatur  
Georgia Abid Choudhary Kennesaw  
Georgia Abid Rizvi Atlanta I am signing to this petition because she is not a crimnal.
Georgia Adil Poonawala Lawrenceville  
Georgia Ahsan Shah BIRMINGHAM  
Georgia Alexander Mercado Carrollton  
Georgia Aliyah Momin Decatur  
Georgia Alvina Momin Atlanta  
Georgia Anam Haider Marietta  
Georgia Anni Momin I Stockbridge  
Georgia aqil abdushshakur Lawrenceville  
Georgia Arsh Rizvi Evans  
Georgia Aruba Muhammad Snellville  
Georgia Ati Momin Marietta  
Georgia Babrina Mehdi Lawrenceville  
Georgia Brandi Alshahin Lawrenceville  
Georgia Dilshad Momin Macon  
Georgia Dimitri Miles Decatur  
Georgia Ferhan Jemal Atlanta  
Georgia Fizza Syed Dallas  
Georgia Gordon Alexander Jonesboro  
Georgia Habib Shirazi Duluth  
Georgia Hanna Jariwala Rockmart  
Georgia Hasan Shabbir Alpharetta  
Georgia Hasan Zaidi Somewhere  
Georgia Iffatbanu Momin Lawranceville  
Georgia Inas Momim Atlanta  
Georgia Ishrat Momin Buford Freedom is in the amendment of United States. Without reason no one has right to to put anyone in jail and I believe no one should be detained or jailed for reporting the news. If it's true and it doesn't align with a particular individual or group then that person or group should adjust not the truth teller.#Freedom# Marzieh Hashemi#
Georgia Ja'far Ahmadi Norcross  
Georgia Jennifer Curtis Atlanta  
Georgia Judith Bello Atlanta  
Georgia Kai Martin Fayetteville  
Georgia Khadeeja Shabbir Atlanta  
Georgia Lubna Momin Bogart I support human equality and the Constititution.
Georgia maryam Sani Duluth  
Georgia Mike Walls Warner Robins  
Georgia Mohamed Momin Tucker  
Georgia Mohammed Mmomin Fairburn  
Georgia Nadera Momin Conyers  
Georgia Najah Cabrera Peachtree  
Georgia Nayyra Ilyas Marietta  
Georgia Naziya Momin Covington  
Georgia Nisma Zbib Duluth  
Georgia Philip Baptiste Atlanta  
Georgia Renata Fattarusso Atlanta  
Georgia Rida Fatima Atlanta  
Georgia Ruma Momin Mcdonough  
Georgia Rumana Syed Alpharetta  
Georgia Sadegh Koochack Atlanta  
Georgia sajid khan lawrenceville  
Georgia Sakina Shabbir Alpharetta  
Georgia Samina Mumen Norcross Samina Mumen
Georgia Samira Versi Atlanta  
Georgia Samreen Rizvi Lawrenceville  
Georgia Sani Momin Hawkinsville  
Georgia Sani Momin Stone Mountain  
Georgia Sankofa Folami Marietta  
Georgia sara sedghamiz Atlanta  
Georgia Sawsan X Atlanta  
Georgia Sayed Rizvi Atlanta  
Georgia Shabana Momin Lawrenceville  
Georgia soniya Momin Duluth  
Georgia Sosan Mistry Stockbridge Sosan
Georgia Sued Naqvi Stone Mountain  
Georgia Susan Khanam Byron  
Georgia Syed Jafri Stone Mountain  
Georgia Syed Mehdi Zaidi Lawrenceville  
Georgia Syeda Zaidi Lawrenceville  
Georgia Taahira Halim Lilburn  
Georgia Tanvir Momin Newnan  
Georgia Tracy Gould Sheinin Atlanta  
Georgia Virginia Carter Clarkesville  
Georgia Waqas Choudhary Kennesaw  
Georgia Zaheara Momin Covington  
Georgia Zahra Damani Lilburn  
Georgia Zehra Rizvi Duluth No crime committed and justice should be served.
Georgia Zia Haider Alpharetta  
Georgia Zohra Momin Jonesboro It’s unfair without conviction arrest someone
Georgia Zulfiqar D Lawrenceville  
Hawai Jonathan Boyne Honolulu  
Hawai Robin Rae Swanson Honolulu Marzieh Hashemi is a US-born American citizen and a long-time journalist, currently with PressTV in Iran. There is ZERO valid reason to arrest and detain her, as well as denying her food for over 6 days! This is a HUMAN RIGHTS CRIME by the US government! #FreeMarziehHashemi NOW!!!!
Hawai zain abbas Honolulu  
Illinois A G Champaign  
Illinois Abbas Ali Chicago  
Illinois aijaz walji Hoffman Estates  
Illinois Akhter Naqvi Chicago  
Illinois Albert Murphy Chicago  
Illinois Ali Naqvi South Elgin  
Illinois Ali-Akbar Shdid Bloomington  
Illinois Anwar Abbas Skokie  
Illinois Aqeela Rizvi Glendale Heighta  
Illinois arlene hickory Libertyville  
Illinois Asad Kazmi chicago il This TV anchor has done nothing wrong and is being held unjustly.
Illinois asad khan prospect hts. I don’t believe she hasn’t done anything unlawful.
Illinois Asghar Khan Chicago  
Illinois Berlenda Hubbard Oak Park  
Illinois Chris Castillo Carpentersville  
Illinois Christine Gurecki Elmhurst  
Illinois Deveda Francois Chicago  
Illinois Diana Ahmad Orland Park  
Illinois Farwa shirazi Leeds  
Illinois Fatima Dossani Hoffman Estates  
Illinois Fatima Mirza Naperville  
Illinois Fatima Naqvi Chicago  
Illinois Fatima Sultan Des Plaines  
Illinois Fatma Kanji Niles  
Illinois Fida Yasin    
Illinois Gavin Lockard Moline  
Illinois Gloria Moradi Chicago  
Illinois Halema Kassem Tinley Park  
Illinois Hanan Kassem Tinley Park  
Illinois Heena Mithani Wheaton  
Illinois Hossein Yar Lisle It is unheard to arrest and mistreat a material witness ! We have serious concern for freedom of expression in the United States!  Removing her religious hejob and denying her vegetarian food.!??? To me this is merely a political arrest - a on going war against journalist and those who are refusing to report fake news to please the corporate media masters. It is indeed a shame that TRUMP administration introducing an obvious dictatorship.  Americans citizens are rapidly loosing their freedom of expression when their elected president has been routinely attacking journalists every day.The good news is that Americans are learning to resist all type of oppression. Release her immediately.
Illinois Irfan Sheikh Crest Hill  
Illinois Jafar Haq Chicago  
Illinois Jafar Moradi Chicago  
Illinois Jaleela Rubab Bartlett  
Illinois Jerzy Pryhozen Hillside By avoiding to articulate the charges against Marzieh Hashemi, U.S. authorities is communicating that she was arrested for political reasons.
Illinois Joe Iosbaker Chicago Marzieh is my friend, she’s my generation of university activists who fell in love with the Iranian people, and now she is being abused by our government.
Illinois kaneez zainab elgin  
Illinois Kauser Gulamali Schaumburg  
Illinois Kazim Walji South Elgin  
Illinois Kenza Naqvi Des Plaines  
Illinois Khalifah Islam Chicago  
Illinois Khari Hubbard Chicago I think this is Over reach and believe me, you don't want to stir the ire of the Lord Almighty!?
Illinois kulsoom khan prospect hts Free Marzieh Hashemi
Illinois Kulsoom Khan Chicago  
Illinois Kulsum Haq Aurora  
Illinois Leen Rashid Tinley Park  
Illinois M Mohammad Wheaton  
Illinois Mahera Zaidi Glen Ellyn  
Illinois Mahjabeen Abdullah Chicago  
Illinois Maliha Hassan Lombard  
Illinois Manar Ahmad Chicago  
Illinois Mariam Ahmad Chicago  
Illinois Marriyam Qureshi Chicago  
Illinois meraj ahmed hanover park  
Illinois Mohamad Moukalled Chicago  
Illinois Mohammad Zeni Chicago  
Illinois Mona El Saghir Aurora  
Illinois mosa Haq Barrington  
Illinois Mr. Kassem Tinley Park  
Illinois Muneer Haq Schaumburg  
Illinois Nan Scott Mattoon  
Illinois Nancy Hammond Chicago  
Illinois NoMore ZioWars Palestine  
Illinois Oun Zaidi Wheaton  
Illinois Parvin Sarsar Des Plaines  
Illinois Patricia Linarez Westchester  
Illinois Paul Herbig Sterling  
Illinois Peymaun Mo Des Plaines  
Illinois R.A. Rosenstein Chicago  
Illinois Rabab Jaffery Carol Stream  
Illinois Raymon Grossman Lincolnwood  
Illinois Raza Haq Aurora  
Illinois razvi mir glendale hts  
Illinois Reda Achy Chicago  
Illinois Reem Naqvi Chicago  
Illinois Rehan Rizvi Chicago  
Illinois Roshan Ali Mamdani MAMDANI Carol Stream  
Illinois Rubab hasan Bartlett  
Illinois Saba Khan Chicago  
Illinois Saeed Hashemi Melrose Park  
Illinois Sage Yasin Bridgeview  
Illinois Sakina Abbasi Chicago  
Illinois Sakina Hyder Carpentersville  
Illinois Samaneh Ahmadinejad Bellwood  
Illinois Sana Razvi Chicago  
Illinois Sara Moukalled Naperville  
Illinois Shafaq Hussain Lombard  
Illinois Shafeeq Bader Itasca  
Illinois Shaheen Khan wheeling Speak up for the oppressed.
Illinois Shaheena Hossain Roselle  
Illinois shela naqvi Buffalo Grove  
Illinois Solomon Bramlett Chicago FREEDOM IS IMPORTANT
Illinois Stansfield Smith Chicago  
Illinois Stansfield Smith Chicago  
Illinois Sugra Haq Aurora  
Illinois Syed Hussain Chicago  
Illinois Syed Rizvi Chicago  
Illinois Tabasum Haq Chicago  
Illinois Tahzeeb Zaidi Streamwood  
Illinois Tariq Saeed Lombard Arresting an innocent journalist helps none
Illinois Tommy Yassin Joliet  
Illinois Tonita LeShore Bellwood This is unjust
Illinois Vishakha Shah Palos Heights, IL 60463 Ms hashemi needs to be released
Illinois Wahida Dhanji Schaumburg  
Illinois Yasiu Kruszynski Chicago  
Illinois yasmeen khan naperville This is cruel
Illinois zahra nurmohamed Gilberts  
Illinois Zaki Raza Bartlett  
Illinois Zareen Raza Bloomingdale  
Illinois Zehra Zaidi Schaumburg  
Indiana Andras Lorincz Terre Haute  
Indiana Dawn Dadher Nineveh  
Indiana Elaine Butler Indianapolis  
Indiana Ggr Ggy Fort Wayne  
Indiana Haley worman West Lafayette  
Indiana Hassan Tekko Fort Wayne  
Indiana Ibrahim tanner Portland  
Indiana IDRIS McCOLLUM Indianapolis  
Indiana Jermaine Morston Chicago  
Indiana Jessie McCollum Indianapolis  
Indiana Manizha Mehrpoor Indianapolis  
Indiana Mir Ali Mishawaka  
Indiana Moulay Alaoui Michigan City This is un-American to detain someone without due legal process.
Indiana Mustafa Al-Hassani Indianapolis  
Indiana Nadine Marji Indianapolis  
Indiana nasreen fazal Lafayette  
Indiana Ruhi Fatima Carmel  
Indiana Saeeda Kalyan Schererville  
Indiana SAYYED JAFFRI newburgh Don't act like Saudi Arabia. Free this journalist. If you are looking for a foreign spy, start your search from the White house
Indiana Shatha Mahdi Indianapolis  
Indiana Summayah Amozgar Fort Wayne  
Indiana Syed Hussain New Albany  
Indiana syed shah Michigan City  
Indiana Yoko Endo Indianapolis  
Iowa Burhan Hyder Ames Stop the illegal detention of Marzieh Hashemi
Iowa Daniel Michael Des Moines  
Kansas Adam graff Overland Park  
Kansas Christy d Archibong Mcpherson  
Kansas Elham Abbas Lenexa  
Kansas Fatemeh Tayebi Overland Park  
Kansas Gary mills Hutchinson  
Kansas Kamran Zaheer Lenexa  
Kansas Kulsum Fatima Overland Park  
Kansas Shazia Bangash Overland Park  
Kansas Syed Karim Overland Park  
Kansas Zainab Mirza Overland Park  
Kentucky Abdoulaye Ndiaye Louisville  
Kentucky Debbie Ross ELIZABETHTOWN  
Kentucky Sarah Khayat Louisville  
Louisana Byron Hayden Port Allen  
Louisana Chad Blondiau Harvey  
Louisana Devona Mcquirter New Orleans  
Louisana Fericka Abraham Lafayette  
Louisana Haroon Waseem slidell  
Louisana ieasha martin Gretna  
Louisana maher salem New Orleans  
Louisana Moe Dingo New Orleans  
Louisana Morgan Lajaunie Gonzales  
Louisana Quincy Muhammad New Orleans  
Louisana Rebecca Miller Kaplan  
Louisana Syed kazmi Metairie  
Louisana Thelma Tate Natchitoches  
Louisana Tracy Byrd Amite  
Maryland Aadil Rizvi Glenelg  
Maryland Abbas Rajwani London  
Maryland Abdullah Muhammad Halethorpe  
Maryland Abraham Wishnoff Gaithersburg  
Maryland Ahmad Alhaeri District Heights  
Maryland Ali Badar Ellicott City  
Maryland Ali Hyder Glenwood  
Maryland Ali Jarrar Raza Rockville  
Maryland Allaeh Tafsghodi Gaithersburg  
Maryland Ambareen Jafri Crofton  
Maryland Amina Amina Parkville  
Maryland Amir Hamrahib Clarksville  
Maryland askia husayn Takoma Park  
Maryland ayesha F. Silver Spring  
Maryland AZAM ESLAMUT Silver Spring  
Maryland Azza Zaki Germantown  
Maryland Barakah Shabazz Gaithersburg  
Maryland Basil Abdulkhabir Baltimore  
Maryland ERIK CLARK Gwynn Oak  
Maryland Erika Chavarria Columbia  
Maryland Farahnaz Lotfi Hyattsville  
Maryland Farzana Alam Lutherville  
Maryland Farzana Zaidi Baltimore  
Maryland Faseeh Nooruddin Olney  
Maryland Fatema Rashid Port Deposit  
Maryland fatemeh nassirian Laurel  
Maryland Fatima Eslami Hyattsville  
Maryland Fatimah Siddiqui Silver Spring  
Maryland George Bernard Derwood  
Maryland Gissu Shehata Bethesda  
Maryland Hussain Alhaeri Hyattsville  
Maryland Ibrahim Jabbar Washington D.C.  
Maryland Imtiaz Syed Bryans Road  
Maryland Isa Rizvi Glenwood  
Maryland Isfhan Ahmad Ellicott City Free marzie hashemi
Maryland Jamal Muhammad Silver Spring  
Maryland Jami Jordan Silver Spring  
Maryland John Waller Aberdeen  
Maryland Kathleen Abdelhalim Essex Her rights ARE being violated, all humans, regardless of their religion, sexual orientation, or gender or even their crime, are human, and as a result are given certain rights/privileges. Draconian practices !
Maryland Khalil Taylor Silver Spring  
Maryland Laquita Stagg Oxon Hill  
Maryland Leila Jelvani Bethesda  
Maryland Leo Fell Baltimore  
Maryland Mahbobeh Nezam Gaithersburg  
Maryland Mali Ceesay Baltimore  
Maryland Maryam Sizar Clarksburg  
Maryland Minoo Bastanfard Clarksville  
Maryland Mohamed Bangoura Riverdale  
Maryland Mohammad Had germantown  
Maryland Mohammad Yaseen Bethesda  
Maryland Nadia Syeda Salisbury  
Maryland Najah Siddiq Greenbelt  
Maryland Nargis Khabir Laurel  
Maryland nayyar kazmi Elkridge  
Maryland Noah Perry Greenbelt  
Maryland R badr Zahra Silver spring  
Maryland Raheem Young Oxon Hill This case appears to severely lack 'fundamental fairness'.
Maryland Reza Eslami Gaithersburg  
Maryland richard belle Silver Spring  
Maryland Robert Barulich Gaithersburg  
Maryland S Tofigh District Heights  
Maryland Samana Jafri Gaithersburg  
Maryland Sameena Husain Perry Hall  
Maryland Sara Amiry Cockeysville  
Maryland Sarah Jaffery Columbia  
Maryland Shaheed abdus-samad Montgomery village  
Maryland Shakurah Abdul-Samad Montgomery Village What has happened to this woman—the way she was treated by the US Department of JUSTICE(?) was unconscionable.  Yes! As members of US citizenry, we are inspired with  outrage, fear, insecurity—was that the purpose of the BULLY tactics emplyed?  Really??! a female, senior citizen, mother, grandmother,, no criminal record nor charges brought in this case...REALLY!??!  Better the Bureau hyper focus on that mob boss  lording over the DOJ  from the White House.
Maryland Shizza Fatima Baltimore  
Maryland Shohreh Mohammadi Bethesda  
Maryland syed momin Laurel It is  not fair to arrest anyone without any charges and journalists
Maryland Syed Naqvi Silver Spring  
Maryland Syed rizvi clombia  
Maryland Taalibah Khabir Gaithersburg  
Maryland Tasneem Badar Catonsville  
Maryland Zahra Alam District Heights  
Maryland Zahra Eslami Gaithersburg  
Maryland Zahra Yadegari Gaithersburg  
Maryland Zainab Ameri Cockeysville  
Maryland Zakiya Sankara-Jabar Silver Spring  
Massachusetts Aftab Bukhari stow  
Massachusetts Ahmad Namvar Boston  
Massachusetts Akbar Ansari Hopkinton  
Massachusetts Ali Raza Westborough  
Massachusetts ali rizvi Lexington It is the right thing to do. Be honest. Respectful. To self and to others.
Massachusetts Almas Zaidi Hopkinton  
Massachusetts Batool Fatima BRhode IslandGHTON  
Massachusetts Cynthia Parker Newton  
Massachusetts David Rolde Weston  
Massachusetts Diane Anderson Quincy  
Massachusetts Eyrusalem Berhe Cambridge  
Massachusetts Hassan Ali Seekonk  
Massachusetts Haya FK Boston  
Massachusetts Hisham Soufan Somerset  
Massachusetts Itrat Fatima Milford Free free Marzia hashmi
Massachusetts Jawhara Garcia Worcester  
Massachusetts Jodie Dow-Novaes Somerville  
Massachusetts joseph Piarulli Worcester Injustice
Massachusetts Linda Jenkins Medford  
Massachusetts lorelee Stewart Salem  
Massachusetts Marie Gentz Salem  
Massachusetts marzia Fatimah Shrewsbury  
Massachusetts Masuma Naqwe Cambridge  
Massachusetts Mohammadreza Sharif Boston  
Massachusetts Nuzaiba Haider Milford  
Massachusetts Omar Rashed Malden  
Massachusetts Parisa K Boston  
Massachusetts Qammar Nisa Upton  
Massachusetts Qasim Zaidi Hopkinton  
Massachusetts Saman Ali Hopkinton  
Massachusetts Samana Walji Woburn  
Massachusetts Samina Hussain Hopkinton  
Massachusetts Sean Buckley Boston  
Massachusetts Sorour Dolaty Concord  
Massachusetts Stephen Ainsworth Watertown  
Massachusetts Syed Raza Shrewsbury  
Massachusetts Tahreem Syed Hopkinton  
Massachusetts Yaniv Kougba Somerville  
Massachusetts Youssef Razik Everett  
Massachusetts Yusuf Trombly Dracut  
Massachusetts Zaib Nisa Bridgewater  
Massachusetts Zainab Qudar Natick  
Massachusetts Zeba Naqvi Woburn  
Massachusetts Zemam Beyene Watertown  
Massachusetts Zo So Woburn  


Michigan Abdisalan Abdullahi Grand Rapids  
Michigan Abdullaah Yaseen Detroit  
Michigan Abdullah Ramzan Troy  
Michigan Abe jaghbir Dearborn Heights  
Michigan Abid Khoyee Taylor  
Michigan Abigail Adan Detroit  
Michigan Abraham Alaouie Dearborn Heights  
Michigan Abu Talib Cornelius Lansing She is not a criminal nor have any charges been brought. If another country did this America would attack them.
Michigan Abuzar Naqvi Farmington Hills  
Michigan Adebe Shamey Detroit  
Michigan Ahmad Bazzi Detroit  
Michigan Ahmad charara Dearborn  
Michigan Ahmed Badaoui Dearborn  
Michigan Ahmed Nasser Taylor  
Michigan Al Mirage Novi  
Michigan Alex Raishouni Dearborn  
Michigan ali alemarah Detroit  
Michigan Ali Bayz Dearborn  
Michigan Ali Bazzi Dearborn Heights  
Michigan ali jomaa dearborn  
Michigan Ali K    
Michigan Ali Khoyee Taylor  
Michigan Ali Mansour Detroit  
Michigan Ali Rizvi Baltimore From our streets to university campuses to the media outlets, #FreeMarziehHashemi outroar will shatter Western hypocrisy.
Michigan Ali Rizvi Troy  
Michigan Ali Srour Dearborn Heights  
Michigan Amber Sajjad Dearborn Heights  
Michigan Amtul Hussain a I care for the innocent people who are receiving injustice
Michigan Anthony Thoma plymouth  
Michigan Anwar Mahmoud Dearborn Heights  
Michigan Areej Bleibel Dearborn Heights  
Michigan Ashraf Abouarabi Dearborn Heights  
Michigan Assita Doumbia Detroit  
Michigan Basharat Gowher D heights Hosting a talk show where views other than  the circulated by biased social media are shared,  is that a crime?  Release Marzieh the brave talk show host.
Michigan bashir jafri bloomfield hills  
Michigan bilal hashem Dearborn  
Michigan Christina Baydoun Dearborn  
Michigan Dhuha Al-Rasool Dearborn  
Michigan Diana Hamood Rochester  
Michigan Donnita Kassem DEARBORN  
Michigan Duaa Mohammed Dearborn Heights  
Michigan eilia syed dearborn  
Michigan Fadi Bazzi Dearborn  
Michigan Fadia Habhab Dearborn  
Michigan Fadl Chokr Livonia  
Michigan Fakhar Zaidi Southfield  
Michigan Fatah Motahhar Detroit  
Michigan Fatemeh Hedayat Redford  
Michigan Faten Ajrouche Dearborn  
Michigan Fatima Bzeih Dearborn  
Michigan Fatme Idriss Dearborn  
Michigan Fatme Zahr Dearborn Heights  
Michigan Fred Assi Dearborn  
Michigan Ganna Al Detroit  
Michigan Ghulam Hasnain West Bloomfield Township Free Marzieh Hashimi.
Michigan Habib Syed Dearborn  
Michigan Hadi Dourra Dearborn  
Michigan Hafez Bazzi Dearborn  
Michigan Hafsa Rasheeda Hamtramck  
Michigan Haider Wakil Dearborn  
Michigan haifa saleh Dearborn  
Michigan Haissam Assi Dearborn Heights  
Michigan Hamdan Harhara Allen Park  
Michigan Hamzah Farhat Dearborn  
Michigan Hana Alasry Dearborn  
Michigan Hana Hassan Detroit  
Michigan Hanan Hojeije Dearborn Heights  
Michigan Hasan Humadi Sterling Heights  
Michigan Hasan Younes Dearborn Heights  
Michigan Hassan Awada Ann Arbor  
Michigan Hassan Chaayto Grandville  
Michigan hassan charara Dearborn  
Michigan Hassan Salamey Dearborn  
Michigan Husein 's Cell Marashi Detroit  
Michigan Hussein Fakhreddine Dearborn Heights It’s our duty to protect journalists
Michigan Hussein Harb Dearborn  
Michigan Hussein Hashem Dearborn  
Michigan Hussein Kassem Dearborn  
Michigan Hussein Makki Detroit  
Michigan Hussein Mroue Dearborn Heights  
Michigan Huwida Jaghbir Dearborn Heights  
Michigan Ibrahim Seyam Ann Arbor Free this good lady , US should be the land of freedom, and no one suffering of any discrimination or hate proposals from any lace of US , we all are Americans.
Michigan Iman Bazzi Dearborn Heights  
Michigan Imran Saqib Farmington  
Michigan Jaafar Aboukhodr Dearborn Heights  
Michigan Jamila Alqarnain Redford  
Michigan Jason Ditz Saginaw  
Michigan Jason Smart Dearborn  
Michigan Jessica Almaliki Dearborn Heights  
Michigan John Smith Ann Arbor  
Michigan Jouana Osman Dearborn  
Michigan Karlecia Butler Madison Heights  
Michigan Kassem Elsaghir Charlotte  
Michigan Katie Thomas Ann Arbor  
Michigan Khalil Hamka Newport  
Michigan Khatija Rafiq Canton  
Michigan kulsoom akbari dearborn She is wrongly imprisoned. Free MarziehHashmi.
Michigan Laith Khadim Dearborn Heights  
Michigan Latefa Hamid Dearborn  
Michigan Leila Ajami Dearborn  
Michigan Leila Hachem Rockwood  
Michigan Maasai Joshua Detroit  
Michigan Malek Muhsen Taylor  
Michigan Manel H Dearborn  
Michigan Maqsood Ali Royal Oak  
Michigan Mariam Atwi Dearborn  
Michigan Mariam Rizvi Lake Orion  
Michigan Marion Aretha Borden-Davis Detroit  
Michigan Marisol Vera Hamtramck  
Michigan Marwa Mroue Dearborn Heights  
Michigan Mary Rezvani Southfield  
Michigan Mehdi Ballout Dearborn  
Michigan Mhd Mussa Dearborn #FreeMarziehHashemi
Michigan Mike Jaghbir Dearborn Heights  
Michigan Mike Mashhour Dearborn  
Michigan MIR ASGHAR Dearborn  
Michigan Mir Razvi Novi Freedom of speech , black lives matter, and due legal process has to be followed before incarcerating someone.
Michigan Mo Sinan Dearborn She is  Innocent
Michigan Mohamad Abbas Dearborn Heights  
Michigan Mohamad Aoude Dearborn  
Michigan Mohamad Bazzi Northville  
Michigan Mohamad Isa Dearborn I’m signing this position
Michigan Mohamad Kaawar Dearborn Heights  
Michigan Mohamad Srour Dearborn Heights  
Michigan MOHAMAD ZEITOUN Dearborn Heights She deserves to be treated with respect and represented fairly, not with disrespect and injustice. Keep America great, at least  don't tarnish this great country by mistreating its own citizens.
Michigan Mohamed Ahmed Dearborn  
Michigan Mohamed Hijazi River Rouge  
Michigan Mohammad Ali Elahi Dearborn Heights  
Michigan Mohammad Emari Livonia Marzieh Hashemi has been detained with no charge and it is a violation of her basic human rights.
Michigan mohammed alshara dearborn  
Michigan Muhammad Zaidi Dearborn Heights  
Michigan Mustafa Haidar Canton  
Michigan Nada Darwish Dearborn Heights  
Michigan Nader Jawad Macomb  
Michigan Nadia Haidous Dearborn  
Michigan Nagham Al-agil Dearborn We want justice and transparency on why she was detained, and we want her to be released if there are no criminal charges against her.
Michigan Nasir Abbas Dearborn  
Michigan nassif daher Dearborn Heights  
Michigan Naziha Hamid Dearborn Heights  
Michigan Neelam Ali Sterling Heights  
Michigan Nefertari Nkenge Detroit  
Michigan Norma Scheib Dearborn Heights  
Michigan Om Jawad Dearborn  
Michigan Phillippe Rousseau Detroit  
Michigan Rabbie Hanna Portland  
Michigan Raghida Choucair Dearborn Heights  
Michigan Raniah Haidar Troy  
Michigan Reza Rahmani Ann arbor  
Michigan Rida Javed-Rizvi Warren  
Michigan Robin Benton Lansing  
Michigan Ronny Kabbani Dearborn  
Michigan Rubab Imtiaz Ann Arbor  
Michigan Russul Al-Shimary Dearborn  
Michigan Ruwida Rizka dearborn  
Michigan Sabina Kanji Canton  
Michigan Safia Gowher Walled Lake  
Michigan Samirah Abdulghani Dearborn Heights  
Michigan Sara Ahmed Northville  
Michigan Sara Haidar Dearborn Heights  
Michigan Sara Hakim Sterling Heights  
Michigan Sayeda Raza Canton  
Michigan Sayeeda Fatima Livonia  
Michigan Sayyida Habib Detroit  
Michigan Shabana Hamid Canton  
Michigan Shadia Dabaja    
Michigan Shahnaz Zaidi Dearborn  
Michigan shayaan hasnain Keego Harbor  
Michigan Souhier Abouarabi Dearborn Heights  
Michigan Susan I Lansing  
Michigan Suzanne Assi Dearborn  
Michigan Suzanne Jaber Dearborn Heights  
Michigan Syed Altaf Dearborn  
Michigan Syed Haider Dearborn  
Michigan Syed Jafri Riverview  
Michigan Syed Rizvi Dearborn  
Michigan Syed sadiq Jafri Maidstone  
Michigan syed saqib Farmington  
Michigan Syeda Ali Canton  
Michigan Syeda Naqvi Dearborn Human rights
Michigan Tahira Abbas Grand Rapids  
Michigan Tala Taleb Dearborn Heights  
Michigan Tameem Nabeel Dearborn Heights  
Michigan Tazeen Abbas Farmington Hills  
Michigan Usama Abdulghani Dearborn Heights  
Michigan Usef Nasrallah Detroit  
Michigan Wafaa Hamdan Dearborn  
Michigan Wali Haidri Dearborn  
Michigan Yakout Badawi Dearborn Heights  
Michigan Younes Makki Dearborn Heights  
Michigan Zahraa Mansour Dearborn  
Michigan Zaid Al-Wahab Dearborn Heights  
Michigan Zainab Khoyee Taylor  
Michigan Zakiya Mazloum Dearborn  
Michigan zaynab choughari Dearborn  
Michigan Zehra Hussain Saginaw  
Michigan zeinab khocheiche Dearborn Heights  
Michigan zeinab mansour Warren Freedom is a right
Michigan Zianab Berro-Al-zein Detroit  
Minnesota Adnan Alawiyat Minneapolis  
Minnesota Ali Kazmi Minneapolis  
Minnesota Amin Niknam Champlin  
Minnesota Amir Monzavi Saint Paul  
Minnesota Anwarali Dharsi Minneapolis  
Minnesota Banda e qhuda Labbaik Minneapolis  
Minnesota Barbara Monzavi Minneapolis  
Minnesota Batul Mehdi Brooklyn Park  
Minnesota batul walji brooklyn park  
Minnesota Caroline Zhian Minneapolis  
Minnesota Carrie Rand White Bear Lake  
Minnesota Connor McMorrow St Louis Park  
Minnesota Craig Wood Minnreapolis  
Minnesota Emil Herrera St Paul  
Minnesota Faiza Ahmed Minneapolis  
Minnesota Fatemah Mulla Champlin  
Minnesota Gabe Haas Eagan  
Minnesota golsa shirazi Saint Paul  
Minnesota Hamzaali Noormohamed Minneapolis  
Minnesota Hayder Albatushi Minneapolis  
Minnesota Isaac Hoehn Saint Paul  
Minnesota Jayme Schrader Proctor Be just!
Minnesota Joseph Meier Eden Prairie  
Minnesota Kaniz Walji Minneapolis  
Minnesota kate h Rosemount  
Minnesota Kazem Meshksar Bloomington  
Minnesota Kent Mori Saint Paul  
Minnesota Laila hirji Minneapolis Lailahirji
Minnesota Mansura Khimji Maple Grove  
Minnesota Margaret Muhawesh Plymouth  
Minnesota Mariam Meghjee Plymouth  
Minnesota Maryam Zhian Saint Paul  
Minnesota Mick Kelly Minneapolis  
Minnesota Mohamed Shivji Minneapolis  
Minnesota Mohsin Karim Minneapolis  
Minnesota Mubina Lakha Osseo  
Minnesota Nargis Karim Minneapolis  
Minnesota Nargis Walji Minneapolis  
Minnesota Nasem Haji Minneapolis  
Minnesota Odeh Muhawesh Plymouth  
Minnesota Pooya Razzaghi Saint Paul  
Minnesota Rachel Brogle Backus  
Minnesota Razia Remtula Minneapolis Razia Remtula
Minnesota Reza Gol Blooming Prairie  
Minnesota Rukaiya Salemohamed Minneapolis  
Minnesota Sahra Salim Minneapolis  
Minnesota Saif Khan Bloomington  
Minnesota Sakina Mulla Minneapolis  
Minnesota Sayyeda Noormohamed Maple Grove  
Minnesota Siham Gesey Minneapolis  
Minnesota syed Rizvi Eden Prairie  
Minnesota Syed Rizvi Eden Prairie  
Minnesota Tahera Walji Minneapolis  
Minnesota Tim Nolan Saint Paul No Peace No Justice
Minnesota tracy molm Minneapolis  
Minnesota Zahraa Alsaabiri Minneapolis  
Minnesota Zainab RIzvi Saint Paul  
Minnesota Zulfikarali Walji Brooklyn Park  
Minnesota Zulfiquar Najfi Minneapolis  
Mississippi K Jones Ridgeland  
Mississippi Victor Lake Ocean Springs  
Missouri Abbie Karlish Poplar Bluff  
Missouri Anbreen Bashir Chesterfield  
Missouri Ashley Crow Kansas City  
Missouri Elizabeth Stoodley St. Louis  
Missouri elmaddin sumgait parkville  
Missouri Faiz Ali Ballwin  
Missouri Fareha Khan Ballwin  
Missouri furqana khan Ballwin  
Missouri Gabriel Young Bonne Terre  
Missouri Harrison Elfrink Saint Louis I believe this move was totally unjust, it sets a very, VERY dangerous precedent. Marzieh Hashemi (Melanie Franklin) must be released from detention NOW!
Missouri Iffat Zahra Saint Louis #FreeSisterMarziah
Missouri Javed Choudhary Independence  
Missouri Jennifer A Thompson Saint Ann  
Missouri Kausar Itaet Platte City  
Missouri Laila Schulte Saint Louis  
Missouri madad ali Poplar Bluff  
Missouri Masoom Khawaja Kansas City  
Missouri Megan Smith Nixa  
Missouri Naba Yasir Ballwin  
Missouri Nasira Choudhary Poplar Bluff  
Missouri Sadaf Khan Kansas City  
Missouri Samuel Brady Cuba  
Missouri Waqar Zaidi Columbia  
Missouri yasmine jaber Florissant  
Missouri Yusra ali ballwin  
Missouri zehra anwar chesterfield  
Nebraska Ariana Tajdini Lincoln  
Nebraska Mohammad Khan Ottawa, Ontario  
Nevada Adnan Rizvi Las Vegas  
Nevada Akel Ahmad Reno  
Nevada Ali Boumelhem Las Vegas May god almighty be with every oppressed And free every oppressed on the face of this earth. And may god give guidance to the oppressors and lead them to the right path.
Nevada Ali Mokhtari Las Vegas  
Nevada Amne Hamey Las vegas  
Nevada Farah Mahmood Las Vegas  
Nevada Fatemeh Feiz Las Vegas  
Nevada Fatima Boumelhem Las Vegas  
Nevada Fatima Yunespour Las Vegas  
Nevada gayland barney las vegas  
Nevada Mariam Ahmad Reno  
Nevada Mary Asey Las Vegas We the People of the UNITED States have rights and my sisters rights have been severely violated and she must be Freed immediately !
Nevada Maryam Pasvar Las Vegas  
Nevada Maz R Keshvani Las Vegas  
Nevada Nadia Fahs Las Vegas  
Nevada seyed mohammad hoseini Las Vegas  
Nevada Tanaka Harder Reno  
Nevada Yamisleidi Montes de oca Las Vegas  
Nevada آصف كوندا Las Vegas  
New Hampshire Ahmad Hussin Portsmouth  
New Hampshire Azeen Hashmani Nashua  
New Hampshire Deirdre Lyder Atkinson  
New Hampshire Fatema Shariff Nashua  
New Hampshire Fatema Shariff Nashua  
New Hampshire Syed Tufsil Muhuddin Gilani Troy  
New Jersey Abdul Alim Mubarak-Rowe Maplewood  
New Jersey Abiha Kazmi Vineland  
New Jersey Abulhasan Rizvi Jersey City I m with you
New Jersey Adeel Zaidi Piscataway  
New Jersey Akbari Begum Jackson  
New Jersey Akil Ajani Secaucus  
New Jersey Alina Kizilbash Englishtown  
New Jersey Anis Jaferi Plainsboro  
New Jersey Ansar MIRZA JERSEY CITY  
New Jersey Anwer Abbas Woodbridge  
New Jersey Asra Mirza Marlboro  
New Jersey Bilal Hakeem Paterson  
New Jersey Ejaz Ali Maplewood  
New Jersey elisha harris dover Freedom
New Jersey Faisal Ladak Plainsboro Township This really sounds absurd and racially motivated.
New Jersey Farooq B Monmouth Junction  
New Jersey Floyd Medi Hoboken  
New Jersey Halim abdalla Clifton  
New Jersey Hamid REza Piscataway  
New Jersey Haneen Salem Clifton  
New Jersey Harvey Billups Secaucus  
New Jersey hasan hoseini Piscataway  
New Jersey Hasheem Himmati Gloucester City  
New Jersey Hashmath Jaffari Freehold  
New Jersey Helen Thompson Villas  
New Jersey Hena Hasan Jackson  
New Jersey Hina Zaidi Secaucus  
New Jersey Hossein Aghabeikzadeh Bayonne  
New Jersey Ibrahim Nasser Edison Govt should be open with dealing with suppressed Shia community who are being persecuted. As Jew were in past
New Jersey Iqra Abbasi Passaic  
New Jersey Ismat Rizvi Bronx  
New Jersey jawad bukhari galloway Jawadbukhari
New Jersey Jerrmein Abu Shahba Jersey city  
New Jersey Kaneeze Fathima Englishtown  
New Jersey Kashif Jaffery Sayreville  
New Jersey Kazim Hussain Newark  
New Jersey Khaled Abraham Newark  
New Jersey Khaled Reza Pennsauken I believe USA should stick to the principles of justice, free speech, press and expression.
New Jersey Latifah Jannah Montclair  
New Jersey Layla Ladha Hillsdale  
New Jersey Lee Boccuzzi Toms River  
New Jersey Maheen Shah Monroe twp  
New Jersey Maina AGHA Livingston  
New Jersey Maisha Amen Summit  
New Jersey Marcella Simadiris Montclair  
New Jersey Maureen Flynn Pequannock Township  
New Jersey Mazhar Syed South Plainfield  
New Jersey Melissa Leak Paterson I am signing the petition to get freedom, justice, and equality for my Sister. The universal right for freedom is viable. Let my Sister exercise her constitutional rights to be free.
New Jersey Michael Davis willingboro Free Sista Marzieh!! She hasn’t broken any laws!
New Jersey MirAbbas Razavi Toms river Every human being has birth right to  express his or her values and believes.
New Jersey Mohamadreza Ashtiani abdi Piscataway  
New Jersey Mohammad Madih Piscataway  
New Jersey Mohammad Ranjbar Piscataway  
New Jersey Mohammed Merchant Hillsborough  
New Jersey Muhammad A. Kizilbash Englishtown  
New Jersey Muntazir Dhirani Secaucus  
New Jersey Mutahir Abidi Secaucus  
New Jersey Naaz Zaidi Hillsborough  
New Jersey Nader Haq Paterson  
New Jersey Nadereh Farshchi Piscataway  
New Jersey Nancy Bryant Bayonne  
New Jersey Nancy Thelot Union  
New Jersey Narges KHEIRABADI Swedesboro  
New Jersey Nessrein Abushahba Jersey City Stand up for human rights, freedom of speech and justice!
New Jersey Nicholas Ayala Newark  
New Jersey Nigar Rizvi Monroe Township  
New Jersey Nina Aghabeikzadeh Bayonne  
New Jersey Noor Crea Newark  
New Jersey Noreen Jafri South Plainfield  
New Jersey Nurzehra Hassam Monmouth Junction  
New Jersey nuzhat mirza princeton jct  
New Jersey Olivia Difulco Cranford  
New Jersey Rashia Murji Hillsborough  
New Jersey Reza Eslaminia Piscataway  
New Jersey Ricardo Francis Irvington  
New Jersey Rizwan Rizvi Somerset  
New Jersey Ronnie Miller Wrightstown  
New Jersey Ruquia Ali Princetion Parvein Naseem
New Jersey saba amir Morganville  
New Jersey Saba Syed Plainsboro  
New Jersey Sade Lawai Camden  
New Jersey Sajida Haji Irvington  
New Jersey Sakina Jaffari Manalapan  
New Jersey Salima Abdullah District Heights  
New Jersey Salma Ladak Park ridge  
New Jersey Samana Razavi Toms River  
New Jersey Sanam Ishaq Ramsey  
New Jersey Saniya Mohsin Hamilton  
New Jersey Sara F Hackensack  
New Jersey Shahnaz Bremer Plainfield  
New Jersey shahzia ibrahim Waldwick  
New Jersey shenaz Nasser Clark  
New Jersey Sonya movassaghi Edison  
New Jersey Syed Jaffari Freehold  
New Jersey Syed Naqvi North Bergen  
New Jersey Syed Raza Secaucus  
New Jersey Syed Rizvi Hightstown Free a journalist
New Jersey Syeda Mehdi Hazlet  
New Jersey syed-Mohsin Naquvi Haddonfield It is wrong to imprison an innocent woman for no cause
New Jersey Synat Busari Sewell  
New Jersey Tam Noory Lake Hopatcong  
New Jersey Tz Asif Edison  
New Jersey Vanessa Bunch Paterson  
New Jersey Varney  A. Dorley Clifton  
New Jersey Waheeda Rahim Edison  
New Jersey Wahida Shereenzada Parsippany She is innocent!
New Jersey Zain Ali North Augusta  
New Jersey zainab Ali Woodbridge Township  
New Jersey Zainab Merchant North Brunswick Township  
New Jersey Zainab Shivji Morristown  
New Jersey Zakir Syed East Brunswick  
New Jersey Zara Daneshvar Pennington  
New Jersey Zehra Mohsin Edison  
New Mexico Fatima Alshafee Albuquerque  
New Mexico Hanieh Afkhamiardakani Albuquerque  
New Mexico Melissa Larson Ranchos de Taos  
New Mexico Samantha Sena Los Lunas  
New Mexico Wayne Knapp Albuquerque  
New Mexico Yuram Abdullah Weiler Las Cruces  
New Mexico Yuram Abdullah Weiler لاس کروسس May Allah speed your return to the Islamic Republic of Iran from this cesspool of capitalist corruption known as "America".  Our du'as are for your prompt release and return.
New York A Rouholami New York  
New York Abdullah Jawad Troy  
New York Abdulrahman Adamu New York  
New York Adam Riordan New York  
New York Ade Ibrahim New York  
New York Adja Guisse Brooklyn  
New York AHMED S New York  
New York Ailya Haider South Ozone Park  
New York Akhtar Abbas Brooklyn  
New York Ali Ahmad Brooklyn  
New York Ali Dilawar Glendale  
New York Ali Jawwad Jackson Heights  
New York Amer Abu Amer Bronx  
New York Amrin Amlani Rego Parkn  
New York Anita Rosenblithe New York  
New York Arshi Unia Forest Hills  
New York Asghar Salami New York  
New York Asim Shakur Brooklyn  
New York ASLAM AJANI Queens  
New York Aya Mohammad Astoria  
New York Ayesha Mohammed Brooklyn  
New York Ayisha Bennett Brooklyn  
New York aziz roohi Buffalo  
New York Balla Diop New York  
New York Barbara Schwartz Richford The arrest and detention of Ms. Marzieh Hashemi is a human rights abuse.  I demand her immediate and unconditional release, and a full investigation of her arrest.
New York Behrad Nakhai Tuckahoe  
New York ben benyamin New York  
New York Bilal HUSSAIN Macungie  
New York Brian Tvedt Syosset  
New York Caleb Maupin New York  
New York Carmen Lopez Far Rockaway  
New York cornelia rakow New york  
New York Cyntonya Litchmore Jamaica  
New York Danielle Seifert Getzville I do not sure the united state's right to remove the rights of it's citizens by the Patriot Act.
New York Danny Haiphong New York  
New York Dylan Weichel Oneida  
New York Edward Dingilian Bronx  
New York Edward Joaquin Bronx  
New York Eleanor Ommani Armonk The actions of Washington, D.C., by arresting this wonderful journalist and defender of civil and human rights, reflect their opposition to a free press and a democratic system. We demand freedom for Marzieh NOW!
New York Eshwire Mahadeo Jamaica  
New York Evon Romano Bloomingburg  
New York F. Mafi New York  
New York Fahima Seck Jamaica  
New York Farrah s Queens  
New York Fat Huss Levittown  
New York Fatema Hussajn Bronx  
New York Fatima Abidi Brooklyn  
New York Fatima Ladak Ronkonkoma  
New York Fatima Nathani Westbury  
New York Firdos Mukadum Merrick  
New York Firdous Rizvi New York  
New York Fizza Zaidi East Orange  
New York Gareth Bryant Brooklyn  
New York Gina Aversano Staten island shameful
New York Gulam Dinani Dix Hills  
New York Gulshan Shivji Rosedale  
New York Gwendolyn Washington Elmira Release her
New York Habiba Zaki New York  
New York Hamid Khorasani New York  
New York Hananh Yi Flushing  
New York Hassan Nuri Bellmore  
New York Heshmat zaheri New York  
New York Hoshneara Begum Richmond Hill  
New York Hossein Yazdanshenas New York  
New York humberto misteroni new york  
New York Hunain Zaidi Franklin Square  
New York Hussain Zhian New Hyde Park  
New York HUSSEIN Ali Bronx  
New York Hyder Hussain Moosvi Syed Bronx  
New York Imran Khurram Flushing  
New York isah hassan New York  
New York Jacob Abu-Zeid Washingtonville  
New York Jaffer Alloo Deer Park  
New York Jawad Hussain Jamaica  
New York Jen Odien Buffalo  
New York Jeremy Svinkelstin Brooklyn  
New York Joe Catron New York  
New York Joe Lombardo Delmar  
New York Kanwal Ali Hempstead  
New York Kenya Shakir New York  
New York Lawrence Hayes Brooklyn Brother Malcolm X was someone I learned from and admired.  His assassination was a blow to me and many other African American men and women who he helped in developing Consciousness of Self.  However, as this page confirms, loud and clear, Malcolm's legacy lives on.
New York Layla Dee 11230  
New York Leila Namin Rye Brook  
New York Leonardo Leiva Queens LeonardoL.H.
New York Mahmud Syed Farmingville Is this really the land of the free anymore?
New York mahpara naqvi ronkonkoma  
New York mariam razvi Jericho Being a journalist is not a crime.
New York Mark Appenteng Yonkers  
New York mark phelan brooklyn  
New York Maryam Asi Brooklyn  
New York Maryam Rohani New York  
New York Maryum Razvi Plainview  
New York Masooma Zaidi Lynbrook  
New York Moby Bukhari Patchogue  
New York Mohamad Termos New York  
New York Mohammad Razvi Jamaica  
New York Mohibul Islam Malverne  
New York Mrjn Mslh New York  
New York Mufasa Rezwi Jamaica  
New York Mumtaz Khalfan Syosset  
New York Mustapha Ndanusa Brooklyn Be charged or be released
New York Muztahid Kaiser Bronx  
New York Nancy Smith New York  
New York Nasim Tinwala Farmingdale  
New York Nessrein AbuShahba New York  
New York Nveeda Syedda Farmingville  
New York Parviz somani Hicksville  
New York Paula Clemons Brooklyn  
New York Rabeel Attique Queens  
New York Radwan Alrabi Bronx  
New York Ramsha Arshad North Babylon  
New York Renee Bennett Brooklyn  
New York Reza Khatiri New York  
New York reza lhoshrou New York  
New York RizwanHaider Haider Franklin Square  
New York robin mcginty NYC  
New York Roop Syed Staten Island  
New York rubab kermali elmont  
New York Ruhullah Khan Bronx  
New York Saba Hussain Brooklyn  
New York Sabiha Husain New York  
New York Sabir Sial New York  
New York Sadia Islam Bronx  
New York said ade brooklyn Jailing journalists is humane
New York Sajjad Jooma Queens  
New York salar balooch Massapequa  
New York Saleem Zaidi Astoria  
New York SAQLAIN ZAIDI New York  
New York Sayedreza Alaway Queens  
New York Shabana Mehdi Bronx  
New York Shaghayegh Fazelian New York  
New York Shakir Jooma Queens  
New York Sharmin Chaviwalla West Babylon  
New York Shatita Bano Staten Island  
New York Shehla Hasan Ithaca  
New York Sheik Shakoor Bronx  
New York Shumaila Habib Flushing  
New York Sia Sar New York  
New York Sid L New York  
New York Siray Touray Bronx  
New York Sophie Ghannam Brooklyn  
New York stephanie richardson Brooklyn  
New York Sukaina Panju Bronx  
New York Sukayna Essa Roosevelt  
New York Sultan Maruf Astoria  
New York Suraiya Husein Saint Albans  
New York Syed Azaz AlHasanie-semnani New Hartford  
New York SYED HAIDER-SHAH Albany  
New York Syed Kazmi Floral Park  
New York Syed mujtaba Mahdawy Schenectady  
New York Syed Rizvi Brooklyn  
New York Syed Shah Bronx  
New York syeda zaidi staten island  
New York Tahir Syed Floral Park Arrest without declaring crime is a crime
New York Taj Rizvi Brooklyn  
New York Tanbir Ahmed Bronx  
New York Tanvir Ahmad Hewlett  
New York Tarannum Naqvi Brooklyn  
New York Taskeen Zahra Forest Hills  
New York Tohib Adejumo Brooklyn  
New York Tooba Zaidi Lynbrook  
New York Tuba Hasan New York  
New York Umme Fizza Elmont  
New York Ummulbanin zaidi Long Island  
New York Yacine Ounis Troy  
New York Yasin Zaidi Stony Brook  
New York Yohance Taylor Jamaica  
New York Yusuf Sabur Jamaica  
New York Yvette Sylla Bronx  
New York Z Bgh New York  
New York Zahra Hussain Elmont  
New York Zainab Zaidi Franklin Square  
New York Zareen. Ansari. New York  
New York Zeena Majid Clifton Park  
New York Zulfiqar Jaffri Getzville  
New York Zulfiqar Kahn Hempstead  
New York امیر چشمی New York  
New York حسام حسامی New York  
New York سیاوش خطیبی New York خجالت آوره
New York سیاوش خطیبی New York  
New York علی اکبر ذهابی علی اکبر New York  
North Carolina Abdul hadi Jakien Durham  
North Carolina Adam Behnawa Raleigh  
North Carolina Aisha Caruth Chapel Hill  
North Carolina Amir Rahimi Wilson  
North Carolina Amy Nelson Durham  
North Carolina AYESHA SADDIQUE Rio Rancho  
North Carolina Farah Khan Rocky Mount I think it is nit fair to imprison without reason.
North Carolina Farwah Hassan Charlotte  
North Carolina Fateme Rameshk Boiling Springs  
North Carolina Georgette Brown West End  
North Carolina Habibah Kileyo Charlotte  
North Carolina Hajera Shab Cary  
North Carolina Hameed Muqtasid Jacksonville  
North Carolina Hasan Rasheed Fayetteville  
North Carolina Hasina Nanji Mooresville  
North Carolina Jamila Kulayni Kannapolis  
North Carolina letha muhammad Raleigh  
North Carolina Linda Martin Apex  
North Carolina Luqman Al-Sadiq Raleigh Illegal detention and blatant violations of religious and civil rights is a crime against us all and to remain silent is to except and support and I will never.  FREE HER NOW
North Carolina This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Babakhanian Boiling Springs  
North Carolina Manzoor Cheema Raleigh  
North Carolina Mike Davis Cary  
North Carolina Mujiba Haroon Durham  
North Carolina Nida Zaidi Winston Salem  
North Carolina Patricia Sims Raleigh  
North Carolina peter asgar Franklinton  
North Carolina Rahman Khorramfar Raleigh  
North Carolina Ruby Abidi Knightdale  
North Carolina ruqayyah rasheed beulaville  
North Carolina Saed Kulayni Concord  
North Carolina Shahadah Bailey SWANNANOA  
North Carolina Sharon Crawford Asheville  
North Carolina Sharon Smith Asheville  
North Carolina Syed Shah Apex  
North Carolina Tabshu Sk Apex  
North Carolina Tehsin Khan Forest City  
North Carolina Warren S Ramseur Shelby  
North Carolina Zahra Karim Rio Rancho  
North Carolina Zeynab Pahlevani Boiling Springs  
Ohio Afrah Ali Columbus  
Ohio Ally Hemani Richmond Hill  
Ohio Ameer Shehadeh North Olmsted  
Ohio Aminullah Ahmad Dayton  
Ohio Anusha Aga Cincinnati  
Ohio Bilal Alawy Toledo  
Ohio Dennis Cassidy Wintersville Don't imprison journalists just because you don't like what they have to say.
Ohio Halimah Rosanally Columbus  
Ohio Ibrahim Abdullah Cleveland  
Ohio Intisar Abdi Columbus  
Ohio Issa Randall London  
Ohio Jeanette Buehler Dayton I'm signing because you should give the same transparency to those we arrest as we expect to receive from other countries.
Ohio john malley youngstown i'm opposed to fascist police state where one can be 'disappeared'
Ohio Julius H. Brooks Jr. Columbus  
Ohio Kenneth King Youngstown  
Ohio L. Jordan Cincinnati  
Ohio m h Vandalia  
Ohio Mahassen Alamine Brecksville  
Ohio Mahbobeh Dr. Vezvaei Akron  
Ohio Mary Sue Gmeiner Dayton  
Ohio Missy She Richfield  
Ohio Mohamed Hussein Dayton I am signing this petition and hope for this US citizens quick and timely release under the law.
Ohio Nafeesa Huff Dayton  
Ohio Nayer Bagheri Cleveland  
Ohio Nellie Damavandi Akron  
Ohio nozipo glenn dayton  
Ohio Qadija Abtidon Columbus  
Ohio Salifu Sanyang Royal Oak  
Ohio Shaukat Khan Toledo  
Ohio Tammy Kennedy Cleveland  
Ohio Tarek Bazzi Columbus  
Ohio Tom Sodders Broadview Heights  
Ohio Tyler Cope Grove City  
Ohio Vernellia Randall Dayton  
Ohio Victoria Korosei Dayton  
Ohio Yasmin Hamadeh Wadsworth  
Ohio yusaf jalil euclid ReleaseMarziehHashemiNOW!
Ohio Yusaf JALIL Euclid  
Ohio Zaid Aldoulah Toledo  
Oklahoma Abaas Alkazaz Tulsa I'm signing this petition because the oppression against the Sister is unconstitutional and she has the right to an attorney and the right to trial, per habeas corpus
Oklahoma Adil Hasan Edmond  
Oklahoma Murtaza Mehdi Oklahoma City  
Oklahoma Yusuf Davis Oklahoma City  
Oregon Faryal Imam Portland  
Oregon Halima Hassany Beaverton  
Oregon Hanan Ghaddar Portland  
Oregon JoAnne VanDatta Eugene This is a humanitarian and diplomatic outrage
Oregon Mariam Ali Beaverton  
Oregon mark jimenez Portland We need to stop detaining and killing journalists.
Oregon Mohsrn Nasroullahi Beaverton  
Oregon Nawal Fakih Portland  
Oregon Samaneh Mohammadi Lake Oswego  
Oregon Samira Houdroge Portland  
Oregon unkle viktor Eugene  
Oregon Zakira Nasroullahi Portland  
Pennsylvania Ahmad Ali Philadelphia  
Pennsylvania AISHA K EL-MEKKI PHILA Sr. Marzieh exposes White Supremacy for what it truly is: White Savagery ‼️
Pennsylvania Ali Vaalia Macungie  
Pennsylvania Ali Zeni Upper Darby  
Pennsylvania Aliya Jafri Hummelstown  
Pennsylvania Amir Yaseen Philadelphia  
Pennsylvania Anne Williams Wyncote  
Pennsylvania Anvery Musa Allentown  
Pennsylvania Asma Hamidullah Phila  
Pennsylvania Baraa Shareef Pittsburgh  
Pennsylvania Colleen Torrence Philadelphia She is my sister and if it effects one of us it effects all of us
Pennsylvania Dante EL-Mekki Philadelphia  
Pennsylvania Donald DeGroat Shickshinny  
Pennsylvania Dr. Aunali Khaku Philadelphia  
Pennsylvania Edward Martin Akron  
Pennsylvania Elham Kadkhoda Cheltenham Elham kadkhoda.
Pennsylvania Fatima Kermalli Allentown  
Pennsylvania Fay Warner Philadelphia  
Pennsylvania George Smeal Williamsport  
Pennsylvania H. Mackey Philadelphia  
Pennsylvania haajarshakurah AbAziz Philadelphia  
Pennsylvania Hakima Rachman Jakarta  
Pennsylvania Hossein Hajari Philadelphia  
Pennsylvania Husnaa Hashim Philadelphia  
Pennsylvania Hussam Alsahlani Pittsburgh  
Pennsylvania Judith Ortiz Philadelphia  
Pennsylvania Kamil Abbas Norristown
Pennsylvania Kamil Abbas Norristown Please support her family hrlere.
Pennsylvania Kamil Abbas Norristown
Pennsylvania Kamil Abbas Philadelphia  
Pennsylvania Keith Collins Trainer  
Pennsylvania Kiran Aijaz Collegeville  
Pennsylvania LaNika Mills Philadelphia  
Pennsylvania Latifa Shalami Philadelphia  
Pennsylvania Lubna Malik Nazareth  
Pennsylvania Mahmood Datoo Bethlehem  
Pennsylvania Mina Moghanaki Bryn Mawr  
Pennsylvania Misbahul Hasan Norristown  
Pennsylvania Mo Vakalia Allentown  
Pennsylvania Munis Bhallo Allentown Unjustly arrested
Pennsylvania Muntadher Aljabery Monroeville  
Pennsylvania Nathan Howard Allentown I'm signing because America illegally arrested hashemi, for no other reason then their hated of Islam and their hated of anybody who tells the truth about what this government does.  American government hates brown skinned ppl, and Islam,  and she is a defender of both. That is why she is under arrest,  meanwhile Israel's genocidal government is free to come to America and walk around like they own it,  which they do.
Pennsylvania Nazmin Tabassum Philadelphia  
Pennsylvania Nusrst Fatima Upper Darby  
Pennsylvania Nzinga Aziz Phila Freedom of thought and freedom of speech are SUPPOSED to be the right of every American. Right?
Pennsylvania Qurat Hadi Philadelphia  
Pennsylvania Rabia Amin Folsom  
Pennsylvania Rachel Baldi Philadelphia  
Pennsylvania Ruqaya Nasir Bethlehem  
Pennsylvania Ruqayya Ali Philadelphia My responsibility and right to speak up about injustice.
Pennsylvania Ruth A. Daugherty Lancaster  
Pennsylvania Safia S Drexel Hill  
Pennsylvania Sajid B Philadelphia  
Pennsylvania salim khaku Allentown  
Pennsylvania Shabbir Hassanali Bethlehem  
Pennsylvania shahenaz jaffer Newnan  
Pennsylvania Sharif El-Mekki Philadelphia “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” #NeverWhisperJustice
Pennsylvania Sheik Bacchus Philadelphia  
Pennsylvania This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Khaku Fogelsville  
Pennsylvania Stephanie Carroll Eddystone  
Pennsylvania Suleiman ibn Olivieri Ashland  
Pennsylvania Syed Akberali Rizvi Lehigh valley  
Pennsylvania Syeda Fatima Bethel Park  
Pennsylvania Tahira Habib Allentown  
Pennsylvania Wendell Savage Norristown  
Pennsylvania Zaheeda Sajan Quakertown  
Puerto Rico Deborah Hunt san juan  
Rhode Island Cassandra C Norton  
Rhode Island Christian Chapman Providence  
Rhode Island Ditra edwards Providence  
Rhode Island Mikaeel Abdul Wadood Providence  
Rhode Island Ronald Giscombe Warwick  
Rhode Island yalanda Joseph providence  
South Caolina Azra Saharkhiz Greer I have a dream .Free Marzieh Hashemi.
South Caolina Brandon stewart Florence  
South Caolina Charles Pouncy Bennettsville  
South Caolina Jill Collins Columbia  
South Caolina Kayvan Fathi Charleston  
South Caolina Kevin Staggers Columbia  
South Caolina S Shivji Charleston  
South Caolina Saba Naqvi Greenville  
South Caolina Sakera Momin Anderson  
South Dakota Andleeb Afzal Sioux Falls  
South Dakota Paula Larsen Rapid City  
South Dakota vince Showers sioux falls If she hasn't been charge for a crime why should she be detained?
Tennessee Delia Bargiachi Memphis  
Tennessee Israel Hernandez Nashville  
Tennessee Jessica Munoz Antioch  
Tennessee Kathleen Levy Dyersburg  
Tennessee Laura Mokhtari Hermitage  
Tennessee Rachel Pirani Collierville  
Tennessee salina khan Murfreesboro  
Tennessee Soghra Fatima Memphis  
Tennessee Wafiah Oktaei Memphis  
Texas Aatika Somani Katy  
Texas Abbasali Musabji Round Rock  
Texas Abdul-Rahim Muhammad Houston  
Texas Abdur-Rahman Sohail Dallas  
Texas Adan Adan Arlington  
Texas Aeliya Jaffar Missouri City  
Texas Afeen Zaidi Houston  
Texas Afshan Hasan Cypress #FreeMarziehHashemi#Pray4MarziehHashemi
Texas Afshan Hasan Cypress #FreeMarziehHashemi#Pray4MarziehHashemi
Texas Akbar Zaidi Houston  
Texas alala gila Fort Worth  
Texas Aleeza Hassan Forney  
Texas Ali Aaqid Houston  
Texas ali adenwala Irving  
Texas Ali Ali Lewisville  
Texas Ali Chevalwala Houston  
Texas Ali Hashemi Houston  
Texas Ali Hemani Lewisville  
Texas Ali Mitha Houston  
Texas Ali Raza Houston  
Texas Ali Rizvi Carrollton  
Texas Aliakbar Bhavanagary Houston  
Texas Alireza Roohi El Paso justice for all!
Texas Aliza Rizwan Frisco  
Texas alizae mirza Sugar Land  
Texas alwan mortada Ashburn  
Texas Amaina Shah Richmond  
Texas Aman Agrawala SAN ANTONIO  
Texas Amaris Gutierrez El Paso  
Texas Aminae Kazemi Stafford  
Texas Ammar Hussain Flower Mound  
Texas Anonymous Zahra Carrollton  
Texas Antone Sacker Houston  
Texas Anum Rizvi Sugar Land  
Texas arifa abidi Houston She is a well known activist for human rights. We demand her release asap.
Texas Asad Hussain Houston  
Texas Aseel M Houston  
Texas Asghar ali Zeni Katy  
Texas Asif Rizvi MISSOURhode Island CITY  
Texas Asim Hasnie Humble  
Texas Asiya Askari Cypress  
Texas Asma Zaidi Cypress  
Texas Atefeh Naeemi San Antonio  
Texas Ayesha Mian Katy  
Texas Azita Ghadamipour Plano  
Texas Aziz Rizvi Spring  
Texas Azra Ali Cypress  
Texas baqar jaffery Dallas  
Texas Batool Rizvi Houston  
Texas Brida Li Dallas  
Texas Bushra Alamdar Houston  
Texas Dabir Haider Irving  
Texas Dan Bradshaw Maud  
Texas Dedric Tezeno Beaumont Justice suppose to come especially when you are being held with no charges.
Texas Deeba Tabibi Arlington  
Texas Dua Syed Houston  
Texas Durdana Pirwani Missouri City  
Texas Durrain Lakhani Houston  
Texas Ebrahim Golabbakhsh Houston  
Texas EDDIE JONES Houston  
Texas Eli Gill Kerrville  
Texas Elias Raymundo Pasadena  
Texas Eliya Saeed Sugar Land  
Texas Ensieh Mohseni Houston  
Texas fahmida saleheen houston  
Texas Faizan Vohra San Antonio  
Texas Faraz Ahmed Dallas  
Texas Farhan Jafri IRVING  
Texas Farhana Kassamali Houston  
Texas Faris Hashim Hutto  
Texas Farjad Zaheer Pflugerville  
Texas Farva Mir Houston  
Texas Farwa Ali Katy  
Texas Fatema MohamedHadi Arlington  
Texas Fatemeh Mirghassemi Dallas  
Texas FAtima Jafri Houston  
Texas Fatima Kazimi Houston  
Texas Fatima Mehdi Dallas  
Texas Fatima Moosavi Houston  
Texas Fatima Rashid Sugar Land  
Texas Fazal Abbas Kazmi Dallas  
Texas Fernando Uribe Del Rio  
Texas Frank Idrogo Richmond  
Texas George Mitchell Galveston  
Texas Ghulam Hussain Sugar Land  
Texas Guadalupe Estrada Houston  
Texas Hamed Hayatshahi Dallas  
Texas Haniya Rizvi Sugar Land Free Marzieh Hashemi.
Texas Hasan Rauf Kendall Park  
Texas Hasnain Hashmi Dallas  
Texas heena ali frisco  
Texas Hossein Nia Sugar Land  
Texas Huma Rizvi Dallas  
Texas Humaira Mirza Houston  
Texas Hussain Syed Sugar Land  
Texas husseina sulemanji Houston  
Texas Imran Ali Houston  
Texas Imran Dhanji Houston  
Texas Irene Potashner Houston First they came for the journalists. We don't know what happened after that. -quote from a smart young boy holding up a sign
Texas Ishrat Ali Irving  
Texas Izzy Fatima San Antonio  
Texas Jamal Shirazi Richmond  
Texas Jasmine Vidrine Katy