Sunday, January 29, 2023

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Shoot at WIll (aka Stand Your Ground)

Title Published Date Author Hits
“He's a Black Male . . . Something Is Wrong with Him!” The Role of Race in the Stand Your Ground Debate 07 October 2014 D. Marvin Jones Hits: 51638
The Killing of Jordan Davis (The Daily Show) 19 February 2014 The Daily Show Hits: 6779
The Black & White of Stand Your Ground 29 August 2013 Top Criminal Justice Degrees Hits: 21717
Black legal experts weigh in on Zimmerman case 03 April 2012 Starla Muhammad Hits: 9648
The Worldwide Popular Revolt Against Proportionality in Self-defense 25 March 2012 Renee Lettow Lerner Hits: 8068
Stand Your Ground and Racial Minorities 25 March 2012 P. Luevonda Ross Hits: 34621
Florida's Stand Your Ground 25 March 2012 Florida Stand Your Ground Hits: 7780