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Racist Health Care Elena O. Nightingale, Kari Hannibal,  H. Jack Geiger,  Lawrence Hartmann, Robert Lawrence and Jeanne Spurlock, Hits: 597
"Educated" to Feel Inferior: Will Africa ever Catch Up?" Bedford Nwabueze Umez Hits: 9041
African Courts and Human Rights Mirna E. Adjami Hits: 6510
African States and the UN Universal Periodic Review Allehone Mulugeta Abebe Hits: 8102
Legal Developments in Africa - 2011 Harriet O. Acheampong, et. al. Hits: 44369
Legal Tradition and Transitional Justice in Uganda Dana Zartner Hits: 8418
Prospects of an African Court of Human Rights Yemi Akinseye-George Hits: 6821
Should Europe Pay Reparations to Africa for Colonialism and Slavery? Ryan Michael Spitzer Hits: 24395
The African Union and the New Partnership for Africa's Development Nsongurua J. Udombana Hits: 7123
The Institutional Structure of the African Union: a Legal Analysis Nsongurua J. Udombana Hits: 10872
The Use of Comparative African Jurisprudence, and the Judicialization of Politics Joseph M. Isanga Hits: 1919
Towards a Model for African Humanitarian Intervention J. Emeka Wokoro Hits: 7002
United States 2011 Report on Status of Minorities in Africa U.S. Dept. of State Hits: 67744
a Historical Account of International Law and its Part in the South African Transformation Hits: 5976
Discrimination and the South African Legal Profession Lisa R. Pruitt Hits: 11041
Learned from the South African Constitutional Court Paul Nolette Hits: 5856
Sexual Matters in Africa: the Cry of the Adolescent Girl Oluyemisi Bamgbose Hits: 10214
The Best Interest of the South African Child Hits: 6417
Why the South African Constitution is better than the United States's Constitution Mark S. Kende Hits: 9962
Dimensions of the War Against Southern People in Sudan William L. Saunders Jr. and Yuri G. Mantilla Hits: 8500
Market Forces and the Rule of Law as a Means of Improving the Quality of Life in Sub-saharan Africa Paul Sergius Koku Hits: 5906
Sexual Violence and Genocide Against Tutsi Women Llezlie L. Green Hits: 9439
Sierra Leone's "Conflict Diamonds": the Legacy of Imperial Mining Laws and Policy Ian Martinez Hits: 9872
Hadijatou Mani Koroua V Niger: Slavery Unveiled by the Ecowas Court Helen Duffy Hits: 6835
The Legal Claim for German Reparations to the Herero Nation Sidney Harring Hits: 9293

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