The situation in Palestine is verging on that of a humanitarian crisis. The Palestinian population, 3.2 million people, is currently under the worst siege in their entire history.

· People are unable to move between Palestinian villages and towns, and goods cannot be transported.

· Large parts of many cities and villages are under 24 hour, or dusk-to-dawn curfews; tanks and armoured personal carriers sit in the streets, outside homes.

· A shortage of supplies is being reported in some areas, including gas and food.

· Sewage and garbage remains uncollected, presenting a public health crisis.

· Vaccinations and primary health care systems are paralyzed, and epidemics are possible

· Patients in need of kidney dialysis and cancer treatment cannot receive it; in addition to this, 30 Palestinians have died after being denied access to medical care, and numerous women have given birth at the Israeli military blockades.

· Most universities and schools are not functioning.

· More than 50% of the population is unemployed; furthermore many employed people are unable to get to their places of work.

· Heavily armed Israeli soldiers arbitrarily occupy civilians' homes.

· Israeli soldiers make armed raids into areas under Palestinian Authority, shooting people in their homes, and arresting others.

Palestinians are being punished through a combination of occupation, military aggression & siege.

During the past 14 months the Israeli army has killed 924 Palestinians and 25,000 others have been injured which is 1% of the population. 2,000 people have become permanently disabled.

Without your actions the situation can only worsen. We call on you to contact your representatives to prevent this humanitarian crisis from becoming a disaster.