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In July 2022, had 10,679 users in  11,832 sessions and 15,222 page views. Users were from 124 countries. The Top Six Countries were the United States, China, the United Kingdom, Canada,and AustraliaI uploaded 79 articles that had 190312  hits. I updated the Coronavirus (Covid-19) Resources including the following 10 articles:

  • Collateral Consequences and Collateral Harm: The Covid-19 Pandemic as a Catalyst for Equitable Reintegration Reform
  • Covid: A Silver Linings Playbook
  • Covid-19 and the Perils of Free-market Parenting: Why it Is past Time for the United States to Install Government Supports for Families
  • COVID-19 Pandemic, The World Health Organization, and Global Health Policy
  • Diversity's Pandemic Distractions
  • Justice for All in Mediation: What the Pandemic, Racial Justice Movement, and the Recognition of Structural Racism Call Us to Do as Mediators
  • Racial Disparities in Mental Health Treatment: How Indiana Misses the Mark in Providing Accessible and Quality Treatment Amidst the Coronavirus Pandemic
  • The Public/Private Distinction in Public Health: The Case of COVID-19
    Tribes, Vaccines, and Covid-19: A Look at Tribal Responses to the Pandemic
  • When the Conditions Are the Confinement: Eighth Amendment Habeas Claims During COVID 

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