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In August 2022, had 13,679 users in  16,832 sessions and 20,222 page views. Users were from 152 countries. The Top Six Countries were the United States, China, the United Kingdom, Canada,and South AfricaI uploaded 43 articles that had 90312  hits. 

I updated the Coronavirus (Covid-19) Resources including the following 6 articles:

  •  Anti-Asian American Racism, Covid-19, Racism Contested, Humor, and Empathy
  • Dikos Nitsaa'igii-19 (“The Big Cough”): Coal, Covid-19, and the Navajo Nation
  • Housing Instability and COVID
  • Housing the Decarcerated: COVID-19, Abolition & the Right to Housing
  • In the Shadow of the Pandemic: Unearthing Unequal Access to Justice Vis-à-vis Dispute Resolution
  • The Mistreatment of Black-owned Businesses During the First and Second Rounds of the Paycheck Protection Program

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08 August 2022 Monthly Thank You 

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