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 Europe (N=2257)
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 Signatures  from Africa

Country Name City Comment
Angola Shams Alimohamed
Angola Walaa M Luanda
Benin Hussein Olya Cotonou Where is freedoms in USA
Botswana Quett Maje Gaborone
Burundi Hurali Fazal Bujumbura
Burundi Irshad Mohammed Manji Kayanza
Burundi kawthar karmali Bujumbura #FreeMarziehHashimi # مرگ بر آمریکا!
Burundi Malika Somji
Burundi Saima Karimpour Karuzi
Burundi Sarbaze Mahdi Bujumbura #FreeMarziehHashemi NOW!
Burundi shenaz sadiqali bujumbura
Burundi Sukaina Mohamed Roshanali Bujumbura
Burundi Zainab Sajan bujumbura
Burundi Zamena Manekia Manji 2504
Congo (DRC) Auny Alibhai Kinshasa
Congo (DRC) Fatima Vazir Kinshasa
Congo (DRC) NAYER KAMIS Lubumbashi
Congo (DRC) Saajid Akhtar Allybokus Kinshasa Because this is very unfair and just because she is a Muslim that coward is treating her this way.
Congo (DRC) Saeed Vazir Kinshasa Request for immediate release
Congo (DRC) Zamirabbas Mistry D R Congo
Egypt Abdelhamid Norai Cairo
Egypt Alireza Soleimani Alexandria
Egypt Marta Pytka-Kwade Cairo
Egypt matt murdock Cairo
Egypt Muhammad Salah
Egypt Naheemah Akinwale Cairo
Egypt sdfjalks ;flkajsfad Schenectady Allah Akbar... The Dominion exclusively belongs to Allah. The time of the tyrants will come to an end
Egypt Shahinda Taher Cairo
Equatorial Guinea Tamim Alyassin Malabo
Ethiopia Abdurehim Ali Addis Ababa
Ethiopia Abdushekur Ahmed Yonis Sherif Addis Ababa Marzieh Hashemi's detention is illegal.
Ethiopia Abubeker Ahmed Ali Addis Ababa
Ethiopia ahmed ali Addis ababa Free
Ethiopia Aminu Ahmed Addis Ababa
Ethiopia Bedru Mohamed
Ethiopia Bethlehem Admasu
Ethiopia Bethlehem Nigatu Addis Ababa
Ethiopia beyene jumsa lancho Addis Ababa Freedom should be always respected
Ethiopia ELIAS HUSIEN Addis Ababa
Ethiopia Fanuel Kinfu Addis Ababa
Ethiopia Fareje Mame Addis Ababa
Ethiopia Faris Shafi Addis Ababa
Ethiopia Fiyori berhane Addis Ababa
Ethiopia Foz Mud Addis Ababa
Ethiopia Hakeem Mohammed
Ethiopia Hanady Siraj
Ethiopia Hermela Gebreamlk
Ethiopia Ibrahim Ahmedin Addis Ababa
Ethiopia Melekte Tarekegne
Ethiopia mesale abreham Addis Ababa
Ethiopia Mesfin B. Yimam Addis Abeba #humanityfirst
Ethiopia Mohammed’s Ahmed
Ethiopia Muhammad Badri Apple Valley
Ethiopia Muhammed Abdulkerim Addis Ababa Enough is Enough! Now z Whole World Knows AmeriCa's DRAMA.Free Her ......
Ethiopia Nigus Endris
Ethiopia Nure AHmed
Ethiopia Sajida Naushad Merchant Accra
Ethiopia Yesuf Beyan
Ethiopia Zizu Nam
Gambia Abdou Drammeh
Gambia Abubacarr Demba Bojang
Gambia Ali Hydara #FreeMarziehHashemi
Gambia Almami Barrow
Gambia Baboucarr Jarjusey
Gambia Jallow Ebrima M
Gambia Lamin L Janneh Sabi American citizend are great and peaceful but their political leaders corrupt weakest and [misleading].
Gambia Lamin L Janneh Sabi American citizens are great and peaceful but their political leaders  are corrupt weakest and [misleading].0
Gambia Modou salieu Bah
Gambia Muhammed Lamin Ann
Gambia Ousman Touray In Solidarity with press Tv,  InsahAllah you will surely be Free Aunty Marzieh Hashemi  I know Allah is there with you I only known you for your Good and Clean hearted job that you do for Press Tv I always admire when watching you on Tv and I love the way you present your News, they can't do anything against you as far as Allah is the with you and they will surely pay for what they have just done to You. I am so disappointed today when the Arrest of Hashemi has taken place none of this Hypocrite News outlets has spoken about this such as BBC, France24 as for CNN I don't know because I have not been watching it for a while in case if they didn't shame on all them how can you be silent when a friend of yours be arrested and you did not even talk about it even thou if you don't like her it might happen to anyone of you. FreeMariezhHashemi
Gambia Ousman Touray
Gambia Sheikh Tijan Hamilton Banjul
Gambia Yankuba bj Camara
Ghana Abdul Hafize A Abass Accra
Ghana Abdul Rahman Alfa Nla Accra
Ghana Abdul Wahab Issifu Accra
Ghana Abdul-Rafiu Abass Accra
Ghana Abdullah Abdulsalam
Ghana Alhassan Muhammad Gadafi
Ghana Alhassan Samudeen
Ghana Amadou Sarr Accra
Ghana AMINU Osman Accra
Ghana Anass Mohammed Awudu
Ghana Eugene Tibiru
Ghana Fady Tabbara Accra
Ghana Fauziya Abdul Rahman Accra
Ghana Hallaru Sani
Ghana Hamdalatu Muhtar
Ghana Ibrahim Musah Billigo
Ghana Issah Nasir Accra
Ghana Jabir Hussain Accra
Ghana Karim Awal Accra
Ghana Mujtaba hasan Tete
Ghana Muna Naajia Accra #free #Marziah Hashemi
Ghana Musa Osman
Ghana Paul Armah Accra
Ghana Rauf Shuaib Accra
Ghana Sadik Deboy Accra
Ghana Samiratu Bawa Accra
Ghana Shani Abdul-Basit Accra
Ghana Stephen Kyereh Accra
Ghana Sulemana Abass Accra Her freedom and justice!
Ghana Sulemana Hudu Accra
Ghana surakaka shabazz
Ghana Tahiru Seidu
Ghana Tetteh Ayub Elijah Accra She is innocent
Ghana Umar Abubakar Accra
Ghana Yasir Arafat Bawku
Ghana Yussif Fareeda Accra
Ivory Coast Dayekh Rabih
Ivory Coast Radwan Riad
Kenya Aasiyah Datoo Nairobi
Kenya Abbas Kalyan Nairobi
Kenya Abbas Nasser
Kenya Abbasali Mawji Mombasa
Kenya Abbasali Shivji
Kenya Abdighani Bulle
Kenya Abdulqadir Nasser Nairobi
Kenya Abdussamad Hussein Nairobi
Kenya Abid Ladha It is the right thing to do.
Kenya Abrar Ladak Mombasa
Kenya Abubakar Ali Nairobi
Kenya Ahmed Haiderali Mombasa
Kenya Akhter Khakoi Nairobi
Kenya Ali Juma Nairobi
Kenya Aliakber Kassam Nairobi
Kenya aliya Khimji Nairobi
Kenya Amina N Nairobi
Kenya Amirali Rashid Nairobi
Kenya Anum Zahra Somani Nairobi
Kenya Anver Merali Nairobi She is innocent and came to visit her brother who hve cancer and she has not done any criminal offense old 60yrs
Kenya ArkAN udDin
Kenya asgar manji nairobi
Kenya Azhar Nassir Mombasa
Kenya Badi Mohamed Nairobi
Kenya bashir kalyan Nairobo
Kenya Bassam El Harake
Kenya Daniel Psirmoi
Kenya Daud Abdullah
Kenya Fahim Sajjad Mombasa
Kenya Fahmy Nassir Mombasa Its wrong to detain journalists because they have a different angle of seeing things
Kenya Farhana Jaffer
Kenya Fatema Ali Mombasa
Kenya Fatema Meghji Nairobi
Kenya Fatema Mohamed Moloo Nairobi It's wrong to imprison anyone without a reason, not acceptable at all.
Kenya Fatima Hasham nairobi
Kenya fatma dharsikhalfan Nairobi.
Kenya Free Her
Kenya Gamar Amer Mombasa
Kenya Gamarilail Salim
Kenya Gulamabbas SULEIMAN Nairobi
Kenya Habib Mazahir Nairobi
Kenya Habiba Abdi
Kenya Haiderali Khimji Nairobi
Kenya Hasnein Gulamhussein
Kenya Hussein Khimji Nairobi
Kenya Ijaz Hussein Mombasa
Kenya ismat mawji Kilifi
Kenya Issa Karunda Nairobi
Kenya Jaafar Kassim Mombasa #FreeMarziehHashemi#Pray4MarziehHashemiI am with my Muslim Sister, in mind and prayer. The Ahallulbayt went through the same injustice from their oppressors  and it only strengthened their belief and Iman towards Allah (SWT). This will make you only more stronger, this is a cowardly act they have done. in your eventual release The world will know their true colors. Be strong my sister we are with you.
Kenya James Khan Nairobi
Kenya Jamila Onali Nairobi
Kenya khairoon kassam Nairobi
Kenya khyroon moloo Najaf
Kenya Krishna Shah
Kenya kulsumbai dossa Nairobi
Kenya Kuno Abdi
Kenya Leila Jivraj Nairobi
Kenya M Bhallo
Kenya mad mase nairobi This is a call against injustice...
Kenya Maliha Mazahir Thornhill
Kenya Maranga Ondicho Nairobi
Kenya Marziya Nanji She deserves justice
Kenya Masuma Habib Nairobi Down with America!
Kenya Masuma Razahussein Nairobi
Kenya Mbarak Abdalla
Kenya Mickey EL-Bearny
Kenya Mohamed Fazal Mombasa
Kenya Mohamed Low Nairobi
Kenya Mohamed Merali Mombasa
Kenya Mohamed Noor Freedom of journalism and right to religion. She absolutely nothing wrong and has right to freedom
Kenya MohamedAkbar Khatau mombasa I stand for humanity
Kenya Mohamedjaffer Rashid Nairobi
Kenya Mohamedraza Nanji Nairobi
Kenya Mohammed Ali Hussain Nairobi
Kenya Mohammed Kanani Nairobi
Kenya Mohammed Nazerali Nairobi
Kenya Mohammedabbas Khatau Mombasa
Kenya Mohammedali Bodalbhai Kitui Free her
Kenya Mohammedreza Dewji Nairobi
Kenya Mohammedtaki Rashid Nairobi
Kenya Mohsin Rajab Nairobi
Kenya Moonaver Dhanani Nairobi
Kenya Mrs Gulam Hussein Nairobi
Kenya Mrs S Pirmohamed Kenya
Kenya Muhammadjawad Dhalla Nairobi
Kenya Mujtaba Walji Mombasa
Kenya munir jagani Mombasa
Kenya Munira Muhammad Nairobi
Kenya Naima Nanji Nairobi
Kenya naireen louw Nairobi
Kenya Nazneen Karim Nairobi
Kenya Parvin Lalji Nairobi
Kenya Perviz Vatchha Mombasa
Kenya Qamar Abbas
Kenya Qamar Naqvi Mombasa
Kenya Ramadhan Rajab Nairobi
Kenya Ramadhan Rajab Nairobi
Kenya Rayhana Molu Mombasa
Kenya Riz Khalfan Mombasa For justice to prevail
Kenya Robert Obiria Nairobi
Kenya Sabiha Khaku Nairobi
Kenya Sabiha Khimji Nairobi
Kenya Sabira Kanji
Kenya Sabira Khimji Nairobi
Kenya Sabira Walji Nairobi
Kenya sadeqa mazahir MSA
Kenya Sajida Tarmohamed Nairobi
Kenya Sajjad Haider Dar Es Salaam
Kenya Sajjad Jaffer Nairobi
Kenya Sajjad Walji Mombasa
Kenya Sakina L Nairobi
Kenya Salim Hasham Nairobi
Kenya Salim Nassir Mombasa
Kenya Sanniya Essa Mombasa
Kenya SARAH Parpia Nairobi
Kenya Sayed Ali Cocoa
Kenya Shabbarali Khimji Nairobi
Kenya Shabberali Versi Nairobi
Kenya shabbir kassamali Mombasa
Kenya Shabbir Valli mombasa
Kenya Shaheen Inayat Nairobi
Kenya Shamim Nanji Nairobi I want justice!
Kenya Shane Zehra Karim Nairobi
Kenya Shaneabbas Dossa Free hashimi
Kenya Shaznaan Manji Nairobi Because this is unjustice
Kenya Shehnaz Husein
Kenya Shyda Khimji Nairobi
Kenya Sohail M Nairobi
Kenya Sukaina khimji Nairobi
Kenya Sumaiya Muntazir Nairobi
Kenya Tahera Jaffer Mombasa
Kenya Taihat ELBEIT Nairobi
Kenya Tehmeena Mohamed Mombasa
Kenya Willy Mutunga Nairobi
Kenya Yawer Kalyan Mombasa Release marziah who has committed no crime against usa her only crime is her religion which the USA are scared off
Kenya Yusuf Abdallah Nairobi
Kenya Z s Nairobi
Kenya Zaara Ladak Nairobi
Kenya Zaffarali Datoo Mombasa, The inhuman treatment of this brave lady, should not be allowed.
Kenya Zaffarali Datoo Mombasa, A person who fights against tyranny, oppression and preaches peace, must surely be the last person to be feared by the powers that be in U.S.A. If she has broken any law, prefer charges and let Justice be done. GET REAL, FOR GOODNESS SAKE!
Kenya Zaheer Abbas Khimji Nairobi
Kenya Zahra Baqir Mombasa
Kenya Zahra Dhalla Nairobi
Kenya Zahra Karim Mombasa
Kenya Zainab Gulamhusein Mombasa
Kenya Zainab K Mombasa
Kenya Zainab Karim Nairobi
Kenya Zainab Khimji Nairobi Marzia is innocent and we want you to free her.
Kenya Zainab Ladak Nairobi
Kenya Zainul bhalloo Mombasa
Kenya Zeenat Khimji Nairobi
Kenya Zuheir Khatau Mombasa
Kenya Zuher Ladak Nairobi
Liberia Hafize Barrie
Madagascar 9726173065 Zafar Antananarivo
Madagascar asvira issoufaly antananarive
Madagascar Behadouraly ASHMA antananarivo
Madagascar Eric raza Mamodaly djivah Antananarivo
Madagascar Fatema Serali Tana
Madagascar Kassamaly Djiva Irfana Antananarivo
Madagascar Nazir Tahora
Madagascar Nazoura DJAFFAR Antananarivo
Madagascar Sahira Hassanaly
Madagascar Sitara Hassam Alibay Tamatave
Madagascar Suleman Marazia Majunga
Madagascar Tanvire Fidahoussen Antananarivo
Madagascar ZAHEDA Taky Ambodivona
Madagascar zahra Dhanjy Mahajanga
Madagascar Zeinab GOULAMALY Antanambao
Malawi Kauser Salim I feel she is not guilty
Malawi Pious Imran
Mauritius abbas ali le hochet
Mauritius Ali Shariff
Mauritius Alia Pirbhai Quatre bornes
Mauritius Ally Jikilya Port Louis
Mauritius Anwar Emamdeen
Mauritius Israt Haji djivan Vacoas
Mauritius Jamila Gulamhussein Usa I’m signing because it’s  unfair.
Mauritius Mansoura pirbay Rose Hill
Mauritius MOORABY Mohamed seeddick Rose Hill Avoid the cursr of a mother.  It would be fatal and cumbersome for the decision maker
Mauritius Neha Zainab Pirbhay
Mauritius Paurobally ahmad Ah.mad Curepipe
Mauritius Rukhsar Merchant Port Louis
Mauritius Sanober Fatima Port Louis
Mauritius Shabbir Rajani Port Louis
Mauritius Shah Rozun Portlouis
Mauritius Shamira Razaali Trianon
Mauritius Syed Raza Port Louis
Mauritius TAHIR HUSSEN Pirbhay
Mauritius Yusuf Ali Port louis
Mauritius Zakirhussen Pirbhay Port Louis
Mauritius Zohrein Pirbhai Quatre Bornes
Mayotte Nassimata Mze Mchinda
Morocco Abdelghani DABBAR Beni Mellal
Morocco Adnan Chetouan Tetouan
Morocco Aziz Azizon Nador
Morocco Bakr Chaibane Rabat
Morocco carla raissouni tangier
Morocco Farah Bentahar Rabat
Morocco Kawtar Ouifki Tanger
Morocco Mustapha Aziz Sale
Mozambique Ali Raza Mooman Maputo
Mozambique Chande Puna Maputo Journalism is not a crime
Namibia Fatma Suleman Ongwediva
Nigeria A B Yusuf Gombe
Nigeria Abba Yusuf Lagos
Nigeria Abdulaziz Summaila Ibadan
Nigeria Abdulhakeem Hassan Lagos
Nigeria Abdulkareem Matemilola Lagos
Nigeria Abdullah Yaqub
Nigeria Abdullahi Alhasan Lagos
Nigeria Abdullahi Babangida Emure-ekiti
Nigeria Abdullahi Buba Emure-ekiti
Nigeria Abdullahi Momoh
Nigeria Abdullahi Muhammad Musa
Nigeria Abdullahi Musa Makka Lagos Abdullahi Musa Makka
Nigeria Abdulmaleek Muhammad Lagos
Nigeria Abdulmalik Bello Emure-ekiti
Nigeria Abdulmateen Badmus Isieke
Nigeria Abdulsalam Aminah Lagos Freedom for Marzieh Hashemite!
Nigeria Abiodun Ogunleye Nasarawa
Nigeria Abu Muazzam Abuja
Nigeria Abubakar Muhammad Lagos
Nigeria Abubakar Usman sokoto
Nigeria Adama Ladan
Nigeria Adams Abubakar
Nigeria Adamu Jalingo
Nigeria Adedoyin Babalola
Nigeria Adefioye Ayomide
Nigeria Adefioye Rahmatallah Lagos It is insufficient to arrest individual without any justifiable allegation. It is totally against humanity. Free Marzieh for human race!!!
Nigeria Adeleke Afeez Lagos
Nigeria Adesina Kehinde Lagos
Nigeria Adeyemi Saheed Free Marzieh Hashmi!
Nigeria Adeyeye Abisola Lagos
Nigeria Afzal Suleiman
Nigeria Ahmad Abubakar Lagos The world when you talk of Human Rights violations they don't think of US, but they Admistrators are gradually exposing the reality. This is a typical case of Human Rights abuse. If I am to advise the American so called intelligent security expert I will advise them to deal with thier diplomatic activities with Iran with more cursion and maturity. The activities are becoming oviours glaringly clear to every wright thinking person.
Nigeria Ahmad Abubakar Nasarawa
Nigeria Ahmad Aminu
Nigeria Ahmad Said Abuja
Nigeria Ahmad Yahaya Gilima
Nigeria Ahmad Zakari Lagos
Nigeria Ahmed Bashir kano
Nigeria Ahmed Dotia Lagos
Nigeria Aisha Ardo jalingo
Nigeria Aisha Guruza Lagos
Nigeria Aishah Omowunmi Imran No one should be detained without clear reasons
Nigeria Aishah Oredola Lagos
Nigeria Ali Barakat Lagos
Nigeria Ali Dele Emure-ekiti
Nigeria Aliyu Aminu
Nigeria Aliyu Dahiru Lagos
Nigeria Aliyu Ibrahim
Nigeria Aliyu Ibrahim Askirama
Nigeria Aliyu Ozovehe Lagos
Nigeria Aliyu Suleiman kaduna
Nigeria Aliyy Malami Abuja
Nigeria Alkasim Gambo Yahaya
Nigeria Ameenu Adamu Hassan Lagos
Nigeria Aminu Abubakar Lagos
Nigeria Aminu Bara'a Lagos
Nigeria Aminu goni yakubu Aminu goni yakubu
Nigeria Aminu Yabo Lagos
Nigeria Ammar Abdulhamid Nasarawa
Nigeria Ammar Murtadha Ibrahim
Nigeria Atere Olaita Ilorin
Nigeria Auwal Bambal Emure-ekiti
Nigeria Azeezat Agbaje
Nigeria Bakare Rukayat Lagos
Nigeria Bala Abdul Lagos
Nigeria Bala Bashar Lagos
Nigeria Balogun sekinah Lagos
Nigeria Baqeer Gashua
Nigeria Bashir Maidugu Abuja
Nigeria Bello Kaoje Abuja
Nigeria Binta Muhammad Umar The arrest and detention of Sister Marziah Hashemi is her,Tyrant US authority.!
Nigeria Chuks Okoriekwe Lagos
Nigeria Dami Balogun Lagos
Nigeria Danjuma Abdullahi Lagos
Nigeria Deen Kode Lagos I don't like injustice at everywhere in the world @trump is a criminal
Nigeria Deen Kode Lagos Our Zakzaky is victim of illegal detention We know the pain is
Nigeria Deen Kode Lagos Our zakzaky is a victim of illegal detention We know how the pain is
Nigeria Deen Kode Lagos Our zakzaky is a victim of illegal detention We know how the pain is
Nigeria Dododawa Rasheedah Lagos
Nigeria Dr. Muhammad G. Gashua Nguru May Allah freed her from the hands of oppressors
Nigeria Farouq Sambo Abuja
Nigeria Fatima Adamu Emure-ekiti
Nigeria Fatima Adamu Oke Ila
Nigeria Fatima Bashir Emure-ekiti
Nigeria fatima ojenya okene Injustice to one is injustice to all!
Nigeria Firdausi Ali
Nigeria Folounso IBRAHIM Lagos
Nigeria Habeeb Yahaya Lagos
Nigeria Habibllah Ayodele Ibadan
Nigeria Hadiza Abdulrahman Lagos
Nigeria Hajj Awwal Kakoledeon no. 237 Zango qtrs
Nigeria Hamza Mohammed
Nigeria Haruna Ibrahim Kano
Nigeria Hassan Siyaka
Nigeria Hauwa Badejo
Nigeria Hauwa Hassan
Nigeria Hauwa Jabo Emure-ekiti
Nigeria Hauwa Sabo Lagos
Nigeria Hauwa Sararai Abuja A mother and a jonalist does not deserve to be in prison, we stand for freedom.
Nigeria Hayatuddeen Abubakar Lagos
Nigeria hikmat Ojenya
Nigeria Ibrahim Bello Abuja
Nigeria Ibrahim Hamisu Imam Abuja Shame on U S for arresting journalistAnd there is no reason behind it
Nigeria Ibrahim Muhammad Ezza-ohu We are for humanity and justice
Nigeria Ibrahim Muhammad Kano
Nigeria Ibrahim Suleiman Kano
Nigeria Ibrahim Yusuf lagos
Nigeria Ibukun Yusuf Nasarawa
Nigeria Idris Momoh
Nigeria Idris Raji Lagos She is being oppressed.
Nigeria Ilyas Ocheje Kaduna
Nigeria Isaac Taiwo Lagos
Nigeria Isah Soje Lagos
Nigeria Ishola Ameenat Damaturu
Nigeria Isyaku Karofi Abuja
Nigeria Jameel Sadeeq Lagos
Nigeria Jamil Umar Lagos
Nigeria Jamilu El-Yakub
Nigeria Jubril Shittu Emure-ekiti
Nigeria Juliana Osakue Lagos
Nigeria KABIRU AUDU Lagos
Nigeria Kabiru Garo America should stop oppressing right of journalist. And America should also released her immediately.
Nigeria Kalu Eke Ezza-ohu
Nigeria Khadija Ocheje Lagos
Nigeria Kitchime Barde Abuja
Nigeria Lawal Mohammed Fateh Bauchi
Nigeria Lukman Kadri Ezza-ohu
Nigeria Mahmud Ebayaya Lagos
Nigeria Manu Swa Abubakar Gombe
Nigeria Mariam Baker Lagos
Nigeria Mariam Ojiah Abuja
Nigeria Maryam Abdulkabir Nasarawa
Nigeria Mikhail Adeniyi Lagos
Nigeria Mohammad Zubair Abuja
Nigeria Mohammed Abdulkadir
Nigeria Mohammed Abdullahi Emure-ekiti
Nigeria Mohammed Alfa danlami Lagos
Nigeria Mohammed goni Mala Langtang
Nigeria Mohammed Ladan Abuja
Nigeria Mohammed Tukur Lagos
Nigeria Moukhtar Said Lagos
Nigeria MS Abdullahi
Nigeria Mubarak Lawal Ibadan
Nigeria Muhammad Alfatih Gembu
Nigeria Muhammad Bello Aliyu Lagos
Nigeria Muhammad Bin Ibrahim
Nigeria Muhammad Maryam Lagos
Nigeria Muhammad Qaim Hussain
Nigeria Muhammad Sani Hassan Kano
Nigeria Muhammad Shuaibu Abuja I am against oppression, repression and stereotyping in whatever form or disguise. Human right, freedom of expression and freedom of association is an inalienable right of individual that any responsible government MUST respect.
Nigeria Muhammad Sulaiman Lagos
Nigeria Muhammad Suleiman Ezza-ohu
Nigeria Muhammadu Auwal
Nigeria Muhammed Bashir
Nigeria Mukhtar Mohammed Kazaure
Nigeria Murtala Danjuma Lagos
Nigeria Musa Hassan Ezza-ohu
Nigeria Musa Mustapha Emure-ekiti
Nigeria mustapha Bare Lagos
Nigeria Mustapha Haidar Lagos
Nigeria Na'Allah Ibrahim Lagos
Nigeria Najmah Ameen Lagos
Nigeria Nasir Ahmad
Nigeria Nasir Hashim Lagos It is now clear that USA is left with no thing but waiting for the fall of it's hegemony which will happen in not distant time. Free Marzieh Hashimi
Nigeria Nasiru ahmad kano This is wrong in a civilised society
Nigeria Nimat Jamal Ezza-ohu
Nigeria Nura Rabiu Ezza-ohu
Nigeria Olawele Mustapha Kano I am signing this petition because we don't know what she is being held for.  We are not in a jungle,  hence such undemocratic, uncunstitutional practise is not to be encouraged
Nigeria Onubaiye Abdulazeez
Nigeria osarenkhoe ethel chima-nwogwugwu lagos
Nigeria Rabiu Umar Lagos
Nigeria Rahana Nuhu Ezza-ohu
Nigeria Rahmah ladidi Kazaure
Nigeria Rana Dayekh
Nigeria Ridwan Liasu Lagos
Nigeria Roqeebat Babatunde Lagos
Nigeria Rosheedah Thabit Abuja
Nigeria Rufai Goni Nasarawa
Nigeria Rukaiya Yabo Abuja
Nigeria Ruqquayyah Adeagbo Lagos
Nigeria Saad Maccido Lagos
Nigeria Saeed salim Abuja
Nigeria Safiya Bello Emure-ekiti
Nigeria Saheed Adeyemi Dambatta
Nigeria Saidu Mahmoud
Nigeria Saifat Umar
Nigeria Saifullah Sulaiman
Nigeria Saleh Gimba Gombe
Nigeria SAMUEL EMEKA Moriki
Nigeria sekinat mopelola Lagos
Nigeria Sevgi Savash Ezza-ohu
Nigeria Shakir Ramon Lagos
Nigeria Shamsudeen Akinyooye Lagos
Nigeria Suleiman Hassan Otuoze Lagos
Nigeria Sunusi Ibrahim Mohammed
Nigeria Swadiq Maccido Lagos
Nigeria Tayo Hassan
Nigeria Toyyib Onibon Lagos
Nigeria Ummulkhair Nana Lagos
Nigeria Usman Abubakar Lagos #FreeMarzieHashemi
Nigeria Usman Ibrahim Tabari Emure-ekiti
Nigeria Usman Karofi
Nigeria USMAN Suleiman Lagos
Nigeria Yahaya Aliyu Lere Lagos
Nigeria Yahaya Danjuma
Nigeria Yahaya Karofi Lagos
Nigeria Yakubu Musa Lagos
Nigeria Yunusa Kuta Usman Ezza-ohu
Nigeria Yusuf Olamide Moriki
Nigeria yusuf zakari Jos
Nigeria Zainab Al-Amin Lagos
Nigeria Zainab Ibrahim Lagos
Nigeria Zakariya Yusuf Kaduna #FreeMarziehHashemi
Nigeria Zika Omay Lagos
Réunion Danis ASSIK HOUSSEN MAMODALY Sainte-clotilde Free Marzieh HASHEMI.
Réunion Diane Remtoula Le Port
Réunion Faizal CADJEE
Réunion Farah Isslame Saint-denis
Réunion Haitillah Ahamada Sainte-clotilde
Réunion Maleka Kassim
Réunion marcelin BEGUE Sainte-marie
Réunion rachid Réunion
Réunion rameez Halani Saint-denis
Réunion Shazan Najomon
Réunion Sheilafidahousen Daya
Réunion Sidika F London
Rwanda Fahim Ajani Kigali
Rwanda Mirza abbas ali Khoyee
Rwanda Sadik Roshanali Dubai
Rwanda Sadiq Bashir Sultan Dar es salaam
Rwanda Sukaina Badami Kigali
Senegal Banda Gueye
Senegal Raya gueye Dakar
Senegal Sophie Dieng
Senegal سوسه   Soce بابكر   Babacar
Sierra Leone Mohamed Hamdan What humans right do America talks about shame on humanity
Somalia Fatma Adam Mogadishu
Somalia Hashim Ali Mogadishu
Somalia Ismail Mohamed Mogadishu Ismail Ali
Somalia Mahad Mohamed Mogadishu FREE MARZIEH HASHEMI
Somalia Zahra Hassan
South Africa abdul Nsenga pretoria
South Africa abe parker de tijger Natural justice demands it from us all...
South Africa Afreen Zaidi Johannesburg
South Africa Ahmed Saloojee Johannesburg
South Africa Ahri Shah Abbottabad
South Africa Aisha Isa Pietermaritzburg
South Africa Ali Nchinyane Pretoria
South Africa Ali Rizwan Centurion
South Africa Ayeshah Schloss Centurion
South Africa Bashir Lekgadimane Pretoria
South Africa Basir Makola Pretoria
South Africa Bilaal K Johannesburg
South Africa Cynthia LeBron Pretoria
South Africa Dilshad Naveed Pretoria
South Africa Ebrahim Nathie Sandton I thought America was a democracy with freedom of speech
South Africa Fathi Abdikarim Johannesburg
South Africa Fatima Mbalati Pretoria She is innocent
South Africa Francis Maruping Free State Please free her
South Africa Gulzar Sablay Cape Town
South Africa Halimah Rabiu Cape Town
South Africa Hasan Abbas Dubai
South Africa Hassan Asmal Cape Town
South Africa Hassan Rixana Cape Town
South Africa Iman Setlhoke Johannesburg
South Africa Isa Iga Johannesburg
South Africa Itumeleng Mabena Pretoria
South Africa John Mulamba Cape Town
South Africa Juhi Quzzalbash Karachi
South Africa Kanwal Zafar Florida
South Africa Katriena Phakathi Pretoria
South Africa Kgadija Matlala Centurion
South Africa Khalifah Makgotlho Cape Town I believe in freedom of the press.
South Africa Khaliq Bux Cape Town
South Africa latief Kenny Cape Town
South Africa Lebogang Husein Mbalati Johannesburg It's the right thing to do
South Africa Lerato Mogorosi Johannesburg I'm signing in order to fight injustice and oppression.
South Africa Madithapo Motlana Johannesburg
South Africa Matete jacob Mogadima Pretoria
South Africa Mazhar Amirali Cape Town
South Africa Minhaj Ali Karachi
South Africa Mohammadtaghi Fardintabrizi Johannesburg
South Africa Mubinah Soopee Maraisburg
South Africa Mustakeem Moosa
South Africa Nadine Hakizimana Centurion
South Africa Narges Moghi Cape Town
South Africa Nurayn Tiamiyu Stellenbosch
South Africa Ragmah Jattiem Cape Town
South Africa Rahima Nchinyane Gauteng
South Africa Ray Africa
South Africa Reshoketswe shakira Mokhara Pretoria
South Africa Riaz Abed Sandton
South Africa Richard Tesner Cape Town
South Africa Roekshana Sakoor Tshwane
South Africa Ruqaiya Ebrahim Pretoria
South Africa Rusheni Wells Cape Town
South Africa Sakina Dolamo Pretoria
South Africa sarah shaik Johannesburg South
South Africa Shabir Karim Cape Town The illegal detention of Marzieh Hashemi of PressTv by US Government is reflection of Bolton and Pompeo Psychopathy!
South Africa Shaheena Lambart Gauteng
South Africa Sharon chilvers Johannesburg
South Africa Shenaz Sonpra Polokwane
South Africa Srini Naidoo Durban
South Africa Tebogo Moitse Moitse Johannesburg
South Africa Thomas Dewey Port Alfred
South Africa Umar farook Khan Durban
South Africa Ummey lail Laila
South Africa Yasser Wyngaard East London
South Africa Zainab Zadeh
South Africa Zaynab Masawudu
Sudan Abdelhalim Mohamed Khartoum
Sudan Ahmed Ali Kosti
Sudan Akram Omer Khartoum
Sudan Alaa aldein Nesr Aldein Khartoum
Sudan Amjad Elhassan Khartoum
Sudan Babuker Abdalla ،+249123638638
Sudan fatma ibrahim Khartoum
Sudan hassan idriss khartoum
Sudan Husain Altayib
Sudan lilyan Hamadelnil
Sudan mazahir hudi
Sudan Mohammed HINDI
Sudan musab alhaj
Sudan Reem Gubartalla Khartoum
Sudan Yousra Mohamed Omdrman
Sudan Zuhair Younis Khartoum
Sudan صفاء عوض الكريم يوسف الريح وقف إطلاق النار على المتظاهرين في السودا
Tanzania Aamina Bhimani Dar es Salaam This is injustice and needs to be addressed immediately!
Tanzania Aarifa Versi Inyonga
Tanzania Aateka Unia Dar Es Salaam
Tanzania Aatiqua Nanji Dar-es-Salaam
Tanzania Abbas Bhalloo
Tanzania Abbas Ebrahim Dar Es Salaam
Tanzania abbas habib DSM
Tanzania Abbas Ismail Dar Es Salaam
Tanzania Abbas Manji Dar Es Salaam
Tanzania Abbas Walji Dar Es Salaam This is totally unfair treatment especially keeping in view that this respected woman had no America so helpless that they need to control the media so much that only their puppets should give news in the favour of the government? This is so not fair
Tanzania Abdalla Abeid
Tanzania Abdul Gangji Dar Es Salaam
Tanzania Abdul Sadra
Tanzania Abdul-Raheem Fareed
Tanzania Abdulrasul Chandoo mtwara
Tanzania Abdultasul Hirji Dar Es Salaam
Tanzania Abida Rashid Dar Es Salaam
Tanzania Abida Virjee
Tanzania Abu Muhammed
Tanzania Abutalib Okera Nairobi
Tanzania Aeman Rattansi Dar Es Salaam
Tanzania Ahmad Walji Dar Es Salaam
Tanzania Ahmed Hussein
Tanzania Akber Panju Arusha
Tanzania Akberali Allarakhia Dar es Salaam
Tanzania Akberali Khakoo Dar es Salaam
Tanzania Akila Rattansi Dar es salaam
Tanzania Alefiyah Mansoor Dar Es Salaam
Tanzania Ali Dharsee
Tanzania Ali Gulam Songea
Tanzania ali mirza
Tanzania Ali Muntazir sikiladha Jakarta
Tanzania Ali Murad Mohsin
Tanzania Ali Rehemtulla Dar Es Salaam No one deserves to be put behind bars for voicing the truth and standing up to oppression #FreeMarziehHashemi
Tanzania Ali Said Inyonga
Tanzania Aliabid Sheriff Dar Es Salaam
Tanzania Aliasgher Bandali Inyonga
Tanzania Aliasgher Saajan
Tanzania Alijaffer Hirji Dar es Salaam
Tanzania Alijawaad Esmail Dar Es Salaam
Tanzania Alina Remtula
Tanzania Aliraza Mahershah
Tanzania Aliraza Rajani Ushirombo
Tanzania Alireza Akber Dar es Salaam
Tanzania Aliya Mujahid Dar Es Salaam
Tanzania Aliya Mussa Arusha
Tanzania Aliya Sachedina Dar Es Salaam
Tanzania Amri Kyaruzi Dar es Salaam
Tanzania Anila Dawood Dar Es Salaam
Tanzania Anver Karmali Zanzibar
Tanzania Arif Unia Dar Es Salaam
Tanzania Arzina Dossa Dar Es Salaam
Tanzania Aseem Fazal Mwanza
Tanzania Asgher Versi
Tanzania Ateqa Rashid
Tanzania Ayman Dhalla Songea
Tanzania Aynezehra Merali
Tanzania Ayyad Padhani Dar es Salaam
Tanzania Bahadur Okera Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Tanzania Baqirhassan Virani Dar Es Salaam
Tanzania bashir mulla Dar Es Salaam
Tanzania Batul Virani
Tanzania Baya Kissiwa
Tanzania chjh fjjv Songea
Tanzania Dilshad Mustafa Dar Es Salaam
Tanzania Dr aliasger Dossaji
Tanzania Ebrahim Rashid Dar Es Salaam
Tanzania Erum Fazal
Tanzania Farhan Mustafa Dar Es Salaam
Tanzania FarhanAli Dhalla Dar Es Salaam
Tanzania Farhat Hashim Dar Es Salaam
Tanzania Farhat Lalji Dar Es Salaam
Tanzania Farida Sajan Arusha
Tanzania faseeha sherally Dar Es Salaam
Tanzania Fatema Amirali
Tanzania Fatema Chandoo
Tanzania Fatema Dhalla Inyonga
Tanzania Fatema Kessani Dar Es Salaam
Tanzania Fatema Ladha Dar es Salaam
Tanzania Fatema Lalji #FreeMarziehHashemi
Tanzania fatema masuma dar e salaam
Tanzania Fatema Mawji Dar Es Salaam
Tanzania Fatema Mawji Inyonga
Tanzania Fatema Mohammad Songea
Tanzania Fatema Moledina Dar Es Salaam
Tanzania Fatema Nanji
Tanzania Fatema Sadikali Dar Es Salaam
Tanzania Fatema Sajan Arusha
Tanzania Fatema Somji
Tanzania Fatema Zahra Songea
Tanzania Fatemah Rashid Dar-es-Salaam #FreeMarziehHashemi
Tanzania Fatim Mawji Arusha
Tanzania Fatim Somji
Tanzania Fatima Haji Dar Es Salaam
Tanzania Fatima Manji Dar Es Salaam
Tanzania Fatima Versikermali
Tanzania Fatimah D Dar es salaam
Tanzania Fatimah R Dar-es-Salaam
Tanzania Fayyaz Mohammedtaqi
Tanzania Fazila Jaffer Dar Es Salaam
Tanzania Fehmida Bashir Inyonga
Tanzania Fehmida Manji Dar es salaam
Tanzania Femida Sameja Dar Es Salaam
Tanzania Firoz Dharamshi Arusha
Tanzania Fizza Ali Dar es salaam Marzieh must be released as she has not committed any crime it’s her human right to be free n freedom of speech is her right
Tanzania FZ K Dar Es Salaam
Tanzania Gulam Mandan Dar Es Salaam
Tanzania Gulamabbas Gulamali Rehmtulla Daresalaam Against oppression of humanity
Tanzania Gulamabbas Sheriff Arusha
Tanzania Gulzar Dharamsi
Tanzania Gulzar Nayani Dar Es Salaam
Tanzania H V Songea
Tanzania Hanif Abdulrasul Dar es salaam
Tanzania hasine fatema sherally
Tanzania Hasnain Mussa Dar es Salaam
Tanzania Hassan Al-busaidy Arusha
Tanzania Hassan Ali
Tanzania Hassan Mawji arusha
Tanzania Hawa Adam
Tanzania Heena Esmail
Tanzania Hina Esmail Dar Es Salaam
Tanzania hurein teja Dar es salaam
Tanzania Hussein Ali Ali Raza Muraj Dar Es Salaam
Tanzania Hussein Amirali
Tanzania husseinabbas walji
Tanzania Ibrahim Mohamed
Tanzania Idrissa Tarimo Dar Es Salaam
Tanzania iffat khimji dar es salaam
Tanzania iffet thawer DAR
Tanzania Imran Abbas The US revealing it's true colours will only lead to it's own downfall!
Tanzania Irfan Alarakhia Dar Es Salaam
Tanzania Irfan Bandali
Tanzania Irfan Najafi Inyonga
Tanzania Irfanmohamed Karmali DSM
Tanzania Irum Naqvi
Tanzania Ismat Khimji Dar es Salaam
Tanzania JABIR IDRISSA Dar Es Salaam
Tanzania Jaffer Ali
Tanzania Jaffer Somji
Tanzania Javid Habeeb Kasulu
Tanzania Juma Kulava Dar Es Salaam
Tanzania Junaid Remtullah Dar Es Salaam
Tanzania Kaneez Ali Geita
Tanzania Kaniz Andani Dar Es Salaam
Tanzania Kaniz Fatema Mahershah Inyonga
Tanzania Kaniz Murtaza
Tanzania Kaniz Sajan Dar es Salaam
Tanzania Kaniz Sakina Dar es Salaam
Tanzania Karim Manji Dar Es Salaam
Tanzania Karmali Kawthar Dar Es Salaam
Tanzania Kassim Ali Zanzibar
Tanzania Khaki Mehbubali Dar Es Salaam
Tanzania khalil akberali khakoo dar es salaam
Tanzania Khudaija Ladak Arusha
Tanzania Kulsoom Sajan Arusha
Tanzania Kulsum jaffer Mawji Dar Es Salaam
Tanzania Kulsum Manji Arusha
Tanzania Kulthoom Lalji Dar Es Salaam
Tanzania Kumail Haji Dar Es Salaam
Tanzania Kumail Rashid Inyonga
Tanzania Kumayl Mohamedali Dar es Salaam
Tanzania Kumqyl M7rji
Tanzania Ladha 'S Bukoba Free Sister Marzieh Hashemi. Her Detention is illegal and immoral !
Tanzania Laila Habib Arusha #freeMarziehHashemi
Tanzania Laila Habib Dar Es Salaam
Tanzania Lisah Nsanzu Arusha
Tanzania Lubna Rashed
Tanzania Lujaina Hassanali Dar Es Salaam
Tanzania Lujy Salim Dar Es Salaam
Tanzania M D Dar Es Salaam
Tanzania M Dhalla Dar es salaam
Tanzania Mahdi Abbas
Tanzania Mahdiya Gulamabbas Arusha
Tanzania Mahek Fatema
Tanzania Mahmood Moorji Dar Es Salaam
Tanzania Mansura Maqbul Murji
Tanzania Mariam Meghjee Dar Es Salaam Please please release the innocent lady
Tanzania Marie Rolande Arusha
Tanzania Martin Banks ZAHRAN Banks
Tanzania Maryam Khalfan
Tanzania Maryam Mohamedali Dar es Salaam
Tanzania Maryam Nasser Dar es salaam
Tanzania Marziya Yusuf Nanji Inyonga
Tanzania masuma afzal Dar Es Salaam
Tanzania Masuma Alarakhia
Tanzania Masuma Alidina
Tanzania masuma gangji dar es Salaam
Tanzania Masuma Habib Dar Es Salaam
Tanzania Masuma Jivraj Dar es Salaam
Tanzania Masuma Master Dares salaam
Tanzania Masuma Moorji Dar es Salaam
Tanzania Masuma Xyz Arusha
Tanzania Maysun Bhimani Dar es salaam
Tanzania Meenaz Ladak Dar Es Salaam
Tanzania Meesamali Remtulla Zanzibar
Tanzania Mehdiya Habib
Tanzania mehjabeen mohamed
Tanzania Mehma Sahota Inyonga
Tanzania Mehtab Sumar Dar Es Salaam
Tanzania Mir Karar Ali ZANZIBAR
Tanzania Misriya Saleh
Tanzania mohaddesa bhimani Dar Es Salaam
Tanzania Mohaddissa Walji Dar Es Salaam
Tanzania Mohamed Alarakhia Please see JUSTICE prevails.
Tanzania Mohamed Alarakhia Reasons for signing                                Please free the innocent
Tanzania Mohamed AmirAli Dar Es Salaam
Tanzania Mohamed Bhanji Dar Es Salaam
Tanzania Mohamed Hassam Dar Es Salaam
Tanzania Mohamed Hussein Juma Dar es salaam
Tanzania Mohamed Maisam Valli Arusha
Tanzania Mohamed Rahim Dar Es Salaam
Tanzania Mohamed Shabbir Dar Es Salaam
Tanzania Mohamedabbas Ladha ddm
Tanzania mohamedali dewji dodoma
Tanzania Mohamedgulam, Pyarali Dar Es Salaam
Tanzania Mohamedhussein Rashid
Tanzania Mohamedraza Remtulla Arusha
Tanzania Mohamedsuhel Chagani Zanzibar
Tanzania Mohammad Raza Dar Es Salaam
Tanzania Mohammadamin Sumar Dar Es Salaam
Tanzania Mohammed Haji Dar Es Salaam
Tanzania Mohammed Makame Dar es salaam
Tanzania Mohammed Mohammed Dar Es Salaam
Tanzania Mohammed Taha
Tanzania Mohammedabbas Jessa Dar es salaam
Tanzania Mohammedabbas Nathoo Dar es Salaam
Tanzania Mohammef Rashid Dae es salaam
Tanzania Mohsin Manji Dar es salaam
Tanzania mohsin raza
Tanzania Mrs Sumar Dar-es-salaam
Tanzania Muazzam Rajan Woodstock
Tanzania Mubaraka Esmail
Tanzania Mubarakali Janmohamed Mwanza
Tanzania Muhamedjawad Akber Dar Es Salaam
Tanzania Muhammad Abbas Dar Es Salaam
Tanzania Muhammadali Khatau Dar Es Salaam
Tanzania Muhammed Gulamhussein Arusha
Tanzania Multuzar Gangji Kibaha
Tanzania Munajhassan Merali Dar Es Salaam
Tanzania Munira Dewji dar-es-salaam
Tanzania Muntazir Kermally
Tanzania Murtadha Rashid Dar Es Salaam
Tanzania murtaza mukhtar Daressalaam
Tanzania Murtaza Mukhtar
Tanzania Murtaza S Dar Es Salaam
Tanzania Murtaza Valli ARUSHA
Tanzania Musadik Mohamedali Dar Es Salaam
Tanzania Mushtak Fazal Dar es salaam
Tanzania Mussarat Muhammad Dar es salaam
Tanzania mustafa alibhai Dar Es Salaam
Tanzania MUSTAFA KARA Dar Es Salaam
Tanzania Mustafa Ladha Ushirombo
Tanzania Muzahid Khatry
Tanzania Mwatum Hamisi
Tanzania Naeem Shabir
Tanzania naila ismail Inyonga
Tanzania Najma Mohammed Songea
Tanzania Naqvi Hussain Abbas Dar Es Salaam
Tanzania Narjis Thawer Dar Es Salaam
Tanzania Narjis Virani Dar Es Salaam
Tanzania nasreen fazlebbas Dar Es Salaam
Tanzania Nasreen Hussein
Tanzania nasreen zulfikar Dar es Salaam Free her
Tanzania Naushad Bandali Tanga
Tanzania Naushad Rehmtulla Dar Es Salaam
Tanzania Naushin Fatima Dar Es Salaam
Tanzania Nawal Ally Inyonga
Tanzania Nazima Dharsee Dar es Salaam, East Africa
Tanzania Naznin Mukhtar Arusha
Tanzania Neelam Hussein Muraj
Tanzania Nida Mukhtar
Tanzania Nisar Remtulla Dar Es Salaam
Tanzania Noor Dhalla Dar Es Salaam
Tanzania Noor Salim Dar Es Salaam
Tanzania Noorjehan Okera Dar Es Salaam
Tanzania Rabia Kermali Dar Es Salaam
Tanzania Raihana Pardhan dar es salaam
Tanzania Rajabali Jaffer Dar es salaam
Tanzania Rajshree Makwana Arusha I think she is innocent
Tanzania Ramzan Valli Daressalaam
Tanzania Regan Kahisi
Tanzania Rehema Nassir Moshi
Tanzania Riyaz Panjwani Dar es salaam
Tanzania Rizwan Mamdani Dar es salaam I am signing this petition for release of Mrs marzieh hashami
Tanzania Rizwan Rajabali
Tanzania Roshanali Mohamedali Dar es salaam She should be free
Tanzania Rukia Abdallah
Tanzania Ruksana Jetha
Tanzania S M
Tanzania S M Dar Es Salaam It's unfair! Justice is required!!
Tanzania Sa Vi Dar Es Salaam
Tanzania Saamiya Jaffer Dar Es Salaam
Tanzania Saamiya Jaffer Dar Es Salaam
Tanzania Saamiya Jariwalla Dar Es Salaam
Tanzania Sabiha Merali
Tanzania Sabira Esmail Dar Es Salaam
Tanzania Sabira Hasham
Tanzania Sabira Jaffer
Tanzania Sabira Khakoo Tanga Free Sister Marzieh Hashmi. America Govt Stop this,Dnt Act Like Animals,Because Only Human Have Hearts. If You Were Really A Human,you could not torture People especially Ladies. Shame On You
Tanzania Sabira Meghji Dar Es Salaam
Tanzania Sadick Faraji Dar Es Salaam
Tanzania sadiq esmail Dar Es Salaam
Tanzania Sadiqa Sheriff Dar Es Salaam
Tanzania Safdarabbas Jalali Dar Es Salaam
Tanzania Saida Suhail Dar Es Salaam
Tanzania Sajida M Kibaha
Tanzania Sajida Somji Dar Es Salaam
Tanzania sajjadali juma daressalaam
Tanzania Sakina Kaderbhai Moshi
Tanzania Sakina M Dar Es Salaam
Tanzania Sakina Merali Dar es Salaam
Tanzania Sakina Moledina
Tanzania Sakina Moledina Dar es salaam
Tanzania Sakina Sherali
Tanzania Salim Dhalla Mwanza
Tanzania Salim Jaffer dar es salaam
Tanzania Salim M Dar Es Salaam
Tanzania Salma Dewji Dar Es Salaam
Tanzania Samana Kanji
Tanzania sameer muhamad Dar Es Salaam
Tanzania sameera rashid arusha
Tanzania Saqlain Rattansi Dar-es-Salaam
Tanzania Sayyada Bhimani Arusha
Tanzania Sayyada Mawji
Tanzania Sayyeda Mistry
Tanzania Sayyeda Molu
Tanzania Sayyida Dhirani
Tanzania Seifoonnisa Dhanani
Tanzania Shabana Mir ershad ali Zanzibar
Tanzania Shabbar Khaki Dar Es Salaam
Tanzania Shabbir Abdulrasul Dar es salaam The so called country which fights for human rights is the biggest human rights stopper. The double standards are once again visible. When the Saudi journalist was harassed and finally killed the whole of the West was in uproar demanding to know why and for what was he killed. Why is the Western powers are quite no demands from USA as to why the lady journalist has been arrested.
Tanzania Shabbir Bhalloo Dar Es Salaam
Tanzania Shabbir Ratansi Dar Es Salaam
Tanzania Shabbir Yusufali Dar Es Salaam
Tanzania Shabbirhussein Haji Inyonga
Tanzania shabnam jaffer Dar es salaam
Tanzania Shabnam Manji
Tanzania Shabnam Muccadam Ushirombo
Tanzania Shaf M Dar Es Salaam
Tanzania Shagufta Bhimani
Tanzania Shaheen Rawji Dar Es Salaam
Tanzania Shahid Jaffer Dar Es Salaam
Tanzania Shahina Gulamali
Tanzania SHAIMUNA CHANDOO Dar es salaam
Tanzania Shairoze R Songea
Tanzania Shakeel Munir Sheriff Dar Es Salaam
Tanzania Shama Dewji Dar - es - Salaam
Tanzania Shamim Moti Dar Es Salaam
Tanzania Shamim Pirani Dares salaam She is innocent  and  you  cannot  detain any one without any reason.  .let her free
Tanzania shanaz rajwani Dar Es Salaam
Tanzania Shaukat Walji Dar Es Salaam
Tanzania shaukathussein Ali Dar es salaam
Tanzania Shazia Chandoo Daressalaam
Tanzania Shiffaa Lakha
Tanzania Shyrose Walji Dar es salaam
Tanzania Sibtain Moledina Dar Es Salaam
Tanzania Sibtain Molu Dar Es Salaam
Tanzania Siddika Alidina Arusha
Tanzania Siddika Dawood
Tanzania Siddika Karim
Tanzania Siddiqa Ali Dar es salaam
Tanzania Siddiqa Allarakhia Dar es Salaam
Tanzania Sikina Alidina Dar Es Salaam
Tanzania Soulat Fatma Dar Es Salaam
Tanzania Sued Ismael
Tanzania Suhail Thawer Dar Es Salaam
Tanzania Sukaina AmirAli Dar Es Salaam
Tanzania Sukaina Bhalloo
Tanzania Sukaina Khimani Dar Es Salaam
Tanzania sukaina lalji
Tanzania Sukaina Minhaal
Tanzania Sukaina Moorji Dar Es Salaam
Tanzania Sukaina R Kibaha #FreeMarziehHashemi
Tanzania Sukaina Roshan Dar Es Salaam
Tanzania Sukaina Sherally
Tanzania Suki Jawad Dar Es Salaam
Tanzania Sultan I Ismail Arusha
Tanzania Sumaiyya Thawer Dar Es Salaam
Tanzania Swaleha Gulamhussein Songea
Tanzania Syed Ali
Tanzania Syed Mohammed hyder Dar Es Salaam
Tanzania Tabassum Rizvi Inyonga
Tanzania Tahera Bhalloo Dar Es Salaam
Tanzania tahera Esmail tanzania
Tanzania Tahera Pardhan Arusha
Tanzania Tahirhassan Dewji Dar-es-salaam I stand with justice
Tanzania Tahiya Al riyamy
Tanzania Talib Chagani Arusha
Tanzania Tatheer Sachedina
Tanzania Tehmina Abdulrasul Dar Es Salaam
Tanzania Umi Jaffer Dar Es Salaam
Tanzania umm asf Dar Es Salaam
Tanzania UmmiKulthum Abdallah Dar es Salaam
Tanzania Ummyaan Saleh Mombasa
Tanzania Waseem Akram Dar Es Salaam
Tanzania Yahya Omar
Tanzania yakubu ningi Dar Es Salam
Tanzania Yasirali Poptani Dar Es Salaam
Tanzania Yasmin K
Tanzania Yasmin Sattar Tanga
Tanzania Yassin Pazy
Tanzania Yusra Ali
Tanzania Yusuf Simba
Tanzania zaffar sheriff daressalaam
Tanzania Zaheda Juma
Tanzania Zaheeda Mehdi Inyonga
Tanzania Zaheera Raza Dar Es Salaam
Tanzania Zahra Abbas
Tanzania Zahra Al-busaidy Arusha
Tanzania Zahra Habib Dar Es Salaam
Tanzania zahra lalji dar es salaam She hasn't done anything to deserve being in prison! #FreeMarziehHashemi
Tanzania zahra lalji dar es salaam I strongly condemn this act of cowardice!I demand the earliest release of this beautiful soul! She has no crime, she deserves full freedom #FreeMarziehHashemi
Tanzania Zahra Merchant
Tanzania Zahra Sheriff Dar Es Salaam
Tanzania Zaidi Wajeeh akbar
Tanzania Zainab A Dar Es Salaam
Tanzania Zainab Andani
Tanzania Zainab Bachoo Dar Es Salaam
Tanzania Zainab Bhallooo
Tanzania Zainab Fayyaz Inyonga
Tanzania Zainab Fazal Arusha
Tanzania Zainab Fazal Inyonga
Tanzania Zainab Kara Daressalaam
Tanzania Zainab Khatau Dar Es Salaam
Tanzania Zainab Manek
Tanzania Zainab Mussa Dar Es Salaam
Tanzania zainab panjwani Tanzania
Tanzania Zainab Punja Arusha
Tanzania Zainab R Dar Es Salaam
Tanzania Zainab Rashid Dar Es Salaam
Tanzania Zainab Remtulla Dar Es Salaam
Tanzania Zainab Sadikali Dar Es Salaam
Tanzania Zainab Walji Dar es salaam This is cruelty and total discrimination as well oppression agains a line woman
Tanzania Zameena Kassam
Tanzania zaynab Bandali Dar Es Salaam
Tanzania zeenat Hussein Dar Es Salaam zeenat hussein fakir
Tanzania Zehrabanu Shabbir Ladak
Tanzania Zeinab kaouk Tarhini
Tanzania Zinat Fazal Dar Es Salaam
Tanzania Zohra Manji Daresalam
Tanzania zuher bachoo dar es salaam
Tanzania Zuly C Dar es Salaam
Tunisia ben taghrouit mourad Tunis no liberty in usa only hypocrisy
Tunisia Dejla Tns Tunis
Tunisia Dejla Tounsi Tunis
Tunisia Faycel Chouaibi
Tunisia Hajer Guefrachi
Tunisia Mariem Mokded
Tunisia Raoudha Bsaies Kairouan
Tunisia Zahra Kheiri Tunisia
Tunisia مريم بن صالح El Marsa
Uganda Alshazaley Mirghaney Kampala
Uganda Aqsa Zainab Kampala
Uganda Ateqa Shabbir Kampala I stand up against oppression and injustice
Uganda Daniel Ssebugulu Kampala
Uganda Habimaana Hussein Kampala #FreeMarziehHashemi immediately. God curse America God curse USA
Uganda Mohd Anwarali Kampala
Uganda Samuel Ouma Kampala
Uganda Shams Kanani Kampala
Zambia Anderson Chirwa Lusaka
Zambia Ashraf Saiyed Lusaka You are unjust to this journalist she has her right of freedom of speech
Zambia Fatema Saiyed Lusaka
Zambia Saiyed pervez abbas Bukhari
Zambia yasmin suriya
Zimbabwe Kelvin Khabo Johannesburg
Zimbabwe Kudakwashe Munemo Beverly Hills
Zimbabwe Tinashe Zvihwati Harare