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Country Name City Comment
Afghanistan Bashir Yasir Apo  
Afghanistan Basirullah Qasmi Kabul  
Afghanistan Elia Sadat    
Afghanistan Khalid Arian    
Afghanistan Mohammad Payam Kabul  
Afghanistan Muhammad. Humayun Shareefy    
Afghanistan Mukhtar Ali Kabul  
Afghanistan Taza Gul Hemat    
Afghanistan زمان مہدی Kabul Free Marzia Hashimi
Algeria Hakima Dehbi    
Algeria Jamel Daoudi    
Algeria Kamel Mansari    
Algeria Maryam Jaafariya Constantine  
Algeria Mohamed Chami Bordj Bou Arreridj  
Algeria Rym Boukhari    
Algeria Sana Boulksibat Bordj Bou Arreridj  
Algeria Taha Blidi Algiers  
Bahrain Abuzar Khan Barbar  
Bahrain Ammar Radhi Manama  
Bahrain Fadheela Tahery nejad Manama  
Bahrain Fatima Zahra    
Bahrain Hussain Jamri Manama  
Bahrain Ilma Husic Manama  
Bahrain Nab Mud    
Bahrain Nazi Karimi Seef  
Bahrain Ramona abdallah    
Bahrain Rufia Amiri Manama Human rights in America have deteriorated very much , especially under Trump . America is gone to the dogs. The big dog being Trump. FREE MAEZIEH HASHEMI .
Bahrain Waleed Alfahad Manama  
Bahrain Zehra Haidari Karachi  
Bangladesh Abdur Rahman Dhaka  
Bangladesh Habiba Ankhi Dhaka  
Bangladesh Mohammad Ferose Khan Dhaka  
Bangladesh shanaz arfeen Dhaka  
Bangladesh Snigdha Chowdhury    
Cambodia Sunny Fournier Sihanoukville  
Cameroon Khadidja Yenou Douala Au Nom d'Allah Clement et Miséricordieux,Que le fbi donne immediatement les raisons de cette arrestation si arbitraire! C'est une honte et un scandale pr un etat usa ki se prétend démocrate! C'est un etat-diable ki a sorti Dieu de tous ses actes, un etat ku klux klan hypocrite arrogant et gonflé dans zéro! Déchéance sur cet état !
Cameroon zaydh nsangou Yaoundé  
China Amma Salma    
China Huda Abdul majeed Nanjing  
China Samina Mobarak Ventura  
Hong Kong Faraaz Ali North Point  
India A.V.S Deekshit Kolkata  
India Aabid Hussain Bhat Bhopal  
India Aabid hussain Rather Srinagar  
India Aabis Ali Rizvi    
India Aadam Ibrahem Ludhiana  
India Aafreen Tejani Mumbai Standing against injustice n barbaric acts of America
India Aaleen Mirza Mumbra  
India Aamir Suhail Bhat Jammu Captivating an innocent journalist indicates that the so called super power is actually so weak that it feels insecure by even an armless female journalist......So USA , free Marzieh if you feel you are not so weak
India Aardee Dama    
India Aaref Ali Hyderabad  
India Aarif Hussain Bangalore  
India Aasib Hussain Moradabad Islam does not see the name of human being it see the humanity.Marzeih Hashmi is the one lady,whose character of humanity.She is always supporter of humanity not oppression.U.S.A expressed it's actual face.
India Aasif Ali    
India Aasim Jemani Mumbai She has done no activity to deserve this illegal detention. She is not a criminal.
India Aasim Unia Mumbai  
India Aastha Varshney Aligarh  
India Aazam Abidi Kolkata  
India Abass Amjad   She is the best ever tv anchor journalist!!!!
India Abazz Ali Gurgaon  
India abba razvi hyderabad  
India Abbas Abbas Hyderabad  
India Abbas Amaldar    
India abbas hussain Bhopal  
India abbas Hussain Hyderabad  
India Abbas Hussain Hyderabad  
India Abbas Hyder    
India Abbas Jafari    
India Abbas Jaffari Hyderabad she has been detained without reason.
India abbas kazim bangalore  
India abbas khan Varanasi  
India Abbas Khizer Bangalore  
India abbas mehdi Lucknow She has been detained without any charges.
India abbas mithani Ahmedabad  
India Abbas Muqasid Bangalore  
India Abbas Naqvi Patna  
India ABBAS QAISER Srinagar  
India Abbas Rizvi    
India Abbas Sayed    
India Abbas Sayyed Thane  
India Abbas Sayyed Thane  
India Abbas Syed Bangalore  
India Abbas Syed Kanpur  
India Abbas Zaid Ladakh There should be a free Journalism,  by detention of a journalist,  it's violation of freedom to speech.
India Abbasali Kerawala Mumbai  
India abdul entakhab New Delhi  
India Abdul Hadi New Delhi  
India Abdul khader Kunnamkulam  
India Abdul Majeed Botoo Noida  
India Abdul Mehdi Jammu It's an infringement of her fundamental rights
India Abdul Rahman    
India Abdul Vahid Bangalore  
India Abdulkader Rampurawala Jorhat  
India Abdullah Ansari Banswara  
India Abdullah Jamadar Bangalore  
India abedi asghar Nellore  
India Abeeha Rizvi Panipat  
India Abhishek Awasthi Lucknow American are evil
India Abid Ali Hyderabad  
India Abid Dar Srinagar How ironic of US MSM that Marzieh, US citizen and journalist, is being kidnapped by FBI and are torturing her by various means but they turned a blind eye about her abduction and illegal imprisonment. Same with Serena, US citizen and journalist, who was assassinated yet no major US news network covered news about her. But somehow poor Khashoggi became a subject of all sort of investigation, breaking news, hero of journalism while he's sectarian, pro-regime change in Syria, used to follow same ISIS influenced ideology of wahhabism and was fanboy of tyrannical al saud..So don't expect from me to shed a tear for him as he's a supporter of oppressive scums al saud and was in complete allegiance to them. For such individuals who support oppressors are cursed in Islam. Rather it prove the brutality of al saud on its dissidents and you can imagine how cruelly they must have treated Sheikh Nimr and other dissidents in saudia....
India Abid Hussain Delhi  
India Abid Hussain Khan Jammu  
India Abid Mir    
India Abid Mir New Delhi I believe in the freedom and of press
India Abid Rupani    
India Abidali Surati    
India Abrar Ali Jammu  
India abrar hussain Patna City  
India Abrar Shah Delhi  
India Abu Turab Rizvi Mumbai  
India Abul Hassan Mir Srinagar  
India Adeeba Khan Lucknow  
India Adil Abass Ludhiana  
India Adil asgar New Delhi  
India Adil Hussain Noida  
India Adil Wani New Delhi  
India Adnan Rizvi Patna  
India Adul majid Ladji Bangalore  
India Adv parvez Patel Mumbai  
India aels ali Bangalore  
India Afifa Rizvi    
India Afifa Shaikh Mumbai  
India Afiya Viraney    
India Afnan Nk    
India Afreen Fatima Srinagar You just need to be a flea against injustice. Enough committed fleas biting strategically can make even the biggest dog uncomfortable and transform even the biggest nation.(Marian Wright Edelman)FREE MARZIEH HASHEMI...........
India Afreen Jiwani    
India Afreen Mofiz Allahabad  
India Afrin Fatima Hyderabad  
India Afrin Khan    
India Afroz Khan Delhi  
India Afroz Mir   I want to see her free.
India Afsha Khan Maharashtra  
India afsha Sabuwala   I want u to stop harassing innocent people
India Afshaan Rayees    
India Afteen Parpia Mumbai  
India Afzal abbas Jatniwala Ahmedabad Pls stop injustice to innocents.
India Aga Kashmiri   I am free human being
India Aga Nasir ali Delhi We are strongly condemned this coward act by American trump govt
India Aga Nasir ali Delhi Thanks for updation
India Aga Nasir ali Delhi Well done God bless you
India Aga syed ali Ali New Delhi  
India AGA syed Safvi Bhubaneswar  
India Agha Mohd ali Hyderabad  
India Aghaajaz Rizvi Srinagar  
India Ahmad Ali   Free Marzieh Hashmi.justice for her
India Ahmad Ali    
India Ahmad Ali Delhi  
India Ahmad Ali Noida  
India Ahmad Ali Akhoon    
India Ahmad ali Shahi Gurgaon  
India Ahmad Askari   Lets rise against the tyranny of the Government of United States of America.
India Ahmad Fayaz Jammu  
India Ahmad Fazili New Delhi  
India ahmadali ansari New Delhi  
India Ahmed Abbas    
India Ahmed Hussain Hyderabad  
India Ahmed Hussain Kollam  
India Ahmed Machiswala Surat  
India Ahmed Mehdi Lucknow  
India AHMED MIRZA Thane  
India Ahsan Ali Chandigarh  
India Ahsan Ali Neva Mumbai  
India Ahsan Alu Delhi  
India Ahsan Fatima Hyderabad  
India Aijaz Ahmad Chandigarh America is pretending to be the human rights fighter and always blames Muslims nations that they are not allowing its citizens to freely express their opinion and is blaming them for curbing freedom in of speech. But by detaining #MarziehHashmi USA has proved they themselves are violating human rights and freedom of expression. This inhumane Activity of USA needs to be condemned and everyone should name and shame USA for violating freedom of expression.
India Aijaz Rather Jammu  
India Aijazaatash Kashmiri Jammu  
India Aiman Fatima    
India Aisha Khan Mumbai  
India Aishwa Bilqees Jammu  
India Ajaz Ahmad Srinagar  
India Ajaz Ali    
India Ajaz Chaudhary Jammu  
India Ajaz Husaain Delhi  
India Ajaz Hussain    
India Ajaz Natoo Jammu  
India Ajaz qasar Beigh    
India Akbar ali Rabbani   I'sining because i stand on side of humanity , because I stand on side of Hussainiyat, because I stand on the side of side of rightness
India Akbar Manchoo Delhi  
India Akbar Sha    
India Akbar Syed Mumbai  
India Akeel Hassan    
India Akhel P    
India Akhtar Choko Gurgaon What is her crime.
India Akhtar Hussain    
India Akhtar Para Delhi  
India Akhter Hussain bandipora I anm signing this petition because the journalist charged without any guilty.I requested responsible administration to release her as soon as possible.Otherwise you will be selected as fool administration
India Alamdar Ali Hyderabad  
India Alamdar Mirza    
India Aleena Hussain Vijayawada  
India Aleesha Husain    
India Ali Abbas Fort Worth  
India Ali Abbas Hyderabad  
India Ali Abbas Pune  
India Ali Abvas Karachi  
India Ali Ahmed Hyderabad  
India Ali Ak Mumbai Jouranalist should have freedom of speech
India ali akbar    
India Ali Akbar Chandigarh The voice of justice and truth shouldn't be prejudice by hegomonic powersI slaute the dear Lady ....a real emancipator of truth like Zanib e Aluyah s.a.
India Ali Akbar Abedi Meerut  
India Ali akbar Seliya    
India Ali Arslan    
India Ali Asgar Srinagar  
India Ali Asgar Turabi    
India Ali Asghar    
India Ali Asghar himmati Hyderabad  
India Ali Balwa Mumbai  
India ali baqir Mumbai  
India Ali Bhai Bhai    
India ALI FAIZAN ALI Jammu  
India ali hasan    
India Ali Hemani    
India Ali Hussain Jammu  
India Ali Hyder Vijayawada  
India Ali Imran Kolkata  
India Ali Jinnah Jinnah Phagwara Its murder of democracy of America...He is a worst Government and all the like minded and people of great sense must condemn this act of USA..
India Ali Mehdi Noida  
India Ali Mohammad New Delhi Free
India Ali Mohammed Hyderabad  
India Ali Mohammed Hyderabad  
India Ali Mohd New Delhi  
India Ali mohd Malik New Delhi  
India ALI NAKI KHAN Ahmedabad  
India Ali nasrullah Srinagar  
India Ali Noor Noorie Delhi  
India Ali Qambar    
India Ali QAMBER Zaidi Kanpur  
India Ali Raza    
India Ali Raza    
India Ali Raza Bhavnagar  
India Ali Raza Mumbai  
India Ali raza charaniya Haji bhai 9327722440 Bangalore  
India Ali Raza Khan Mumbai  
India Ali Razvi Hyderabad  
India Ali Rehaan    
India Ali Rizvi    
India Ali Shah Mumbai  
India Ali Younis Mohali  
India Ali Zakir Jeddy    
India Alia M    
India Aliakbar Gandhi Mumbai  
India Aliasgar Pocketwala Mumbai  
India Aliasgher Ladha    
India Aliasgher Sumar    
India Alinawaz Virani Mumbai  
India Aliraza Badami Mumbai  
India Aliraza Budhwani Mumbai I oppose injustice by usa government.
India Aliraza lakhani Mumbai  
India aliraza noorani Mumbai Because she is innocent
India Aliraza Shivji Sharjah  
India alireza merchant Ahmedabad  
India Alireza Shahbaziyan    
India Alisha Abbas Faizabad  
India Alisha Abbas Noida  
India Alisha Merchant Mumbai  
India Alisha Mirza Hyderabad  
India Alisha Sheikh Akbarpur I am with marzieh
India Alison Burgus Srinagar  
India Aliya Gul New Delhi  
India Aliya Hasan    
India Aliya Shah    
India Aliya Zehra    
India Aliza Abbas Delhi  
India Aliza Dawoodani Mumbai  
India Aliza Noorani Mumbai  
India Aliza Zehra Dehradun I want justice should prevail in society and it would be for sure. World is waiting for justice and justice is waiting for Imam Mahdi(atfs).She should be free because everyone has a right of speech without violating other's right. She made no crime, she is an honest journalist. #FreeMarziehHashemi
India Almas Husain Mumbai  
India altaf ashik Bhopal  
India Altaf Hussain    
India Altaf Hussain Delhi  
India Altaf Hussain Jammu  
India Altaf Hussain New Delhi  
India alu darah Chandigarh  
India Aman Saeed Delhi  
India Ambarin Abassi   Ambarin
India Amber Jam Thane  
India Ambreen Khan    
India Ambreen Yousuf Delhi Sister Marzeih Hashemi...." voice of Humanity"....her detention is against d laws of Humanity...& we should raise voice against this...
India Ambreen zehra Kazmi Delhi  
India Ameen Fatima Varanasi  
India Ameena Naqvi    
India Ameer Ali    
India Ameer Badami Bangalore  
India Ameer ullah Dar   Don't punish innocents.Don't be cruel
India Amila Zehra Chennai  
India Amina Hussain Azamgarh  
India Amina Suleman Mumbai  
India Amir Ali Shaikh Bandung  
India amir khan Doha She is innocent
India Amir Rizvi Allahabad  
India Amira Shaikh Pune  
India Amirali Merchant   Free
India Amjad Ali Delhi  
India Amjid Ali Srinagar  
India Amos Ravichandar Chennai  
India Amreen Hussain    
India Amreen Lalani Mumbai  
India Amreen Sayed Malad  
India Amreen Sultana    
India Amrina khan Mumbai  
India Ana Ishrat Delhi  
India Anam Arif Aligarh  
India Anam Kalwani Pune  
India Anam Rajani Mumbai  
India Anas Shaikh Mumbai  
India anayat ali Jammu  
India Anayat Ali    
India Anees Ali Thrissur  
India Anees Fatima Jammu  
India Angel Zara Mumbai  
India Aniqa Yaqoob Jammu  
India Anjum fatima Sayed    
India Anjum Husain Sheikh   I'm signing because Marzieh Hashemi represents all the dignified women of the world and her dignity at stake means the dignity of all the women is at stake.
India Anjum Meghani Nasik  
India Annie Fatima Panipat  
India Ansaar Mehdi New Delhi  
India Ansar Ali Delhi  
India Ansar Hussain Gurgaon  
India Anwar Ali Turabi Chandigarh Iam stand witht -Anchor-marzieh-Hashemi-#downwithusa
India Anwar Hussain Delhi  
India Anwar Hussain Mumbai  
India Anwaz Kazi Hyderabad  
India Aon Hasan    
India Appy Janee Delhi  
India Arif Ali    
India Arif Ali Vakil Mumbai  
India Arif Bhat Jaipur  
India Arif Hussain Delhi  
India Arif Hussain Srinagar  
India Arif Irfan Jammu  
India Arif Rashid Gurgaon  
India Armaan Bandaly Nagpur  
India Arman Mehdi Jalandhar She is innocent
India Arshad Hussain Bangalore  
India arshad mirza Hyderabad The it's injuat with sister marziah
India Arshad Naqvi Shikarpur  
India Arshaduddin Sheikh Lucknow  
India Arshi ismail Mirza Mumbai  
India Arshid Mir Srinagar  
India Asad Ali Delhi  
India Asad Shahi    
India Asadullah Syed Hyderabad  
India Asfiya Fathima Chennai  
India Asgar Alee    
India Asgar Ali Chandigarh  
India Asgar ali Assu Dhunda  
India Asgar Ali Shabani    
India Asgar Karbalai Delhi  
India Asgar Sheikh Kolkata It is an illegal detention and I strongly condemn of it. Its my appeal to the U.S Govt. to release Mrs. Marzieh Hashmi as soon as possible.
India Asger ali Wazir Chandigarh  
India ASGHAR AGHA Hyderabad  
India Ashab Husain    
India Ashaq Hussain Dar Srinagar  
India Ashiq Akhoon Bangalore  
India Ashiq Hussain Ambala  
India Ashiq Hussain New Delhi  
India Ashiq Hussain Bhat Srinagar  
India ashiq hussain wani Srinagar  
India Ashraf Ali Srinagar  
India Ashu Shah    
India Asia Ibrahim Jammu  
India Asia Tabasum Mir Srinagar  
India ASIF ABBAS    
India Asif Ali Bangalore  
India Asif Ali Srinagar  
India Asif Dar Jammu  
India asif mehdi   I want her free as it is against freedom of speech it is another example of injustice and tyranny by the U.S government
India Asif Nisar Mumbai  
India Asif Zaidi    
India Asif ZAIDI Hyderabad  
India Asiya Bano   A women always stands with a women✊
India Askar Aga    
India Askery Fatima Hyderabad  
India Aslam Haji    
India Asma Fatima Hyderabad  
India Asma Fatima Hyderabad  
India Asma Khan Bangalore  
India Asma Shujath    
India Asma Viraney    
India Asmat Fatima Hyderabad  
India Ata Hussain Khan    
India Ataullah Khan Pune  
India Atha Fathimi Bangalore  
India Athar Ali Noida  
India Ather Rizvi Mumbai  
India Athiya Zehra Hyderabad  
India Attullah Khan Delhi  
India Aun Mirza Chandigarh  
India Ayan Momin Vadodara  
India Ayeman Hussain Delhi  
India Ayesha Khan Delhi  
India Az K Mumbai  
India Azeem Jaffri Kolkata  
India Azhar Syed Bangalore  
India Aziz Baig Hyderabad  
India Azkiya fatema Unia    
India Azra Razvi    
India Ba Sit    
India Babar Iqbal Jammu  
India Baby Tarannum New Delhi  
India Baiza Bhat Jammu  
India Bakri Mubarak    
India Barkat Bhat Mohali  
India Barkat Vasaya Bhuj  
India Barket Ali Mir Jammu  
India Basharat Hussain   Petition
India Bashir Ahmad Chandigarh  
India Bashir Ahmad shan    
India Bashir Ali   Stand against injustice, Stand with MARZIEH HASHEMI..
India Bashir Bashira    
India Basira Fatima   Always be there in terms of weal and woe I m signing for my sister Her detention is illegal and immoral �
India Basit Fayaz Jammu  
India Basit Nisar    
India Batul Adil Mumbai She has been arrested for unspecified reasons #FreeMarziehHashemi
India Beigh Abdullah   free free free
India Benish Khawaja Jammu  
India Bhat Ajaz Jammu  
India Bhavesh Sarswat    
India Bhujwala Nazneen Mumbai  
India Bilal ahmad Ganie Srinagar  
India Bilal Bhat Jammu  
India Bilkees Hussain Srinagar  
India Bilqeesa Hadi Ludhiana  
India Bilques Fatima Panchkula  
India Bintezehra Sayyed Mumbai She is innocent. Pls free her
India Bintul huda Huda Pilkhuwa  
India Bintulhuda Rizvi Bangalore  
India Bobby Sami Lucknow  
India Buniyad Ali Jaipur  
India Bushra Aziz Mumbai  
India Bushra Rizvi Rewari  
India Butt Farah Srinagar  
India Chavali Harshita Hyderabad  
India Daaiq Nissar Jammu  
India Dabirah Hassan Jammu  
India Damani Muslim Hussain Bangalore  
India Danial Abidi Mumbai  
India Danish Haider Ghaziabad  
India Danish Jamadar Kolkata  
India Daud Ibrahim    
India Diba Rizwan Lucknow Because she is Innocent, she has nothing to do with anything which can harm any individual, state or country
India Dr dilawer ali Patna  
India dr jagadish nanjaiah Bangalore  
India Dr Syed Mubarak Hussain Syed Jammu  
India Dr Tajamul Sherazi Delhi  
India Dr Zahoor Hussain Mir Jammu  
India Dr.Anwar Hussain Nagoo Srinagar I strongly condemn this gruesome behaviour by satanic  forces towards journalists especially women
India Dr.Sukaina Rizvi Mumbai  
India Ebaad Shaikh Mumbai  
India Ehmed Sain Pune  
India Ehsaan mir   I feel it is against human rights
India Ehtesham Mirza Hyderabad  
India Elia Naqvi Ahmedabad  
India Eliya Zaidi Sambalpur  
India Emran hakim srinagar There is not reason to ban ;-The freedom of speech,-The voice of the voiceless,- The freedom of journalists - The voice in support of oppressed,-The voice against the oppressors,-The black lives.-The women. #MarziehHashemi had all the above properties and made the Americas true face exposed,  #FreeMarziehHashemi#FreePresstvJournalist
India Erneeb Zehra Jammu  
India Erum Rizvi New Delhi  
India Ethan hasan Bangalore  
India Ezaan Shahid    
India Fahad Hussaini   Everyone has freedom of speech. As media like BBC and CNN promote false news and misguide world they are safe in your so called law and country. And she is speaking the truth so you guys can't bare y? Release her now else you guys will pay for this.
India FAHEEM Abbas Bangalore I apologise to immediately release of press tv anchor marzieh fathima
India Faheem Raza Gulbarga  
India Fahim Ahmed Mumbai  
India Fahim Hussain Delhi  
India Fahim Mir Ludhiana  
India Faisal Abbas Panipat  
India FAISAL BHAT srinagar jammu and kashmir  
India Faiz Ali Khan    
India Faiza Basheer khan Lucknow  
India Faizan Mehdi Lucknow  
India FAIZAN SYED Jammu  
India Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed    
India Faraaz Siddiqui Pune  
India Farah Zainab Jammu  
India Faraz Rizvi Rohtak  
India Farha Askari Meerut  
India Farha Jehan Hyderabad  
India Farhan Husain Lucknow  
India Farhana Bashir Jammu  
India Farhat Jabeen Amberpet  
India Farhat Panjwani    
India Farheen Sayed    
India Farheen Zahra Lucknow  
India Fariyal Sayed Mumbai  
India Farman Hussain    
India Farqaleeta Asghar    
India Farwa Kazimi Bankipore  
India Farwa kazmi Gajraula  
India Farwah Jan Delhi  
India Farzana Akbar Mumbai  
India Farzana Batool Delhi  
India farzana haiderali mumbai  
India Fatema Ali Mumbai  
India Fatema Ladha Ahmedabad  
India Fatema Momin    
India Fatemah Rizvi    
India Fathi Raza Bangalore  
India Fathima H Coimbatore  
India fatima abidi Delhi  
India Fatima Bhojani Mumbai  
India Fatima Fatima Bangalore  
India fatima fazilat   Free Ms Hashmi.......
India Fatima Hussaini Muzaffarnagar  
India Fatima Kaneez Delhi  
India Fatima Mehdi Mumbai  
India Fatima Muhammad Bangalore  
India Fatima Nahvi    
India Fatima Rizvi Bhopal  
India Fatima Sara New Delhi  
India Fatimah Razvi Mumbai  
India Fayaj Ali Hyderabad  
India Fayaz Hussain    
India Fazal Abbas Badami Bhuj  
India Fazal Zaidi Delhi  
India Feriha Farhat Srinagar  
India Feroz Ahmad Delhi  
India Feroz Ali   I am signing in because this act is totally injustice. .....
India Feroz Haider Jalali   Free hashimi sister her detention is illegal and immoral
India Feroz Kacho   #freeMarziehHashimi
India Ferzana Husain Dehradun  
India fida abbas    
India Fida Hussain    
India Fida Hussain Dar    
India Fidah Hussain Delhi  
India firasath ali   Free
India Firdose Zehra Bangalore  
India Firdous Ali Ludhiana  
India Firdous FB Ahmedabad  
India Firdous mirza Ali Delhi  
India Firdousa Mir New Delhi  
India Firoz Hussain   Unjust arrest
India Firoza Merchant Mumbai  
India fiza ameer Lucknow  
India Fizza Rizvi Mumbai  
India Fizza Siddiqua Delhi  
India Fmvakil Vakil    
India Fouziya Hafiz Bangalore  
India fozia sofi Srinagar  
India Frwa Mirza Hyderabad  
India Furqan Shaikh    
India Gazala Mir Chandigarh  
India Gazanfar Abass Jammu  
India Gazanfar Ali Srinagar  
India Gh Mohammad Najar Jammu  
India Gh mohd Mir Srinagar  
India Gh Mohmed Faqir Srinagar  
India GH Mustafa Bhat Jammu  
India Gh.hassan Nengroo Meerut  
India Ghassem Ghassempour Mumbai I seek justice for this poor lady who is undergoing immense anguish for no fault of hers.
India Ghulam Abass    
India Ghulam Abass Hoshiarpur  
India GHULAM ALI DAR Lucknow  
India Ghulam Haider    
India Ghulam Haider Chandigarh  
India Ghulam Haider Delhi  
India Ghulam Hussain Srinagar  
India Ghulam Mehdi New Delhi  
India Ghulam Mohammad    
India Ghulam Mohammad New Delhi  
India Ghulam Mohd Khan New Delhi  
India Ghulam Mustafa    
India Ghulam Rasool Delhi  
India Ghulam Us Syedain Mohali  
India Gowhar Mustafa Jammu  
India Gufran Khan Mumbai  
India Gufran Shaikh Mumbai  
India Gul Zehra Delhi  
India Gulam Murtaza Delhi  
India Gulamabbas Devjiyani Mumbai All has a freedom speech
India gulamabbas ebrahim meheralli    
India gulamhaider panjwani panjwani Mumbai  
India Gulnaz Fatima Delhi  
India Gulrez Abbas Zaidi Noida  
India Gulshan Gul Hyderabad  
India Gulshan Hussain Hyderabad  
India Gulshan Rajani    
India Gulshia rizwan Abdi Lucknow  
India gulzar ahmad    
India Gulzar Bhat Srinagar  
India Gulzar Bhat Srinagar  
India gulzar hussain   Free marzeya
India gulzar hussain Gurgaon  
India Gulzar Hussain Chandigarh  
India Gulzar Hussain Delhi  
India Haadi Ghoghai Ahmedabad  
India Habab lal Lal New Delhi  
India Habeeba Sadaf    
India Habiba Syed    
India Habiba Zaidi Lucknow  
India Habibullah Sadiqi    
India Hadi Ali Srinagar  
India Hadi Mohammed Hyderabad  
India Haidar Ali Delhi  
India haidayat ullah    
India Haider Abbas Mumbai  
India Haider Ali Jammu  
India Haider Ali Kolkata  
India Haider Ali ABBAS Jammu  
India Haider Bharmal Ahmedabad  
India Haider Zaidi    
India Haider Zaidi Panipat  
India Haiderali Sumar    
India Haji Nazir Ahmed Mumbai Free marzia hashemi
India Hajira Sadiq Madurai Because marziya hashmi is innocent stop terrorism  mr trumph
India Hakeem Iram Jammu May allah curse her enemies...
India Hakim Kumail Abass Jammu  
India Hakim Sujahat Jammu  
India Hakima Banoo    
India Hakima Banoo Delhi  
India Hakima Banoo Gurgaon  
India Haleema Parveen Delhi  
India Hameed Nurani Bhubaneswar  
India Hamidul Aasikin Bangalore  
India Hamza Rahman Delhi  
India Hamzah l Ali Pune  
India Hani Abbas Gurgaon  
India Hasan Ali Sayed    
India Hasan Rizvi Lucknow  
India hasan Sayed Mumbai  
India Hasan Sayyed Pune  
India Hasan Zaki Zaidi Allahabad  
India Hasan Zamin    
India Hasan Zehra Sayed Mumbai  
India Hasham Abbas Mumbai  
India Hashamath Jaffer Bangalore Plz free Marzieh Hashmi....
India Hashim Zahoor Srinagar  
India Hasnain Abbas Mumbai  
India Hasnain Agharia Ahmedabad  
India HASNAIN Kadak Bangalore  
India Hasnain Khan New Delhi  
India Hasnain Mohd London  
India Hasnain Muzaffar   She is innocent. USA (Super Power) has fear of a lady! How cowardness!
India Hassan Abbas Mumbai  
India Hassan mehdi Abedi Secunderabad  
India Hassan Zulfiqar Delhi  
India hassanain rajayee Chandigarh  
India Hatch Khazvini Chennai  
India Hawida Abbas Bhopal  
India Hello Bye Hyderabad  
India henna sajad Ghaziabad  
India Hera Sayed    
India himmathali Khan Hyderabad  
India Hina Kausar    
India Hina Mushir Delhi  
India Huda fatima Hyderabad  
India Huma Zaidi Noida  
India Husain Mehdi Delhi  
India Husain Mehdi Lucknow  
India Husen Ali Maknojia    
India hussain b Mumbai  
India Hussain Hussain Delhi  
India Hussain Jalali Delhi She is innocent. Release her
India Hussain Kharpa Kargil INDIA    
India Hussain Mohd. New Delhi  
India Hussain Muntazir Srinagar  
India Hussyn Lone    
India Hyder Ali Srinagar  
India Hyder Badami Mumbai  
India Hyder Himmathi    
India Hyder Mir Chennai  
India Ibrahim khalily Allahabad  
India Ibrahim Khan    
India IDREES AZAD Jammu  
India Idrees Khan Srinagar  
India Iffat Zahra Jammu  
India Iftikhar Hussain Jalandhar  
India IFTIKHAR Hussain Srinagar  
India Ilyas Alimir Srinagar  
India Ilyas Hussain Delhi  
India Ilyas Mir Jammu  
India imran ali khan khan Shimla  
India Imran Khan Srinagar It's illegal detention
India Imran Mahdi Rizvi    
India imran meghani(AJWAA) Bangalore  
India Imran Mukhi Ahmedabad  
India Imran Noorani Mahuva Bandar #free #marziahhashemi, She is innocent
India Imran Rasool Mumbai Their shd be freedom of speech and it said America is champion of it
India Imran Ravjani Pune  
India Imran Zaidi    
India Imtiyaz Hussain    
India Imtiyaz Hussain Jammu  
India Imtyaz Ali Delhi  
India Indian Student    
India injeel mushtaq Srinagar  
India Insha Zehra Srinagar  
India insia zehra Jammu  
India Iqbal Wali Srinagar  
India Iqra Bashir Jammu  
India Iqra Manzoor Jammu  
India iram rajani Ahmedabad  
India Iram Shaikh    
India Iram Zeba Mumbai  
India Iram ZEHRA    
India Iram zehra Meghani Kolkata  
India Irfan Ahmad Jammu  
India Irfan Ahmad Mir Delhi  
India Irfan Haider Darbhanga  
India Irfan Hassan Bangalore  
India Irfan Hyder Panipat  
India Irfan Hyder Srinagar  
India Irfan Mir Jammu  
India Irfan Mirza    
India Irfan Mohamed Bangalore  
India Irfan Reza Chennai I believe that truth will prevail..
India Irshad Ahmad    
India Irshad Ahmad Gurgaon  
India Irshad Ahmad Srinagar  
India Irshad Ali Jammu  
India Irshad Auyoob New Delhi  
India Irshad Dar    
India Irshad Fazal Mumbai  
India Irtika Bashir New Delhi  
India Irtiza Ali Srinagar  
India Irtiza Khan Srinagar  
India Ishfaq Dar Atrauli  
India Ishfaq Hussain    
India Ishfaq Hussainy Jammu  
India ishrat fatima Noida  
India Ishrat Fatima   #freemarziehhashemi
India Ishrat Hussain Jammu  
India Ishrat Rizvi Delhi  
India Ishrat Shareef Jammu  
India Ishtiaq Sheikh Jammu  
India Islam Adil Jaipur  
India ismail baig Mumbai  
India Ismail Raza    
India Ismail Shaik Hyderabad  
India Ismat Bhojani    
India Iswahani Sajidali    
India Itrat Zehra    
India Izhar Malik Jammu  
India j.hyder sultan Noida  
India Jabeer Hussain mirza    
India Jafer Ali Hyderabad  
India jahir Abbas Kokrajhar  
India Jalal Jalali Mumbai  
India Jameel Abbas    
India Jamila bano Jammu  
India Jan Andy Srinagar  
India Janam Mehdi Cochin  
India Jasmine hasan Allahabad  
India Jasmine Talajawala    
India Jatish Shah Mumbai Nobody can be detained for so long if there are no charges filed.
India Jatish Shah Mumbai You cannot detain a person without charging the person of a crime. They must release her.
India Javad Rouhollah Hyderabad  
India Javaid Hussain Jammu  
India javaid iqbal Delhi  
India Javed Abbas Zaidi New Delhi  
India Javed Ali Ansari Chennai  
India Javed Naqvi Lucknow  
India Javeed Ahmad Puju Jammu  
India Javid Abass Jammu  
India Jawad Ali    
India Jayna Jain   Free Hashimi sister , her detention is illegal and immoral
India Johar Ali Delhi  
India John abbas Sayed Mumbai  
India John Karbalai Ahmedabad World' s biggest hypocrite is USA Creator of daesh ISIS Al nusra front ypg
India John Smith Ghaziabad None has the right to Ill treat a convicted person until he is judge as culprit. That's the basic human right of every individuals. Seems like the US government is trying to challenge whole humanity..... Morons
India Jozef Zahoor Jammu  
India Kabir Khan    
India Kahkasha Warsi Delhi  
India Kahkashan Abidi Pollachi  
India Kaif Siddiqui New Delhi  
India kainath hussain   Her detetion is illegal and immoral .
India kairun Nisa Shimla  
India kalbe abid khan Lucknow  
India kamran meerza Kolkata  
India Kamran Shora Jammu  
India Kaneez Fathima Delhi  
India Kaneez Fatima    
India Kaneez Fatima Delhi  
India Kaneez Fatima Ghaziabad  
India Kaneez Fatima Ropar Free marzia hashime
India Kaneez Hussain Noida  
India Kaneez Zehra Srinagar  
India Kaniz Batul    
India Kaniz Fatima    
India Kaniz Majores Ahmedabad  
India Kanize Fatima Ludhiana  
India Kanizfathima Manasiya Bangalore  
India Kapasi abbas abbas    
India Karamathusen Tajwala Bangalore  
India Karan Bhansali Mumbai  
India Kareemh Somjee Bangalore  
India Karmali Sayyada Chennai  
India Karrar Merchant Mahuva Freedom of speech is the right of every human.
India Kashif Syed    
India Kaunain Ali Hyderabad  
India Kausar Abbas Bharuch  
India kausir mir Jammu #freemarziehhashemi
India Kazim Abbas Mumbai  
India Kazim Ali   #free marzieh Hashmi
India Kazim Noorani    
India Kazmeen Handia    
India Khadim Hussain    
India Khadim Hussain   Marzeih Hashemi is a free journalist of press  TV in Iran  Without any allegation America can not jail her.  I condemn this act of America.  This shows the real face of America. This act is Againts the very idea of freedom of speech . #freeMarzeihhashemi.
India Khadim Hussain Delhi  
India Khalid Khan Jammu  
India Khan Ahmed Mumbai  
India Khan Mehwash Mumbai  
India Khan Mohsin Jammu  
India Khan Zahid    
India khathija Fathima Bangalore  
India khatija banoo New Delhi  
India Khatija fathma Sayyed Mumbai Free Marzieh Hashemi
India Khatija fathma Sayyed Mumbai I didn't understand what you are trying to say
India Khatija Jeddy Chennai  
India Khujesti Sunasara   Marzieh Hashemi has been abducted and arrested without any prior notice. Justice for Marzien
India Khurshid Mir Jammu  
India Khushid Ali Mirza Ahmedabad Istrongly protest to free marieh hashemieh.
India Khushnoor Fatima Gandhinagar  
India khwaja irfan Ali Jammu  
India kifayat hussainee srinagar Because I believe one should always stand for what is right even if one stands alone. This is illegal detention just to muzzle the sane and peace loving voices of the world. No more hatred no more wars. #peace
India kifayat hussainee srinagar Her detention is completely illegal and uncalled for. She was treated in a very inhumane and irresponsible manner by the agencies. Gross violations of human / women rights
India Kifayat Mir Gurgaon  
India Kiffayat Ali New Delhi  
India King Gazie Ambala I stand with marziah hashmi
India King K Bangalore  
India Kirdar Husain Ludhiana  
India Kisa Zaidi Delhi  
India kishwar tijam Secunderabad  
India Komail Badami    
India Komail Bandaly    
India Komail shabbirali Bhojani    
India Kulsoom Jaffri    
India Kulsum Jafri Mumbai  
India Kulsum Kazmi Hyderabad  
India Kulsum Razavi    
India Kumail Ali Bangalore I’m really sad to see whats happening.We demand a fair trial if there is any thing against her and not a one in hidden doors. We want justice to prevail . May Allah give her strength and patience at these hard times . We all are with the innocent and condemn these actions against the sister
India Kumail Hyder Bangalore  
India Kumail Malla Srinagar  
India Laarayb Rizvi Mumbai  
India Lateef Mustafa   Justice
India Laveena Rizvi Lucknow  
India Leeyan Ali    
India Liyakat Mir Jammu  
India Liyaqat  ali Khan Srinagar  
India Liyaqat Ali    
India Liyaqat Ali Delhi  
India Liyaqat Ali Srinagar  
India Liyaqat Banka   Justice should prevail in the world irrespective of creed, cĺolour or gender.
India Lubna Fatima    
India Lubna Zehra Srinagar  
India Lucky Firoz Firoz Mumbai  
India M A Abbas Mirza    
India m ashraf mantoo    
India M Junaid    
India M.Raza Virani    
India Mahdi Abbas Patel Delhi  
India Mahdi All Salem  
India Mahdi Reza Muni    
India Mahek Bhurani Mumbai  
India Mahendiraza y meghani Meghani    
India Mahera khoja Bangalore  
India Mahir Sufii Jammu  
India Mahmmad ali ali   I m againsat
India Mahmod Ali Delhi  
India Mahveen Razvi Hyderabad  
India Majid Hussain Noida  
India Majid Khan Srinagar  
India majid syed bengaluru  
India Malik Abrar Bangalore  
India Malik Mushtaq Jammu  
India Malik Riyaz Srinagar Signing against injustice & double standards of US regime.
India Malika Pyarali Tumkur  
India Malpara Haani Ahmedabad  
India Mandar Upganlawar    
India Mantasha Zehra Kara Mumbai  
India Manzoor Ahmad Jammu  
India Manzoor Ahmed New Delhi  
India manzoor ali Delhi  
India Manzoor Ali Delhi  
India Manzoor Ali Delhi  
India Manzoor Ali Jeenah Lucknow  
India Manzoor Hussain   Journalism is not a crime
India Manzoor Hussain New Delhi  
India Manzoor Hussain Khan   Free Marzieh Hashmi
India Manzoor Khan Gurgaon  
India Manzoor Murtaza Chandigarh  
India Maqsud Ali Banka Delhi  
India Maqsuma Yazbi Delhi  
India Mariam Hussain Mumbai  
India Mariya Rizvi    
India Mariyam Alam   Freedom for all
India Mariyam Charania    
India Marxua Bano Noida  
India Maryam Alizadeh Hosadurga  
India Marzia Khan Hyderabad  
India Marzia Mahdi Lucknow  
India Marzia Mirza Mumbai Free marzieh hashmieh.she has been detained and imprisonment in the United States for unspecified reason.
India Marzieh Zahra Sofi Srinagar  
India Marziya Arman New Delhi #free marzieh hashemi
India Marziya Banoo Delhi  
India Masarat Abrar Thanjavur  
India Masooma Fatima Hyderabad  
India Masooma Naqvi Delhi  
India Masooma Razvi Hyderabad  
India Masooma zaidi Aurangabad  
India Masoome Zehra    
India Masroor Yaseen Srinagar  
India Mastoora Fathima    
India Masuma Thaver Pune  
India Masuma zehra Masuma    
India Mayasar Mayu Srinagar  
India Mazhar abbas Abbas Hyderabad  
India Md Afzal Delhi  
India Md Ghori Shah Cuttack I condemn the US administration for the arrest of Marjia Hashemi.It is a big hit on press freedom.
India MD Mehroz Hyderabad  
India Md Sarfaraz Hussain    
India Md Shadan    
India Meer Sadak Hyderabad  
India Meerza Abbas Hyderabad  
India Meesam Husain    
India mehak mir    
India Mehar Fatima Hyderabad  
India MEHAR NAQVI Thane  
India mehboob Ali New Delhi  
India Mehboob Ali    
India Mehboob Ali Delhi  
India Mehboob Ali Khan Lucknow  
India Mehboob khan Jammu  
India Mehdi agharia   We condemn us for this step this is crime this is kidnapping us should apologise to her and world for this kidnapping we demand un to take atrong step for us so that in future then ll not do this kind of kidnapping to any innocent people
India Mehdi Aghariya    
India Mehdi Hassan Jammu  
India Mehdi Sir Srinagar  
India Mehendi Sayyed    
India Mehjabeen Naqvi Hyderabad  
India Mehkoom Mehdi Surat  
India Mehmood Ali delhi  
India Mehmood Wazeri Srinagar  
India Mehnaz Bhimani Mumbai  
India Mehnaz Fathima Bangalore  
India Mehnaz Wala Mumbai  
India mehran mattoo Srinagar  
India Mehrun N Delhi  
India Mehrun Nisa Jind  
India Mehrun Nissa New Delhi  
India Mehwish Zahra Srinagar  
India Meith Navlakha Mumbai  
India Meraan Ayub Srinagar  
India Meysam Gulzar    
India Michael Noronha Mumbai Michael Noronha
India Midhat Sayyed Mumbai Being a Muslim journalist is not a crime.
India Milit Jain Mumbai  
India Minaz Unia Jaipur  
India Minhaj Fatema Indore  
India Mir Abul Hasan Kirmani Pune  
India Mir Ahemad Raza Hyderabad  
India Mir Aijaz Srinagar  
India mir ali    
India mir ali New Delhi  
India Mir Ali Hyderabad Free her
India Mir Ather Parveez Srinagar  
India Mir Dilawar Ali    
India Mir Hashmath    
India Mir Hidayat Jammu  
India Mir Hyder Ali Razvi    
India Mir ilyas    
India Mir Kazim Ali Bangalore Being independent journalist is no crime ...shame on US govt policy
India Mir Khyrun Ali Altaf Bangalore  
India mir majid Hussain Jammu  
India Mir Mansoor Ali Chennai  
India Mir Manzoor Srinagar  
India Mir mehdi Ali khan Hyderabad  
India Mir Mohammed Ali Ali Hyderabad  
India Mir Mohsin Jammu  
India Mir Mufaqqam ali khan Moosvi Hyderabad  
India Mir murtuza Ali razvi    
India Mir Naqai ali Salem  
India Mir Rahil    
India Mir Raza Hyderabad  
India Mir Raza Tumkur  
India Mir sagar Raza Bangalore  
India Mir Shafi New Delhi  
India Mir Vaiz Ali Mir Vaiz Ali Bangalore  
India Mir wajid Ali Bangalore  
India Mir Zafar Abbas Bangalore  
India MirAnsar Hussain Bangalore  
India Mirza Ali Bangalore  
India Mirza Ali Chennai  
India Mirza Amjed Ali Baig Hyderabad  
India Mirza Arshe abbas isfahani Bangalore  
India Mirza Hasan Chennai  
India Mirza Hussain Hyderabad  
India Mirza Jaffersha Hussain    
India Mirza Kahkasha Mumbai  
India Mirza Khan Hyderabad  
India Mirza Mehdi    
India Mirza Raza Bangalore  
India Mirza Raza Hussain From Husain Allahabad  
India Misam Virani Mumbai  
India Misbah Fatima    
India Missam Bhojani Mumbai  
India Missam Charaniya    
India Mizan Abbas Mumbai  
India Moaaz Salih Jaipur  
India Moassir Zehra Bangalore  
India MOBIN Fatema    
India Mobina Ladha Mumbai  
India Moeen Khwaja Indore Moeen
India mohamad abbass    
India Mohamad L D  
India mohamed ali chennai  
India Mohamed Hassnain Chandigarh  
India Mohammad Abass   Justice to Marzieh HashimiFree Marzieh Hashimi
India Mohammad Abid Pune  
India Mohammad Abuzar syed Thane  
India Mohammad ali    
India Mohammad Ali Hyderabad  
India Mohammad Ali Indore  
India Mohammad Ali Noida  
India mohammad ali akbar Jammu  
India Mohammad Ali Khan    
India Mohammad Alyas Srinagar  
India Mohammad Amir Kanpur  
India Mohammad Baqir    
India mohammad esfahani Esfahan  
India Mohammad Farzan Lucknow  
India Mohammad Hadi Delhi  
India Mohammad Haider Naqvi Pune  
India Mohammad Hasan New Delhi  
India Mohammad Hasan Shahabad  
India Mohammad Hassan    
India Mohammad Hassan Ludhiana  
India Mohammad Hussain    
India Mohammad Hussain Amritsar #freeMarziehHashemi
India Mohammad Hussain Dehradun  
India Mohammad Hussain Jammu  
India Mohammad Hussain Mir Srinagar  
India Mohammad ibrahim Akhone    
India Mohammad Imran   #FreeMarziehSister
India Mohammad Irfan Bangalore against injustice
India Mohammad ishaq khan Srinagar  
India Mohammad jafar khan Khan Ratia  
India Mohammad Jafri Delhi  
India Mohammad Jameel Meerut  
India mohammad kaleem    
India Mohammad Khan    
India Mohammad Merchant    
India Mohammad Mohammadi Chandigarh  
India Mohammad Mujtaba Noida  
India Mohammad Mustafa Beg    
India Mohammad Omer Bhat Delhi  
India Mohammad Rafiq Badheri  
India Mohammad raza Kolkata  
India Mohammad Raza Jamani Morbi #free marziah hashemi, She is innocent
India Mohammad Reza Zakeri New Delhi  
India Mohammad Sadiq Delhi  
India Mohammad saleem Mir Chandigarh  
India Mohammad Shiraz    
India Mohammad Yousuf Jammu  
India Mohammad Yousuf Bhat Jammu  
India Mohammad Yousuf Wani Srinagar  
India Mohammadali Taskhiri    
India Mohammed Aalam Saiyed Mumbai I am signing this petition for the urgent release of Marzieh Hashemi to whom US arrested without any crime.
India Mohammed abbas Masood Ahmedabad  
India Mohammed Hussain Bangalore First Saudis aggression against Jamal Khashoggi and US.
India Mohammed Ibrahim Bangalore  
India mohammed khan    
India Mohammed Khoyee Hyderabad  
India Mohammed Rather Noida  
India mohammed raza ali    
India Mohammed Ruhullah    
India Mohammed Shaikh Mumbai She should not be exiled it's completely wrong...
India Mohammed Taki husein Ali Manasiya    
India mohammed usama vk Palakkad  
India Mohammed Wasi Bengaluru  
India Mohd Abass Jammu  
India Mohd Abbas    
India Mohd abbas Rizvi New Delhi  
India Mohd Abdullah Delhi  
India Mohd Abedi   Let me know the guilt of her ..if not then you have to release her
India Mohd Abid New Delhi  
India Mohd ali Delhi  
India Mohd ali Pune  
India Mohd Ali Chandigarh It is an illegal detentation by FBI
India Mohd Ali Delhi  
India Mohd Ali New Delhi  
India Mohd ali Jinnnah    
India Mohd Ali Quambar    
India Mohd ali Wafa    
India mohd askari Lucknow  
India Mohd Ayoob   FrEe her.
India Mohd Bakhtyar    
India Mohd Baqir    
India Mohd Behashtu Chandigarh  
India Mohd Bhat Jammu  
India Mohd Changrah   In support to release her immediately...
India Mohd Elias    
India Mohd Faiz Delhi  
India Mohd Fazil Chandigarh  
India Mohd Hanifa    
India Mohd Hasan   this is really unfare with such a woman. And Amaraicans are son of bitch.
India Mohd hasnain    
India Mohd Hassan   # free MarziehHashemi
India Mohd Hassan    
India Mohd Hassan Delhi  
India Mohd Hassan New Delhi Free sister marzieh
India Mohd Hassan New Delhi  
India Mohd Hassan Hundurmani Jalandhar  
India Mohd Hassnain    
India mohd hussain    
India Mohd Hussain    
India Mohd Hussain    
India Mohd Hussain Delhi  
India Mohd Hussain Khan Trichy  
India Mohd Hussainal M Pune  
India Mohd Ibrahim    
India Mohd Ibrahim Delhi  
India Mohd Ibrahim Varanasi  
India mohd Ibrahim Mir   He is innocent
India Mohd Iqbal    
India Mohd Ismail    
India Mohd Issa Ambala  
India mohd jafar sayed Mumbai  
India Mohd Kazim    
India Mohd Khan Delhi  
India Mohd misham Khan Mumbai  
India Mohd Murtaza    
India Mohd Mussa    
India Mohd Mussa   Free Mrs. Hashmi very soon Illegal Nation USA
India Mohd Mussa New Delhi  
India mohd mustafa   because it’s an illegal detention
India Mohd Mustafa Delhi  
India Mohd Nasurullah    
India mohd nawaz Delhi  
India mohd quadir    
India Mohd raza raza New Delhi  
India Mohd Safdar   Because US govn should know that trampling upon d basic rights of a human, a black woman, a Muslimah and a journalist  will have a very strong backlash from the masses.
India Mohd sajjad Ali    
India Mohd Shafi Srinagar  
India Mohd Shair Jammu  
India Mohd sharifee New Delhi  
India Mohd Soleh    
India Mohd yaseen Dar Karnal  
India Mohd younis Pandow Jammu Free Marzieh Hashemi and free muslim lands from illegitimate U.S occupation,,free palestine
India Mohd Yousuf   Illegal detention. Attack on an innocent and an act against humanity.
India Mohmad Sadiw Gurgaon Free Hashimi innocent
India Mohmed Issa Jammu  
India Mohmmad Charaniya    
India Mohsin Abbas Syed Mira Road  
India Mohsin Ali Srinagar  
India Mohsin Hassan Jammu  
India Mohsin Husain    
India Mohsin Khan Jammu  
India Mohsin Muslemi    
India mohsin surati Sangli  
India Moiz Raza Lucknow  
India Monis Rizvi    
India Monisa Bhat New Delhi  
India Moshin Kashoo Chennai  
India Mouzam Ali Jammu Because she is innocent
India Moyineh Fathima Hyderabad  
India Mrs Kaniz Fatima Ali Ali    
India Mrs. Irfan Hyderabad Because she is Innocent
India Mubarak ali rehnuma Jalandhar  
India Mubarak Hashim Jammu  
India Mubashir Bhat New Delhi  
India Mubashir Hussain    
India Mubashir Hussain. Wani Jammu  
India Mudas ali wani Hussaini    
India Mudasir Ahmad Ganie    
India Mudasir Ali Dar Jammu  
India Mudasir hussain Lone Jammu  
India Mudasir Naqash Delhi  
India Mudasir sajad    
India Mudasir Yatoo Srinagar  
India Mudassir Rizvi Unnao  
India Mudassir Saleem Lucknow  
India Muhammad Hussain Jammu  
India Muhammad Intezar Lucknow I am against Injustice to any human.
India Muhammad Intezar Lucknow I am against
India Muhammad Intezar Lucknow I am against
India Muhammad Intezar Lucknow I am against Injustice
India Muhammad Rafiq Pattan  
India Muhsin Dharamsi Bhavnagar It is very important that journalists be given freedom to act. When a journalist is imprisoned there is no difference between USA and dictatorships like saudi arabia
India mujadid gilani    
India Mujahid Gowher   Because I hate oppression without disclosing the facts no matter who is practising.
India Mujeer KhAn Bangalore  
India mujtaba ali Jammu  
India Mujtaba Malik Srinagar  
India Mujtaba Wilayatee    
India Mujtiba Razvi Jammu  
India mukhtar ali    
India Mukhtar Hussain    
India Mukhtar Hussain Haridwar  
India Mukhtar Hussain Jalandhar  
India Mukhtar Qasim    
India Mumin ahmad Bhat Srinagar  
India Mumin Gul Delhi  
India Mumtaz Ahmad    
India Mumtaz Kanani Bangalore  
India Mumtaz Naaz Meerut  
India Munawar Ali Gurgaon  
India Muneeba Hussain Jammu  
India Munnaza Zainab Srinagar  
India Muntazir Abrar Delhi  
India Muntazir mehdi Lucknow The policy of american govt is always anti- human. They have no soft corner for humanity..
India murad ali Vijayawada  
India Murad Rizvi   Hashemi is a true and courageous lady, who did raise her voice against injustice, hatsoff to her and we are with her.
India Murtaza Ali Chandigarh  
India Murtaza Ali Delhi  
India Murtaza Fazle Ali New Delhi  
India Murtuza kapasi Sira Free marzieh hashemi
India Murtuza Lalwani Pune  
India Murtuza Merchant    
India Murtuza Panjwani Mumbai  
India Musavir Hussain Jammu  
India Muse Raza Naqvi Jamnagar  
India Mushtak Amhad Chandigarh  
India Mushtaq Ahmad Jammu  
India Mushtaq Ahmad Jammu  
India Mushtaq Ahmad Srinagar  
India Mushtaq Ahmed Kozhikode  
India Mushtaq sofi   I want USA to free her and am concerned about the human rights violations by USA government.
India Mushtaq Zargar Ahmad Jammu it amounts to illegal confinement
India Muskan Mohsin Mumbai  
India Muslimah Jan Jammu  
India Mussa Ali Badheri Ghoghu  
India Mustafa Aabid   this is human rights violation
India Mustafa Ali khan Hyderabad  
India Mustafa Askary    
India Mustafa Kamal Jammu  
India mustakim haider Ahmedabad  
India Mustufa Gabharani Mumbai  
India Mustufa Merchant Mahuva  
India Muzafar Hussain Rather Srinagar  
India MUZAFFAR HASSAN Panchkula  
India Muzaffar Momin Lucknow  
India Muzahir Hussaim Delhi  
India Muzain Mousvi    
India Muzamil Hassan Srinagar  
India Muzamil Hussain Srinagar  
India Muzzamil Kazmi Aurangabad All freedom lovers should come out on the street for the freedom of hashmi marziya
India Mysar Yousuf    
India Mysum Ali Wani New Delhi  
India N R Srinagar  
India Naaz Fatima Lucknow  
India Naaz Jivani    
India Nabi Raza Bangalore  
India Nada Abdul Majeed    
India Nada Manick Vijayawada  
India Nadeem Hussain Anantnag  
India Nadeem Pandit Srinagar  
India Nadir Tejani    
India Naeem Murtaza Bhubaneswar  
India nafis sayyed Mumbai i support her
India Nafisa Ghota Hyderabad  
India Naheed Zaidi Hyderabad  
India NAJAf ALI Lucknow  
India Najar Aslam Jammu  
India Najma Zehra Kochi  
India Naqi Rizvi Lucknow  
India Naqvi Alinawaz    
India Nargis banoo Beigh Jammu  
India Nargis Hussain Hyderabad  
India Nargis Raza Hyderabad  
India Narjis Fatima    
India Narjis Sayed    
India Naseer Ali Jalandhar  
India Naseer Kar   Humans irespective of color and religion should be released as early as possible
India NASEER wani Jammu  
India Nasir Ali Jammu  
India Nasir Hussain    
India Nasir Hussain    
India Nasir Hussain Delhi  
India Nasir Maqbool Thoker    
India Nasir mehdi Malik Gurgaon  
India Nasir Mir Mira Road  
India Nasir Sayyed Mumbai  
India Nasir Wani    
India Nasreen Arifali Bangalore It's unjust to prison without any reason
India Nasreen Fatima Delhi  
India Nasrin Fatima    
India Nassir Hussain    
India Naureen Zehra Jammu  
India Naushad Datari Pune America has done this anti huminitative thing against human rights, so i m signing this petetion
India Nausheen Shakeel Chandigarh  
India Naved Jafri Dehradun  
India Naved Shah Mumbai  
India Nawaz Ali Chandigarh  
India Nawaz hussain    
India nawaz mubashir    
India Nayeem Hussain Rather Srinagar  
India Nazafali Nurani Mumbai  
India Nazar Haider Jaipur  
India Nazar Rizvi New Delhi  
India Nazim Hussain    
India Nazima Fallah Mumbai I no this is not right thing to do
India Nazima Hasaaan    
India Nazima Rajani Mumbai  
India Nazima Shabnaum Srinagar  
India Nazima Zehra Mumbai  
India nazir ahmed Mumbai  
India Nazir Bhat Jammu  
India Nazir Khan   Every  individual  has right  to free  speech
India Nazish Fatima Jammu  
India Naziya Fatima New Delhi  
India Nazma Mirza Mumbai  
India Nazneen Fatima Hyderabad  
India Neda Fatema Chennai  
India Neelam Sundrani Mumbai  
India Neelam Talajawala Thane  
India Neelofar Jan Srinagar  
India Niaz Ali    
India Nida Abidi Kanpur  
India Nida Bhojani Pune  
India Nida e Ummat Srinagar  
India Nida Fatma Delhi  
India Nida Jaferi Bangalore  
India nida madni Jammu  
India Nida Zehra New Delhi  
India Nidah Fatema Nathani    
India Nidda Khan Srinagar  
India Nighat Rizvi Jammu  
India Nikhat Anis Badheri Ghoghu  
India Nisa Khatoon    
India Nisa Syeda    
India Nisar Ahmad Jammu  
India Nisar ahmad Sofi Chandigarh  
India Nisar Ali Srinagar  
India Nisar Bhat Srinagar  
India Nishath Kirmani ali Bangalore  
India Nissar Ali    
India Nissar Hussain Ambala  
India Nissar Hussain Delhi  
India NISSAR Malik    
India Nissar Wazir    
India Nivedha Pichandi Chennai  
India Noor A Hyderabad  
India Noor Zehra Delhi  
India Nooreen Kausar Bisrakh  
India Noori Mira Delhi  
India Noorul Hassan Bangalore  
India Nour Al Wilaya Bangalore  
India noushi taqvi lucknow It's human right violation. Free Marzieh Hashimi
India Nufa Nazir Srinagar  
India nusrat raza    
India Nusret Tarik Srinagar  
India nuzhat fatma Rizvi Bhadohi  
India Nuzhat Firoz    
India O S Surat  
India Owais Dhanji Mumbai  
India Owais Wani Jammu Stip detaining innocent people
India Own Ali Delhi  
India Palak Dawar    
India Parvaiz Hussain Srinagar  
India Parveen Askari Chandigarh  
India Parveen Kashmiri    
India PARVEZ AHMAD Srinagar  
India Parvez Mawbooly Noida  
India Pervaiz Wani Jammu  
India Pooja Thapa    
India Pro Amair Human Rights   I  am signing this petition beacuse of inhumane act against this lady journalist arrested by the us police department in Washington DC for no reason which violates the constitutional  humans rights.....
India Puneet Pathak New Delhi  
India Qaem Rizvi Rohtak  
India Qaisar Raza Sayed Mumbai  
India Qamrul Hasan Rizvi Lucknow  
India Qasim Abass Chandigarh She is a Media Person & her detention is unlawful, & Her detention is against Humanity too.
India Qasim Bazaz Jammu  
India Qasim Hussain Hyderabad  
India QasimAbbas Sayyed Thane  
India Qaysar Dar Jammu  
India Qizra Rizvi Delhi  
India Qomail Shawn Delhi  
India Quasim Mir Srinagar  
India Qudsiya Mapari Mumbai  
India Qumail Alee Jammu  
India Qumaila Syed Jammu  
India Raavi Zaidi    
India Rabab Fathima Bangalore  
India Rabab Hussain Hyderabad  
India Rabab Nahta Mumbai  
India Rafaqut Husain Jhansi  
India Rafat Sayed Mumbai  
India Rafeeq Hashim Chennai  
India Rafiya Zehra Bangalore  
India Rahida Rafiq Srinagar  
India Rahil Janbaz Srinagar I see this as the unannounced war on free-speech and intervention to religious sentiments of Muslim.
India Rahil Shah Jammu  
India Rahila Wasim    
India Rahimà Kousar   #FreeMarzeihHashemi
India Rahmat ullah Chandigarh  
India Raihan Abidi Kanpur  
India Rajeev Nandan Patna  
India Rakib shakeel Jammu  
India Rameez Mir Srinagar  
India Ramya Palisetty Delhi Ramya
India Raouf Altaf Udaipur  
India Rashid Hussain    
India Rashida Morwala Mumbai  
India raunaq ali Delhi We can’t live where press has no freedom
India Rayhana Mukhy Mumbai  
India Raza Abbas Kolkata  
India Raza Ali Baig Pune  
India Raza husain Mirza    
India Raza Hussain Sayed Mumbai  
India raza meghani Mumbai  
India raza rizvi   #freeMarziehHashemi
India Raza Sayed Mumbai  
India ŘÄŽÂ Šhālï New Delhi  
India Razab Basha Delhi  
India Razak hemani    
India Razi Taqvi    
India Razia Rupani Mumbai We have lost faith in what USA is going to do next. We want justice and freedom for journalist at least under Trump.
India RAZIYA CHOUDHARY Bangalore  
India Raziyasultana Bano Gurgaon  
India Reezwana Batool    
India Reghu Raman Edappal  
India Rehan Fatima Lucknow  
India Rehan Lassanwala Mumbai  
India rehan rizvi   She has no claim against it
India Reshma Mirza Mumbai They are violating the right of common men and with out any relevant charges they cannot held her
India Reyaz ahmed Najar R/o Budgam Kashmir    
India Reyaz Yattoo Jammu It's highly condemned for assisting such a respective women, without any reason, I think only because of Muslim? Plz stop this troubling!!!
India Reyhan Hamid Bangalore Because of humanism
India Reza Abbas Muni Hyderabad  
India Reza Haji pune  
India Reza Hasan    
India Reza Jan Suri  
India Reza zabet Hyderabad  
India Rf Ladakhi   This shows the frustration of first class idiots.Free Marzeh Hashimi as soon as possible.Whole world is with her.
India Rhyn khan New Delhi  
India Riaz Thaver Pune  
India Ricky Couto Mumbai  
India Rida Fatema Ravjani Ahmedabad “Violating rights of one human is equivalent to violating Rights of the whole humanity...”
India Rida Fatema Ravjani Ahmedabad “Violating Rights of one human is equivalent to violating Rights of the whole humanity...”# Free Marzieh Hashemi ....
India Rifat Gheewala Bhavnagar  
India Rifat Jahangir Jammu  
India Rifat Zehra Lucknow  
India Riyaz Bhojani Bangalore  
India Riyaz hussain Hussain Hyderabad  
India Riyaz Merchant Mumbai  
India Riyaz Parray Srinagar  
India Rizvan Rizvi    
India Rizvi Alam Mumbai  
India Rizwan Ali Isfahani    
India Rizwan Husain Lucknow  
India Rizwana Begum    
India Ronak Zainab    
India Roqiya Banoo Delhi  
India roshan ali    
India Roshan Ali Bangalore  
India Roshan Shaikh    
India ROSHANALI SUNASARA   Julm ke Khiladi aawaj hai hamari
India roshani Rizvi Mumbai  
India Rozmin S    
India RRVSS Bharattej Secunderabad  
India Rubab Ziya    
India Rubeena Begum Hyderabad  
India Rubeenaakhtar Rubeena Delhi  
India Rubina Mirza Hyderabad  
India Rubina Rubina Sayed Mumbai  
India Rubina Zainab    
India Ruby Aziz Dar Es Salaam  
India Ruhi Ali Bangalore  
India Rukaiya Virani    
India rukhsana ali Delhi  
India Ruman Hashimi Bangalore  
India Ruqhiya Bathool Hyderabad  
India ruqsana begum    
India Ruqsar Hashimi Bangalore  
India S B Mumbai  
India s m abbas sayed    
India S mushtaq Hussain Hyderabad  
India S S Hasan Mashaddy Bangalore  
India S Sayyed Pune  
India s z a Abdi Bangalore  
India S.m. Fathima Bangalore  
India Saahil Karim Hyderabad  
India Saaki Mohammad Jammu  
India Saba Ali Ludhiana  
India Saba Askari Dehradun  
India Saba Fathima Bangalore  
India Sabanakhatun Gabharani Mumbai  
India sabeen raza    
India Sabera Bootwala    
India Sabera Mustafa Mumbai  
India Sabia Sultan Mumbai  
India Sabiha Azmi Mumbai  
India Sabika Mirza Mumbai  
India Sabina Sayyed Thane  
India Sabira Hafiz Bhuj  
India Sabiya Khan    
India Sadaat Hussainy Jammu  
India Sadaf Fathima Bangalore  
India Sadaf Fatima Delhi  
India Sadaf Parveen Cuttack  
India sadaf shabir Jammu  
India Sadaf Zehra Chennai  
India Sadia Ali Kharar  
India Sadik ali Bana Mumbai  
India Sadik Lakhani Poona  
India Sàdiq Agha    
India Sadiq Ali    
India Sadiq panjwani Panjwani Mumbai  
India Sadiq Zaidi Lucknow  
India Sadiqa Khan Kavali  
India Sadiqali Charaniya Mahuva  
India Sadique Ali Bangalore  
India Sadique Imran Pune  
India Sadiya Anam Dehradun  
India Safa Hussain Hyderabad  
India Safdar Ali Jammu  
India safdar ali Ali Hyderabad Release Hashami American journalist immediately. Is there any law in America for detention of innocent citizens.   If the head of the country is mad any thing is possible.  If head is not mad release Hashemi from the police custody.
India Saffan Hyder New Delhi  
India safina Zeeshan Vapi  
India Safiya Rizwan Bulandshahr  
India Safvi Ali   U.s is a blot on human rights... it is the biggest violater of human rights.... free marziya
India sahil hadi Ludhiana  
India Sahil Hafiz Ahmedabad  
India Sahil Nisar    
India Sahil qureshi Qureshi    
India Sahil showket pandith Jammu  
India Saieed Ali Ali Delhi  
India Saif Shaikh Pune  
India Saifee merchant Merchant    
India Saiful Islam Bengaluru  
India Saima Gul Srinagar  
India Saima Khan Delhi  
India Saima Narmawala    
India Saiyada Rajani Morbi  
India Sajad Ahmad    
India Sajad Ahmad Jammu  
India sajad ali    
India Sajad Ali Delhi  
India Sajad Hussain New Delhi  
India sajad lone Gurgaon  
India sajad mir    
India Sajad Mir Srinagar  
India Sajed Husain Bangalore  
India Sajid Ali Malik Jammu  
India Sajid Ali Sheikh Jammu  
India Sajid Hussain Roorkee  
India Sajjad ali   He walks on the path of right ۔I.e. On the way to Hazrat zahra s'a On the way to Hazrat Zenab۔۔This is the crime that is kind of In the eyes of racial victories
India Sajjad Ali    
India Sajjad Ali Anta  
India Sajjad Ali New Delhi I strongly codemn the illegal detentiin of Marzia Hashimi by illicit American FBI.Downwith America.#Free Marzia Hashimi.#Free Marzia Hashimi.#Free Marzia Hashimi.
India sajjad hussain    
India sajjad Hussain Kargil Marzieh Hashemi has been abducted and arrested without any prior notice . Which proves that the US is trying to pressurise iran through by using such tactics and suppress the voice which exposes US Imperialism.
India Sajjad Hussain Delhi  
India Sajjad Hussein Mathura  
India sajjed hussain Noida down with americadown with isreal
India Sakeena Mirza    
India Sakina Afzal    
India sakina altaf Delhi  
India Sakina Asif badami Bangalore  
India Sakina Badami    
India Sakina Banoo Srinagar  
India Sakina Banu Chennai  
India SAKINA DELAWALA Darbhanga  
India sakina hamirani    
India Sakina Hyder Hyderabad  
India Sakina Merchant Mumbai  
India Saleem Ahmad New Delhi  
India Salik Abbas Srinagar  
India Salim Khan Patna  
India Salma Dawoodani    
India Salman Maknojia Kalyan  
India Salman Reza Bhavnagar  
India Salman Rizvi New Delhi  
India Salman Sayyed Thane  
India Salman Shabir Srinagar  
India Sam Jaffari Srinagar She is not the only who has been traped there are thousands more ...To hell with America & Isreal.. And there puppets.   #Illuminati �
India Sam Mir Srinagar  
India Sam zehra Chennai  
India Saman Zehra Bangalore  
India Samana Razvi Hyderabad  
India Samea Sayyada Dehradun  
India Sameena Jaffar Srinagar  
India Sameer hussain Mir Srinagar  
India Sameer Lokhandwala Mumbai  
India Sameer mir Khanna  
India Sameer RAZA Bangalore She deserve to be free....
India Sameey Hussain Dar Srinagar  
India Samin Ali Poona  
India Samira Virani Mumbai  
India Samiya Syed    
India Sampada Katdare Mumbai  
India Samreen Bashir Srinagar I stand for it
India Sana Khan Jammu  
India Sana Merchant    
India Sana Sayed Mumbai Free her
India Sana Sayyed Mumbai  
India Sana ul lah Akhoon Delhi  
India Sana Zehra    
India Sana Zehra Ghaziabad  
India Sanam RAZvi Thane  
India Sania Bano Hyderabad  
India Sania Khan Srinagar  
India Sania Sayed Mumbai  
India Saniha Lambe Mumbai  
India Saniya Batool Amroha  
India Saniya Mirza Coimbatore  
India Saniya Sayyed Mumbai  
India Saniya Unwala Mumbai  
India Sanober Khan Lucknow  
India Sanober Zahra    
India Saqib Abbas Lucknow  
India Saqib Ali Bangalore  
India Saqib hussain Jammu  
India Saqib Khan    
India Sara Fatema Tejani Muscat It looks inhuman and degrading treatment  of  respectable and repsonsible citizen
India Sara Fathima    
India Sarah Rizvi Mumbai  
India SARFARAZ Hussain    
India sarfaraz merchant    
India sarfaraz Muni Ahmedabad  
India Sartaj Zaidi Hyderabad  
India Sarwar Ali    
India SARWAR HUSAIN Meerut  
India Saud Khan Mumbai  
India Sayar Ali Jammu  
India Sayed Aasar Mehdi Mumbai  
India Sayed Faraz Abidi    
India Sayed Hasan Mumbai  
India sayed hidayat husain    
India Sayed Intezar Chennai  
India Sayed jalilullah Ahmadi Hyderabad  
India Sayed Khadija    
India Sayed Manzar Mumbai  
India Sayed mohammad Salehi Hyderabad  
India Sayed Mohd Aleem Mumbai  
India Sayed Rizvi Mumbai  
India Sayed Sabiya    
India SAYED SAJID Husain Mumbai  
India sayed samana    
India Sayed Shehzad Mumbai  
India Sayed Zaheer    
India Sayeed Abbas Bakali  
India sayeeda Sayed Mumbai  
India Sayyada Devjiyani    
India Sayyada fouziya fathima Moosavi Hyderabad  
India Sayyada Merchant Kolkata  
India Sayyed abuzar Abdi Mumbai  
India Sayyed Baqir Surat  
India Sayyed Firdaus Lucknow  
India Sayyed Hesam Udaipur  
India Sayyed Raza Vadodara  
India sayyed sadaf fatima Mumbai  
India Sayyed Saleh ahmed Pune  
India Sayyed Tagera Mumbai  
India Sayyed Yusuf Pune  
India Sayyed Zehra Mehdi Mumbai Free Free Free Marzieh Hashemi
India Sayyeda Naqvi Sayyeda Naqvi Bhopal  
India Sayyeda Punjani Ahmedabad  
India Seema JALALI Surat  
India Seema raza Raza Bangalore  
India seema zaidi Kanpur  
India Seerat Nissar Gurgaon  
India Seerat Qazi Srinagar  
India Seher Sayed    
India Servant of Ahlulbayt Xyz Bhavnagar  
India Shaan Badami Chandigarh  
India Shabana Merchant    
India Shabana Mirza Srinagar  
India Shabaz Ahmad Ambala  
India Shabbar Surati Mumbai  
India Shabbir Ali Kolkata  
India Shabbir Hussain Mohali  
India Shabbir Rizvi Allahabad  
India Shabeer Ahmad Bhat Jammu  
India Shabina abidi Abidi Delhi  
India Shabir Baigh New Delhi  
India Shabir Bhat Jammu  
India Shabir Hussain    
India Shabir Hussain Jammu  
India Shabir Hussain Jammu  
India Shabir Hussain New Delhi  
India Shabir Hussain Noida Free sister marzieh hashmi......death to the corrupt american system...death to israeil
India Shabir Hussain Srinagar  
India Shabir Hussain Khan Srinagar  
India Shabista Kulsoom Meerut  
India Shabnam Syeda Jammu  
India ShabnoorFatemah Ladha Mumbai  
India Shabraiz Ahmed Jammu  
India Shadab H Sayed    
India Shadeen Sajid Aligarh We need to change this.
India Shafaqat Bhat Srinagar  
India ShafiaH hakeem Jammu  
India Shafikul Islam Guwahati  
India Shah Anida Ludhiana  
India Shah Gulraiz Patna  
India Shah Tuaib Mumbai  
India Shaheen Bano Hyderabad  
India Shaheen Sayed Mumbai  
India shaherbano Shahbaziyan    
India Shahi Rizvi   I care for humanity
India Shahid ali Dar Yamunanagar  
India Shahid ali Mir   down with USA DOWN DOWN
India Shahid khan Khan Delhi  
India Shahid Mir Srinagar  
India Shahid Mirza Kolkata  
India shahid mustafa Jammu  
India Shahid Nazir Srinagar  
India Shahid Shafi Srinagar I stand with you
India Shahida Merchant Mumbai  
India Shahidabbas Dhirani Bangalore  
India shahin merchant    
India shahir showkath ali cherpalcheri  
India Shahnaaz Parveen    
India Shahnawaz Haidari Gurgaon  
India Shahnawaz Nazir    
India Shahnaz Ali Hakeem Jammu  
India Shahnaz Jalilvand Bangalore  
India shahrukh saiyed Gandhinagar  
India shahzad hussain Jammu  
India Shaikh akhtar Ali Kolkata  
India Shaikh Safwan Jaipur  
India Shaikh Shafiq husain    
India shaikh yadullah abbas   This is a racial discrimination and a clear inhuman act. I strongly condemn her 'abduction' and expect immediate release.
India Shaikh Zulfiqar Chennai  
India Shaila Gheewala Bhavnagar  
India Shaista Ali Jammu  
India Shaista Rangwala Jaipur  
India Shaista Syed Srinagar  
India Shakeel Rizvi Delhi  
India Shakir Abass   Free Marzieh Hashmi
India Shalini newar Noida  
India Shama Moosa Mumbai  
India Shameem Ghassempour Bangalore  
India Shamim Ahmed    
India Shamim Hirji Mumbai  
India Shams Zehra   Standing against injustice
India Shamshad Hasan    
India Shamshad Rizvi Thane  
India Shanawaz Mir   This is injustice that any who is innocent is behind the bars without ang charges.
India Shareen Khan Jammu  
India Sharfullah Mehta    
India Shariful Islam Bangalore  
India Sharukh Aga Hyderabad  
India Shauzab Rizvi Mumbai  
India Shayeq Mir Jammu  
India shazada e ali Kargil Release her...
India Shazia Fatima Hyderabad This is against human rights.
India Shazia Safvi Jammu  
India Sheba Mukabber Mumbai  
India Sheeba Zaidi Lucknow  
India Shehzad Alaie Srinagar  
India Sheikh Zeeshan Srinagar  
India Shekhar Singh    
India Sher Ali Chandigarh  
India Sherali Shaikh   Freedom
India Shifa Iqbal Sultanpur  
India Shifa Rizvi Delhi  
India Shifa Sayed Malad  
India Shiffat Wagle Mumbai  
India Shikhar Priyadarshi    
India Shintu Naikoo Jammu Free #Hashimi her detention is #illegal n #immoral
India Shireen Begum Hyderabad  
India Shiri Naqvi Delhi  
India Shoaib Nagoo   Defending human Rights
India showkat ahmad Jammu  
India Showkat Ahmad   Because she is innocent
India Showkat Ahmad Pandith    
India Showkat Ali   #Free Marzieh Hashemi
India Showkat Ali    
India Showkat Ali Srinagar  
India SHOWKAT Ali New Delhi  
India ShrikhHilal Alvi Jammu  
India Shube Hassan Srinagar  
India Shugufta Ali Srinagar  
India shuja Abass   I demand to free sister marzieh hashmi ASAP
India Shuja Mahdi New Delhi  
India ShujaAbbas Zaidi Indore  
India Shujaat Bakhtawar    
India Shujaid Hussain Kargil ladakh  
India Shujaut Hussain    
India Shweta Matreja New Delhi  
India sibtain ali Srinagar  
India Sibte Haider    
India Siddiqua Shivji India It’s injustice
India Sikandar Ali New Delhi  
India Simin Shirazi    
India simran chainani Pune  
India Simran Zehra Bangalore  
India SIRAJ UDDIN Dibrugarh  
India Sk H Imphal  
India Skindar Khan Hoshiarpur  
India Snb Riz Adaun  
India Sofiya Gandhi    
India Sohail Lakhani    
India Sohail Mangral Gurgaon  
India Sohil chaudhary Ahmedabad  
India Sohil Parmar Ahmedabad We want Justice 
India Somaiya Bathool Chennai  
India SSaba Abbas   Because it's my  duty to stand for her, and support her during her time of need, she doesn't deserve this kind of treatment for any reason, and if she does something unlowfull, she still have a right to say something about herself, It is really very bad treatment, what she gets at present. God please help her. Aameen
India Subeena Nazir Srinagar  
India Subzar Ahmad Latoo    
India Sudaif Haider Hyderabad  
India Sufi Mujtaba New Delhi  
India Sufiya Tazeen    
India Sughra Ali    
India Sughra banu Rumi Bangalore  
India suhail ahmad Jammu  
India Suhail Bhat Jammu  
India suhail khan srinagar  
India Suhail Khan Guntur  
India Suhail Malik New Delhi  
India Suhail Sahib Delhi  
India Suiya Shah    
India sukaina merchant Mumbai because she has been arrested for no reason
India Sukaina Merchant Mumbai  
India Sukaina Mosvi Mumbai Free her... This is not the way to deal with a lady...
India Sukaina vasaya   Free Hashimi sister ,her detention is illegal and immoral.
India Suleil Munawarali   I am signing this petition to be a part of the protest on illegal arrest of Marzia Hashmi and also to be part of the efforts to get her released.
India Sumair Nissar Srinagar  
India Sumair Rashid   I m signing bcoz as a muslim it is my duty to fight against injustice. Especially when it is being done to any muslim.And one more thing i am from KASHMIR N it india
India Sumana Panjwani Mumbai  
India Surface zainab Fatima Delhi  
India Susan zehra Zehra Kolkata  
India Swathi M Bangalore  
India syed aaabidin    
India syed abbas allahabad  
India Syed Abbas   #FreeMarziehHashemi
India Syed Abbas    
India Syed Abbas    
India Syed Abbas Alawi   Free Marzieh Hashemi! Why is she even in detention? Is it because she is a free thinker journo. Stop this attack on free speech!
India Syed Abbas Ali    
India Syed Abbas Ali    
India Syed abbas Alipur    
India Syed abbas Baqari Hyderabad  
India Syed Abdul Qasim Qasim Hyderabad  
India syed abidi hyderabad In favour of freedom of speech.
India Syed Abu Jaffer Bangalore  
India Syed Ahmed Ali Delhi  
India Syed Ahmed Razvi Srinagar  
India Syed Ahzam   Raising voice for supporting the oppressed is a noble deed. She is being penalized for a noble cause and that is not acceptable at any cost. May Allah s.t. help her & she reaches her home soon.
India Syed aijaz Rizvi Hyderabad  
India Syed Ali    
India Syed Ali    
India Syed Ali Bangalore  
India Syed Ali Gurgaon  
India Syed Ali Jammu  
India Syed Ali Abbas Lucknow  
India Syed Ali Abbas Naqvi Panipat  
India Syed Ali Masroor Jammu  
India Syed ali mohammed moosavi   Free.
India Syed Ali Naqi Moosavi Hyderabad  
India Syed Altaf Hussain Delhi  
India Syed Altamash Mau  
India syed amair hyder Bangalore  
India SYED AMIR Patna  
India Syed Ammar Jammu  
India Syed Angel Jammu  
India Syed Arshad Abbas Rizvi Delhi  
India Syed Asgher Secunderabad  
India syed ashfaque hasan    
India Syed Asker    
India Syed Ather Waqar Delhi  
India Syed Ausaj razvi Jammu  
India Syed azaz Zaidi Jammu  
India SYED Basharat Hussain Delhi  
India Syed Ejaz Askari    
India Syed Faheem Abbas    
India Syed Fahim Mumbai  
India Syed Farhan Imam Patna  
India Syed Fateh Mumbai  
India Syed Fauziya Mumbai  
India Syed Gazanfar   Free Marzieh Hashemi
India Syed Hadi Hyderabad  
India Syed hadi Abbas Hyderabad  
India Syed Haider Imam Lucknow  
India Syed Hasan Sadiq Rizvi    
India Syed Hashim Srinagar  
India Syed Hassan    
India Syed Hassan Delhi  
India syed hassan abedi Bangalore  
India Syed Hidayatullah Delhi  
India Syed Husain Chennai  
India Syed Hussain Bangalore  
India Syed Hussain Hyderabad  
India Syed Hussain Hyderabad  
India Syed Hussain Hyderabad  
India SYED Hussain    
India Syed Hussain Moosavi Gurgaon  
India Syed Hussain Rizvi Hussain Jammu I am signing this petition to expose the real ugly face of Amrica vis-a-vis illegal n unlogical detention of Marzia Hashmi.
India Syed Hyder Bangalore  
India Syed hyder abbas Syed Abbas Bangalore  
India Syed Ifra Srinagar  
India Syed Ikram Bangalore  
India Syed Imtiyaz Delhi  
India Syed Intezar Mehdi    
India Syed Intikhab New Delhi  
India syed iqbal Jammu  
India Syed Iqbal Jammu  
India Syed Iqra Moosvi Delhi  
India syed jafri    
India Syed Kamran Srinagar I protest the illegal detention of a innocent journalist.
India Syed Kazim Reza Bangalore  
India Syed Kazmi Hyderabad  
India Syed Kazmi Lucknow Free her
India Syed Khan    
India Syed Kifayat Remuna  
India Syed Kumail sajjad Lucknow Ms. Hashemi  (her legal name is Melanie Franklin) was arrested and imprisoned in Washington DC. The reasons for her arrest remains unclear. No formal charges have been pressed against her.
India syed mahedi Hyderabad  
India Syed Masharib Abbas Bangalore  
India Syed Masoom zaidi Bangalore I am signing this petition
India Syed Mehboob Madni Jammu  
India Syed Mohamed Arif Hyderabad  
India Syed Mohammad    
India Syed Mohammad Sadique ABBAS Patna  
India syed mohammed hussain    
India Syed Mohammed Madani Bangalore  
India Syed mohd Mozammil Lucknow  
India Syed Mohd Shah Moosavi Jammu Free Hashimi sister , her detention is illegal and immoral
India Syed Mohmad Ali Razvi New Delhi  
India Syed mohsin Ali Chennai  
India Syed Mousavi Delhi  
India Syed Mudasir Hassan Delhi  
India Syed Mudasir Hassan Razvi Srinagar  
India Syed mujtaba Rizvi    
India Syed Muneer   I am signing this petition because Hashmi's detention is the example of racist terrorism  and inhumane act of America.
India Syed Muneer   I am signing this petition because Hashmi's detention is the example of racist terrorism  and inhumane act of America.
India Syed mursaleen Mousv Srinagar  
India Syed Murtuza mumbai  
India Syed Musharaf Zamir Mumbai Justice the only soloution
India syed muzamil    
India Syed Nadeem Mosavi Srinagar  
India Syed Naqi Ali Hyderabad It is against human conscience to hold someone for just speaking out facts.
India Syed Naqvi Mumbai  
India Syed Nasar Abbas    
India Syed Qamber Abbas Bangalore  
India Syed Rashid raza Rizvi   Hashemi is a real journalist who raise her voice against injustice and in humanitarian act around the world
India Syed Raza    
India Syed Raza Darbhanga  
India Syed Raza Jammu  
India Syed Razavi   Free her !
India Syed Reza Bangalore  
India Syed Riyaz Hussain Chandigarh  
India Syed Riyazat Husain Rizvi Ahmedabad  
India syed rizvi    
India Syed Rizvi    
India Syed Rizvi    
India Syed Rizvi Srinagar  
India Syed Rizvi Varanasi  
India Syed Roohi Hyderabad  
India Syed Safder Mumbai  
India Syed Sajjad    
India Syed salauddin Ayubi Bangalore  
India Syed Shabbir Hussain    
India Syed Shafaqat Ali Srinagar  
India Syed Shahbz    
India syed shahriyar   What was her mistake,free her
India Syed Sobiya Safvi Delhi  
India Syed Suhail Delhi  
India Syed Tehzeeb Alvi   Justice is everything
India Syed Waseem Jammu  
India Syed Wasim Jammu  
India Syed Yahiya Hyderabad  
India Syed yaseen RaVi Srinagar  
India syed yawar   Free MarziaHashmi
India Syed yousuf Raza Naqvi Hyderabad  
India syed zafar yab hyder Hyderabad  
India syed zaidi New Delhi  
India Syed Zaidi Lucknow  
India SYED ZAIGHAM ABBAS Mumbai Media is one of the pillars of democracy.US has striked upon it.Merziah must be released.
India Syed Zamin Hyder Moosavi Hyderabad  
India Syed Zaneb Bangalore  
India syed zubair    
India Syeda amre Hashimi Bangalore  
India Syeda Aveen Jammu  
India Syeda Aveen Kashmir I'm signing because #Marzieh_Hashemi is innocent .. She is a symbol of truth and resilience.. She is a brave lady who stood against falsehood .. she is a soldier, she is an inspiration.. #Free_marzieh_hashemi
India Syeda Aveen Kashmir She is innocent..  she did nothing illegal to be found guilt .. she should be freed ASAP#freemarziehhashemi
India Syeda Baqri    
India Syeda Baqri Lucknow  
India Syeda Fathima    
India Syeda Fathimi    
India Syeda Fatima Hyderabad  
India Syeda Hadi Hyderabad  
India Syeda Haseen Banu Hyderabad  
India Syeda Hashimi Bangalore  
India Syeda Hashimi Bangalore  
India Syeda Mariyam Pune  
India Syeda Maryam Hyderabad  
India Syeda Muqadasah Jammu  
India Syeda muskan Bangalore  
India Syeda Mwhdi Hyderabad  
India Syeda Nisa    
India Syeda Qurat Ul Ain Rizvi Jammu  
India Syeda razia fatima Fatima Hyderabad  
India Syeda Roohe Zehra Bangalore  
India Syeda Safura Jammu  
India Syeda Sakina Hyderabad  
India Syeda Sara Razvi Hyderabad  
India Syeda Zaidi Hyderabad  
India Syeda Zainab Bangalore  
India Syeda Zehra    
India Syeda Zehra Bangalore  
India Syeda Zehra Bangalore  
India Syedayman Raza Bangalore  
India Syef Rajai Noida  
India Syyeda Banu Bengaluru  
India Tabassum Fatima Delhi  
India Tabia Fatima Srinagar  
India Tabish Naqvi Delhi  
India tafseer abbas Lucknow  
India Tafseer rizvi New Delhi  
India TahaNaaz Siddiqui Pune  
India Tahawar Hussain Srinagar  
India Tahera Fatima Vijayawada  
India Tahera Sayed    
India Tahir Hussain Mir   I am signing against the cruel behavior of USA. They usually behave cruelly against innocent Iran and it's people
India Tahir Iqbal New Delhi  
India Tahmina Zainab Agra  
India Tahseen Khanam Bangalore  
India Tajamul Ali Bhat Srinagar  
India Talat Talat  Abedi mumbai  
India Talath Humera Bangalore  
India Talib Hudsain Delhi  
India Talib Husain Roorkee  
India Talib Hussain    
India Talib Sayed Mumbai  
India Talib Shiekh Pune  
India Tamanna Maqsood Chennai  
India Tanveer Fathima Chennai  
India Tanveer Fatima Rizvi Meerut  
India Tanveer hussain khan Khan Jammu  
India Tanveer Khan Jammu  
India tanveer sayyad Mumbai  
India Tanzeela Kazim   FREE MARZIEH HASHEMI as soon as possible, and stop the illegal and immoral behaviour on good people like her...
India tanzi syed    
India Tara Afreen Hyderabad  
India Tarannum Ali Gurgaon  
India Taruba Zehra Bangalore  
India Tasaduk Irfan    
India Tasaduq Bhat Srinagar  
India Tasaduq Hussain Mir Delhi  
India Tasavur Khunt Mumbai Everyone deserves to feel safe in ones country. This kind of behaviour is violating one’s rights.
India Tasawwur Fatima Hyderabad  
India Taskin Govani    
India Taslim Alwani Poona  
India Tasneef Ahmed    
India tasneem bootwala    
India Tasneem Zehra Madurai  
India Tatheer akram Tatheer akram Shimoga  
India Tatheer Fatima    
India TauFeeq HyDer   She is a journalist and journalism is not a crime
India Tauqeer Fatima Panipat  
India Tauqeer Qureshi    
India Tauqeer Raza Hyderabad  
India Tauqir husain Chaudhary Mumbai  
India Tawheed Bhat Jammu  
India Tawqeer Raza Khan Ganaur  
India Tawseef Ashraf    
India Tazeem Zainab Delhi  
India Tazeen Sayeda Delhi  
India Tazu Zynab Jammu  
India Tehsin shaikh    
India tinda firdous Srinagar  
India Tooba Fatima Delhi  
India Touseef Ahmad New Delhi  
India Towfeeq Joo Srinagar  
India Towha Ali Delhi  
India Tuba Sayed Mumbai  
India Tuba Zehra Hyderabad  
India tufail ahmad    
India U Mak Mumbai  
India ubaid ali Srinagar  
India Ume Hani Naqvi Lucknow  
India Umi Kulsum Chandigarh  
India Ummul Hasnain Delhi  
India Unknown Unknown Jammu  
India Unus Sahil Faridabad  
India Urooj Khan Jammu  
India Usama Ali Delhi  
India Uzma ashiq Ashiq Jammu  
India Uzma hyder Uzma Bangalore  
India Uzma Jalali Srinagar  
India Vajahat Afzal Srinagar  
India Varisha Rizvi Delhi  
India Vasi Ahmad    
India Velayat Wa New Delhi  
India Vijata Phondekar Mumbai  
India Virani Shabbir Surat  
India Wafa Abbas    
India Waheed Fatimah Srinagar  
India Wajahat Mirza Kolkata  
India Wajid Ali Srinagar  
India Waseem Ahmad    
India Waseem Hussain New Delhi  
India Waseem Mukthar Bangalore  
India Waseem Qadri Gurgaon  
India Waseem Yousuf Khan    
India Waseem Zaidi Mumbai Free
India wasi jafar Lucknow  
India wasi mohammad khan Varanasi  
India Wasif Rizvi    
India Wasim Sayed Mumbai  
India Wasiya Syed New Delhi  
India Willayat Ali Chandigarh  
India yASIN MIRZA Mumbai  
India Yasir Abbas    
India yasir joo Ambala  
India Yasir Mohd Srinagar  
India Yasmin Fatima Hyderabad  
India Yasoob Rizvi    
India Yawar Abass    
India Younis ahmed Mir Delhi  
India Younis ali Bhat Srinagar  
India Younis Bashir Jammu  
India Younus Hussain    
India Yousuf Najar Srinagar Release Marzieh Hashemi and slap on the first class idiot officials of American government.
India Yunus Haider Lucknow  
India Yuo You    
India Yusha Sayyad    
India Yusuf Haidry qom  
India Z Zabet Hyderabad  
India Zack Ahmed Bangalore  
India Zack Hussain Delhi  
India Zafar Muhammad    
India Zaffar Ali Malik Srinagar  
India Zaheda Jafari Warangal  
India Zaheer ABASS    
India Zaheer Askari Lucknow  
India Zaheer Lakhani Mumbai  
India Zahera Taje Pithapuram  
India Zahid Ali Delhi  
India Zahid Ali khan Jammu  
India Zahid Ali Sheikh Delhi  
India Zahid Gazzenfar Srinagar  
India Zahida Merchant Mumbai  
India Zahir Khan Mohali  
India Zahira Khan Srinagar  
India Zahoor Abass Anantnag She iz innocent..
India Zahoor Ahmad   Free MarziehHashem
India Zahoor Ahmad Srinagar  
India Zahoor Ganie    
India Zahoor Teli Noida  
India Zahoorul HASAN    
India Zahra abedi Abedi Bangalore  
India Zahra Ali Mumbai  
India Zahra batool    
India Zahra Batool New Delhi  
India Zahra H Secunderabad  
India Zahra Hamadani    
India Zaid Bashir Jammu Because she is an innocent journalist who has been arrested for no reason.
India zaif sayed Mumbai  
India Zaigam Abbas Anand  
India Zain Aga Bangalore  
India zain ali mirza mirza    
India Zain Merchant Mumbai  
India Zainab ali Raza Bangalore  
India Zainab Bandally    
India Zainab Bi Delhi  
India Zainab Kousar    
India zainab mahdi    
India Zainab Meghani Kolkata  
India Zainab Merchant   Marziah is on the right path and i am with her.
India Zainab Mirza Kolkata  
India Zainab Noorani Surat  
India Zainab Rupani    
India Zainul Hossain Hosain New Delhi  
India Zair Agha    
India Zakera Merchant Mumbai  
India zakir hussain Kargil Free marzia.... Murderers of press must be prosecited...
India Zakir hussain Gurgaon Free Marzieh Hashimi
India Zakir Hussain Delhi  
India Zakir Hussain Delhi  
India Zakir Hussain Delhi  
India Zakir Hussain Delhi  
India Zakir Hussain Delhi  
India Zakir Hussain New Delhi  
India Zakir Hussain Noida  
India Zakir hussain Zahid    
India zakir jalali Mumbai  
India Zakir Malla New Delhi  
India Zakir Zaidi   I strongly condemn the illegal detention of Media person Merzie Hashami by FBI.
India Zakiya Raza Mumbai  
India Zamin Hyder Hyderabad  
India Zanny Hr    
India Zara khan Nja Bangalore  
India Zarafatima Hashmi    
India Zareena Bano Delhi Free sister marzieh.....
India Zarin Fatima    
India zarina batool    
India Zeenath Shaheed Bangalore  
India zeeshan ali Kargil  
India Zeeshan Amjad Kolkata  
India zeeshan hussain Delhi  
India Zeeshan Hyder Bangalore  
India Zeeshan Hyder Hyderabad  
India Zeeshan Rizvi    
India zeeshan sayyef Hyderabad  
India Zeeshan Zeeshan haider Kolkata  
India Zehbiya Gull Jammu It's just inhuman and barbaric to detain and imprison an innocent lady and that too of international repute and nobel lineage, in such a draconian manner without any charges. It depicts the evil policies and unjustified system of USA -the biggest terrorist. We want unconditional and immediate release of Ms Marziah Hashemi with an apology from the perpetrators of this evil design.
India Zehra Batul    
India Zehra Fatima Hyderabad  
India Zehra Kalyan Mumbai  
India Zehra Mehdi Bangalore  
India Zehra Rizvi Lucknow  
India Zehra Virani    
India Zehra Zaidi Delhi  
India Zenab khatoon New Delhi  
India Zeshan Ali Srinagar  
India ziaul hoda    
India ziaulhaq latify    
India Zikra Zaidi    
India Zishan Umatiya    
India Ziyan Ali   I'm with Justice and reality in the world , which I can see in Press TV and it's people .. Full support from Indian occupied Kashmir
India Zohair Hussain    
India Zohdi Rizvi    
India Zohra Khan Srinagar  
India Zon Bose Bangalore  
India Zoya Fathima Bangalore  
India Zuhaib ahmad Rather Jammu  
India zuhair ali    
India Zulf S Mumbai  
India Zulfekar Haider Mumbai  
India Zulfikar Ali    
India Zulfikar Ali Naqvi Pune  
India Zulfikar Haidar Mumbai  
India Zulfikar Hussain Jammu Support truth and oppressed
India Zulfiqar Ali Hyderabad  
India Zynia Hashmi Mumbai  
India ѕyed ehtesham Mohammad Hyderabad  
India ریاض حسین مہندہ Jammu  
India محسن عاشوری Karachi  
India कलीनावाला सिद्दीक शैहनाज़    
India कलीनावाला सिद्दीका वज़ीर शैहनाज़   I am signing because I support Humanity. Those who called themselves 'Peace Makers' should know that we realise their Terrorism!
India મુર્તુઝા ભૂરાણી    
Indonesia Abahhag Bajuber Balikpapan  
Indonesia Abdul Hadi Probolinggo  
Indonesia abdullah anies Cibubur Free innocent people who telling the truth
Indonesia Abdullah Jufri Jakarta timur  
Indonesia Abeik Beik Jakarta  
Indonesia Abu Mahdi Yahya Malang  
Indonesia Achmad Riza    
Indonesia AFIFAH ALHADDAR Probolinggo  
Indonesia Afnan Ali Bangil  
Indonesia Agi Ridzky    
Indonesia Agung triwijaya    
Indonesia Alfi Wahyudin Bandung  
Indonesia Alfiyyah Nurul Inayah Makassar  
Indonesia Ali Qodirun Jakarta  
Indonesia Ali Ridha Bin Husen Syueb Jakarta  
Indonesia Ali Zainal Abidin Alaydrus    
Indonesia Alwy Uraidli Jakarta  
Indonesia Andi Ansari Makassar  
Indonesia Andrie Firdaus Jakarta Timur  
Indonesia Anisah Anisah Bekasi  
Indonesia Asqarini Hasbi Jakarta I really concern with what happened to her and this should have become a critics for Trump's Presidencies.
Indonesia Ayya Haddar Jakarta  
Indonesia Azhari Tiara Lamongan  
Indonesia Azizah Agusti Bondowoso  
Indonesia Ba Qis Asiraja  
Indonesia Bambang Wijayanto Jakarta  
Indonesia Batulmuhdor Muhdor Situbondo  
Indonesia Budi Susanto Jakarta  
Indonesia bujoi satit Bekasi  
Indonesia David Wijaya    
Indonesia Dayat Roby Jakarta  
Indonesia Deddy P Jkt  
Indonesia Deny Saefulhadjar Jakarta  
Indonesia Detty Destriati Munasir    
Indonesia Diah Fitri Boyolali  
Indonesia Dita Octavia Banjarbaru  
Indonesia Dodo Dodo Jakarta  
Indonesia Dwi Mulyani Kebumen  
Indonesia edith sri   Every person have right for justice, no place for arbitrary
Indonesia Ega Waskita Surabaya  
Indonesia Elmi Pohan Batam  
Indonesia Endra Hertasning    
Indonesia Eriks Siantyna Jakarta  
Indonesia Erma Sani Jakarta Selatan  
Indonesia Erwin Syah Malang Illegal
Indonesia Fairuz Nasywa Sidoarjo  
Indonesia Fatila Hana Malang  
Indonesia Fatima Tuzzahra Jakarta  
Indonesia Fatima Zahra Pasuruan  
Indonesia Fatimah Aljufri Bekasi  
Indonesia Fatimah B Surabaya  
Indonesia Fatimah Batul Surabaya  
Indonesia Fatimah bm Fatimah Surabaya  
Indonesia Fatimah Khered Bekasi  
Indonesia Fatimah Zahra Bangil  
Indonesia Fauzi Marpaung Jakarta  
Indonesia Faza Haddad Bangil  
Indonesia Febry Irawan Kroya Kewajiban melindungi saudara/i ku seiman diluar sana.
Indonesia Feri Yani Jambi  
Indonesia Firlina Maulana Balikpapan  
Indonesia Fisa Zahra    
Indonesia Fitria Ali Jawa Timur  
Indonesia Fitria Shahab Pasuruan Mengecam penangkapan haziemi
Indonesia Fregina Irianti Mojokerto  
Indonesia Galih Panuntun Jakarta  
Indonesia Habib Binhud Jakarta  
Indonesia Hai Rina Samarinda  
Indonesia Hani Yuhani    
Indonesia Hasanati HASANATI Jakarta kezoliman tdk bisa dibiarkan
Indonesia Hauro Ahmada Jakarta  
Indonesia Hendra Sugraha Bogor  
Indonesia HERYANTO Ilyas Jakarta  
Indonesia Husain Abdul Rachman Pati Membela korban kedzaliman oleh sebuah yang ngaku ngr demokrasi dan pejuang HAM.
Indonesia Husein Ali    
Indonesia Husen Dawilah Malang  
Indonesia Ida nur Khasanah Jakarta  
Indonesia Iis Cahaya    
Indonesia Ika Aliyatur Gresik  
Indonesia Indira Hendrika    
Indonesia Indri Ani Semarang  
Indonesia Irza Anwar Malang  
Indonesia Isma Soekoto    
Indonesia Isna Yuniar Wardhani Samarinda  
Indonesia Ita Idrus Bandung  
Indonesia Jafar Atoyar Alkaff Jakarta  
Indonesia Kamila AlKaff    
Indonesia Keke Cahya Sukoharjo  
Indonesia Khairunnisa Marfuah Jakarta  
Indonesia Khozin Mustafid Surabaya  
Indonesia kus widarto Bogor Condemn to the arrest of sis Marzieh, inhumane....Free Marzieh
Indonesia Leni Maryam Bandung  
Indonesia Lin Intan Lestari Pemalang  
Indonesia Linda Noviana Surabaya  
Indonesia Luluk Alidrus Bangil  
Indonesia Ma'shumah Azzahro Marpaung    
Indonesia Mahdi Yahya Malang  
Indonesia Marco S Mondelez  
Indonesia Masagus Musadek Cikarang  
Indonesia Mila Tandjung Jakarta  
Indonesia Muhamad Argentum Kepri  
Indonesia Muhammad azhhar Alfatih Bekasi  
Indonesia Muhammad Zakariya    
Indonesia Mulyadi Alimuddin Samarinda  
Indonesia Muniroh Abdillah   Demi kebebasan berpendapat dan kemanusiaan...
Indonesia Musaffa Al-asad Banjarmasin  
Indonesia Musya rafah Palangkaraya  
Indonesia Nab Karbela Pemalang  
Indonesia Nabillah Assegaf Sidoarjo  
Indonesia Nailul Fauziah Bangil  
Indonesia Nanda Anaf Purbalingga  
Indonesia Nawira Assegaf Surabaya  
Indonesia Nazarullah Issafa zen Sidoarjo  
Indonesia Nely Rahmah Padang  
Indonesia Nila S Jakarta  
Indonesia Nindi Eka Sapittri Padang  
Indonesia Nita Nita Jakarta She has to be free
Indonesia Nityananda Permadi Tjokrodimurti Jakarta  
Indonesia nora zaenah    
Indonesia Novie Bachtiar Jakarta  
Indonesia Novrizal Gani Jakarta  
Indonesia Ovilda De sanci Jambi  
Indonesia raden anis Jakarta  
Indonesia Ragil Saputri Pekalongan  
Indonesia Rahmah Garmila    
Indonesia Rahmalaela Mohammad Natsir Jakarta  
Indonesia Rasminto Anang Pontianak  
Indonesia Ratri Handayani Padang  
Indonesia Rezky Ramadhani Makassar  
Indonesia Rilla monica Masril Jambi  
Indonesia Rizkiyatul Auliyah Mamuju  
Indonesia Sa Qnah Bandung  
Indonesia saleh alkatiri Malang  
Indonesia Salim Muhsin syekh Abubakar Jakarta  
Indonesia Salman Husain Cikarang  
Indonesia Salsa Nasywa    
Indonesia Salwa Husna Malang  
Indonesia Sarah Azzahra    
Indonesia Satrio Abu Jawad    
Indonesia Setya Kholipah    
Indonesia Shabrina Amelia Balikpapan  
Indonesia Shahifah Muthahharah Makassar  
Indonesia Sheriin Sorayaa    
Indonesia Shyerlia Maharini Metro  
Indonesia Siti Maryam Indramayu  
Indonesia Siti Subarkah Jakarta  
Indonesia Sofiyah Murtadha Jakarta  
Indonesia sri kusuma Jakarta  
Indonesia Suci Amir Makassar  
Indonesia Sukainah Alhabsyi Malang  
Indonesia Sulton Ahmad   No one can stop journalism, if there is for truth information.
Indonesia Sundus Alatas Pati  
Indonesia syafa illiyin Depok  
Indonesia Syahru Banu Lombok  
Indonesia Syahrudin Sholeh Depok  
Indonesia Syarif Udin Tangerang Turn Back Crime
Indonesia Syarifah Zainab Purwakarta  
Indonesia Syifa Hidayah Klaten  
Indonesia Syifa Robby Rodhiyah Jakarta  
Indonesia tari yani ambon  
Indonesia tjetjep permana bogor  
Indonesia Tri Ardila Jambi  
Indonesia Tri Sumanto Jakarta  
Indonesia Triyatmi Sugiman Sukoharjo  
Indonesia Ummu Khayra Kendari  
Indonesia Wiji Wiji kusweni MALANG  
Indonesia Willy MS Bogor  
Indonesia Wulandari Wulandari Tangerang  
Indonesia Yudi kalumanau Bontang  
Indonesia Yuli Yana Jambi  
Indonesia yunardi Afrullah    
Indonesia Zahra Fuady    
Indonesia Zahra Idrus Jakarta  
Indonesia Zainab Fathoni    
Indonesia zainab muhdar   I sign this petitions because of humanity and justice.
Indonesia Zainab Syahab Jakarta  
Indonesia ZainabAlKubro Marpaung Jakarta  
Indonesia Zakiya Baseem Jakarta  
Iran . Mir   If God wills, every innocent person in the world, will be saved from the oppressor as soon as possible, especially Mrs. Marzieh Hashemi
Iran . Mir   12 minutes agoIf God wills, every innocent person in the world, will be saved from the oppressor as soon as possible, especially Ms. Marzieh Hashemi
Iran a a    
Iran a a tehran  
Iran A A Tehran  
Iran A C    
Iran A M Tehran  
Iran a z    
Iran A. Ehsani    
Iran A.zaheri Zaheri    
Iran Ab Hosseinkhan    
Iran Abbas Alinejad    
Iran Abbas Asadi Esfahan  
Iran abbas ghanbarian    
Iran Abbas Muzamil Qom  
Iran Abbas Somji    
Iran Abbasi Javad Fardis  
Iran Abdallah Seiph    
Iran Abdolhossein Kalantari    
Iran Abdollah Abdi    
Iran Abdollah Khajeh    
Iran Abdul Rahman    
Iran Abdulfatah Iddi Tehran  
Iran AbdulQadir Babatunde   Set Marzia free unconditionally
Iran Abdulrahim Ridwanullah Olamilekan    
Iran abeeha lakhani   She has not done any crime why should be she arrested
Iran Abid Hayder    
Iran Abir Akil    
Iran Abolfazl Ahmadi kazemabadi Tehran  
Iran Abolfazl Akhtar Mazandaran  
Iran Abolfazl Ebadi    
Iran abolfazl rashid Guilan  
Iran Abuzar Sani    
Iran Adams Musa    
Iran Ae Irande Isfahan  
Iran Aff M    
Iran Afreen Jhaveri   They don't have a real reason for putting her in prison
Iran Afsaneh جمشیدی پارودباری    
Iran Afsar Memari    
Iran Afshin Salehi    
Iran Ahamad Soori Tehran  
Iran Ahmad Ali    
Iran Ahmad Kianfar Tehran  
Iran Ahmad Mashali    
Iran Ahmad Morshedian    
Iran Ahmad Mosaver    
Iran Ahmad Musavi Tehran USA TYRANNY TO THE WORLD....
Iran Ahmad Raja    
Iran Ahmadreza Ghanavati    
Iran Ahnad Ghazi zahedi Tehran  
Iran Aini Alibhai    
Iran Aisyah Habrul    
Iran Akram Avami    
Iran Akram Beik    
Iran Akram Dayani    
Iran Akram Payam ahmadi Tehran  
Iran Akram Rahim    
Iran Akram Sadegh    
Iran Al Bedayah Tehran  
Iran Alavieh Miri    
Iran Albaloo Cherry همه  
Iran Aleena Batool pakistan  
Iran ali . rezaeian Tehran  
Iran Ali abbas    
Iran Ali Abbas Esfahan  
Iran Ali Abbasi    
Iran Ali Abbasi Wilmington  
Iran Ali Abdolhossein    
Iran ali afshar    
Iran Ali Ahmadi    
Iran Ali Ahmadi sayun  
Iran Ali Akulkel    
Iran Ali Ali Tehran  
Iran Ali Amin    
Iran Ali Aminian    
Iran Ali Amirgholami    
Iran Ali Arbabi Nezhaf تهران  
Iran ali arsalany    
Iran ali asghari    
Iran ali asqar pazuki semnan  
Iran ali ayoubinezhad    
Iran ali bahrami tehran  
Iran Ali bardestani    
Iran ali dahaghin tehran  
Iran Ali Ebi    
Iran Ali Ershad    
Iran Ali Eslami    
Iran Ali Esmaeilian    
Iran Ali Estahbanati Shiraz  
Iran Ali Fakoori    
Iran Ali Fattahi    
Iran Ali Ghanvari Tehran  
Iran Ali Gholami    
Iran Ali Hadi Zaidi    
Iran Ali Hajiahmad Tehran  
Iran ali hashemi #FreeMarziehHashemi  
Iran Ali Hashemi شاهرود  
Iran Ali Heidari    
Iran Ali Husayn    
Iran Ali Irani Tehran  
Iran Ali Ismail    
Iran Ali Jafari   She is absolutely innocent, because if we remain indifferent, it would only encourage the US and other arrogant powers to more such illegal and unjust actions.
Iran Ali Jafari    
Iran ali jafarloo Ashburn  
Iran ali jafri   *From Indian Occupied #Kashmir - Mazloom ki sada Mazloom ke liye!* *_We Stand with our Closest & Dearest Friend Sister Marzieh Hashemi_* *Photo Courtesy: _Ovain Ali_**BREAKING NEWS BREAKING NEWS BREAKING NEWSiMs. Hashemi who had been traveling within the United States to visit with her ill brother and other relatives was detained in a Saint Louis airport on Sunday, and has now been transferred to a Washington DC facility by the FBI.Relatives had been unable to contact Ms. Hahemi for over 48 hours, and only recently learned details about her detention.Even though there are no charges against her, Ms. Hashemi informed family members of her ill treatment in the prison facility. She described her hijab having had been removed against her will and that she is being treated as a criminal even though there are no charges against her. The prison officials have also denied her access to halal or vegetarian dietary options for the past few d
Iran ali jafri   *From Indian Occupied #Kashmir - Mazloom ki sada Mazloom ke liye!* *_We Stand with our Closest & Dearest Friend Sister Marzieh Hashemi_* *Photo Courtesy: _Ovain Ali_**BREAKING NEWS BREAKING NEWS BREAKING NEWSiMs. Hashemi who had been traveling within the United States to visit with her ill brother and other relatives was detained in a Saint Louis airport on Sunday, and has now been transferred to a Washington DC facility by the FBI.Relatives had been unable to contact Ms. Hahemi for over 48 hours, and only recently learned details about her detention.Even though there are no charges against her, Ms. Hashemi informed family members of her ill treatment in the prison facility. She described her hijab having had been removed against her will and that she is being treated as a criminal even though there are no charges against her. The prison officials have also denied her access to halal or vegetarian dietary options for the past few d
Iran Ali Jammal Tehran  
Iran Ali Jazayeri Tehran  
Iran Ali Kamkar    
Iran Ali Kazemi Tehran  
Iran Ali Keramatfar    
Iran ali kolahd Esfahan  
Iran Ali Madani    
Iran Ali Mahdi    
Iran Ali Maleki Tehran  
Iran ali menhaji Hamedan  
Iran Ali Meraj Tehran  
Iran Ali Moghadam Tehran  
Iran ali mohajeri    
Iran ali mohamadi    
Iran Ali mohammadi Mashhad The Journalist should be free
Iran Ali Muhammadi    
Iran Ali Murtaza    
Iran Ali Nourbakhsh    
Iran Ali Qasim Khoyee    
Iran Ali Qolian Pasandi    
Iran Ali Rafieefar Karaj  
Iran Ali Rahimi   She is the champion of free expression.
Iran ali rahmani    
Iran Ali Ramezi    
Iran Ali Razavian    
Iran Ali Rezaei    
Iran ali sabouri Neyshabur  
Iran Ali Sabzalian Tehran  
Iran Ali Sajjad    
Iran Ali Samhat    
Iran Ali Shahrivar Tehran  
Iran Ali Sharifi    
Iran ali shia Tehran #FreeMarziehHashemishe is not alone.The God helps her and we help her too.
Iran Ali Soltan    
Iran Ali Soltani Kish  
Iran Ali Tavakoli mahmoudabad  
Iran Ali Tehrani    
Iran ali valmoozi   How does the United States, which itself draws up a global human rights bill and claims to be free speech and feminism, now inhumanely deals with a woman journalist? This signifies the decline and decline of American civilization
Iran Ali Xpc tehran  
Iran Ali Zain    
Iran Ali Zamani    
Iran ali zand Tehran  
Iran Aliakber Dewji London  
Iran Alieh Takhfifi Tehran  
Iran Alima Sharif    
Iran Alina Sabir Karachi  
Iran Alireza AY1    
Iran Alireza Azadmanesg    
Iran Alireza Jamshidy    
Iran alireza koutavi Tehran  
Iran Alireza Mahjoub Tehran  
Iran alireza mohammadzadeh    
Iran Alireza Pouryousef Tehran  
Iran Alireza Shiravi Tehran  
Iran Alireza Taheri Tehran  
Iran Alireza Tavakoli    
Iran Alireza Zeinalian Tehran  
Iran Alirezaee Mahdi    
Iran Alu Reza tehran  
Iran Ambreen Zainab Tehran Because this is so wiered to catch some women
Iran Amena Canadia    
Iran Ameneh Jafari    
Iran Ameneh Mahmoodi    
Iran ameneh mortazavi 98  
Iran Amin Beshkar Ahvaz  
Iran Amin Ghasemi    
Iran Amin Hadadian Tehran  
Iran Amin Hojjati    
Iran amin Khosravi zarandi    
Iran amin m Mashhad  
Iran Amin Te    
Iran Amin Zia    
Iran Amina Lisika    
Iran Amina Mosavi Tehran  
Iran Amina Naz    
Iran aminah adibi    
Iran AMINATA D Dorley    
Iran Amir Abedi Kashan  
Iran Amir Adeli    
Iran Amir Aghaei Tehran  
Iran Amir Ahmad Tehran  
Iran Amir Alam Tehran  
Iran Amir Alavi Lewes  
Iran Amir Amiri    
Iran Amir Darvish Karaj  
Iran Amir Ff Yazd Her detention is illegal
Iran Amir hosein Mazrooei    
Iran Amir husein Bueomand    
Iran Amir Hussein Mecca  
Iran Amir Jafary    
Iran amir kazem pour    
Iran amir khaksarpoor    
Iran amir lashgari Tehran  
Iran Amir Mhd    
Iran Amir Rahim    
Iran Amir Saedi Daryan    
Iran Amir Shams Yazd  
Iran amir sobhan khodabande    
Iran Amir taslim    
Iran Amir Torkashvand    
Iran amir zakery    
Iran Amirabbas khojasteh    
Iran Amirabbas Salari    
Iran Amirali Khodakhah    
Iran amirarsalan bahjaty    
Iran Amirhosein Farasati    
Iran Amirhossein Fathi Hamedan  
Iran Amirhossein Salehpour    
Iran Amirreza Fatehi    
Iran Ammar Ali    
Iran Ammar Hajipoor    
Iran Andi Mohammad Muthahhari Sleman  
Iran Andisheh Andisheh مشهد  
Iran Aon Naqvi    
Iran A,B.    Initital upon Request - 12/22/2022
Iran Araghorn Arathorn    
Iran Arash Kash    
Iran armin alizadeh    
Iran Arsalan Zaheri    
Iran Arsaneh Farzin    
Iran Asad Z    
Iran Asghar Kazmi Kazmi talagang  
Iran ashraf rahman tehran  
Iran Asma Fatima    
Iran asma panahi    
Iran Asra Khalaj Tehran  
Iran Ata Joodavi    
Iran Atefe Karimodini    
Iran Atefeh L Urmia  
Iran Atefeh Salimi    
Iran Atefeh Shahan    
Iran Atefeh Yazdani    
Iran Atf Azr Tehran  
Iran Ati Ati    
Iran Ati Hajipoor shiraz  
Iran Atieh Kheyrmand    
Iran Atieh Morshedi    
Iran Atiye Parvaresh    
Iran Atiyeh Pazhoohi Tehran  
Iran Aydin Salami    
Iran ayman farhat    
Iran Azade Sarmast Rasht  
Iran Azadeh Ghorbanali Karaj  
Iran azam Behrouz Tehran  
Iran Azam Bidadian tehran  
Iran Azam Bigdeli    
Iran Azam Namaz rad    
Iran Azam Noori Tehran  
Iran Azar Darvish    
Iran azin azin    
Iran Azr Kari    
Iran Azra Razavi Tehran  
Iran Babak Mohamadi Sari  
Iran bahar am Tehran  
Iran bahar bashoutan moghaddam    
Iran Bahareh Helli    
Iran bahman Soleymani    
Iran Bahram Movahed    
Iran Ban Moein Karaj  
Iran Bano Aghakhani    
Iran Banoo Masoomi    
Iran Baqirali Akhlaqi   i am signing because now the worl super power dont have any kind ko humanity they treats a human vmbeing worse than an animal.Today the world is gng towards humanity and kindness and justice but this govnmnt of america is going backwards to the age of stone where no one have values at all.
Iran Behfar Farahmand    
Iran Behi Esfahani Tehran  
Iran Behnam Ansari Tehran  
Iran Behnam Bakhsheshi    
Iran Behnam Doostali    
Iran Behnam Habibirad   She has right to wear Hijab,She commited nothing against law,there is no reason for detaining her and act with her like a criminal . "Uncover her Hijab,force her to eat Pork" stop these inhuman acts and release her.
Iran behnam mohammadi    
Iran Behrouz Najafi Tehran  
Iran benjamin mahian    
Iran benjaminb ara    
Iran Bilaar Bilaar    
Iran Bobby Naderi    
Iran Bon Mckinley    
Iran borji khosro    
Iran Bushra Rizvi Tehran  
Iran Cyrus Salehvand    
Iran Daniel Kheradmand    
Iran Daouda Sane    
Iran Datu Sharafaldin Menor    
Iran David محمودی    
Iran Davood Makivand Tehran  
Iran Davoud HoseinpourSabbagh    
Iran Delaram Dadjoo Tehran  
Iran Diba Zolghadr Shiraz  
Iran Doraid Zohair    
Iran Down with america Down with israel    
Iran down with America Down with sanction    
Iran Down with Zionist usa    
Iran Down with Zionist usa    
Iran Down with Zionist usa    
Iran Dr Amir Moradi    
Iran Dr isfahani    
Iran Dusty Müller    
Iran E Biria    
Iran Ebrahim Amini Qom  
Iran Ebrahim dehdar    
Iran ebrahim mohamadnia    
Iran Ebrahim Rezaee    
Iran Ehsan Akbaritabar    
Iran Ehsan Gholami    
Iran Ehsan Hadian Tehran  
Iran Ehsan Rahmati    
Iran Ehsan Ranjbar Tehran  
Iran Ehsan Yazdian Isfahan  
Iran Ehteram Hasheminejad    
Iran Ekham Sharif    
Iran elahe akhlaghi Mashhad I am tayebe
Iran Elahe Karimi    
Iran elahe kazemzade Tehran  
Iran Elaheh Homafar    
Iran Elham Abu    
Iran Elham Forooz    
Iran Elham Kadkhodaee    
Iran Elham Kashani Tehran  
Iran Elham Safari   Sister Marzieh has been forced through trials jus for the crime of saying the truth and uncovering the realities of the arrogant powers! May Allah protect her wherever she is! We pray for her strength to fight the great satan of our era!
Iran Elham Shariati    
Iran elham sotoodeh    
Iran elham yavari Tehran  
Iran Eli Irani    
Iran Eli S    
Iran Eliza kazemiyeh Tehran  
Iran Elly . tehran #freeMarziyeHashemi
Iran Elnaz Heidari kermanshah  
Iran Elnaz Kazemiyyeh    
Iran Elnaz Nk    
Iran Elnaz Shamsa Pasdarn  
Iran Eman Zainab    
Iran Ensyeh batool Hadi    
Iran Erfan Maghriby tehran  
Iran Erum Zahra Fazal Qom  
Iran Esmaeil Saeedi    
Iran Esmaeil Yousefi    
Iran f bajelan Tehran  
Iran F H    
Iran f hashemi    
Iran F Kh Tehran  
Iran f m    
Iran F Mhpr    
Iran F Nj    
Iran f r Los Angeles  
Iran F R Tehran  
Iran F Rahimi    
Iran F. Shojaee Tehran  
Iran F.sadat Abbasi Tehran ���
Iran F.sadat Abbasi Tehran Freeee Marziyeh Hashimie...
Iran F10 Khan Tehran  
Iran Fa Hanifi Tehran  
Iran Faezeh Barzegar Tabrizi    
Iran Faezeh Ghasemzadeh    
Iran fafa rahi    
Iran Fahad Fadhel qom  
Iran Fahimeh Ghadimian Tehran  
Iran Fakhrisadat Shafie    
Iran faramarz sayghami nejad Tehran  
Iran Farhad Hanafian Tehran  
Iran farhad hedayatzadeh tehran  
Iran Farhad Tahmasbi    
Iran Farhat Hussain Mahdavi Qom  
Iran Fariba Miragapur    
Iran Fariba Momenii Tehran  
Iran fariba noori    
Iran Faribs Alasvand    
Iran Faride Shahmiri Tehran  
Iran Farideh Faryad    
Iran Farnaz Cheneijan mashhad  
Iran Farnaz Farhoodi    
Iran farneshin sadr    
Iran Farnoosh vakashani Esfahan  
Iran Farzan Thara    
Iran Farzaneh Keshavarz    
Iran Farzaneh Majdabadi Farahani Tehran  
Iran Farzin Khaki Tehran  
Iran Fatem Malak Bushehr  
Iran Fatema Salim    
Iran Fatema Salim bakran   Because she is innocent.
Iran Fatema Zahra Tehran  
Iran Fatemah Mansorian   Make America civilized agin
Iran Fateme Almasi    
Iran Fateme Amini    
Iran Fateme Bahadori    
Iran Fateme Dziari    
Iran Fateme Firozi    
Iran fateme ghasemi Tehran  
Iran Fateme Hosani    
Iran Fateme j    
Iran fateme jabbari    
Iran fateme jafari    
Iran Fateme Maghsoudi    
Iran Fateme Mansoori    
Iran fateme meshkat Karaj  
Iran Fateme Moazzen Dezfoul  
Iran Fateme Moshiri Tehran  
Iran Fateme Motahary Tehran  
Iran Fateme Nabiuni    
Iran fateme naghdi    
Iran Fateme Nazerian    
Iran Fateme rava    
Iran fateme razavi    
Iran Fateme Sadat    
Iran fateme safaei    
Iran fateme saleh Isfahan  
Iran Fateme Shahrabi Tehran  
Iran Fateme Sharifi Tehran  
Iran Fateme Ta    
Iran Fateme Tourani    
Iran fateme zare    
Iran Fatemeh Aghaei    
Iran Fatemeh Aliakbar    
Iran Fatemeh Allamehzadeh    
Iran Fatemeh Anjomi poor Tehran  
Iran Fatemeh Ansari    
Iran Fatemeh Arab    
Iran Fatemeh Babaei    
Iran fatemeh beiglu    
Iran Fatemeh Farhadi Tehran  
Iran Fatemeh Hag    
Iran Fatemeh Hosseini    
Iran Fatemeh Hosseini    
Iran Fatemeh Jafari    
Iran Fatemeh Joshaghani    
Iran fatemeh Khalili    
Iran Fatemeh Khatibi Tehran  
Iran Fatemeh Khodabakhsh    
Iran Fatemeh M Kermanshah  
Iran FATEMEH M    
Iran Fatemeh Mahsyekhi    
Iran Fatemeh Mirzaei yazani    
Iran Fatemeh Moghadasi    
Iran fatemeh mohammadi Karaj  
Iran Fatemeh Mousavi Tehran  
Iran Fatemeh Naghipour    
Iran Fatemeh Namjoo    
Iran Fatemeh Nejabat    
Iran fatemeh nouriyan    
Iran Fatemeh Rafiei    
Iran Fatemeh Rahimi   Free Marzieh Hashemi
Iran Fatemeh Rostami tehran  
Iran fatemeh sadat haghighat Bushehr  
Iran Fatemeh Sadeghi    
Iran Fatemeh Sadr Tehran  
Iran Fatemeh Safdari    
Iran Fatemeh Sakhaei    
Iran Fatemeh Salehi    
Iran Fatemeh Seyedi Tehran Free Hashemi
Iran Fatemeh Shahabadi Tehran  
Iran Fatemeh Shakibrokh    
Iran fatemeh shameli H�gersten  
Iran Fatemeh Sm Tehran  
Iran Fatemeh Taheri    
Iran Fatemeh Taheri    
Iran fatemeh talebi mashhad  
Iran fatemeh talebian    
Iran Fatemeh V    
Iran Fatemeh Yassaee    
Iran Fatemeh Zirak Kerman  
Iran Fatemehsarah Shahsavari    
Iran Fatemh Moussavi    
Iran Fathima Maz Tehran  
Iran fathollah bayat    
Iran Fatima A Tehran  
Iran Fatima Abbasi    
Iran fatima Abdussalam tehran  
Iran Fatima Alhoseini    
Iran Fatima Eshghi    
Iran fatima ghandour    
Iran Fatima Ghotbi    
Iran Fatima Gilima    
Iran Fatima Hussain Yazd  
Iran fatima Mohamad    
Iran Fatima Mous    
Iran Fatima Muhammad Tehran  
Iran Fatima Musavi    
Iran Fatima Naqvi Tehran  
Iran Fatima Nejatbakhsh Isfahan  
Iran Fatima Nikan    
Iran Fatima sani    
Iran Fatima Zaidi    
Iran Fatima Zandi Karaj  
Iran Fatimah Batool    
Iran Fatimah Zahra    
Iran Fatmeh Javadi Karaj  
Iran Fazel Najafi Esfaham  
Iran fazel salamat    
Iran fazel vejdani    
Iran Fazele Adibi    
Iran Felora Bahar Tehran  
Iran Fereshte Cheneyjani    
Iran fereshte mohammadi    
Iran Fereshte Pour    
Iran Fereshteh Fattahi Tehran  
Iran Fereshteh Karimi    
Iran Fh Paktinat    
Iran Foroozandeh Saedi Tehran Please join Twitter Storm for her release with hashtag on Friday 19 January Washington Time and then after ... thank you #FreeMarziehHashemi#Pray4MarziehHashemi
Iran Foya husain Husain    
Iran Francoise Farer Tehran  
Iran Free Marzie hashemy    
Iran Free marziyeh hashemi Bajtami    
Iran Ftm Afshar    
Iran This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. F    
Iran g.r sh Tehran  
Iran Gabriela De sousa   Viva la libertad de exprecion!!!! Es preferible morir bajo la justia que vivir con oprecion...
Iran ghaem Molaei Tehran  
Iran Ghaq Husseini    
Iran ghasem akbary tehran  
Iran ghasem jafari    
Iran Ghasem jongdoost    
Iran Ghasq Husseini طهران عمل مخز لمن ينادي بالديمقراطية تطالب بإطلاق سراحها فوراً ولاجلها وقعت.
Iran Ghazal Arjmand    
Iran gholamreza qavidel    
Iran Gholamreza Sedaghati    
Iran Gol Irani    
Iran golnaz ranjkesh    
Iran Gulzar hussain Hussain    
Iran H Ahmadi   please dont mix politics with peoples life. thanks
Iran H K Tehran  
Iran H Karam   #free_Marzieh-hashemi#shame_on_American_style_freedom
Iran H N    
Iran H P    
Iran H R    
Iran Habib Abdolhossein    
Iran Habib Ebrahimi    
Iran Habib Nabizadeh Tehran  
Iran Habibah Jaghoori Qom  
Iran Habibollah Babaei    
Iran Habimana Hussein Kampala  
Iran hadi bagheri    
Iran Hadi Behnam Mashhad  
Iran Hadi Kohan    
Iran Hadi Pakzad Yazd  
Iran Hadi Rayat    
Iran Hadi Rezaei    
Iran Hadi Serhan    
Iran Hadi Taeb    
Iran hadi wood Mashhad  
Iran Hadi Zahiru Tehran  
Iran hadi zeinali    
Iran hadis ziaadini    
Iran Hadise jafarzade    
Iran hadise zolfaghari    
Iran Hadiss Afkhami    
Iran Haha Haha Tehran  
Iran Haidar Ali    
Iran haidar rizvi Tehran  
Iran Haider Alhobaish Epping  
Iran haj abbas    
Iran haj salar Esfahan  
Iran hajar abdolmaleki    
Iran hajar nazemi    
Iran Hajar Rastegar tehran  
Iran Hajar Taqi West Mishref  
Iran Hakima Bhojani    
Iran haleh mahmoudi    
Iran Hamed Amiri Tehran  
Iran hamed badri    
Iran Hamed Hosseini    
Iran Hamed Jamali    
Iran Hamed Pabarjay    
Iran Hamed Purr    
Iran Hamed Safi    
Iran Hamed Shahriari Karaj  
Iran hamid abedi    
Iran Hamid Behrouz Mashhad  
Iran Hamid Darvishi    
Iran Hamid Eskandari    
Iran Hamid Günes    
Iran hamid jafary Tehran  
Iran hamid kian    
Iran Hamid Mansouri Tehran  
Iran Hamid Najafi    
Iran Hamid reza Ali nezhad    
Iran Hamid Reza Babaee Tehran  
Iran Hamid reza Gholami Abadan  
Iran Hamid Reza Sadeghi Isfahan  
Iran Hamid Sadoughi    
Iran Hamide Yousefi  Sadat talesh  
Iran hamideh Azimi Tehran  
Iran Hamideh Bagherian    
Iran Hamideh Bastani    
Iran hamideh kh.    
Iran Hamideh Mazaheri    
Iran hamideh taeb Tehran  
Iran Hamidreza Ayatollahy    
Iran hamidreza hadipour    
Iran hamidreza Haghshenas Qazvin  
Iran Hamidreza M    
Iran hamidreza mazaheri    
Iran Hamidreza Zolfaghar    
Iran hamzeh alemi    
Iran Hamzeh Fallah iran, sari  
Iran Hamzeh Nezarat Tehran  
Iran Hana Kaftari تهران  
Iran Hani Hasani    
Iran Hani Iranmaesh    
Iran Hani Nasser    
Iran Hani Salehi    
Iran Hani Sar    
Iran Hani Yazdani    
Iran Hania Batool    
Iran Hanieh Azizi    
Iran Hanieh Ghaedi    
Iran Hanieh Qasemian Tehran Because we Muslims need to stand together. Because Sister Marzieh is innocent.
Iran Hanieh Rahimipoor Tehran  
Iran Hanif Fitriyani    
Iran Hanifa Imanian Tehran  
Iran Haniyeh Ghorbanzade    
Iran Haoura Mahamoud    
Iran Haqshenas Amene    
Iran Hasan Farrokhzad    
Iran Hasan Mahzoon    
Iran hasan moghimi Tehran  
Iran Hasan Sattarzadeh    
Iran Hasan Sezavar    
Iran Hasan Shoker Shiraz  
Iran Hashim Raza    
Iran Hasnain Abbas    
Iran Hassali Alibeigi    
Iran Hassan Aghajani Qom  
Iran Hassan Doremami    
Iran hassan eshraghi Tehran  
Iran Hassan Halimi Mashhad  
Iran hassan kheiri