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 Signatures (N=15000+)


Africa (N=1110)  Asia  (N=6185)  Australia/Oceania (N=587)   Europe (N=2257)
Europe/Asia (N=15)   North America (N=1370)

 South America  (N=112)  


Country Name City Comment
Australia — —- Ashfield
Australia A Musa Northgate Free Marzieh Hashemi
Australia Abbas Elsayed
Australia Abbas Haidar Casula
Australia Abbas Ramadan Sydney
Australia Abid Abou Tibikh Glen Waverley
Australia abida riaz Landsdale
Australia Abuzar Zaidi Castle Hill
Australia Adam Farouk sydney
Australia Afam Salami Berala
Australia Afrah Alithari ballajura
Australia Aftab Bismi Northbridge
Australia Afzul Al Nisa Upper Coomera
Australia Aghdas Mohammadi Cabramatta
Australia Ahlam Muneer Canning Vale
Australia Ahmad Al Samail Auburn
Australia Ahmad Azimi Ermington
Australia Ahmed Albadri Endeavour Hills
Australia Ahmed Alkhafaji Brisbane
Australia ahmed hijazi Clemton Park
Australia Ahmed Mehanna Sydney
Australia Ahmed Rasoli Melbourne
Australia Aisha Sadiq Hallam
Australia Ak Khan Saint Ives
Australia Alaa Alqaseer Sydney Basic Human rights being abused
Australia Ali Abdou Choucair Sydney
Australia Ali Ahamd Birchgrove
Australia Ali Al Bayati Melbourne
Australia Ali Alaouie Eastwood
Australia Ali Ayache
Australia Ali Bahamad
Australia Ali Boussi Lidcombe
Australia Ali Chour Pendle Hill
Australia Ali Dallal Banksia
Australia Ali Darwish Arncliffe
Australia Ali El rabii Clemton Park
Australia Ali Hachem Woollahra
Australia Ali Hussein Pennant Hills
Australia Ali Jee Melbourne
Australia Ali Kazan Lakemba
Australia Ali Khreizat Sydney
Australia Ali Mehanna
Australia Ali Mehdi Burwood
Australia Ali Mohsen Yagoona
Australia Ali Mourtada Ermington
Australia Ali Naddi Sydney
Australia Ali Rafidhi Bexley
Australia Ali Rahimi Denistone
Australia Ali Ramahi Shepparton
Australia Ali Soliman Reservoir
Australia Ali Syes Peakhurst
Australia Ali Tanana Bexley
Australia Ali Tanana Rockdale
Australia Ali Zehour Ashfield
Australia alia saab Sydney
Australia Amal Alawieh Beverlyhills
Australia Amal Mawas Lilyfield
Australia Amale Yamak Granville
Australia Aminah Assaf LAKEMBA
Australia Amira Alamine Bella Vista
Australia Amira Hadid Aranda
Australia Amjad Ali Fairfield
Australia Amjad Ali Melbourne
Australia Andrew Ajami Penshurst
Australia Anna Mika Melbourne
Australia Anushka Cooray Craigieburn
Australia Ardalan Azodolmolki Eastwood
Australia ariel hammoud Kellyville
Australia Arouj Zaidi
Australia Asad A Fairfield
Australia Asad Raza
Australia Asad Saeed This is not fair!
Australia Ashraf Abubaker Abubaker Beaumont Hills
Australia Asif Raza
Australia Asiya Khatoon Rowville
Australia Assaad Boussi Sydney
Australia Asya Ghacham Pyrmont
Australia Atheer Hmood Melbourne
Australia Atia Hedayat Belfield
Australia Aun LAKHANI
Australia Aya Hijazi Ashfield
Australia Aya Mourad
Australia Azhar Aljuzani
Australia Aziz Afaar Campbelltown
Australia Baquir Hasan Craigieburn
Australia Basir Jafari Brisbane
Australia Basma D Preston
Australia Batoul Hammoud Strathfield
Australia Batoul Jaafar Earlwood
Australia Belqis Abdellah Melbourne
Australia Ben Berg Petersham
Australia Bernard Sharah Sydney This arrest violates fundamental principles of western law. She is entitled under law to be informed of the charges against her.
Australia Besma Zitouni Auburn
Australia Bill Almon Fairfield
Australia Caroline Attar Sydney
Australia Catherine Wilson Brisbane
Australia Cecilia Makki Medowie
Australia Cengiz ( Chris ) Coskun
Australia chamseddine chamseddine Standing against injustice and the illegitimate detaining of an innocent woman
Australia Dania Diab Peakhurst
Australia Danial Kazmi Islamabad
Australia Daniel Alawi Sydney
Australia Danya Osman
Australia David Webb Please protect our sister from imprisonment without charge
Australia Dayana Saleh Sydney
Australia Dipa Rao Melbourne
Australia Dr Mrwa Preston
Australia Dr. Sultan Aly Aly Wollongong
Australia Ed Moh Cranbourne
Australia Ehab Mourad Melbourne
Australia Eileen Subtain
Australia Eisa zare Fremont
Australia Ejaz Haider
Australia Ejaz K Sydney
Australia Elvira Najjar Fairfield
Australia Em Naz Sydney
Australia Emily Mason Rosemeadow
Australia Fadak Mohammad Hussein Meadow Heights
Australia fadel ghazi Mortdale
Australia Fadi Hawli
Australia Fahimeh Jebeli Lakemba
Australia Faiyaz Fatima Glenroy
Australia Farah Ebrahimi Caringbah
Australia farah etemadi Upper Coomera
Australia Faraj Issa Sydney
Australia Farrukh Rizvi
Australia Farshad Alaei Ashfield
Australia fatema diah Ashbury
Australia fatemeh mousavi Perth
Australia Fatemeh Rasouli
Australia fati haadi South Yarra
Australia Fatima Al Saleh Fairfield If citizens are not feeling safe in their own home,  then humanity has gravely failed.
Australia Fatima Ankoush Sydney
Australia Fatima Chami Seven Hills
Australia Fatima Dehqani Cranbourne
Australia Fatima Dirani Penrith
Australia Fatima Eid Granville
Australia Fatima Farhat Sydney
Australia Fatima Hammoud Sydney
Australia Fatima Kassira
Australia Fatima Mithabhai
Australia Fatima Mousawi Berowra
Australia Fatima Naaman Sydney
Australia Fatima Ramadan
Australia Fatima Shah Melbourne
Australia Fatima Tanana Belmore I can’t believe that she’s still not free. This doesn’t look good. Every reporter that doesn’t say and do what they want is in danger. Old or young,  a man or a woman no mercy at all. Our hearts and prayers with all oppressed people all over this mean and unjust world.
Australia Fatima Tanana Kingsgrove
Australia Fatima Tefaili Burwood
Australia Fatima Tefaili Saint Marys
Australia Fatima Yousif Wiley Park
Australia Fatima Zehra Seddon
Australia Fatimah Reda Arncliffe
Australia Fatjma Bazpi Hunters Hill
Australia Fatmeh Fahda
Australia Ferishta Rahimzada Lakemba
Australia Feruzan Behbahany
Australia Fia Walker Melbourne
Australia Fouzia Bismi Baulkham Hills
Australia Gary Mabb Manly
Australia Ghassan Khamis Sydney
Australia GHINWA Assi
Australia Goofiran AH Sydney
Australia Haajr Haidar New South Wales
Australia Haani Ali Underwood
Australia Hadi Hijazi
Australia Haidar Ademi
Australia Hajar El-jurf Homebush
Australia Hala Alsaad Homebush
Australia Hamideh Mir sar shari Dapto
Australia Hammad Raza Hurstville
Australia Hana I Keilor
Australia Hanade Saad
Australia Harrison O'Brien Seventeen Mile Rocks
Australia Hashim Fakhreddin Melbourne
Australia Hassan Atoui Camperdown
Australia Hassan bukhari Campsie
Australia Hassan Elzein Peakhurst She is innocent USA is a terrorist state and funds them
Australia Hassan Fakih Kensington
Australia Hassan Jaafar Saint Marys
Australia Hassan Jaber Sydney
Australia Hassan Muslmani Rockdale
Australia Hassan Rammal Liverpool Rising against oppression
Australia Haydar Hammoud Greenacre
Australia Heba Dee Sydney
Australia Hend Hammoud
Australia Hiba Al Chester Hill
Australia Hisham Dakroub Punchbowl
Australia Hodan Jama Greensborough
Australia Huda Alassady Melbourne
Australia Huda Sabra Sydney
Australia humera usman Bankstown
Australia hussain assaf brisbane
Australia Hussain Mohammadi Kangaroo Point
Australia Hussain Tirmizi NSW She did nothing wrong and her arrest is illegal, immoral and unconstitutional. The leaders and corporate interests of America need to be held accountable for their crimes, all across the world and that's what Marzieh was doing.
Australia Hussain Zeitoun Roselands She has been oppressed
Australia hussein dakdouk
Australia Hussein Elsayed Strathfield
Australia Hussein Kobeissi Sydney
Australia Hussein Mokdad Bankstown
Australia Hussein N Parramatta
Australia Hussein Saleh
Australia Ibrahim Marji I believe in justice regardless of the color,  race and religion
Australia ilham mansour
Australia imad hammam Fairfield
Australia Imad Hammam sydney
Australia Imam Mujtaba Parramatta
Australia Imran Ali Brisbane We must support the oppressed
Australia Inas Abd
Australia Isabel Zipevski
Australia Israa Alaouie New York
Australia Jabbar Alameri South Melbourne
Australia Jacob Youssef Rockdale
Australia jade rox Sydney
Australia Janette Khier Liverpool
Australia Jared Denski Sydney
Australia Jawad Ali Glenroy
Australia Jay Tharappel
Australia Jenan Bechara Sydney
Australia John Hadji Roselands
Australia Jub Jub Bexely
Australia Judy Tanner Melbourne
Australia Julia najjar Freedom of speech.
Australia Jumana Jasim Canning Vale
Australia Kamran Haider Villawood
Australia Kareem Taoube Arncliffe
Australia Kasem Haydar Al Karrar
Australia Kass Khalil Castle Hill
Australia Keith Bennett Baulkham Hills
Australia Khadije Sakr Sydney
Australia khaled assaad Peakhurst
Australia Khatija Fatima Melbourne
Australia Khazran Sayed
Australia Kim Asher Brunswick
Australia Kounain Syeda Traralgon
Australia Labayyk Ya Husayn I sign this petition;To tell America, no matter what you do, you can’t & will not silence the truth.To tell America, this act show nothing but your weakness and fears from the truth.To tell the World, this America that claims to be number One in everything in the World, missed to learn about the alphabets of Human Rights.
Australia Labayyk Ya Husayn I sign this petition;To tell America, no matter what you do, you can’t & will not silence the truth.To tell America, this act show nothing but your weakness and fears from the truth.To tell the World, this America that claims to be number One in everything in the World, missed to learn about the alphabets of Human Rights.
Australia Laila Issa
Australia Laila Sedaqatyar Chipping Norton
Australia Lam Nguyen St. Albans
Australia Lara Haidar Blakehurst
Australia Latefe Mourad Sydney
Australia Leila Alarddine Seven Hills
Australia Lina Dib
Australia Lina Youssef Turrella
Australia Linda Naji Sydney
Australia Lora Ziaka Craigieburn
Australia Luiza choucair Busby Freedom for Marzieh Hashemi!
Australia M F Melbourne
Australia Mahdi Alley Homebush
Australia Mahdi Hage Punchbowl
Australia Mahdi Hijazi
Australia Maher Alhassany Sydney
Australia mahmoud bey
Australia Mahmoud Dehgani Condell Park
Australia Mahmoud Hijazi glen alpine
Australia Mahmoud Hijazi Sydney
Australia Malaak Moussa Sydney
Australia Malak Alawieh Potts Point
Australia Malak Mousslemani Rockdale
Australia Maliha Naqvi Glenroy
Australia Maria Ared Sydney
Australia Mariam Balaghe Sydney
Australia Mariam Darweshi
Australia Mariam Hammoud
Australia Mariam Haragli Allawah
Australia Marlene Obeid Glebe Free Marzieh Now!
Australia Marmarin S Ashfield
Australia Marriam Choucair Liverpool
Australia marwah momani Sydney
Australia Maryam Amin Fairfield
Australia Maryam Ebrahimi Berowra
Australia Maryam Hakim Melton
Australia Marym Albatat Pascoe Vale
Australia Massooma Khaleel Nsw
Australia Mazhar Shah Melbourne
Australia Megan Hartridge Medlw
Australia mehdi el Bexley
Australia Mehj Behbahany Cabramatta
Australia Meriam El-jurf Liverpool
Australia Merwan Salameh Punchbowl
Australia Michael Baydoun Punchbowl
Australia Michael Gerrard Riverwood
Australia Michael Soukie Perth
Australia Misbah Naz
Australia Moahmed Mehdi Sydney
Australia Moe Ztn Beirut
Australia moey hijazi Bardwell Valley
Australia Mohamad Akil Sydney
Australia mohamad bazzi
Australia Mohamad El-hage Sydney
Australia Mohamad Kobeissi Sydney
Australia Mohamad Salami
Australia Mohamad TOUBA Parramatta
Australia Mohamed Ali Sydney
Australia Mohamed Bazzi Sydney
Australia Mohamed Hammoud Sydney
Australia Mohamed Nilam Gaythorne
Australia Mohammad Al-Shididi Rosemeadow
Australia mohammad almarashi
Australia Mohammad Azimi Woodville
Australia Mohammad bhayani Islamabad
Australia Mohammad Ebrahimi Berowra
Australia Mohammad Essa Brisbane
Australia Mohammad Haydari Melbourne
Australia Mohammad Helmi Katherine
Australia Mohammad Hussain Voyager point
Australia Mohammad Khazab For freedom of speech.
Australia Mohammad Najafi Melbourne
Australia Mohammad Rafie Brisbane
Australia Mohammad Reza Rokni Bushehr
Australia Mohammed Abubaker Melbourne
Australia Mohammed Fathullah Concord This is injustice that is why I am signing.
Australia Mohammed Hyder Syed Melbourne
Australia Mohammed Moussa Sydney
Australia Mohammed Mousslemani Lakemba
Australia Mohammed Zeitoun Sydney
Australia Mohsen Alizadehfard West Ryde
Australia Mohsin Ali Sydney
Australia Mojda Sidiqi Fountain Gate
Australia Mona Liza Yeh
Australia Moufid Mehdi banksia Democracy
Australia Mouhamad Khreizat Sydney
Australia Moussa Youssef Fairfield
Australia Mozaffar Shekarchian Yeerongpilly
Australia Muhammad Zakir
Australia Muhannad Alamir Dandenong
Australia Mujgan Tahery Cranbrook
Australia Muna Al-Ajily Mount Waverley Muna Al-Ajily
Australia Mursal Rahimzada Sydney
Australia Mustafa Al Khafajy Rowville
Australia Mustafa Housain Lalor
Australia Mustafa Rizvi Peakhurst
Australia naba alsary
Australia Nada Al ahmadi Auburn
Australia Nadia Albadri Glen Waverley
Australia Nadine Chamas Melbourne
Australia Nafiseh Emami Sydney
Australia Najebe Mohamad Panania
Australia Najla Noor Casula
Australia navab h Sydney
Australia Neelab Lalee Burwood
Australia Negar Nikjoo Sydney
Australia Nina Mina Glenroy
Australia Nivine El Cheikh Sydney
Australia Noha Hammoud Rockdale
Australia Noor Alttahir Colebee
Australia Pamela Elreda Bardwell valley
Australia Pamela Kearney Maryborough Vic
Australia Peggy Howells South Yarra
Australia R H Hurstville
Australia Rabbiah Ganatra Broadmeadows
Australia Rabea Ajami Hurstville
Australia Rahera Aldridge Sydney
Australia Rahill Shanxy free MARZIEH HASHEMI shame amireca justice.
Australia Rahme Ali Sydney
Australia Rami Taha Sydney
Australia Rana Bazzi Hurstville
Australia Rana Kabbout Carlton
Australia Rana Mourtada Sydney
Australia Randa Ali Perth
Australia Rasoul Wazin Narrabeen
Australia Raushan Mustafin
Australia Ray Alaeddine Hunters Hill
Australia ray sabag auburn
Australia Raza Ali Abbas Melbourne
Australia Reda Mohamad
Australia Refik Nazlioglu Hunters Hill
Australia Reza Asgari Prospect
Australia Reza Tajrishi Revesby
Australia Rima Rizk
Australia Riyazali Palasara Rochedale South
Australia Roghiyeh Albatat roghiyehr Glen Waverley
Australia Rola Choker Doonside
Australia Roya Noor Mornington
Australia rubbiya ali Sydney
Australia Ruhi Fatima Melbourne
Australia Rukaya Al amara Melbourne
Australia Rusmi Ningsih Turner Perth
Australia Saad Ramadan Release Marzieh now!
Australia Saadi Hawli Free speech
Australia Sab Ali Carlton North
Australia Sabir Naeemi Merrylands Free her
Australia Sadababbas Charoliya Elizabeth
Australia Sadiq Hosain
Australia sadiq hussain mir
Australia Sadiq Jamali
Australia safa hassan
Australia Safiullah Naaeme Sydney
Australia Safoora Arife Perth
Australia Sahar Arbid Sydney
Australia Sajed Hussain Melbourne
Australia Sajida Nabeel MELBOURNE
Australia SAJIDA SAEED Melbourne
Australia Sajin Kh Adelaide
Australia Sajjad Yunespour Sydney
Australia Salah Qurnawi
Australia Sali Yunes I believe she is innocent and deserves fair treatment.
Australia Salina Abedi Eltham
Australia Salli A Strathfield
Australia Salman Zabeth
Australia salwa hasan
Australia Salwa Souka Sydney
Australia Sam Changizi Chiswick
Australia Sam Reslan Auburn
Australia Sama Hadad Derrimut
Australia Samantha Awada
Australia Samer Hakim Melbourne What is being done is illegal, immoral, hypocritical.  We demand her freedom.
Australia Samreen Hazara Brisbane
Australia sana ali
Australia Saoussan Oied
Australia Sara Afshar Prospect
Australia Sarah Al sarai Broadmedows
Australia Sarah Alley Hurstville
Australia Sarah Deniz Brisbane
Australia Sarah Ghassani Beverly Hills
Australia Sarah N Fairfield
Australia Sarah Wehbe Moun druitt
Australia Sarraa Adil Ali Homebush
Australia Sayed Kazimi Aspley
Australia Sayed Mousawi
Australia Sayed Reza Moosawi Homebush
Australia sayed zahedi It a matter of freedom.
Australia Scott Pas Ashfield
Australia Seyed Alireza Motevallian
Australia Seyed Imam Russell Lea
Australia Seyf Erdragon Calamvale
Australia Shabih Jafar Harrismith
Australia Shagufts Musa Glen Iris
Australia Shahla Nazaran
Australia Shahrabano Ahmad Malaga FREE MARZIEH HASHEMI - American Citizen- Journalist
Australia Shaje Mahmoodzad Queensland
Australia Shamim Abbas Melbourne
Australia Shamim Abbas Melbourne
Australia Shekiba Taheri
Australia Shirin Kouhpaei nejad Homebush
Australia Simon Issa Milperra
Australia Siva Selvarajah Melbourne
Australia Sokina Tof Parramatta
Australia Sophie Kalal Merrylands
Australia Soumaya Awada Sydney
Australia Sree J Bedford Park
Australia Sslly Hoss Wayville
Australia Sue Rahimzada Sydney NSW
Australia Sufiya Naqvi Sydney
Australia Sukaina Hussain Carlingford
Australia Sukaina Sadiq Melbourne
Australia Sumaiya Quasim Canberra
Australia sussan mehanna Sydney against oppression in its true form. Humanly unjustified.
Australia Suved Askari Melbourne Journalists Have very important place in the global community All should respect them
Australia Suzanne Fouani Sydney
Australia Syed Abbas Campbellfield
Australia Syed Aleya Carindale
Australia Syed Hussain Perth Arresting a journalist because they work for a certain TV network is biased and an insult to truth and right to information.
Australia Syed N Saeed Prahran
Australia Syed Raza Humanity
Australia Syed Raza Epping
Australia Syed Raza Melbourne If you dont raise the voice today, tomorrow it would be you who will be facing this unjustice!
Australia Syed Razvi Richmond
Australia Syed Riza
Australia Syed Rizvi Baulkham Hills
Australia Syed Rizvi Southbank
Australia Syed Rizvi St Albans
Australia Syed Zaidi
Australia Syed Zaidi Melbourne
Australia SYED ZAIDI
Australia Syeda Fatima Melbourne
Australia Syeda Zaidi
Australia Tahereh baradaran Punchbowl
Australia tania salameh
Australia tasneem abbas Campbellfield
Australia Teanna-Lee Al-Abrisam Brisbane
Australia Tee Yild Casula
Australia Tema Younes Rosehill
Australia Tim Anderson Sydney Free journalist Marzieh Hashemi.
Australia Toula Hijazi Glen Alpine
Australia Tracy Marr Ashgrove
Australia Uzma Raza Sydney
Australia Wael Fakih Greenacre
Australia Wael Tahan Belfield
Australia Wafa Rahal Greenacre
Australia Wasim Barakat Hunters Hill
Australia Wasim Hafda Williamstown
Australia Water George South Yarra
Australia wendy joseph Toowoomba This is a travesty and a miscarriage of justice.
Australia William Blakers Charge her or release her.
Australia Willie Nayla This is injust
Australia Yalda Gh Alkimos
Australia Yasmin Albadry Qld
Australia Yasser Haragli Dulwich Hill
Australia Yaver Deraz kola Adamstown
Australia Yousef Saad Mount Lewis
Australia Youssef Youssef Sydney
Australia Yusra Hasnain Bentleigh East
Australia YUSREEN Lotun Perth
Australia Yvette Baldacchino Sydney
Australia Zack Najdi
Australia Zahid Hussain Brunswick
Australia Zahra Ali Preston
Australia Zahra Ghavamshahidi Benowa
Australia Zahra Joneidi
Australia Zahra Kazan Burwood
Australia zahra mohebbee Sydney
Australia ZAHRAA Albadri Keilor
Australia Zahraa Chamseddine Glebe
Australia Zainab Hassib Epping
Australia Zainab M Sydney
Australia zainab mehanna Bankstown
Australia Zainab Zainuddin Dallas Freedom
Australia Zak Champion Free her
Australia Zara Al Mosman
Australia Zawar Shah Artarmon
Australia Zaynab Al khdahimi Vic I’m signing because I want her freedom.
Australia Zaynab Tawil Hurstville
Australia Zehra Batool Seddon
Australia Zehra Fahd Preston
Australia Zehra Mohammad Melbourne
Australia Zeina Dawas
Australia Zeinab Almayyahy Sydney
Australia Zeinab Jaafar Arncliffe
Australia Zeinab Kabbout Sydney
Australia Zeinab krayani I have much respect for this honest woman she deserves freedom
Australia Zeinab Meslemani Strathfield
Australia Zeinab Mousselmani
Australia Zeinab R
Australia Zeinab Youssef Sydney
Australia Zena Momani Annerley
Australia Zens Soukie
Australia Zoe Zreik Sydney
Australia Zooba Ibrahim Sydney
Australia Zulfiqar Abidi Greensborough
Australia احمد ابراهيم Brisbane Sam
New Zealand Adnan Ali Auckland
New Zealand Adnan H Auckland
New Zealand Ali Bay Auckland
New Zealand Anadil Kazim Nelson
New Zealand Annie Hashmi Auckland RELEASE Marzieh Hashemi!!!
New Zealand Arifa rahimi Auckland
New Zealand Asad Ali Porirua Free maerziah hashmi
New Zealand Atiyeh Hajirassouli Auckland
New Zealand Azeem Rizvi Auckland Please release her.
New Zealand Baqir Hussain Auckland
New Zealand Barbara Menzies Auckland
New Zealand Chris Naylor Wellington
New Zealand Durre shahwar raza ali abdi Auckland I feel strongly about this issue. It’s barbaric, unjust n cruel act of detaining someone who didn’t commit any crime
New Zealand Elizabeth Ann Jones Hastings. It is illegal to keep someone incarcerated without charge!! She xhas done nothing wrong!
New Zealand Farwa Fatima Auckland
New Zealand Fatima SYEDA Auckland
New Zealand H . Auckland
New Zealand Harold Merriman Auckland
New Zealand Henry Naylor Lower Hutt
New Zealand Insaaff Connelly Levin
New Zealand Kazim Sumbal Auckland
New Zealand kerry sams Hamilton
New Zealand Kevin Beardsmore Alexandra
New Zealand khidhir alsaady Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand Be wise and listen to what people say and do not shut the mouths of people and use what they say in the reform of your country and society and then yourself. Free Nazmia
New Zealand koni foster Levin
New Zealand Lois Griffiths Christchurch
New Zealand Mahdia Rajaiy Auckland
New Zealand Maren Behrend Auckland She is a U.S. citizen.  This is a violation of  U.S. law as well as of international laws.  She must be informed of the crime she is being held for, or immediately released.
New Zealand Marzia Askari Auckland
New Zealand Midhat Zaidi Auckland
New Zealand Mo Salehi Auckland
New Zealand Mohammad saleh Auckland Americans double standard
New Zealand Mouhiddin Abati Dunedin
New Zealand Nadia Azhar Wellington Human rights! We dont want to live in jungle
New Zealand Nevaeh Maeder Christchurch
New Zealand Quratul-ain Hashemi Auckland
New Zealand Raymond Pritchard Auckland
New Zealand Raza Dean Auckland
New Zealand Rida Askari Auckland New Zealand
New Zealand S Ali hazara
New Zealand Sabira Rahimi Hamilton
New Zealand Saboor Wahdat Auckland Why she has been arrested witout any rason
New Zealand Sakina Ewazi Auckland
New Zealand Saman Gulrez Auckland
New Zealand Sid Aksoy Auckland
New Zealand Sophia Dean Auckland
New Zealand Syed Abbas Raza Auckland It’s illegal to arrest anyone without mentioning the sin.
New Zealand Syed Ali Auckland
New Zealand Syed Kazim Auckland
New Zealand SyedaZehra Zehra Auckland
New Zealand Umme Laila Palmerston North
New Zealand Zahra Hussaini Christchurch
New Zealand Zainab Abbas Lower Hutt
Solomon Islands Morteza Lotfi MOL
Fiji Isoa Tupou Suva