Sunday, May 26, 2019

Racial Profiling


Title Author Hits
A Framework for Understanding Racial Bias in Policing Jillian K. Swencionis and Phillip Atiba Goffa Hits: 1110
Racial Profiling, September 11th and the Media: a Critical Race Theory Analysis Leonard Baynes Hits: 26400
Floyd v. City of New York (Stop and Frisk) Floyd v. City of New York Hits: 4831
H. R. 3618 To Eliminate Racial Profiling Rep. Conyers, Rep. Brown Hits: 16478
State Statutes on Racial Profiling Hits: 44261
(e)Racing the Fourth Amendment Devon W. Carbado Hits: 8142
Annotated Bibliography - Racial Profiling Student (Spring 2012) Hits: 23811
Eliminating Racial Profiling - The French Approach? Eric Manch Hits: 14697
Ending Racial Profiling of African-Americans in the Selective Enforcement of Laws: in Search ofViable Remedies Floyd Weatherspoon Hits: 19181
Fleeing While Black: How Massachusetts Reshaped the Contours of the Terry Stop Terrence Scudieri Hits: 1077
How the Equal Protection Clause Can Change Discriminatory Stop and Frisk Policies Brando Simeo Starkey Hits: 7642
Ineffective to Solutions to Racial Profiling DJ Silton Hits: 13131
Massacuhsetts Addressses Racial Profiling Head On Suzanne Leone Hits: 5391
Origins of the Drug Courier Profile Alberto B. Lopez Hits: 16639
Racial Profiling as a Means of Thwarting the Alleged Latino Security Threat Lupe S. Salinas and Fernando Colon-Navarro Hits: 39087
Racial Profiling of African-American Males: Stopped, Searched, andStripped of Constitutional Protection Floyd D. Weatherspoon Hits: 144159
Racial Profiling: A Comprehensive Legal Approach Brandon Garrett Hits: 13178
September 11th and Racial Profiling Milton Heumann and Lance Cassak Hits: 8330
Stories That Swim Upstream: Uncovering the Influence of Stereotypes and Stock Stories in Fourth Amendment Reasonable Suspicion Analysis Sherri Lee Keene Hits: 1234
The Stories, the Statistics, and the Law: Why "Driving While Black" Matters David A. Harris Hits: 25822
Why Driving While Black Matters David A. Harris Hits: 6542