Thursday, February 02, 2023

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1st Amendment

Title Published Date Author Hits
Race and the First Amendment: A Compendium of Resources 16 June 2022 Solomon Furious Worlds and Len Niehoff Hits: 1306
The Interdependence of Racial Justice and Free Speech for Racists 13 February 2022 Nadine Strossen Hits: 1101
Anger, Gender, Race, and the Limits of Free Speech Protection 18 June 2020 Andy Carr Hits: 4016
Thurgood Marshall and “Individual Self-realization” in First Amendment Jurisprudence 02 July 2018 N. Douglas Wells Hits: 4217
Religious Liberty, Racial Justice, and Discriminatory Impacts: Why the Equal Protection Clause Should Be Applied at Least as Strictly as the Free Exercise Clause 02 November 2022 René Reyes Hits: 1605
Filming the Police as Citizen-Journalists--A Tale of Two Heroes: What They Did, Why They Could Do It, and the Consequences for the Racial Divide in this Country 06 April 2022 Kermit V. Lipez Hits: 2071
From After-school Detention to the Detention Center: How Unconstitutional School-disruption Laws Place Children at Risk of Prosecution for “Speech Crimes” 01 June 2021 Frank LoMonte and Ann Marie Tamburro Hits: 2606
Lessons in Leadership: How Dillard University Juggled the Complexities of Campus Free Speech, the Demands of its Mission, and the Boundaries of the Law--all in a Matter of Days 10 November 2020 Robert B. Farrell Hits: 2258
“Riot Boosting”: South Dakota's Integration of Environmental, Indigenous, and First Amendment Concerns and the Rhetoric on Protest 10 October 2021 Monica Krup Hits: 2467
Even in a Pandemic, Sunlight Is the Best Disinfectant: Covid-19 and Global Freedom of Expression 22 May 2021 Michael Karanicolas Hits: 1731