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Types of Minority Groups


  • Groups who are classified according to obvious physical characteristics, e.g. skin color
  • US Racial Minority Groups: Blacks, American Indian, Asian Americans, Hawaiians
  • Groups who are differentiated on the basis of culture such as language, food
  • US Ethnic Minority Groups: Hispanics or Latinos such as Chicanos, Puerto Ricans, Cuban; Jews are also consider cultural minorities instead of religious minorities.
  • Racial groups can also so have distinctive cultural traditions
  • Note: Ethnic minority can be either black or white or Asian American or Native American. So that a person can be both Black and Hispanic


  • Males are a social majority; women demonstrate four out of five characteristics of minority status
  • Groups who have a religion other than the dominant faith.
  • US Religious minorities - Muslims, Amish, Mormons, Roman Catholics




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