Wednesday, July 06, 2022


Article Index

Course Outline  

Lesson 01: Introduction to the Class

Lesson 02: Medical Aspects of HIV Disease

Lesson 03: HIV in the Workplace

Lesson 04: HIV and Public Services

Lesson 05: HIV and Schools/Educational Programs

Lesson 06: HIV and Housing

Lesson 07: HIV and Public Benefits

Lesson 08: HIV and Private Insurance

Lesson 09: HIV and Family Law Issues

Lesson 10: HIV and Criminal Law

Lesson 11: Prisons and Jails

Lesson 12: HIV and Tort Law

Lesson 13: Immigration Law

Lesson 14: HIV and Human Rights

Lesson 15: AIDs - Asia

Lesson 16: AIDs - Europe and Australia

Lesson 17: AIDs - The Americas

Lesson 18: AIDS - Africa


Vernellia R. Randall
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