Monday, January 17, 2022


Indian Law

Title Author Hits
The Missing Indian Affairs Clause Lorianne Updike Toler Hits: 1033
A Meeting of the Minds: Utilizing Maine's State Education System to Promote the Success of its Native Students While Maintaining Tribal Sovereignty Jordan Ramharter Hits: 1317
Bridges to a New Era: A Report on the Past, Present, and Potential Future of Tribal Co-management on Federal Public Lands Monte Mills and Martin Nie Hits: 571
The Canadian Indian Free Passage Right and Explicit Race Restriction in United States Immigration Law Paul Spruhan Hits: 1829
Native Nations and the Constitution: An Inquiry into "Extra-constitutionality" Angela R. Riley Hits: 1777
“[This] I Know from My Grandfather:” The Battle for Admissibility of Indigenous Oral History as Proof of Tribal Land Claims Hope M. Babcock Hits: 8742
“Thus in the Beginning All the World Was America”: The Effects of Anti-protest Legislation and an American Conquest Culture in Native Sacred Sites Cases Elizabeth Hampton Hits: 859
(En)gendering Indian Law: Indigenous Feminist Legal Theory in the United States Sarah Deer Hits: 2722
FAQ about Indian Law Gabriel S. Galanda Hits: 51898
Lies, Damn Lies, and Federal Indian Law: The Ethics of Citing Racist Precedent in Contemporary Federal Indian Law Adam Crepelle Hits: 689
Members Only": A Critique of Montana v. United States William P. Zuger Hits: 7891
Moving Forward from the Scoop Era: Providing Active Efforts under the Indian Child Welfare Act in Illinois Cassandra Crandall Hits: 1898
Protecting the Indian Reorganization Act Trust Acquisition Authority Kendall McCoy Hits: 1915
The Constitutionality of the Indian Child Welfare Act Emily Hudson Hits: 503
The History of Indian Legal Services James A. Keedy Hits: 920
A Great Nation Keeping its Word: the Role of Tribal Treaty Rights in Climate Change Litigation Noelia Gravotta Hits: 982
California Indian Tribes and the Marine Life Protection Act: The Seeds of a Partnership to Preserve Natural Resources Curtis G. Berkey and Scott W. Williams Hits: 2707
Under Coyote's Mask: Environmental Law, Indigenous Identity, and #NODAPL Danielle Delaney Hits: 1879
Equity over Equality: Equal Protection and the Indian Child Welfare Act Lucy Dempsey Hits: 727
The Irony of the Indian Child Welfare Act Marcia Zug Hits: 591
HUD's Collaboration with Tribal Nations to Respond to Covid-19 v Elly Kugler and Kyra Perrigo Hits: 387