Friday, August 19, 2022

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Jury and Sentencing

Title Published Date Author Hits
Nudging Judges Away from Implicit Bias: Using Behavioral Science to Promote Racial Equity in Federal Sentencing 28 May 2022 Samantha Cremin Hits: 859
Crime and Punishment: an Empirical Study of the Effects of Racial Bias on Capital Sentencing Decisions 31 March 2022 Matthew A. Gasperetti Hits: 1080
Racial Bias, Jury and The False Promise of Peña-Rodriguez 26 May 2022 Daniel S. Harawa Hits: 694
Addressing Racial Inequities in the Criminal Justice System Through a Reconstruction Sentencing Approach 15 February 2022 Jelani Jefferson Exum Hits: 909
Analyzing Wrongful Convictions Beyond the Traditional Canonical List of Errors, for Enduring Structural and Sociological Attributes, (Juveniles, Racism, Adversary System, Policing Policies) 06 September 2021 Leona D. Jochnowitz and Tonya Kendall Hits: 1170
Reconstruction Sentencing: Reimagining Drug Sentencing in the Aftermath of the War on Drugs 21 August 2021 Jelani Jefferson Exum Hits: 1285
Racism, Incorporated: Ramos v. Louisiana and Jogging While Black 31 July 2021 Victor C. Romero Hits: 1073
Deadly Bias: Why North Carolina's Legacy of Systemic Racism Within Capital Sentencing Necessitates the Reinstatement of the Racial Justice Act 11 July 2021 Laura G. Jensen Hits: 722
Sentencing Memoradum of Derek Chauvin for Murder of George Floyd 25 June 2021 Peter A. Cahill Hits: 2218
A Racially Biased Obstacle Course: Apprendi Transformed the Federal Sentencing Guidelines into a Series of Judicial Obstacles; Can Shame Reduce the Racial Disparities? 21 June 2021 Kallie S. Klein and Susan R. Klein Hits: 646
Race-conscious Jury Selection 17 June 2021 Anna Offit Hits: 532
Awakening the American Jury: Did the Killing of George Floyd Alter Juror Deliberations Forever? 05 June 2021 Tamara F. Lawson Hits: 905
Solitary Confinement as Illegitimately Proscribed and Disproportional Punishment: Another Angle from Which to Attack the Inhumane Practice 02 June 2021 Danika Jo Anderson Hits: 1037
Bringing Sentencing into the 21st Century: Closing the Gap Between Practice and Knowledge by Introducing Expertise into Sentencing Law 27 May 2021 Mirko Bagaric, Nick Fischer and Gabrielle Wolf Hits: 902
Junk Science at Sentencing 03 March 2021 Maneka Sinha Hits: 725
Moving the Needle: Two Promising Tools to Attack Arkansas's Racial Disparity in Criminal Sentencing 26 October 2020 Anastasia M. Boles Hits: 1937
Have Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Sentencing Declined? 28 May 2019 Ryan D. King and Michael T. Light Hits: 2576
The Implicit Racial Bias in Sentencing: The Next Frontier 31 December 2018 Mark W. Bennett Hits: 2496
Excusing “Women of Circumstance”: Redefining Conspiracy Law to Hold Culpable Offenders Accountable 12 September 2018 Amanda E. Smallhorn Hits: 2573
Slave Narratives and the Sentencing Court 05 June 2018 Lindsey Webb Hits: 1932
Mandatory Minimum Sentencing and Black Males 03 April 2012 Edward Blakemore Hits: 18650
No Path to Redemption: Evaluating Texas's Practice of Sentencing Kids to De Facto Life Without Parole in Adult Prison 22 November 2020 Lindsey Linder and Justin Martinez Hits: 1286
Early Release Advocacy in the Age of Mass Incarceration 29 September 2021 Renagh O'Leary Hits: 839
The Cruelty of Supermax Detention and the Case for a Hard-time Sentencing Discount: a Pragmatic Solution to a Moral Shortcoming 25 November 2020 Mirko Bagaric and Jennifer Svilar Hits: 1229
Jury Nullification as a Spectrum 24 March 2022 Richard Lorren Jolly Hits: 1089
The Increased Exposure to Coronavirus (Covid-19) and Reducing Most Prison Terms Due to the Harsh Incidental Consequences of Prison 25 March 2021 Mirko Bagaric, Peter Isham and Jennifer Svilar Hits: 1575