Sunday, December 04, 2022

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Title Published Date Author Hits
A Preponderance of Bias: Why Artificial Intelligence Should Be Qualified Immunity's Fatal Flaw 29 August 2022 Ande Davis Hits: 1164
The Road to Solutions: Systemic Racism and Implicit Bias in Prosecution 14 April 2021 Margaret Olson and Ivy Telles Hits: 2779
Rethinking Prosecutorial Discretion in Immigration Enforcement 18 April 2022 Nicole Hallett Hits: 1155
The Place of the Prosecutor in Abolitionist Praxis 05 October 2022 Cynthia Godsoe Hits: 597
The Corrective Value of Prosecutorial Discretion: Reducing Racial Bias Through Screening, Compassion, and Education 01 September 2022 Christina Morris Hits: 684
The Pathological Whiteness of Prosecution 30 August 2022 I. India Thusi Hits: 954
The Racial Injustice and Political Process Failure of Prosecutorial Malapportionment 30 May 2022 Michael Milov-Cordoba Hits: 1020
Prosecutors, Ethics, and the Pursuit of Racial Justice 29 May 2022 Roger A. Fairfax, Jr. Hits: 1045
“How Much Time Am I Looking At?”: Plea Bargains, Harsh Punishments, and Low Trial Rates in Southwest Border Districts 30 April 2022 Walter I. Gonçalves, Jr. Hits: 1519
Of Prosecutors and Prejudice (Or “Do Prosecutors Have an Ethical Obligation Not to Say Racist Stuff on Social Media?”) 26 April 2022 Alex B. Long Hits: 928
A Prosecutor with a Smoking Gun: Examining the Weaponization of Race, Psychopathy, and Aspd Labels in Capital Cases 13 April 2022 Gabriella Argueta-Cevallos Hits: 1929
Prosecutorial Discretion 18 December 2021 Georgetown University and The Georgetown Law Journal Hits: 1952
When Prosecutors Act as Judges: Racial Disparities and the Absence of Due Process Safeguards in the Juvenile Transfer Decision 12 December 2020 Funmi Anifowoshe Manning Hits: 2960
Restorative Prosecution? Rethinking Responses to Violence 04 November 2020 Olivia Dana and Sherene Crawford Hits: 1968
The Hard Truths of Progressive Prosecution and a Path to Realizing the Movement's Promise 03 November 2020 Seema Gajwani and Max G. Lesser Hits: 2428
Accountability and Repair: The Prosecutor's Case for Restorative Justice 02 November 2020 Miriam Krinsky and Taylor Phares Hits: 2332
Can the ACLU and John Legend Make Prosecutorial Elections Matter? Or Does America Need to Change its System? 02 July 2020 Reva Ghadge Hits: 2229
The Sanctuary of Prosecutorial Nullification 05 May 2020 Zohra Ahmed Hits: 2541
Discrimination, Discretion, and Iowa's Packed Prisons 10 March 2020 Derek W. Miller Hits: 2805
Locking up My Own: Reflections of a Black (Recovering) Prosecutor 10 February 2020 Paul Butler Hits: 3441
Wearing a Bull's Eye: Observations on the Differences Between Prosecuting for a United States Attorney's Office and an Office of Independent Counsel 02 June 2019 Roscoe C. Howard, Jr. Hits: 1948