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Law, Policies and Race


Critical Race Theory

Article Count:
Title Author Hits
Critical Race Theory, Social Science and The Black Suspicion Paradigm Devon W. Carbado and Daria Roithmayr Hits: 5598
An Uphill Battle for Reparationists: A Quantitative Analysis of the Effectiveness of Slavery Reparations Rhetoric Michael Conklin Hits: 1858
Banished and Overcriminalized: Critical Race Perspectives of Illegal Entry and Drug Courier Prosecutions Walter I. Gonçalves, Jr. Hits: 2322
Critical Race Theory and Proposition 187: The Racial Politics of Immigration Law Ruben J. Garcia Hits: 2691
Afrofuturism, Critical Race Theory, and Policing in the Year 2044 I. Bennett Capers Hits: 1482
Tamika Mallory's Speech on Nationwide #GeorgeFloyd Protests Tamika Mallory Hits: 3198
Racial Profiling, September 11th and the Media: a Critical Race Theory Analysis Leonard Baynes Hits: 37124
The Confluence of Language and Learning Disorders and the School-to-prison Pipeline among Minority Students of Color: A Critical Race Theory Shameka Stanford and Bahiyyah Muhammad Hits: 2033
Exclusion, Punishment, Racism and Our Schools: A Critical Race Theory Perspective on School Discipline David Simson Hits: 9199
A Case of Bias: Jurors Asked to Maintain Impartiality, but Is That Humanly Possible? Melody Finnemore Hits: 21643
Law and the Visual Salience of Race Osagie K. Obasogie Hits: 8499
Laws and Policies Affecting Asian-Pacific Americans Hits: 26727
Legislative Reforms for Washington State's Criminal Monetary Penalties Michael L. Vander Giessen Hits: 11370
N-word Within Hate Crimes Law Gregory S. Parks and Shayne E. Jones Hits: 12425
Out of the Whiteness: On Raced Codes and White Race Consciousness in Some Tort, Criminal, and Contract Law Amy H. Kastely Hits: 2693
Race and Anti-Gang Ordinances Kim Strosnider Hits: 10981
Race and Social Justice as a Budget Filter: The Solution to RacialBias in the State Legislature? Sahar Fathi Hits: 9489
The Id, the Ego, and Equal Protection in the 21st Century: Building upon Charles Lawrence's Vision to Mount a Contemporary Challenge to the Intent Doctrine Eva Paterson, Kimberly Thomas Rapp and Sara Jackson Hits: 2376
The Price of Civil Rights: Black Lives, White Funding, and Movement Capture Megan Ming Francis Hits: 3737
A Prelude to a Critical Race Theoretical Account of Civil Procedure Portia Pedro Hits: 176
Adding Salt to the Wound: Affirmative Action and Critical Race Theory Carlos J. Nan Hits: 49
Colorblind Remedies and the Intersectionality of Oppression: Policy Arguments Masquerading as Moral Claims Jerome Mccristal Culp, Jr. Hits: 126
Critical Race Theory and Proposition 187: the Racial Politics of Immigration Law Ruben J. Garcia Hits: 39
Critical Race Theory as Praxis: A View from Outside the Outside Raneta J. Lawson Hits: 50
Critical Race Theory: A Proposed Structure and Application to Federal Pleading Roy L. Brooks Hits: 109
Critical Race Theory: An Annotated Bibliography Richard Delgado and Jean Stefancic Hits: 238
Critical Race Theory: An Annotated Bibliography 1993, A Year of Transition Richard Delgado and Jean Stefancic Hits: 192
Critical Race Theory: Origins, Permutations, and Current Queries Linda S. Greene Hits: 722
Critical Race Theory: The Decline of the Universalist Ideal and the Hope of Plural Justice -- Some Observations and Questions of an Emerging Phenomenon Gerald Torres Hits: 51
Dissolving the Sameness/Difference Debate: A Post-modern Path Beyond Essentialism in Feminist and Critical Race Theory Joan Chalmers Williams Hits: 50
The Color of Tradition: Critical Race Theory and Postmodern Constitutional Traditionalism Robert L. Hayman, Jr. Hits: 53
The Tower of Babel: Bridging the Divide Between Critical Race Theory and “Mainstream” Civil Rights Scholarship Eleanor Marie Brown Hits: 48
There a Future for Critical Race Theory? Adrien K. Wing Hits: 2379
Toward an Asian American Legal Scholarship: Critical Race Theory, Post-structuralism, and Narrative Space Robert S. Chang Hits: 40
Who's Afraid of Critical Race Theory? Derrick A. Bell Hits: 404
Words as Sticks and Stones: Naming the Harm of Racist Speech Erika George Hits: 41
The Need for a Critical "Raced" Economics Charles R.P. Pouncy Hits: 7729
Race, Law, and Health Disparities: Toward a Critical Race Intervention Osagie K. Obasogie, Irene Headen, and Mahasin S. Mujahid Hits: 2743
Chronic Harm: Critical Race Feminism, Labor and Reproduction Tanya Ann Kennedy Hits: 1654
Critical Race Theory & Occupy Wall Street Nick J. Sciullo Hits: 26942
It's [Not] a Black Thing: the Black/gay Split over Same-sex Marriage--a Critical [Race] Perspective Adele M. Morrison Hits: 10059

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