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Eliminating Violence


Violence, Generally

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Hate Crimes and Violence

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The Shadow of Hate: History of Intolerance (Video) The Southern Poverty Law Center and Teaching Tolerance Hits: 19532
Legal Barriers to Tribal Jurisdiction over Violence Against Women in Maine: Developments and Paths Forward Nina Ciffolillo Hits: 1416
Taking Stock: Open Questions and Unfinished Business under the VAWA [Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act] Amendments to the Indian Civil Rights Act Jordan Gross Hits: 775
In Fear of Black Revolutionary Contagion and Insurrection: Foucault, Galtung, and the Genesis of Racialized Structural Violence in American Foreign Policy and Immigration Law Ciji Dodds Hits: 1487
Breonna Taylor: Transforming a Hashtag into Defunding the Police Jordan Martin Hits: 190
“Kung Flu”: A History of Hostility and Violence Against Asian Americans Denny Chin and Kathy Hirata Chin Hits: 172
The Continuum of Violence Against Latinas and Latinos Jenny Rivera Hits: 1882
On Discrimination Law, Abortion, Gun Violence (The Rule of Law in the New Abnormal) Charles Crumpton Hits: 299
Empowering Black Wealth in the Shadow of the Tulsa Race Massacre Lynne Marie Kohm, Katrina Sumner and Peyton Farley Hits: 542
Sí, Se Puede: Why the Agricultural Industry's “Mujeres Imparables” Fight for Adequate Legal Remedies for Survivors of Sexual Assault Matters Alexandra Cotroneo Hits: 898
Falling Through the Cracks: The American Indian Foster Care to Sexual Exploitation Pipeline and the Need for Expanded American Indian Community Services in Minnesota Sadie Hart Hits: 178
Anatomy of a Modern-day Lynching: The Relationship Between Hate Crimes Against Latina/os and the Debate over Immigration Reform Kevin R. Johnson and Joanna E. Cuevas Ingram Hits: 2742
Dog Whistle Politics: The Trump Administration's Influence on Hate Crimes Susan V. Koski and Kathleen Bantley Hits: 4115
Hate Violence as Border Patrol: An Asian American Theory of Hate Violence Terri Yuh-lin Chen Hits: 1451
Violence, Racism and Legal Scholarship (Searchable Database) Vernellia Randall Hits: 1000
Ain't I a Victim? The Intersectionality of Race, Class, and Gender in Domestic Violence Geneva Brown Hits: 55085
Anthropological Contributions to International Legal Approaches to Violence Against Indigenous Women Rachel Sieder Hits: 1099
COVID-19, The Shadow Pandemic, and Access to Justice for Survivors of Domestic Violence Jennifer Koshan, Janet Mosher and Wanda Wiegers Hits: 472
Discounting Women: Doubting Domestic Violence Survivors' Credibility and Dismissing Their Experiences Deborah Epstein and Lisa A. Goodman Hits: 2543
Domestic Violence, The Indian Child Welfare Act, and Alaska Natives: How Domestic Violence Is Weaponized Against Alaska Native Survivors Sumaya H. Bouadi Hits: 1278
Legal Obstacles in the Epidemic of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women in the United States Elaina Erola Hits: 550
Man Camps and Bad Men: Litigating Violence Against American Indian Women Ana Condes Hits: 1138
Mirrored Harms: Unintended Consequences in the Grant of Tribal Court Jurisdiction over Non-indian Abusers Jonathan Riedel Hits: 1176
Missing and Murdered: Finding a Solution to Address the Epidemic of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women in Canada and Classifying it as a “Canadian Genocide” Melanie McGruder Hits: 256
#LIVINGWHILEBLACK: Racially Motivated 911 Calls as a Form of Private Racial Profiling Chanelle N. Jones Hits: 4842
Blue Racing: The Racialization of Police in Hate Crime Statutes Christopher Williams Hits: 572
Combatting Racial Violence: a Legislative Proposal Unknown Hits: 740
Resistance Is Not Futile: Challenging AAPI [Asian American Pacific Islander] Hate Peter H. Huang Hits: 191
Girls, Assaulted I. India Thusi Hits: 506
Gender Violence Against Afro-Colombian Women: Making the Promise of International Human Rights Law Real Julie Goldscheid Hits: 3351
The Intersectionality of Race, Gender, Poverty, and Intimate Partner Violence Melissa Broaddus Hits: 3722

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