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Legal System and Racism


Legal Profession (Practice of Law)

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Brett Kavanaugh

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Judicial System and Judges

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Interrupting Bias: Inside and Outside the Courtroom Sky Mihaylo and Joan C. Williams Hits: 2408
Moving Towards an Impartial Judiciary: Recommendations to Prevent and Discipline Judicial Bias Alison Shlom Hits: 2284
Nudging Judges Away from Implicit Bias: Using Behavioral Science to Promote Racial Equity in Federal Sentencing Samantha Cremin Hits: 486
Black Lawyers and Civil Rights: The NAACP's Legal Campaign Against Segregation Leland Ware Hits: 480
Racial Capitalism and Race Massacres: Tulsa's Black Wall Street and Elaine's Sharecroppers André Douglas Pond Cummings and Kalvin Graham Hits: 872
Regulatory Reparations Vanessa Zboreak Hits: 629
Judicial Ethics: Lessons from the Chicago Eight Trial Laurie L. Levenson Hits: 3476
Racial Antagonism, Sexual Betrayal, Graft, and More: Rethinking and Remedying the Universe of Defense Counsel Failings Sheri Lynn Johnson Hits: 2648
The (Law) School to (Private) Prison Pipeline: Explaining Big Law's Race Problem Scott Budow Hits: 785
A Lesson on Critical Race Theory Janel George Hits: 4137
Color-blind but Not Color-deaf: Accent Discrimination in Jury Selection Jasmine B. Gonzales Rose Hits: 1964
Current Events Law and Social Justice (March 18, 2022) Chuck Crumpton Hits: 507
Disparate Treatment, Disparate Impact (March 5, 2021) (ThinkTech Hawaii) Chuck Crumpton Hits: 393
Evidentiary Policies Through Other Means: The Disparate Impact of "Substantive Law" on the Distribution of Errors among Racial Groups Gustavo Ribeiro Hits: 793
Jury Nullification as a Spectrum Richard Lorren Jolly Hits: 779
The Emerging Legal Architecture for Social Justice Luz Herrera and Louise G. Trubek Hits: 1735
The New Tipping Point: Disruptive Politics and Habituating Equality Rachel D. Godsil and Sarah E. Waldeck Hits: 772
The Rise and Fall and Rise Again of Informal Justice and the Death of Alternative Dispute Resolution Amy J. Cohen Hits: 295
What Assaults on Democracy Mean for Us (March 4, 2022) Chuck Crumpton Hits: 449
"Sounding Black": Court-sanctioned Racial Stereotyping Lis Wiehl Hits: 10211
“A Woman of Strange, Unfathomable Presence”: Ida Platt's Lived Experience of Race, Gender, and Law, 1863-1939 Gwen Jordan Hits: 2048
African Americans Should Not Prosecute Crimes Kenneth B. Nunn Hits: 9613
African Americans Should Prosecute Crimes Roscoe C. Howard, Jr. Hits: 10816
Anti-racist Mentorship J. Ryann Peyton Hits: 785
Are Law Degrees as Valuable to Minorities? Frank McIntyre and Michael Simkovi Hits: 2878
Bar Exam's Contribution to Systemic Inequalities in Access to Justice Around the World Nicci Arete Hits: 319
Bar Examination in Black and White: The Black-white Bar Passage Gap and the Implications for Minority Admissions to the Legal Profession Jane E. Cross Hits: 1077
Beyond Microaggression: Overlapping Identities in Simulated Legal Practice Peggy Cooper Davis, Danielle Davenport and Brence Pernell, Hits: 2328
Black Lawyers Matter: Enduring Racism in American Law Firms Vitor M. Dias Hits: 752
Black Robes, White Judges: The Lack of Diversity on the Magistrate Judge Bench Jennifer L. Thurston Hits: 2630
Diversity and Inclusion in the American Legal Profession: Discrimination and Bias Reported by Lawyers with Disabilities and Lawyers Who Identify as LGBTQ+ Peter Blanck, Fitore Hyseni and Fatma Altunkol Wise Hits: 1387
Gender Bias as the Norm in the Legal Profession: It's Still a [White] Man's Game Kimberly Jade Norwood Hits: 2539
Getting a Lawyer While Black: A Field Experiment Brian Libgober Hits: 2788
High Court Clerks Mostly Men Hits: 8266
If Justice Is Not Equal for All, it Is Not Justice": Racial Bias, Prosecutorial Misconduct, and the Right to a Fair Trial in State v. Monday Michael Callahan Hits: 12045
It's Not Me; It's You: Big Law Has Been Failing its Black Associates Justin J. Hill Hits: 317
Johnnie Cochran's Panther: an Essay on Time and Law Anthony Paul Farley Hits: 2106
Judicial Selection and Merit Malia Reddick Hits: 10465
OJ And Black Judges Andrew E. Taslitz Hits: 9388
Overcoming Racism in Community Associations: Attorneys as Agents of Change Leah K. Burton and Noelle G. Hicks Hits: 886
Perceiving Discrimination: Race, Gender, and Sexual Orientation in the Legal Workplace Robert L. Nelson, Ioana Sendroiu, Ronit Dinovitzer and Meghan Dawe Hits: 2978
Practice01 Miguel A. Mndez and Leo P. Martnez Hits: 7697
President Donald Trump's War on Federal Judicial Diversity Carl Tobias Hits: 1814
Professionalism as a Racial Construct Leah Goodridge Hits: 687
Promoting Civility Among Attorneys by Addressing Discrimination and Harassment Wendy N. Hess Hits: 1393
Race and Witness Credibility Andrew Elliot Carpenter Hits: 11991
Racism in the Legal Profession: A Racist Lawyer Is an Incompetent Lawyer Jana DiCosmo Hits: 4603
Reflections on a New Study That Examines Discrimination and Bias Reported by Lawyers: Comment on Blanck, Hyseni, and Altunkol Wise's National Study of the Legal Profession Kellye Testy and Bodamer Elizabeth Hits: 1146
Representation in Representation: How the Path to End Racial Injustice Begins with the Legal Academy Kia H. Vernon Hits: 992
Righting past Wrongs: Posthumous Bar Admissions and the Quest for Racial Justice John G. Browning Hits: 736
The Evolution of Diversity Training and Impact of Unconscious Bias on the Legal Profession TBA Hits: 4082
The Influence of a Judge's Background on Decision Making Theresa M. Beiner Hits: 32013
The More We Fight, the More We Win: Movement Lawyering in the Era of #Blacklivesmatter Carlton Edward Williams Hits: 2862
The Status of African American Males in the Legal Profession: A Pipeline of InstitutionalRoadblocks and Barriers Floyd D. Weatherspoon Hits: 48799
Undaunted: William A. Price, Texas' First Black Judge and the Path to a Civil Rights Milestone John G. Browning and Carolyn Wright Hits: 2496
Understanding the Role of Implicit Bias On Government Lawyers Ryan D. Budhu Hits: 1601
Upending “Normal”: Toward an Integrated and Intersectional Approach to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the Legal Profession: Comment on Blanck, Hyseni, and Altunkol Wise's National Study of the Legal Profession Angela C. Winfield Hits: 1156
Why the Legal Profession Is the Nation's Least Diverse (And How to Fix It) Sybil Dunlop and Jenny Gassman-Pines Hits: 2349
09-27-18 Judge Kavanaugh's Testimony Violated Rules Against Partisan Statements Vernellia Randall Hits: 3728
10-02-18 Complaint Against Judge Brett Kavanaugh by Professor Randall Vernellia Randall Hits: 5181
10-03-18 Lawyers have a MANDATORY duty to file a Complaint Against Judge Brett Kavanaugh Vernellia Randall Hits: 4534
10-10-18 Transfer by the Supreme Court of the United States Supreme Court of the United States Hits: 2293
10-18-18 Notice of Transfer From 10th Circuit 10th Circuit Court of Appeals Hits: 2115
10-19-18 Notice of Transfer by District of Columbia Circuit District of Columbia Circuit Court of Appeals Hits: 2334
Judges Be Trippin: A Legal Analysis of Black English in the Courtroom Mason McMillan Hits: 271
Judicial Racism and Judicial Antiracism: Retelling the Dred Scott Story DeVaughn Jones Hits: 2202
Ketanji Brown Jackson, the Supreme Court and the Black Community Jon Jeter Hits: 733
Affirmative Action Still Hasn't Been Shown to Reduce the Number of Black Lawyers: A Response to Sander Ian Ayres, Richard Brooks and Zachary Shelley Hits: 845
Inspiring and Equipping the Next Generation of Lawyer-Leaders: Center on Race, Leadership, and Social Justice Artika Tyner and Tisidra Jones Hits: 1006
Reflections on Eleven Years as a Latina Dean (Emphasis Added) Jennifer Rosato Perea Hits: 2837
The Intergenerational Effects of the Child Welfare System and the Legal Obligation to Rectify Them Eliana Schachter and Elizabeth Kroll Hits: 302
“We Have Met the Enemy and He Is Us”: Why the Legal Profession must Commit Itself to Health Equity Thomas N. Shorter, Eduardo Castro and Carrie Noonan Hits: 147
Preliminary Thoughts on Access to Justice in the Age of Covid-19 Benjamin P. Cooper Hits: 933
Trespassing on White Supremacy: The Legacy of Establishment White Supremacy in North Carolina C. Scott Holmes and Amelia O'Rourke-Owens Hits: 366

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