Sunday, January 29, 2023

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Juvenile Justice

Title Published Date Author Hits
Enforcing the “Safe and Sanitary” Environment Standard Within U.S. Detention Facilities to Save Children's Lives 16 February 2022 Anam A. Khan Hits: 2338
When Prosecutors Act as Judges: Racial Disparities and the Absence of Due Process Safeguards in the Juvenile Transfer Decision 12 December 2020 Funmi Anifowoshe Manning Hits: 3392
Juvenile (In) Justice: Reaffirming IDEA's Application in the Juvenile Correctional Context 04 October 2022 Jillian Morrison Hits: 844
Defending the Whole Child: Education Advocacy as an Integral Part of Holistic Juvenile Defense 28 August 2022 Stacie Nelson Colling, Elie Zwiebel and Madeleine Hart Hits: 908
Youth Incarceration and Abolition 27 August 2022 Subini Ancy Annamma and Jamelia Morgan Hits: 1097
Black Lives Matter: Trayvon Martin, The Abolition of Juvenile Justice and #Blackyouthmatter 03 July 2022 Nancy E. Dowd Hits: 1283
No Girl Left Behind: Girls Courts as a Restorative Justice Approach to Healing 21 March 2022 Tiffany Williams Brewer and H. Mitchell Caldwell Hits: 1884
So Sue Me: How the Justice Department Can Protect Children by Suing Indigent Defenders 02 June 2021 Joshua Perry Hits: 1880
From Prisons to Polls: An Analysis of the Unvested Voting Rights of Formerly Incarcerated Juveniles 27 February 2021 Radarius Morrow Hits: 2325
No Path to Redemption: Evaluating Texas's Practice of Sentencing Kids to De Facto Life Without Parole in Adult Prison 22 November 2020 Lindsey Linder and Justin Martinez Hits: 2102
Principal Interrogator: A Call for Youth-informed Analysis of Schoolhouse Interrogations 04 May 2020 Megan Crane Hits: 3038
The Costs of Youth: Voluntary Searches and the Law's Failure to Meaningfully Account for Age 27 April 2020 Bryce Anderson Hits: 1197
Restorative Justice and Youth Offenders in Nebraska 17 October 2019 Kristen M. Blankley and Alisha Caldwell Jimenez Hits: 4140
When They Need Us Most: The Unaddressed Crisis of Mentally Ill African American Children in the Juvenile Justice System 08 September 2019 Jennifer M. Keys, Hits: 2508
Race, Juvenile Justice, and Mental Health: New Dimensions in Measuring Pervasive Bias 18 April 2019 W. John Thomas, Dorothy E. Stubbe and Geraldine Pearson Hits: 1843
The “Reasonable Black Child”--Youth, Race, and the Fourth Amendment 19 November 2018 Laura Cohen Hits: 2329
The Color of Justice for Children 04 October 2018 Ernestine S. Gray Hits: 3377
Why Ross V. Blake Opens a Door to Federal Courts for Incarcerated Adolescents 25 April 2018 Nicola A. Cohen Hits: 2471
Disposable Children in Black Faces: The Violence Initiative as Inner-city Containment Policy 01 April 2018 Alfreda A. Sellers-Diamond Hits: 3470
A Broken Shield: A Plea for Formality in the Juvenile Justice System 18 May 2014 Robin Walker Sterling Hits: 8886
Suspicionless Searches of Students' Belongings: a Legal, Empirical, and Normative Analysis 29 March 2013 Jason P. Nance Hits: 14680
Criminalizing Normal Adolescent Behavior in Communities of Color: The Role of Prosecutors in Juvenile Justice Reform 29 January 2013 Kristin Henning Hits: 8059
No MANDATORY Life Without Parole for Juvenile (Miller v Alabama) 24 June 2012 Supreme Court of the United States Hits: 4213
Cognitive Warfare and Young Black Males in America 01 June 2012 Perry L. Moriearty and William Carson Hits: 44777
Disproportionate Representation of Minority Youth in the Juvenile Justice System: a Lack ofClarity and Too Much Disparity among States “addressing” the Issue 13 May 2012 Elizabeth N. Jones Hits: 13117
The Conflict of Juvenile Shaming Punishments 13 May 2012 Alicia N. Harden Hits: 27339
Criminalization of Children: The Pipeline 13 May 2012 Patrick S. Metze Hits: 14924
The Child as Other: Race and Differential Treatment in the Juvenile Justice System 01 April 2012 Kenneth B. Nunn Hits: 8686
Parental Incarceration During Childhood and Later Delinquent Outcomes among Puerto Rican Adolescents and Young Adults in Two Contexts 23 April 2020 Amanda NeMoyer, Ye Wang, Kiara Alvarez, Glorisa Canino, Cristiane S. Duarte, Hector Bird and Margarita Alegría Hits: 2463
Saved by the Bell: Reclaiming Home Court Advantage for At-risk Youth Funneled into the School-to-Prison Pipeline 01 March 2020 Rainét N. Spence Hits: 2846
Knocking Against the Rocks: Evaluating Institutional Practices and the African American Boy 05 February 2022 Theresa Glennon Hits: 4297
The Danger of Facial Recognition in Our Children's Classrooms 30 April 2020 Nila Bala Hits: 4433
An Examination of Racism and Racial Discrimination Impacting Dual Status Youth 13 February 2022 Jessica K. Heldman and Geoffrey A. Gaither Hits: 1525
Children and Racial Injustice in the United States: A Selective Annotated Bibliography and Call to Action 08 March 2021 Christina Cullen, Olivia Alden, Diana Arroyo, Andy Froelich, Meghan Kasner, Conor Kinney, Anique Aburaad, Rebecca Jacobs, Alexandra Spognardi and Alexandra Kuenzli Hits: 5036
Implementing School-based Health Programs to Deter Undiagnosed African-American Youth from Juvenile Detention 11 December 2017 Dominique Hadley Hits: 4414
Child-friendly Justice Behind Bars: A Comparative Analysis of the Protection Mechanisms of the Rights of Arrested Children 03 June 2020 Aquila Mazzinghy Hits: 2241