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Slavery to Reparations


Transatlantic Slave Trade

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Laws related to Slavery

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Articles related to Slavery

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Segregation (Jim Crow)

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Civil Rights Era

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Title Published Date Author Hits
Litigating Whiteness: Trials of Racial Determination in the Nineteenth-century South 31 December 2019 Ariela J. Gross Hits: 6474
Black Americans, Racism and Legal Scholarship (Searchable Database) 15 January 2023 Vernellia Randall Hits: 18805
Hawai'i '78: Collective Memory and the Untold Legal History of Reparative Action for Knaka Maoli 13 July 2021 Troy J.H. Andrade Hits: 2428
Is There a “Mulatto Escape Hatch” out of Racism?: A Reflection on Multiracial Exceptionalism During a Time of #Blacklivesmatter 04 March 2021 Tanya Katerí Hernández Hits: 2417
Apartheid-era Chicago 28 March 2022 Karl T. Muth Hits: 2118
Whiteness as Contract 27 March 2022 Marissa Jackson Sow Hits: 1862
Whiteness as Audition and Blackness as Performance: Status Protest from the Margin 03 April 2021 John O. Calmore Hits: 3341
Birthright Citizenship, Slave Trade Legislation, and the Origins of Federal Immigration Regulation 06 July 2021 Gabriel J. Chin and Paul Finkelman Hits: 2622
Feeding the Machine: The Commodification of Black Bodies from Slavery to Mass Incarceration 28 June 2020 Cecil J. Hunt, II Hits: 5135
Is the Third Time the Charm? Reconstructing Personhood and Reimagining “We the People” 06 May 2018 Lisa A. Crooms-Robinson Hits: 2723
Emancipation of Slaves in the State of New York 02 December 2017 Craig A. Landy Hits: 4436
The Czar and the Slaves: Two Puzzles in the History of International Arbitration 07 August 2019 Bennett Ostdiek and John Fabian Witt Hits: 2055
The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade: a Forgotten Crime Against Humanity 24 March 2012 Patricia M. Muhammad Hits: 18608
Freedom Seekers: The Transgressive Constitutionalism of Fugitives from Slavery 06 September 2022 Rebecca E. Zietlow Hits: 1362
How Negro Slavery Provided Capital for the Industrial Revolution 14 March 2022 Eric Williams Hits: 3256
Down on the Old Plantation: African Americans and their Progeny 21 September 2020 The HistoryMakers Hits: 2525
The Forgotten Story, Enduring Legacy, and Meaning of Slavery in America 04 February 2020 Artika R. Tyner Hits: 2878
“Like Master, like Man”: Constructing Whiteness in the Commercial Law of Slavery, 1800-1861 30 December 2019 Ariela J. Gross Hits: 7354
Slavery in American Jurisprudence (Synopsis) 12 December 2019 Marie K. Pesando Hits: 3302
Bound in Wedlock: Slave and Free Black Marriage in the Nineteenth Century (Book Review) 07 April 2019 Tamika Y. Nunley Hits: 2821
What to the Slave Is the Fourth of July? 04 July 2018 Frederick Douglass Hits: 2996
Dred Scott v. John F.A. Sandford 13 December 2018 United States Supreme Court Hits: 12542
Bankrupted Slaves 05 June 2018 Rafael I. Pardo Hits: 3671
General Court Responds to Runaway Servants and Slaves (1640) 19 April 2018 General Court of Virginia Hits: 4094
Slavery: Federal Cases 1783 through 1864 18 April 2012 Hits: 8557
Slavery Federal Cases 1850 - 1865 18 April 2012 Hits: 11614
Slavery Federal Cases - 1835 - 1849 18 April 2012 Hits: 11199
Law Articles on Slavery and Reparations 17 April 2012 Vernellia Randall Hits: 41444
Slavery Federal Cases - 1790 04 April 2012 Hits: 12981
Slavery (1787 - 1863): Selected Laws and Policies affecting AfricanAmericans 04 April 2012 Hits: 14552
Fugitive Slave Act of 1793 24 March 2012 Fugitive Slave Act of 1793 Hits: 11481
Fugitive Slave Law - 1850 24 March 2012 Fugitive Slave Act(1850) Hits: 10986
Slave Codes of the State of Georgia, 1848 24 March 2012 State of Georgia Hits: 53257
Africans and Descendants Before 1865 (Searchable Database) 22 January 2023 Vernellia Randall Hits: 23908
The Rule of Law and the Genesis of Freedom: A Survey of Selected Virginia County Court Freedom Suits (1723-1800) 10 August 2018 Gloria Whittico Hits: 3175
Petition for Freeom: MAHONEY v.ASHTON (1799) 05 May 2018 General Court of Maryland Hits: 10873
Financial Freedom Suits: Bankruptcy, Race, and Citizenship in Antebellum America 07 April 2020 Rafael I. Pardo Hits: 3777
The Fancy Trade and the Commodification of Rape in the Sexual Economy of 19th Century U.S. Slavery 20 August 2019 Tiye A .Gordon Hits: 4683
Distant Voices Then and Now: The Impact of Isolation on the Courtroom Narratives of Slave Ship Captives and Asylum Seekers 10 August 2018 Tara Patel Hits: 3681
Chief Justice Roger Taney's Defense and Justice Thurgood Marshall's Condemnation of the Precept of Black Inferiority 05 July 2018 A. Leon Higginbotham, Jr. Hits: 3734
The Ten Precepts of American Slavery Jurisprudence 05 July 2018 A Leon Higginbotham Jr Hits: 8341
Articles Sell Best Singly: the Disruption of Slave Families at Court Sales 19 June 2018 Thomas D. Russell Hits: 13275
Echoes of Slavery II: How Slavery's Legacy Distorts Democracy 08 April 2018 Juan F. Perea Hits: 3229
Morals of Slavery (1837) 17 March 2018 Harriet Martineau Hits: 4485
From Status to Agency: Abolishing the “Very Spirit of Slavery” 13 June 2017 Herman N. Johnson Jr. Hits: 4405
The Supreme Court and Slavery in the 1850s 24 June 2012 Paul Finkelman Hits: 41747
An Essay on Slavery's Hidden Legacy: Social Hysteria and Structural Condonation of Incest 25 May 2012 Zanita E. Fenton Hits: 13840
The Ten Precepts of American Slavery Jurisprudence 09 April 2012 A. Leon Higginbotham, Jr. Hits: 11670
Race, the Rule of Law, and the Merchant of Venice: from Slavery to Citizenship 30 March 2012 Ken Masugi Hits: 11518
Slave Trade Statistics 24 March 2012 Melville J. Herskovits Hits: 13925
Opinions of Early Presidents about Slavery 24 March 2012 Loyal Publication Society Hits: 22542
William Lynch & The Slave Consultant's Narrative (Urban Myth) 24 March 2012 Unknown Hits: 13222
Lincoln on Slavery 24 March 2012 Unknown Hits: 13067
The Trials and Tribulations of Josephine 24 March 2012 Michael P. Mills Hits: 12319
Racism: The Rhetorical Pacifier of Moral Qualms about Slavery 24 March 2012 Tania Tetlow Hits: 10918
How the Proslavery Constitution Shaped American Race Relations 24 March 2012 Paul Finkelman Hits: 41705
American Slavery: the Complete Story 24 March 2012 Gearld A Foster Hits: 39647
The Ten Precepts of American Slavery Jurisprudence 26 August 2011 Leon Higginbotham, Jr. Hits: 14245
A Different View African American Civil War Stories 23 October 2020 The HistoryMakers Hits: 1959
The Freedmen's Bureau's Judicial Powers and the Origins of the Fourteenth Amendment 13 December 2018 Bernice B. Donald and Pablo J. Davis Hits: 2823
The Thirteenth Amendment as a Model for Revolution 03 June 2018 Sandra L. Rierson Hits: 3094
From Racial Discrimination to Separate but Equal: the Common Law Impact of the Thirteenth Amendment 30 April 2012 David S. Bogen Hits: 57159
Ku Klux Klan and Sexualized Racism/Gendered Violence 09 April 2012 Lisa Cardyn Hits: 13729
The Emancipation Proclamation 09 April 2012 Abraham Lincoln Hits: 9628
The Emancipation Proclamation 24 March 2012 Abraham Lincoln Hits: 10217
Post Reconstruction Justice 24 March 2012 W. Lewis Burke Hits: 14453
African Descendants During Legal Apartheid/ Jim Crow (1865 to 1963) (Searchable Database) 17 January 2023 Vernellia Randall Hits: 19277
Hostile Shores: Racial Exclusion Laws and the West Coast 22 August 2022 Brendan Williams Hits: 827
Brown and Red: Defending Jim Crow in Cold War America 04 July 2022 Gregory Briker and Justin Driver Hits: 1724
Were it Not for Tulsa: How the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre Influenced the Desegregation of the American Educational System 10 June 2022 Gail S. Stephenson Hits: 2169
“A Solemn Promise Kept”: The 1919 Elaine Race Riot and the Broadening of Habeas Corpus 100 Years Later 03 June 2022 Thomas D. Holland and Michael R. Dolski Hits: 2323
Resignation in Protest: Judge William Hastie's Uncompromising Battle Against Discriminatory Treatment of Blacks in the Armed Forces 13 May 2022 Willie J. Epps, Jr. Hits: 2581
Policing Jim Crow America: Enforcers' Agency and Structural Transformations 10 May 2022 Anthony Gregory Hits: 1322
Connections Between Black Wall Street and Oklahoma's All-black Towns 09 May 2022 Warigia M. Bowman Hits: 2292
Black Lawyers and Civil Rights: The NAACP's Legal Campaign Against Segregation 08 May 2022 Leland Ware Hits: 2398
Racial Capitalism and Race Massacres: Tulsa's Black Wall Street and Elaine's Sharecroppers 25 April 2022 André Douglas Pond Cummings and Kalvin Graham Hits: 3087
Black Progressivism and the Progressive Court (1896–1916) 10 February 2021 James W. Fox Jr. Hits: 2138
Sororities as Confederate Monuments 03 December 2020 Stephen Clowney Hits: 3531
Driving While Black: The Blackest Land, The Whitest People 14 October 2020 Vernellia Randall Hits: 3272
Declaration of the Rights of the Negro Peoples of the World (1920) 17 August 2020 Vernellia Randall Hits: 6000
Our Rightful Place in the Sun: Marcus Garvey and the 1920 Declaration of Rights of the Negro Peoples of the World 17 August 2020 Steven LB Jensen Hits: 2281
Brown v. Board: Revisited 04 December 2019 Michael A. Middleton Hits: 6184
Reframing Black Southerners' Experiences in the Courts, 1865-1950 07 November 2019 Melissa Milewski Hits: 2985
Cumming v. Board of Education of Richmond County (1899) 02 June 2019 Supreme Court of the United States Hits: 6699
Apartheid and Jim Crow: Drawing Lessons from South Africa's Truth and Reconciliation 08 May 2019 Benjamin Zinke Hits: 9949
Remains of Black People Forced Into Labor After Slavery Are Discovered in Texas Image 03 August 2018 Sarah Mervosh Hits: 3417
Strange Fruit at the United Nations 20 July 2018 Ursula Tracy Doyle Hits: 3486
The Tyranny of the Minority: Jim Crow and the Counter-MajoritarianDifficulty 03 April 2018 Gabriel J. Chin and Randy Wagner Hits: 4594
Plessy v. Ferguson (1896) (Separate but Equal) 30 August 2017 Supreme Court of the United States Hits: 18396
Negro Peonage and the Thirteenth Amendment (1904) 08 December 2015 Anonymous Hits: 7793
Making Blacks into Foreigners 09 April 2012 Kunal M. Parker Hits: 9355
The Legal Status of the Southern Negro in 1955 09 April 2012 Randall Kennedy Hits: 46801
Martin Luther King's Constitution 09 April 2012 Randall Kennedy Hits: 11899
The Pre-Affirmative Action Era 05 April 2012 Carl E. Brody, Jr. Hits: 11855
Forgotten Negro Protest Movement and EO 9981 02 April 2012 John L. Newby Hits: 44696
Post-civil War Restrictions on Interstate Migration 24 March 2012 David E. Bernstein Hits: 13015
Examples of Jim Crow Laws 24 March 2012 Martin Luther King, Jr., National Historic Site Hits: 48168
Black Lives Matter – A Discussion with Two Civil Rights Attorneys: Walter Riley and Dewitt M. Lacy 08 July 2021 Justin C. Trimachi Hits: 2166
Minecraft's Lesson on Good Trouble with Nanna (video) 18 April 2021 That Kid Dynamo Hits: 4289
The Ghosts of 1964: Race, Reagan, and the Neo-conservative Backlash to the Civil Rights Movement 15 April 2019 Anthony Cook Hits: 3812
Subsidizing Segregation 21 October 2018 Joy Milligan Hits: 2915
Civil Rights for the Twenty-first Century: Lessons from Justice Thurgood Marshall's Race-transcending Jurisprudence 02 July 2018 Sheryll Cashin Hits: 3208
Mr. Justice Thurgood Marshall 1908-1993: A Bio-bibliographic Research Guide 02 July 2018 Ruth Johnson Hill Hits: 25274
Race, Law, and Inequality, 50 Years after the Civil Rights Era 05 December 2017 Frank W. Munger and Carroll Seron Hits: 6050
Building Toward Major Policy Change: Congressional Action on Civil Rights, 1941-1950 16 March 2013 Jeffery A. Jenkins and Justin Peck Hits: 9594
The Emergence of a Segregated World and the Road to Sweatt 18 May 2012 Paul Finkelman Hits: 12686
No Justice, No Peace: The Need for a State Version of § 1983 in Response to the Movement for Black Lives 07 June 2022 Madison N. Heckel Hits: 1826
(Re)framing Race in Civil Rights Lawyering, Stony the Road: Reconstruction, White Supremacy, and the Rise of Jim Crow, by Henry Louis Gates, Jr., Penguin Press, 2019 30 May 2022 Angela Onwuachi-Willig and Anthony V. Alfieri Hits: 2429
Law and Anti-blackness 28 April 2022 Michele Goodwin Hits: 2196
Letting the Cat out of the Bag: How Lack of Access to Animal Companionship and Husbandry Fosters Inequality for Black Americans 27 April 2022 Kelsey Goldman Hits: 2316
Systemic Racism: Patterns of Black Disadvantage and White Advantage Linked to Slavery 05 April 2022 Roy L. Brooks Hits: 4548
A Reflection about Black Progress: Not Better or Worst - Just Different 07 March 2022 Vernellia Randall Hits: 4411
#BlackLivesMatter and Legal Scholarship (Searchable Database) 01 January 2022 Vernellia Randall Hits: 19583
On Jussie Smollet and Racial Stress 12 December 2021 Vernellia Randall Hits: 2192
Black Lives Matter in Historical Perspective 08 November 2021 Megan Ming Francis and Leah Wright-Rigueur Hits: 2310
Toward a Touchstone Theory of Anti-racism: Sex Discrimination Law Meets #Livingwhileblack 22 August 2021 Kyle C. Velte Hits: 3561
The Battle of Brandy Creek: How One Black Community Fought Annexation, Tax Revaluation, and Displacement 05 July 2021 Mark Dorosin Hits: 2387
Movement Lawyering in Moments of Crisis: Some Things White Allies (And Others) Can do 28 February 2021 Law for Black Lives Hits: 2861
The Thirteenth Amendment as Basis for Racial Truth & Reconciliation 01 November 2020 Michael A. Lawrence Hits: 3537
The Thirteenth Amendment, Interest Convergence, and the Badges and Incidents of Slavery 08 October 2020 William M. Carter, Jr. Hits: 2363
Defining the Badges and Incidents of Slavery 05 October 2020 Jennifer Mason McAward Hits: 3503
Section 1 of the Thirteenth Amendment and the Badges and Incidents of Slavery 04 October 2020 James Gray Pope Hits: 2587
Race, Rights, and the Thirteenth Amendment: Defining the Badges and Incidents of Slavery 03 October 2020 William M. Carter, Jr. Hits: 2623
African American HistoryMakers and 9/11 11 September 2020 The HistoryMakers Hits: 2737
White Saviors 12 August 2020 Brandon Hasbrouck Hits: 3259
Confederate Monuments as Badges of Slavery 10 August 2020 Alexander Tsesis Hits: 1604
Seeking Sankofa: Any Hope for a “Post-Racial” Future Resides in Facing Our Racial 23 November 2019 Wilson Adam Schooley Hits: 3304
Does the #ADOS & #MAGA Convergence Signal Imminent Economic Collapse? 09 November 2019 Omowale Afrika Hits: 2345
Urban Education Policy as the Dispossession, Containment, Dehumanization, and Disenfranchisement of Black Peoples 06 October 2019 Steven L. Nelson and Ray Orlando Williams Hits: 3794
#BLACKLIVESMATTER Kitchen Talk 05 May 2019 Richael Faithful Hits: 2236
RADTALKS: What Could Be Possible If the Law Really Stood for Blacklives? 04 May 2019 Purvi Shah, Colette Pichon Battle, Vincent Warren, Alicia Garza, Elle Hearns, Carl Williams, Norris Henderson, Umi Selah Hits: 15176
Derrick Bell's Dilemma: The Interest Convergence Principle and Racial Realism 19 January 2019 Brandon Hogan Hits: 11248
Critical Black Protectionism, Blacklivesmatter, and Social Media: Building a Bridge to Social Justice 06 November 2018 Katheryn Russell-Brown Hits: 3472
The Early History of the Black Lives Matter Movement, and the Implications Thereof 03 November 2018 Garrett Chase Hits: 5862
How the Thirteenth Amendment's Promise of Abolition Holds Protections Against the Modern Debtors' Prisons 25 June 2017 Sarah Morgan Hits: 4751
White Supremacy, Anti-blackness and the Afterlife of Slavery in the Law 18 June 2017 Nancy A. Heitzeg Hits: 12371
The Thirteenth Amendment and Interest Convergence 08 December 2015 William M. Carter, Jr. Hits: 8770
"Color Struck": Intragroup and Cross-racial Color Discrimination 02 January 2014 Leland Ware Hits: 128324
Subjective and Objective Indicators of Racial Progress 28 April 2013 Betsey Stevenson and Justin Wolfers Hits: 12069
Modern Narratives About Race and Slavery: Post-Racialism, Race-Consciousness, and Reparations 14 December 2012 Atiba R. Ellis Hits: 29729
Recent Developments in Desegregation Cases 27 April 2012 Danielle Holley-Walker Hits: 10862
 Time to Fix Civil Rights Act of 1964 09 April 2012 Christopher Dunn Hits: 12577
Reparations for Descendants of Africans Enslaved in the United States and Legal Scholarship (Searchable Database) 11 January 2023 Prof. Vernelia Randall Hits: 36133
Remedying the Health Implications of Structural Racism Through Reparations 12 October 2022 Kendall Lawrenz Hits: 1461
America to Me--A Public Nuisance Reparations Framework Through the Lens of the Tulsa Massacre 05 September 2022 Kerri M. Gefeke Hits: 1164
Reparations, Restitution, and Transitional Justice: American Chattel Slavery & its Aftermath, A Moral Debate Whose Time Has Come 03 September 2022 Joyce Hope Scott Hits: 1270
Reparations for a Public Nuisance? The Effort to Compensate Survivors, Victims, and Descendants of the Tulsa Race Massacre One Hundred Years Later 05 July 2022 Adam Coretz Hits: 1794
Reparations for Racial Wealth Disparities as Remedy for Social Contract Breach 08 June 2022 Martha M. Ertman Hits: 2742
Reparations & H.R. 40: Call to Action for Congress 07 June 2022 Kendall Godley Hits: 1234
Criminalized Students, Reparations, and the Limits of Prospective Reform 06 May 2022 Amber Baylor Hits: 2173
Regulatory Reparations 05 April 2022 Vanessa Zboreak Hits: 1962
The Wilmington Massacre and Coup of 1898 and the Search for Restorative Justice 30 March 2022 Sandra L. Rierson and Melanie H. Schwimmer Hits: 3217
Toward a Just Future: Anticipating and Overcoming a Sustained Resistance to Reparations 10 February 2022 Vincent M. Southerland Hits: 1189
Critique of the Black Commons as Reparations 10 February 2022 Norrinda Hayat Hits: 1730
Reparations and the Right to Return 08 February 2022 Deborah N. Archer Hits: 1966
The Unmaking of “Black Bill Gates”: How the U.s. Patent System Failed African-American Inventors 07 February 2022 Olivia Constance Bethea Hits: 2509
Reparations for Police Violence 07 February 2022 Alexis Karteron Hits: 2092
The Reparations Work Underway in Evanston, Il: Promoting an Affirmative and Accountable Government 09 November 2021 Robin Snyderman and Robin Rue Simmons Hits: 2036
3/5ths to 1/10th, How to Make Black America Whole: Exploring Congressional Act H.R.40 -- Commission to Study and Develop Reparation Proposals for African-Americans Act 08 July 2021 Christopher Burton Hits: 1773
The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade's African Elephant in the International Courtroom: West Africa's Debt of Reparations to the Descendants of the Black Diaspora 08 July 2021 Patricia M. Muhammad Hits: 3298
When Righteousness Fails: The New Incentive for Reparations for Slavery and its Continuing Aftermath in the United States 05 July 2021 Tuneen E. Chisolm Hits: 1442
The Science of Reparations: A Balanced Approach 20 June 2021 Ari S. Merretazon Hits: 1663
Rights, Race, Redistribution, and Responsibility: A Case Study of the United States, South Africa, Canada and Palestine 02 March 2021 Zinaida Miller Hits: 5132
Event (Nov20): Breaking the Chain of Oppression: Comprehensive Reparations 12 November 2020 Vernellia Randall Hits: 1506
The Coronavirus Pandemic And the Demand for Reparations 29 April 2020 National African American Reparations Commission Hits: 4597
An Uphill Battle for Reparationists: A Quantitative Analysis of the Effectiveness of Slavery Reparations Rhetoric 08 April 2020 Michael Conklin Hits: 3741
Towards a More Perfect Union: An Approach to Rectifying White-Black Racial Inequality in American Life 08 March 2020 John Torpey Hits: 5715
Black Reparations for Twentieth Century Federal Housing Discrimination: The Construction of White Wealth and the Effects of Denied Black Homeownership 07 March 2020 Jane Kim Hits: 5884
The U.S. Reparations Debate: Where Do We Go from Here? 08 February 2020 Patricia M. Muhammad Hits: 1948
Recognition of Responsibility and Reparation for Massive and Flagrant Violations of Human Rights 05 December 2019 United Nations Hits: 3461
Documenting the Costs of Slavery, Segregation, and Contemporary Racism: Why Reparations Are in Order for African Americans 30 November 2019 Joe R. Feagin Hits: 2516
Historic and Modern Social Movements for Reparations: The National Coalition of Blacks for Reparations in America (N'cobra) and its Antecedents 30 November 2019 Adjoa A. Aiyetoro and Adrienne D. Davis Hits: 2860
The Case for a Reparations Law School Clinic 03 August 2019 Brian G. Gilmore and Hannah D. Adams Hits: 1899
National Education Association (NEA) Votes to Support Reparation for Descendants of Africans Enslaved in the United States 07 July 2019 Erika Strauss Chavarria Hits: 4215
Understanding the Legal Difference Between Equitable and Compensatory reparations 23 June 2019 Vernellia Randall Hits: 2655
Educational Inequality and the Science of Diversity in Grutter: A Lesson for the Reparations Debate in the Age of Obama 09 April 2019 Derrick Darby Hits: 3155
HR 40 Commission to Study and Develop Reparation Proposals for African-Americans Act 20 March 2019 US House of Representatives Hits: 15403
2019 New York Assembly Bill 3080 Commission on Reparations Remedies 07 March 2019 New York Assembly Hits: 5476
Illinois House Resolution 45, Study Reparations for Slavery (2017) 06 March 2019 Illinois House of Representative Hits: 3135
Vermont Bill Apology and Proposal for Reparations 02 March 2019 Rep. Brian Cina, Rep. Kevin Christie. Rep. Selene Colburn, Rep. Harold "Hal" Colston, Rep. Mari Cordes , Rep. Diana Gonzalez Hits: 14523
Reparations Lawsuit (2004) Bob Brown v. John Paul II, et. al. 02 March 2019 Attorney for the Plaintiff Hits: 4081
The Rhetoric of Race, Redemption, and Will Contests: Inheritance as Reparations in John Grisham's Sycamore Row 13 December 2018 Teri A. McMurtry-Chubb Hits: 2752
Racial Justice Demands Truth & Reconciliation 10 December 2018 Michael A. Lawrence Hits: 16120
American Reparations Theory and Practice at the Crossroads 13 September 2018 Eric K. Yamamoto, Sandra Hye Yun Kim, and Abigail M. Holden Hits: 3232
Racial Reparations: Japanese American Redress and African American Claims 13 September 2018 Eric K. Yamamoto Hits: 4515
A No-excuse Approach to Transitional Justice: Reparations as Tools of Extraordinary Justice 13 September 2018 David C. Gray Hits: 3104
Correcting the Harms of Slavery: Collective Liability, the Limited Prospects of Success for a Class Action Suit for Slavery Reparations, and the Reconceptualization of White Racial Identity 12 September 2018 Ryan Fortson Hits: 4838
Responsibility for Historical Injustices: Reconceiving the Case for Reparations 11 September 2018 Amy J. Sepinwall Hits: 3044
Re-assembling Osiris: Rule 23, the Black Farmers Case, and Reparations 10 September 2018 Kindaka Jamal Sanders Hits: 2905
Reparations Theory and Practice Then and Now: Mau Mau Redress Litigation and the British High Court 09 September 2018 Eric K. Yamamoto and Susan K. Serrano Hits: 3732
A Consideration of Black Life under American Law from 1619 to 1972 and a Challenge to Prevailing Notions of Legally Based Reparations 08 September 2018 Carlton Waterhouse Hits: 2856
Extraordinary Justice: Reparations for Historic Abuses 07 September 2018 David C. Gray Hits: 3187
A "Legacy Preference" for Descendants of Slaves: Why Georgetown's Approach to Admissions Is Misguided 20 May 2018 Latiqua Liles Hits: 4979
This Means War: A Case for Just Reparations under the Doctrine of Inalienability 19 May 2018 Makiba Gaines Hits: 3913
Declaration of the International Conference on Reparations 18 May 2018 International Conference on Reparations Hits: 3261
Speaking Truth to Power: An Analysis of American Truth-telling Efforts Vis-À-vis the South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission 08 May 2018 Olivia Ensign Hits: 3005
Reparation and DAEUS (Selected Law Review Articles) 06 April 2018 Vernellia Randall Hits: 4407
The Case For Black Reparations (Book Review) 09 May 2017 Ewart Guinier Hits: 4548
Re-assembling Osiris: Rule 23, the Black Farmers Case, and Reparations 02 February 2014 Kindaka Jamal Sanders Hits: 7724
The Trans-atlantic Slave Trade: A Legacy Establishing a Case for International Reparations 10 January 2014 Patricia M. Muhammad Hits: 8466
Shocking List of 10 Companies that Profited from the Slave Trade 31 August 2013 Your Black World Hits: 134649
Slavery, Segregation and Reparations 24 March 2012 Cynthia McKinney Hits: 13032
Political Autonomy as a Form of Reparations 24 March 2012 Lee A. Harris Hits: 9351
Transforming Public Perceptions of Reparations 24 March 2012 Harvard Law Review Hits: 9236
The Case for Black Reparations Redux 24 March 2012 Watson Branch Hits: 11330
Reparation Debate Beyond 1865 24 March 2012 Alberto B. Lopez Hits: 8993
White America and Reparations 24 March 2012 Art Alcausin Hall Hits: 11828
Black America and Reparations 24 March 2012 Art Alcausin Hall Hits: 12189
New Avenues for Slavery Reparations 24 March 2012 Michelle E. Lyons Hits: 10143
Legal Issues and Reparations 24 March 2012 Adjoa A. Aiyetoro Hits: 9751
Uncivil Wars and Reparation 24 March 2012 David Boyle Hits: 8839
The Race-Skewed Notion of Victimhood 24 March 2012 Charles J. Ogletree Hits: 8888
Failure to Enforce the 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments 24 March 2012 Edieth Y. Wu Hits: 95204
Taking Conservatives Seriously 24 March 2012 Kim Forde-Mazrui Hits: 26456
The Cultural War over Reparations for Slavery 24 March 2012 Alfred L. Brophy Hits: 25642
The Utility and Disadvantages of Reparations 24 March 2012 Vernellia Randall Hits: 13641
JP Morgan Chase Manhattan Bank and Slavery 24 March 2012 Deadria C. Farmer-Paellmann Hits: 18312
The Case Against Black Reparations 24 March 2012 Richard A. Epstein Hits: 19505
The Mass Tort Analogy and African American Reparations 24 March 2012 James R. Hackney, Jr. Hits: 10912
Slavery and Tort Law 24 March 2012 Keith N. Hylton Hits: 10855
Unjust Enrichment and Reparations for Slavery 24 March 2012 Dennis Klimchuk Hits: 9418
Reparations as Redistribution 24 March 2012 Kyle D. Logue Hits: 9974
The Role of the Federal Government in Slavery and Jim Crow 24 March 2012 David Lyons Hits: 16023
Slavery, Reproductive Abuse, and Reparations 24 March 2012 Pamela D. Bridgewater Hits: 10917
Statutes of Limitations and Reparations 24 March 2012 Suzette M. Malveaux Hits: 12873
Takings Clause Solution to Reparations 24 March 2012 Yanessa L. Barnard Hits: 20839
Dominant Perspectives on Reparations 24 March 2012 Vincene Verdun Hits: 13227
The Case for Black Reparations 24 March 2012 Robert Westley Hits: 27292
Plaintiffs' Memorandum in Opposition to Defendants' Joint Motion to Dismiss 05 March 2019 Vernellia Randall Hits: 10456
Second Consolidated and Amended Complaint and Jury Demand 12 May 2018 Deadria Farmer-Paellmann, Plaintiff, et al Hits: 33255
Motion for Reconsideration of Dismissal Order 12 May 2018 Deadria Farmer-Paellmann Hits: 3272
First Consolidated and Amended Complaint and Jury Demand 12 May 2018 Deadria Farmer-Paellmann, et. al. Hits: 46718
Response of Defendants-Appellees to Appellate Brief 10 May 2018 Aetna, Fleetboston, and New York Life . et. al. Hits: 2922
Opinion and Order: Appeal 09 May 2018 Judge Posner Hits: 3064
Opinion and Order: Defendants' Joint Motion to Dismiss 09 May 2018 United States District Court, N.D. Illinois, Eastern Division. Hits: 33912
Opinion and Order: Defendants' Joint Motion to Dismiss 09 May 2018 United States District Court, N.D. Illinois, Eastern Division Hits: 13948
Opinion and Order: Plaintiffs' Motion to Recuse 09 May 2018 TBA Hits: 3015
Opinion and Order: Plaintiffs' Motion to Appoint a Mediator 09 May 2018 United States District Court, N.D. Illinois, Eastern Division Hits: 3135
Opinion and Order: Plaintiffs' Motion to Preserve Evidence: (July 15, 2003) 09 May 2018 United States District Court, N.D. Illinois, Eastern Division Hits: 3009
Opinion and Order: Motion to Transfer 09 May 2018 Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation Hits: 3807
Defendants' Opposition to Plaintiffs' Motion for Enlargement of Time to Respond 12 May 2018 Brown Brothers Harriman & Co, et. al. Hits: 3066
Memorandum in Support of Defendants' Joint Motion to Dismiss 12 May 2018 Brown Brothers Harriman & Co, et. al. Hits: 17594
Reply in Support of Defendants' Joint Motion to Dismiss 12 May 2018 TBA Hits: 2461
Reply Brief of Plaintiffs-Appellants 12 May 2018 Deadria Farmer-Paellmann, Timothy Hurdle, et al. Hits: 2825
Reply in Support of Defendants' Joint Motion to Dismiss Plaintiffs' Second Consolidated and Amended Complaint 11 May 2018 Brown Brothers Harriman & Co, et. al. Hits: 2534
Brief of Plaintiffs-Appellants 10 May 2018 Deadria Farmer-Paellmann, Timothy Hurdle, et al. Hits: 4407
Brief of Defendants-Appellees 10 May 2018 Brown Brothers Harriman & Co, et. al. Hits: 2952
A Critical Legal Rhetoric Approach to In Re African-American Slave Descendants Litigation 10 May 2018 Lolita Buckner Inniss Hits: 6080
A Critical Legal Rhetoric Approach to In Re African-American Slave Descendants Litigation 10 May 2018 Lolita Buckner Inniss Hits: 3266
Comprehensive Immigration Reform in the Jim Crow Era: Chinese Exclusion and the Mccreary Act of 1893 17 April 2022 Gabriel J. Chin and Daniel K. Tu Hits: 2383
In Fear of Black Revolutionary Contagion and Insurrection: Foucault, Galtung, and the Genesis of Racialized Structural Violence in American Foreign Policy and Immigration Law 04 April 2022 Ciji Dodds Hits: 4320
Civil Rights Law Equity: An Introduction to a Theory of What Civil Rights Has Become 14 March 2022 John Valery White Hits: 1800
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