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Education: K - 12

Title Published Date Author Hits
Indian Boarding Schools, Indian Child Welfare Act and Legal Scholarship (Searchable Database) 10 January 2022 Vernellia Randall Hits: 17422
A Meeting of the Minds: Utilizing Maine's State Education System to Promote the Success of its Native Students While Maintaining Tribal Sovereignty 14 November 2020 Jordan Ramharter Hits: 2199
Urban Education Policy as the Dispossession, Containment, Dehumanization, and Disenfranchisement of Black Peoples 06 October 2019 Steven L. Nelson and Ray Orlando Williams Hits: 3163
The Legalization of Restorative Justice: A Fifty-state Empirical Analysis 02 March 2020 Thalia González Hits: 2945
Defending the Whole Child: Education Advocacy as an Integral Part of Holistic Juvenile Defense 28 August 2022 Stacie Nelson Colling, Elie Zwiebel and Madeleine Hart Hits: 304
Principal Interrogator: A Call for Youth-informed Analysis of Schoolhouse Interrogations 04 May 2020 Megan Crane Hits: 2402
Hobbling: The Effects of Proactive Policing and Mass Imprisonment on Children's Education 03 November 2021 Benjamin Justice Hits: 1496
To Report or Not to Report: Data on School Law Enforcement, Student Discipline, Race, and the “School-to-Prison Pipeline” 01 July 2022 Michael Heise and Jason P. Nance Hits: 609
The School Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Project: Uncovering Racial Disparities in School Discipline and How to Respond 01 July 2022 James Naughton Hits: 694
School Police Reform: A Public Health Imperative 30 June 2022 Thalia Gonzßlez and Emma Kaeser Hits: 1118
The End of School Policing 29 June 2022 Barbara A. Fedders Hits: 925
School's Out for Black Boys in Wisconsin: An Analysis of Wisconsin's Racist Implementation of Expulsion and Suspension Law and Its Intersection with Wisconsin Students' Opportunities for Success 28 June 2022 Madeline Dawn Nelson Hits: 981
Consequences of Police in Schools: The Criminalization of Children in an Era of Mass Incarceration 28 June 2022 Katherine Elizabeth Holloway Hits: 1021
“That's the Hate They're Giving Us, Baby, A System Designed Against Us”: The Restorative Justice Solution to the School-to-Prison Pipeline 28 June 2022 Amanda D. Iocono Hits: 827
It Starts and Ends with the Schools: Using Strict Idea Enforcement to Sunder the School-to-prison-pipeline for Special Education Students 28 June 2022 Savannah L. Murphy Hits: 1522
Towards a Problem-solving Approach to Addressing Racial Disparities in School Discipline under Anti-discrimination Law 27 June 2022 Erik J. Girvan Hits: 1479
Learning While Black: How “Zero Tolerance” Policies Disproportionately Affect Black Students 12 May 2022 Sydney Ford Hits: 1000
Reevaluating School Policing 01 May 2022 Catherine A. Ward Hits: 1198
The School FOIA Project: Uncovering Racial Disparities in School Discipline and How to Respond 11 August 2021 James Naughton Hits: 1392
From After-school Detention to the Detention Center: How Unconstitutional School-disruption Laws Place Children at Risk of Prosecution for “Speech Crimes” 01 June 2021 Frank LoMonte and Ann Marie Tamburro Hits: 1743
Shutting down the School-to-Prison Pipeline 29 April 2021 Maja Tosic Hits: 1698
Booked but Can't Read: “Functional Literacy,” National Citizenship, and the New Face of Dred Scott in the Age of Mass Incarceration 07 July 2020 Mckenna Kohlenberg Hits: 4749
Disturbing Schools Laws: Disturbing Due Process with Unconstitutionally Vague Limits on Student Behavior 02 March 2020 Rachel Smith Hits: 3016
Proof That School Board Improperly Expelled Student from School 01 December 2019 Sam A. Mackie Hits: 10729
Arrested at the Schoolhouse Gate: Criminal School Disturbance Laws and Children's Rights in Schools 12 October 2019 Noelia Rivera-Calderon Hits: 5571
Arrested at the Schoolhouse Gate: Criminal School Disturbance Laws and Children's Rights in Schools 28 September 2019 Noelia Rivera-Calderón Hits: 3157
The Right to Public Education and the School to Prison Pipeline 10 August 2019 Areto A. Imoukhuede Hits: 3176
Yes, Critical Race Theory Should Be Taught in Your School: Undoing Racism in K-12 Schooling and Classrooms Through CRT 11 April 2022 Theresa Montaño and Tricia Gallagher-Geurtsen Hits: 1652
Knocking Against the Rocks: Evaluating Institutional Practices and the African American Boy 05 February 2022 Theresa Glennon Hits: 2431
Corporal Punishment in the United States: Abolishment under the Civil Rights Act of 1964 04 October 2022 Caroline J. Capili Hits: 68
Stop Punishing Our Kids: How Title VII Can Protect Children of Color in Public School's Discipline Practices 01 July 2022 Lizette Rodriguez Hits: 702
Removing Police from Schools Using State Law Heightened Scrutiny 30 June 2022 Christina Payne-Tsoupros Hits: 709
Restorative Justice Liability: School Discipline Reform and the Right to Safe Schools 26 June 2022 Bernard James Hits: 515
Implicit Bias Is Not a Fairytale: From the Classroom to the Courtroom: The Connection Between Racial Bias in Early Education and Its Impact on Stereotypes and Interactions with the Criminal Justice System 25 June 2022 Glen M. Vogel and Robert Costello Hits: 981
Closing the Gates to Racial Parity: Venture Philanthropy's Perpetuation of Racial Disparities in the Educational Sphere 13 June 2022 Lauren Silk Hits: 481
The “Divisive Concepts” Laws and Americans of Asian Descent 25 May 2022 Ilhyung Lee Hits: 1238
Recalculating ESSA to Account for “Every Student:” The Need to Eliminate “Subtractive Schooling” Among Latino Boys and Fund Culturally Responsive Teaching 22 May 2022 Veronica A. Mantilla Hits: 655
The Root and Branches of Structural School Racism in Missouri: a Story of Failure by Design and the Illusion and Hypocrisy of School Choice 04 May 2022 Kimberly Jade Norwood and Ronald Alan Norwood Hits: 1177
Rights to Nowhere: The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA)'s Inadequacy in High-poverty Schools 03 May 2022 Claire S. Raj Hits: 733
The Problem of Qualified Immunity in K-12 Schools 02 May 2022 Sarah Smith Hits: 1242
Exploring Minnesota's Problematic Racial Imbalance in Special Education Services for Students with Emotional or Behavioral Disorders 16 March 2022 Elizabeth R. Schiltz and Samia Young Hits: 1067
Hair Rules: Race, Gender, and Stigmatization in Schools 16 February 2022 Patricia A. Banks Hits: 1319
The Radical-incremental Change Debate, Racial Justice, and the Political Economy of Teachers' Choice 16 November 2021 Aaron Tang Hits: 2462
Improving the Legal and Regulatory Framework of Restraint and Seclusion in D.C. Public Schools 04 November 2021 James Gallagher Hits: 1162
Opposing Viewpoints: School Resource Officers: Do the Benefits to Student Safety Outweigh Their Negative Impacts? 03 November 2021 Madeleine Morris Hits: 1408
The End of “Performative School Desegregation”: Reimagining the Federal Role in Dismantling Segregated Education 24 October 2021 Janel A. George Hits: 1229
House Bill 3: An IOU Texas Public Schools and Communities of Color Cannot Afford 19 July 2021 Candace L. Castillo Hits: 932
From Digital Disparity to Educational Excellence: Closing the Opportunity and Achievement Gaps for Lowincome, Black, and Latinx Students 11 July 2021 Christopher Cruz Hits: 1271
Education Connection: Education in the Time of Covid-19: Remote Learning's Mixed Effects on Students and the School System 26 June 2021 Ariel Katz Hits: 1251
Die Žhnlichkeiten: Learning from Similarities and Key Differences Between U.s. and German Education Policy in the Time of Covid-19 25 June 2021 Hannah Cholewinski Hits: 1485
Monopolizing Whiteness 13 June 2021 Erika K. Wilson Hits: 1827
Requiring Parents to Waive Rights: Education Contracts of Adhesion in the Covid-19 Pandemic 01 May 2021 Leah A. Plunkett and Michael S. Lewis Hits: 1590
What's Hair Got to Do with It?: How School Hair Policies Violate the United States Constitution 29 April 2021 Brianna D. Gaddy Hits: 3124
Blurring the Lines: How Consolidating School Districts Can Combat New Jersey's Public-school Segregation Problem 24 March 2021 Anthony J. LoPresti Hits: 1247
Racial Disproportionality and the Special Education Paradox: the Divide Between Legal Compliance and the Best Practice(s) 14 March 2021 Kevin P. Brady and Suzanne Kucharczyk, Hits: 1450
School “Safety” Measures Jump Constitutional Guardrails 06 February 2021 Maryam Ahranjani Hits: 1430
The Imperative for Trauma-Responsive Special Education 10 December 2020 Nicole Tuchinda Hits: 3881
Valuing All Identities Beyond the Schoolhouse Gate: The Case for Inclusivity as a Civic Virtue in K-12 13 October 2020 Sacha M. Coupet Hits: 1741
Asian American and The Inscrutable SHSAT (Specialized High School Admissions Test ) 25 August 2020 Chris M. Kwok Hits: 2468
The Unfinished Business of Brown and School Integration 08 July 2020 Anthony Gingerelli Hits: 2567
Talking Black: Destigmatizing Black English and Funding Bi-dialectal Education Programs 09 June 2020 Gelsey G. Beaubrun Hits: 3091
The Danger of Facial Recognition in Our Children's Classrooms 30 April 2020 Nila Bala Hits: 3525
A Conversation on Education, Justice and Choice 23 April 2020 Janice Johnson Dias and Aya Graydon Hits: 1950
“Appropriate” Education: Educating Undocumented Children in Detention 20 April 2020 Catalina V. Visico Hits: 2534
My Brother's Keeper, My Sister's Neglector: A Critique and Explanation of Single-sex Initiatives for Black Boys 12 March 2020 Laura Lane-Steele Hits: 2090
School of Surveillance: The Students' Rights Implications of Artificial Intelligence as K-12 Public School Security 04 March 2020 Maya Weinstein Hits: 2269
The Promise and Peril of Using Disability Law as a Tool for School Reform 03 March 2020 Claire Raj Hits: 2730
The Implied Promise of a Guaranteed Education in the United States and How the Failure to Deliver it Equitably Perpetuates Generational Poverty 03 December 2019 Anjaleck Flowers Hits: 3208
Latino Education in Texas: A History of Systematic Recycling Discrimination 16 November 2019 Albert H. Kauffman Hits: 2307
The Constant and Expanding Classroom: Surveillance in K-12 Public Schools 16 October 2019 Barbara Fedders Hits: 3106
African Americans' Pursuit of Equal Educational Opportunity in the United States 13 August 2019 Janel George Hits: 3211
Contradictory Origins and Racializing Legacy of the 1968 Bilingual Education Act: Urban Schooling, Anti-blackness, and Oakland's 1996 Black English Language Education Resolution 08 July 2019 Kenzo K. Sung & Ayana Allen-Handy Hits: 3130
On Race, Teacher Activism, and the Right to Work: Historicizing the “Red for Ed” Movement in the American South 05 July 2019 Jon N. Hale Hits: 1628
The New White Flight 02 July 2019 Erika K. Wilson Hits: 2845
Educational Environments and the Federal Right to Education in the Wake of Parkland 20 June 2019 Maybell Romero Hits: 2603
Dog Whistles and Beachheads: The Trump Administration, Sexual Violence, and Student Discipline in Education 19 June 2019 Nancy Chi Cantalupo Hits: 2359
Special Education, Overrepresentation, and End-running Education Federalism: Theorizing Towards a Federally Protected Right to Education for Black Students 13 June 2019 Steven L. Nelson Hits: 2792
Every Student Succeeds Act: Are Schools Making Sure Every Student Succeeds? 13 May 2019 Laura Adler-Green Hits: 3653
Armed and Dangerous - Teachers? A Policy Response to Security in Our Public Schools 12 May 2019 Todd A. DeMitchell and Christine C. Rat Hits: 2310
Battling Implicit Bias in the Idea to Advocate for African American Students with Disabilities 27 April 2019 Dustin Rynders Hits: 2308
A Watershed Moment in the Education of American Indians: A Judicial Strategy to Mandate the State of New Mexico to Meet the Unique Cultural and Linguistic Needs of American Indians in New Mexico Public Schools 22 April 2019 Preston Sanchez and Rebecca Blum Martinez Hits: 2441
Forgotten Children: Rethinking the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act Behavior Provisions 16 April 2019 Margaret A. Dalton Hits: 2093
Race, Education, and the Construction of a Disabled Class 17 January 2019 Theresa Glennon Hits: 3291
Our Children's Burden: The Many-headed Hydra of the Educational Disenfranchisement of Black Children 16 January 2019 Pamela J. Smith Hits: 3229
Educational Rights and Latinos: Tracking as a Form of Second Generation Discrimination 14 January 2019 Pedro A. Noguera Hits: 2477
Beyond Bias: Cultural Capital in Anti-Discrimination Law 10 December 2018 LaToya Baldwin Clark Hits: 3009
Using International Human Rights Law in School Finance Litigation to Establish Education as a Fundamental Right 20 November 2018 Anna Williams Shavers Hits: 2451
Charter Schools and School Desegregation Law 24 October 2018 Will Stancil Hits: 2934
Justiciability of State Law School Segregation Claims 14 October 2018 Will Stancil and Jim Hilbert Hits: 2508
Gender, Race, Class, and the Politics of Schooling in the Inner City 29 April 2018 Vivian L. Gadsden Hits: 3441
Creating the Urban Educational Desert Through School Closures and Dignity Taking, 24 March 2018 Matthew Patrick Shaw Hits: 3064
Racial and Ethnic Discrimination in the Labor Market for Child Care Teachers 21 November 2017 Casey Boyd-Swan and Chris M. Herbst Hits: 3640
The Future of IDEA: Monitoring Disproportionate Representation of Minority Students in Special Education 24 June 2017 Natasha M. Strassfeld Hits: 4314
Federal Government, Charter Schools and Segregation 15 August 2015 Wendy Parker Hits: 6725
Assuring Civil Rights Protections in Charter School Enabling Legislation 15 August 2015 Jane Tanimura Hits: 5711
Opt-out Education: School Choice as Racial Subordination 15 August 2015 Osamudia R. James Hits: 11939
Early Learning Snapshot (Civil Rights Data Collection) 17 April 2014 Civil Rights Data Collection Hits: 3724
Teacher Equity Snapshot (Civil Rights Data Collection) 17 April 2014 Civil Rights Data Collection Hits: 4197
Discipline Snapshot (Civil Rights Data Collection) 17 April 2014 Civil Rights Data Collection Hits: 3664
College and Career Readiness Snapshot (Civil Rights Data Collection( 17 April 2014 Civil Rights Data Collection Hits: 4294
Economic Benefits of Increasing Graduation Rates 05 January 2014 Racial Justice Now! Hits: 23370
The McKinney-Vento Act and the Education of Homeless Children 13 December 2012 Taylor Pospichel Hits: 12576
The Fallout from Our Blackboard Battlegrounds: A Call for Withdrawal and aNew Way Forward 24 June 2012 Mae D. Quinn Hits: 40235
An Analysis of the Constitutionality of Arizona's Ethnic Studies Law 25 May 2012 Preston C. Green, III, David Brown and Sara Ney Hits: 19896
A New Era for Desegregation 30 April 2012 Danielle Holley-Walker Hits: 7633
Middle-income Peers as Educational Resources and theConstitutional Right to Equal Access 20 April 2012 Hits: 7413
Making the Promise of Brown a Reality 01 April 2012 Vivian Gunn Morris and Curtis L. Morris Hits: 6191
The Power of White Privilege in Racially Mixed Schools 01 April 2012 Amy Stuart Wells, Anita Tijerina Revilla, Jennifer Jellison Holme and Awo Korantemaa Atanda Hits: 24115
Black Self-help Educational Efforts 01 April 2012 Monique Langhorne Hits: 28992
Children and Racial Injustice in the United States: A Selective Annotated Bibliography and Call to Action 08 March 2021 Christina Cullen, Olivia Alden, Diana Arroyo, Andy Froelich, Meghan Kasner, Conor Kinney, Anique Aburaad, Rebecca Jacobs, Alexandra Spognardi and Alexandra Kuenzli Hits: 3530
Covid-19's Impact on Students with Disabilities in Under-Resourced School Districts 15 January 2021 Crystal Grant Hits: 2050