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Title Published Date Author Hits
The Return of Biological Race? Regulating Innovations in Race and Genetics Through Administrative Agency Race Impact Assessments 28 April 2013 Osagie K. Obasogie Hits: 13002
Inequality in the United States Is Killing African Americans! 16 June 2019 Prof. Vernellia R. Randall Hits: 2588
Gulf Crisis and African-American Interests Under International Law 09 April 2019 Henry J. Richardson III Hits: 2478
Virtual Hatred: How Russia Tried to Start a Race War in the United States 08 October 2019 William J. Aceves Hits: 5026
Understanding Bias, Discrimination and the Law (Presentation) 24 April 2020 Vernellia Randall Hits: 3473
Pursuing Citizenship During Covid 01 May 2022 Ming Hsu Chen Hits: 1674
The Unborn Citizen 24 November 2020 Michael H. LeRoy Hits: 2822
Toward Tribal Health Sovereignty 14 July 2022 Aila Hoss Hits: 1075
A Case for Deference in American Indian Health Law 11 June 2022 Ashley Murphy Hits: 1392
The Tribal Right to Exclude Others from Indian-owned Lands 11 September 2021 Alex Tallchief Skibine Hits: 1884
Remedying the Health Implications of Structural Racism Through Reparations 12 October 2022 Kendall Lawrenz Hits: 861
Reparations for Racial Wealth Disparities as Remedy for Social Contract Breach 08 June 2022 Martha M. Ertman Hits: 2255
The Coronavirus Pandemic And the Demand for Reparations 29 April 2020 National African American Reparations Commission Hits: 4144
Health Care Sanctuaries for Immigrants 18 October 2022 Medha D. Makhlouf Hits: 540
Immigration Reforms as Health Policy 23 August 2022 Medha D. Makhlouf and Patrick J. Glen Hits: 805
Access to a Doctor, Access to Justice? An Empirical Study on the Impact of Forensic Medical Examinations in Preventing Deportations 18 July 2022 Nermeen S. Arastu Hits: 1023
“Collateral” Damage: Implications of the Zero-tolerance Policy on Immigration 20 June 2022 Kylee Verrill Hits: 1212
Punishment and Prejudice: Reproductive Coercion in Immigration and Customs Enforcement Detention Centers 23 February 2022 Inka Skodowska Boehm Hits: 1496
Enforcing the “Safe and Sanitary” Environment Standard Within U.S. Detention Facilities to Save Children's Lives 16 February 2022 Anam A. Khan Hits: 1881
Immigration, Racism and Legal Scholarship (Searchable Database) 09 January 2022 Vernellia Randall Hits: 10651
Pregnant in Captivity: Analyzing the Treatment of Pregnant Women in American Prisons and Immigration Detention Centers 03 August 2020 Wesley Smithart Hits: 2264
The Importance of Standardized Data Collection and Reporting in Improving Medical Care for Immigration Detainees 14 July 2020 Allison Michelle Bowen Hits: 3466
Immigration Policy and Public Health 13 November 2019 Polly J. Price Hits: 2922
Post-Pandemic, but Not Post-Racial 20 October 2022 Courtney Lauren Anderson Hits: 726
COVID-19 Related Litigation: Challenges to Election and Voting Practices During COVID-19 Pandemic 29 January 2021 Elizabeth Williams Hits: 3261
Constitutional Law--Black Prisoner Denied Medical Attention: Eighth Amendment Rights Violation Versus Inherent Biases in Medical Racism--sherman V. Corcella, 2020 U.s. Dist. Lexis 125931 (D. Conn. 2020) 11 July 2021 Samantha Das Hits: 2430
The Failure to Protect Pregnant Pretrial Detainees: The Possibility of Constitutional Relief in the Second Circuit under a Fourteenth Amendment Analysis 15 June 2020 Joella Adia Jones Hits: 3986
Made Whole: The Efficacy of Legal Redress for Black Women Who Have Suffered Injuries from Medical Bias 05 November 2022 McKenzi B. Baker Hits: 449
Contract Law and Inequality 19 October 2022 Kevin E. Davis and Mariana Pargendler Hits: 453
The History of Body Snatching is Kinda Racist, Y'all 30 September 2022 Leeja Miller Hits: 612
Imprisoned Hispanic/latinx Individuals Need Access to Culturally Competent Mental Health Treatment 19 October 2019 Pilar G. Mendez Hits: 4638
Further Punishing the Vulnerable: Why Home Confinement Is Superior to Solitary Confinement in a Pandemic Situation 27 November 2022 Loveleen Singh Hits: 179
Collateral Consequences and Collateral Harm: The Covid-19 Pandemic as a Catalyst for Equitable Reintegration Reform 05 July 2022 Melissa Maher Hits: 1082
When They Need Us Most: The Unaddressed Crisis of Mentally Ill African American Children in the Juvenile Justice System 08 September 2019 Jennifer M. Keys, Hits: 2122
Meek Mill's Trauma: Brutal Policing as an Adverse Childhood Experience 25 June 2022 Todd J. Clark, Caleb Gregory Conrad, André Douglas Pond Cummings and Amy Dunn Johnson Hits: 2079
Traumatic Justice 31 May 2022 Teri Dobbins Baxter Hits: 1473
Cops in Scrubs 28 May 2022 Ji Seon Song Hits: 1494
Policing, Racism and Legal Scholarship (Searchable Database) 15 January 2022 Vernellia Randall Hits: 12993
Incarcerated During Covid-19: A Look at New Jersey 28 November 2022 Micah J. Bowden Hits: 186
Abolition and International Human Rights: Taiwan's Affirmation of Black American Abolitionist Movement 09 November 2022 Kiah Duggins Hits: 477
Emerging Mental Health Courts: The Intersection of Mental Illness, Substance Use, Poverty, and Incarceration 05 October 2022 Meredith Harbison Hits: 1990
Critical Justice: Transforming Mass Incarceration, Mental Health, and Trauma 02 October 2022 Bryonn Bain Hits: 581
When the Conditions Are the Confinement: Eighth Amendment Habeas Claims During COVID 27 July 2022 Michael L. Zuckerman Hits: 1396
Locked up and Locked down in the Land of the Free: A Look at the United States' Prisons and Covid-19's Disproportionate Effect on Black Americans' Right to Health 06 June 2022 Zachary Parrish Hits: 2167
Sentenced to Six Months and a Body Bag: Redefining Deliberate Indifference Behind Bars During the Covid-19 Pandemic 05 May 2022 Anna L. Bank Hits: 1755
The Right to Medication-assisted Treatment in Jails and Prisons 25 July 2021 Samuel Macomber Hits: 1839
A Pound of Flesh: How Medical Copayments in Prison Cost Inmates Their Health and Set Them up for Reoffense 18 March 2021 Rachael Wiggins Hits: 1917
Pregnancy, Incarcerated: How Incarcerating Pregnant Women in the United States Is Incompatible with Theories Justifying Punishment 11 March 2021 Madeline Martin Hits: 1999
The Death Sentence That Is America's Toxic Prisons 01 September 2020 Taylor Carpenter Hits: 3288
A Case Against Medicaid Work Requirements for Prisoners Re-entering Society 16 April 2020 Raminta Kizyte Hits: 2259
Female Inmates and Access to Feminine Hygiene Products 28 March 2020 Milea Moye Hits: 3517
Incarceration, Health, and Racial Disparities in Health 15 February 2020 Michael Massoglia Hits: 3462
Race, Pregnancy, and the Opioid Epidemic: White Privilege and the Criminalization of Opioid Use During Pregnancy 03 February 2020 Khiara M. Bridges Hits: 5018
From Health Policy to Stigma and Back Again: The Feedback Loop Perpetuating the Opioids Crisis 14 November 2019 Nicolas Terry Hits: 3147
Covid-19 and the “Virtual” School-to-Prison Pipeline 24 June 2021 Victor M. Jones Hits: 2040
Race, School Policing, and Public Health 17 June 2021 Thalia González Hits: 1825
Trauma: Community of Color Exposure to the Criminal Justice System as an Adverse Childhood Experience 22 April 2022 Todd J. Clark, Caleb Gregory Conrad, André Douglas Pond Cummings and Amy Dunn Johnson Hits: 1599
Mental-Health Courts: Expanding the Model in an Era of Criminal Justice Reform 04 December 2020 Courtney Black Hits: 2660
Connecting Abortion, Gun Violence and More (May 20, 2022) (ThinkTech Hawaii) 20 May 2022 Chuck Crumpton Hits: 1604
From the Battlefield to the War on Drugs: Lessons from the Lives of Marginalized African American Military Veterans 11 November 2019 Benjamin Fleury-Steiner, Lionel R. Smith, Tanya N. Whittle and Michael Burtis Hits: 4532
Knocking Against the Rocks: Evaluating Institutional Practices and the African American Boy 05 February 2022 Theresa Glennon Hits: 3325
Supreme Court Responsibilities (July 8, 2022 ) (ThinkTech Hawaii) 08 July 2022 Chuck Crumpton Hits: 2021
In the Shadow of the Pandemic: Unearthing Unequal Access to Justice Vis-à-vis Dispute Resolution 18 August 2022 Sukhsimranjit Singh Hits: 843
Justice for All in Mediation: What the Pandemic, Racial Justice Movement, and the Recognition of Structural Racism Call Us to Do as Mediators 14 July 2022 Isabelle R. Gunning Hits: 1048
23ANDDIVERSEME: Using Genetic Ancestry Tests to Establish Minority Status 08 July 2020 Robert Karl Hits: 4537
From Digital Disparity to Educational Excellence: Closing the Opportunity and Achievement Gaps for Lowincome, Black, and Latinx Students 11 July 2021 Christopher Cruz Hits: 1573
Education Connection: Education in the Time of Covid-19: Remote Learning's Mixed Effects on Students and the School System 26 June 2021 Ariel Katz Hits: 1514
Die Žhnlichkeiten: Learning from Similarities and Key Differences Between U.s. and German Education Policy in the Time of Covid-19 25 June 2021 Hannah Cholewinski Hits: 1838
Requiring Parents to Waive Rights: Education Contracts of Adhesion in the Covid-19 Pandemic 01 May 2021 Leah A. Plunkett and Michael S. Lewis Hits: 1922
Together but Unequal: How the Covid-19 Pandemic Exacerbated the Inequities Harming Minority Law Students 12 June 2022 Khrystan Nicole Policarpio and Grecia Orozco Hits: 934
Pandemic Pressures on Faculty 25 May 2022 Meera E. Deo Hits: 1600
Legal Education During the Covid-19 Pandemic: Put Health, Safety and Equity First 29 July 2021 Catherine J.K. Sandoval, Patricia A. Cain, Stephen F. Diamond, Allen S. Hammond, Jean C. Love, Stephen E. Smith and Solmaz Nabipour Hits: 2222
Race and the History of International Investment Law 08 November 2022 Felipe Ford Cole Hits: 274
The Mistreatment of Black-owned Businesses During the First and Second Rounds of the Paycheck Protection Program 11 August 2022 Ashley Evans Hits: 948
Wealth, Bankruptcy and Taxation (Search Database) 20 January 2022 Vernellia Randall Hits: 2058
Racial Inequality, Covid-19, and Health and Unemployment Insurance: Lessons Learned and Pathways Forward 13 November 2022 Shauhin A. Talesh Hits: 340
The Impact of Covid-19 on the Older Workforce: Reforms to Ensure a Safer Future for Older Workers 01 June 2022 Angela Coco Hits: 1538
Employment, Racism and Legal Scholarship (Searchable Database) 23 January 2022 Vernellia Randall Hits: 2320
Preserving Pandemic Protections 26 November 2021 Daiquiri J. Steele Hits: 1592
The Human Right to Workplace Safety in a Pandemic 13 July 2021 Ruben J. Garcia Hits: 1606
Meat Processing Workers and the Covid-19 Pandemic: The Subrogation of People, Public Health, and Ethics to Profits and a Path Forward 02 July 2021 Kelly K. Dineen Hits: 2078
Breaking Down Status 28 March 2021 Kaiponanea T. Matsumura Hits: 1836
Addressing the Disproportionate Adverse Health Effects Among BIPOC Communities as a Result of Environmental Racism 15 November 2022 Lindsay M. Farbent Hits: 322
Dikos Nitsaa'igii-19 (“The Big Cough”): Coal, Covid-19, and the Navajo Nation 14 August 2022 Warigia M. Bowman Hits: 1018
Down and Dirty: Remedies and Reparations for Intersected Environmental and Reproductive Justice 03 July 2022 Mickaela J. Fouad Hits: 772
Practicing on Uneven Ground: Raising Environmental Justice Claims under Race Neutral Laws 17 February 2022 Brenda Mallory and David Neal Hits: 1110
Environmental Justice, Racism and Legal Scholarship (Searchable Database) 21 January 2022 Vernellia Randall Hits: 2180
Black Urban Ecologies and Structural Extermination 07 November 2021 Etienne C. Toussaint Hits: 2092
From Covid-19 to Climate Change: Disaster & Inequality at the Crossroads 25 June 2021 Cinnamon P. Carlarne Hits: 1310
Gun Violence and De Facto Segregation: Could Environmental Discrimination Be Fueling Chicago's Soaring Gun Violence? 13 May 2021 Joerika Stitt Hits: 2178
Cancer Alley and the Fight Against Environmental Racism 14 April 2021 Idna G. Castellón Hits: 3116
Quiet Suffocation: California Oil and Gas Production near Communities of Color Is a Public Health Crisis 24 March 2021 Jade Wolansky Hits: 1679
Global Southerners in the North 07 August 2021 Ama Ruth Francis Hits: 898
Fertility, Immigration, and Public Support for Parenting 22 July 2022 Eleanor Brown, Naomi Cahn and June Carbone Hits: 1115
Shelter from the Storm: Human Rights Protections for Single-mother Families in the Time of Covid-19 02 July 2021 Theresa Glennon, Alexis Fennell, Kaylin Hawkins and Madison McNulty Hits: 2469
Child Welfare, Reasonable Efforts, and Covid 24 June 2021 Anita Weinberg and Lilia Valdez Hits: 1350
Children and Racial Injustice in the United States: A Selective Annotated Bibliography and Call to Action 08 March 2021 Christina Cullen, Olivia Alden, Diana Arroyo, Andy Froelich, Meghan Kasner, Conor Kinney, Anique Aburaad, Rebecca Jacobs, Alexandra Spognardi and Alexandra Kuenzli Hits: 4340
Logging Out: The Inadequacies of Current Cyberbullying Remedies and Their Impact on LGBTQ+ Youth 01 November 2020 Elizabeth Zhang Hits: 2511
Health Reform Reconstruction 16 November 2022 Lindsay F. Wiley, Elizabeth Y. McCuskey, Matthew B. Lawrence and Erin C. Fuse Brown Hits: 343
Legislating a Negative Right to Health: Health Impact Assessments 29 April 2020 Christina S. Ho Hits: 2880
Race, Health and the Law 01 December 2019 Vernellia Randall Hits: 7622
Undocumented, Untreated, Unhealthy: How the Expansion of FQHCs (Federally Qualified Health Centers) Can Fill the Gaps of Basic Healthcare for Undocumented Immigrants 12 November 2019 Bethany A. Taylor Hits: 4595
The Worst of Health: Law and Policy at the Intersection of Health & Immigration 09 November 2019 Wendy E. Parmet Hits: 4004
Toward a Structural Theory of Implicit Racial and Ethnic Bias in Health Care 29 October 2018 Dayna Bowen Matthew Hits: 2630
Discrimination and Disparity: Violating Olmstead v. L.C. Discriminates Against the Psychiatrically Vulnerable and Fosters Racial/Ethnic and Socioeconomic Mental Health Disparities 19 November 2022 McKenna Stone Cloud Hits: 323
Systematic Racism, Abortion and Bias in Medicine: All Threads Woven in the Cloth of Racial Disparity for Mothers and Infants 10 July 2022 Gabrielle Ploplis Hits: 1238
“We Have Met the Enemy and He Is Us”: Why the Legal Profession must Commit Itself to Health Equity 11 June 2022 Thomas N. Shorter, Eduardo Castro and Carrie Noonan Hits: 967
Legal Epidemiology for Racial Health Equity 18 May 2022 To Nhu Huynh Hits: 1602
Black Mothers Matter: The Social, Political and Legal Determinants of Black Maternal Health Across the Lifespan 19 April 2022 Elizabeth Tobin Tyler Hits: 2213
Dying While Black: Race, Racism and Law 26 March 2022 Vernellia Randall Hits: 2182
The Oglala Lakota and the Right to Health: The Forgotten Americans 01 October 2021 Katherine Farrell Ginsbach Hits: 1791
The Road to Racial Justice: Resolving the Disproportionate Health Burden Placed on Communities of Color by Highway Pollution 02 March 2021 Wendy Q. Xiao Hits: 2021
The Black Maternal Health Crisis: How to Right a Harrowing History Through Judicial and Legislative Reform 05 February 2021 Melia Thompson-Dudiak Hits: 1394
Common Ground: Exploring Policy Approaches to Addressing Racial Disparities from the Left and the Right 07 September 2020 M. C. Gibbons Hits: 1634
Health Injustice and Justice in Health: The Role of Law and Public Policy in Generating, Perpetuating, and Responding to Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities Before and after the Affordable Care Act 19 February 2020 Daryll C. Dykes Hits: 3011
Health Disparities, Health Care Reform, Morality, and the Law: “Keep Your Government Hands off My Medicare” 17 February 2020 Frank McClellan Hits: 2827
The Modern HIV/AIDS Epidemic and Human Rights in the United States 15 February 2020 Brook Kelly Hits: 2300
From Housing to Health: Imagining Antidiscrimination Provisions for Menthol Cigarette Marketing 15 October 2019 Olivia Li Hits: 3863
Women and AIDS -- Racism, Sexism, and Classism 15 January 2019 Taunya Lovell Banks Hits: 2197
The Fuzzy Logic of Race and Gender in the Mismeasure of Asian American Women's Health Needs 12 January 2019 Lisa C. Ikemoto Hits: 3898
Changing Hearts, Minds, and Structures: Advancing Equity and Health Equity in State Government Policies, Operations, and Practices in Minnesota and Other States 15 November 2018 Susan R. Weisman, Ayah Helmy, Vayong Moua and Julie Ralston Aoki Hits: 2996
Black Lives Matter, Civil Rights, and Health Inequities 05 November 2018 Raja Staggers-Hakim Hits: 3783
Native Americans: A Crisis in Health Equity 19 September 2018 Mary Smith Hits: 4175
The Impact of Structural Racism in Employment and Wages on Minority Women's Health 16 September 2018 Ruqaiijah Yearby Hits: 4662
The Biology of Inequality 12 August 2018 Lucy A. Jewel Hits: 3745
Race, Law, and Health Disparities: Toward a Critical Race Intervention 30 November 2017 Osagie K. Obasogie, Irene Headen, and Mahasin S. Mujahid Hits: 4644
Inequality Is Killing Us! What President Obama must Do to Save Black Lives 25 June 2017 Vernellia R. Randall Hits: 7293
In Sickness and Wealth 23 February 2014 California Newsreel Hits: 7730
When the Bough Breaks: The Impact of Racism on Newborn Health 23 February 2014 California Newsreel Hits: 8106
Dying While Black 12 February 2014 Prof. Vernellia Randall Hits: 19841
From Aces to Fetal Trauma: How Slippery Is the Slope of Discretionary Sentencing Factors? 20 June 2021 Avi Muller Hits: 856
Is Germline Gene Editing Exceptional? 18 February 2021 Myrisha S. Lewis Hits: 1694
What's Wrong with Race-based Medicine?: Genes, Drugs, and Health Disparities 18 February 2020 Dorothy E. Roberts Hits: 4113
U.S. Case Law Potentially Supporting Claims for Toxicogenomic Injury 13 December 2019 Lewis Bass and Thomas Parker Redick Hits: 3697
Somatic Genome Editing in Sickle Cell Disease: Rewriting A More Just Future 14 July 2019 Vence L. Bonham and Lisa E. Smilan Hits: 2399
Intergenerational Transmission of Maternal Stress 07 October 2018 Isabel Karpin Hits: 3370
California Resolution on Intergenerational Trauma, Epigenetics and Native Americans 15 August 2018 California Assembly Hits: 3209
Developments in the Quest to Advance Equity in Maternal and Child Health in the Age of Covid-19: the Bad, the Good, and the Promising 13 June 2022 Andrea M. Ferrari Hits: 1554
Ignoring the Cries of Black Mamas: Looking Beyond Tort Law to Ensure That Black Mothers Are Heard During Childbirth 10 February 2022 Elise Ashley Hits: 1704
Women and AIDS -- Racism, Sexism, and Classism 15 November 2021 Taunya Lovell Banks Hits: 2184
Centering Black Pregnancy: A Response to Medical Paternalism, Stillbirth, & Blindsided Mothers 09 October 2021 Brietta R. Clark Hits: 1681
Improving Outcomes for New Mothers: An International Comparison -The United States, Germany and Finland 16 February 2021 Julia Wood Hits: 1466
Internalized Oppression: The Impact of Gender and Racial Bias in Employment on the Health Status of Women of Color 11 September 2019 Ruqaiijah Yearby Hits: 2456
Medicaid Approaches to Addressing Maternal Mortality in the District of Columbia 12 January 2019 Tara Wilson Hits: 2306
On Bill Cosby, R Kelly, Police and the Lack of Justice for Black Women 28 April 2018 Kimberele Crenshaw Hits: 2939
Motherhood Preconceived: The Emergence of the Preconception Health and Health Care Initiative 28 April 2013 Miranda R. Waggoner Hits: 11582
Minding Baby: The Link Between Maternal Depression and Infant Health and Development 12 July 2021 Paige Ferise Hits: 1678
From “Mind Playing Tricks on Me” to “Trauma”: Adverse Childhood Experiences and Hip Hop's Prescription 27 April 2020 André Douglas Pond Cummings and Caleb Gregory Conrad Hits: 2391
The Harm of Child Removal 13 September 2019 Shanta Trivedi Hits: 2388
Youth at the Center: A Timeline Approach to the Challenges Facing Black Children 13 July 2019 Ilana Friedman Hits: 1993
The Seeds of Early Childhood 19 June 2019 Joanna L. Grossman Hits: 1896
Good Cop-Bad Cop: Police Violence and the Child's Mind 17 October 2018 Andrea L. Dennis Hits: 2798
Unmothering Black Women: Formula Feeding as an Incident of Slavery 15 September 2018 Andrea Freeman Hits: 3433
Trapped in Tragedies: Childhood Trauma, Spatial Inequality, and Law 17 July 2018 David Dante Troutt Hits: 2874
The Mrs. B. Dilemma: How Can We Get Elderly People of Color More Access and Encouragement to Use Mental Health Services? 19 May 2022 MaryAllison Mahacek Hits: 1215
My Aging Minority Rural Grandparents 14 March 2015 Camille M. Davidson Hits: 20505
Social Justice, Health Disparities, and Culture in the Care of the Elderly 14 April 2012 Peggye Dilworth-Anderson, Geraldine Pierre, Tandrea S. Hilliard Hits: 15898
Racial Discrimination in Medicine Versus Race-based Medicine: the Ethical, Legal and Policy Implications on Health Disparities 06 September 2020 Christopher Ogolla Hits: 2537
Some Preliminary Thoughts on the Deregulation of Insurance to Advantage the Working Poor 09 December 2019 Maria O'Brien Hylton Hits: 2106
Evaluating the Legality of Age-based Criteria in Health Care: from Nondiscrimination and Discretion to Distributive Justice 15 August 2019 Govind Persad Hits: 1910
Right to Health Care That Cannot Be Taken Away: the Lessons of Twenty-five Years of Health Care Advocacy 17 April 2019 Sylvia A. Law Hits: 2041
Tribal Sovereign Authority and Self-regulation of Health Care Services: the Legal Framework and the Swinomish Tribe's Dental Health Program 19 February 2019 Geoffrey D. Strommer, Starla K. Roels and Caroline P. Mayhew Hits: 2326
Physician-assisted Suicide in the Dark Ward: The Intersection of the Thirteenth Amendment and Health Care Treatments Having Disproportionate Impacts on Disfavored Groups 13 January 2019 Larry J. Pittman Hits: 3374
Witch Doctors, Zombies, and Oracles: Rethinking Health in America 11 November 2018 Ali S. Khan Hits: 2758
Role of Health Insurance in Reducing Racial Disparities in Health Care 15 October 2020 Bobbi M. Bittker Hits: 2375
Affordable Health Care Act - Detalied Summary 12 May 2014 Vernellia Randall Hits: 1668
Who Governs Federally Qualified Health Centers? 15 February 2013 Brad Wright Hits: 7315
A Patient's Right to Choose Is Not Always Black and White: Long Term Care Facility Discrimination and the Color of Care 06 April 2013 Sara Gronningsater Hits: 18831
Public Health Preparedness and the Law in Communities of Color 02 April 2013 Vernellia R. Randall and Glen Safford Hits: 7012
Public Health Preparedness and theLaw in Communities of Color 01 May 2012 Vernellia R. Randall, Glen Safford and Walter W. Williams Hits: 9191
Self-determined Health: Reevaluating Current Systems and Funding for Native American Health Care 16 August 2022 Olivia Meadows Hits: 918
‘Cornerstone Upon Which Rest All Others': Utilizing Canons of Statutory Interpretation to Confirm an Enforceable Trust Duty for Native American Health Care 10 April 2022 Brayden Jack Parker Hits: 1511
Native American Reproductive Health Law--Reproductive Justice: the Politics of Healthcare for Native American Women (Book Review) 15 November 2018 Kirsten Mehnert Hits: 3199
Compensating Patients for Health Care Cost Containment Injuries 01 May 2012 Vernellia R. Randall Hits: 37850
African Americans and “Unequal Treatment” in Nursing Home Care 29 May 2015 Ruqaiijah Yearby Hits: 25451
The Ongoing Racial Paradox of the Medicaid Program 09 July 2022 Sarah Somers and Jane Perkins Hits: 656
Disparities in Access to Solid Organ Transplant Services--Past, Present, and Future 03 July 2022 Courtney A. Carrell and Daniel W. Peters Hits: 1160
Retaining Medicaid Covid-19 Changes to Support Community Living 23 December 2021 Elizabeth Edwards, David Machledt and Jennifer Lav Hits: 1521
Choosing Between Healthcare and a Green Card: the Cost of Public Charge 17 November 2020 Shanzeh Daudi Hits: 2637
California's Nonprofit Hospital Puzzle: Reworking the Jigsaw to Benefit Underserved Communities 14 October 2019 Hayley Penan Hits: 2383
Unlocking Access to Health Care: A Federalist Approach to Reforming Occupational Licensing 09 August 2019 Gabriel Scheffler Hits: 1711
The Economics and Politics of Emergency Health Care for the Poor: The Patient Dumping Dilemma 08 August 2019 Maria O'Brien Hylton Hits: 1692
Threats to Medicaid and Health Equity Intersections 18 July 2019 Mary Crossley Hits: 1882
Title VI Challenges by Private Parties to the Location of Health Care Facilities: Toward a Just and Effective Action 15 May 2019 Daniel K. Hampton Hits: 1683
Providing for the Health Care Needs of Native Americans: Policy, Programs, Procedures, and Practices, 02 May 2019 Rose L. Pferrerbaum, Betty Pfefferbaum, Everett R. Rhoades, and Rennard J. Strickland Hits: 1912
Hispanics, Health Care, and Title Vi of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 01 May 2019 Raphael Metzger Hits: 1799
Medical Civil Rights: The Exclusion of Physicians of Color from Managed Care: Business or Bias? 19 December 2018 Rene Bowser Hits: 1981
Separate and Unequal Treatment in Health Care Fifty Years after Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 30 October 2018 Ruqaiijah Yearby Hits: 1951
A Call for Effective Anti-discrimination Law in Health Care (A Policy Brief) 09 September 2018 Vernellia Randall Hits: 2774
Analysis of Health Care Reform and Eliminating Racial Discrimination 09 September 2018 Vernellia Randall Hits: 2542
The Flexner Report: Standardizing Medical Students Through Region-, Gender-, and Race-based Hierarchies 22 July 2018 Moya Bailey Hits: 6357
Blackness as Disability? 04 March 2018 Kimani Paul-Emile Hits: 3864
Racial Disparities in Mental Health Treatment: How Indiana Misses the Mark in Providing Accessible and Quality Treatment Amidst the Coronavirus Pandemic 11 July 2022 Allyson Crane Hits: 1655
Implementing School-based Health Programs to Deter Undiagnosed African-American Youth from Juvenile Detention 11 December 2017 Dominique Hadley Hits: 3916
The Marginalization of Racial Minorities and Women in Institutional Mental Disability Law 17 June 2017 Michael L. Perlin and Heather Ellis Cucolo, Hits: 5811
Gun Control, Mental Illness, and Black Trans and Lesbian Survival 02 January 2014 Gabriel Arkles Hits: 7821
Legal Triage for Healthcare Reform: the Conflict Between the ACA and EMTAL 14 March 2015 Michelle Nicole Diamond Hits: 5943
A Matter of Life, Death, and Children: The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act Section 2302 and a Shifting Legal Paradigm 14 March 2015 Ryan A. Walsh Hits: 4842
Did I Do That? An Argument for Requiring Pennsylvania to Evaluate the Racial Impact of Medicaid Policy Decisions Prior to Implementation 27 April 2013 Michael Campbell Hits: 19144
Jumping Through Hoops: Traditional Healers And The Indian Health Care Improvement Ac 14 February 2013 Holly T. Kuschell-Haworth Hits: 6912
Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare): National Federation v. United States 27 June 2012 Supreme Court of the United States Hits: 4582
The Economics of Injustice: Stratification in Medical Malpractice Claims by Poor and Vulnerable Patients 13 July 2022 Cassidy Viser Hits: 819
Healthcare for All: Why Minorities Continue to Fall 11 March 2019 Sabrina Wilks Hits: 1927
Unequal Treatment: Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Health Care 18 December 2018 Sidney D. Watson Hits: 3898
Health Care, Title VI, and Racism's New Normal 01 November 2018 Dayna Bowen Matthew Hits: 2655
Implicit Bias and Racial Disparities in Health Care 17 September 2018 Khiara M. Bridges Hits: 4728
Cultura Obscura: Race, Power, and “Culture Talk” in the Health Sciences 23 July 2018 Ruha Benjamin Hits: 2140
Does Twenty-five Years Make a Difference in “Unequal Treatment”?: the Persistence of Racial Disparities in Health Care Then and Now 15 February 2013 Ruqaiijah Yearby Hits: 7468
Aging in Harmony: Creating Culturally Appropriate Systems of Health Care for Aging American Indian/alaska Natives 25 July 2019 Bette Jacobs, Mehgan Gallagher, Nicole Heydt Hits: 2467
Medication Information for Patients with Limited English Proficiency: Lessons from the European Union 28 February 2013 Marsha Regenstein, et. al. Hits: 25138
Examining the “Stick” of Accreditation for Medical Schools Through Reproductive Justice Lens: A Transformative Remedy for Teaching the Tuskegee Syphilis Study 24 February 2013 Deleso Alford Washington Hits: 65996
Patients' Racial Preferences and the Medical Culture of Accommodation 30 January 2013 Kimani Paul-emile Hits: 68671
The Troubling Persistence of Race in Pharmacogenomics 28 February 2013 Jonathan Kahn Hits: 31434
Unequal Health Care: 50 Years after the Civil Rights Act of 1964 07 June 2015 Ruqaiijah Yearby Hits: 21430
Infected Judgment: Legal Responses to Physician Bias 02 March 2013 Mary Crossley Hits: 78971
On a Scale from 1 to 1557, How Much Justice Is Too Much Justice for Healthcare Entities Evading Disparate Impact Accountability? 17 November 2022 Vanessa Giunta Hits: 234
Race and Medical Double-Binds 13 September 2022 Craig Konnoth Hits: 898
Equal Protection and Scarce Therapies: The Role of Race, Sex, and Other Protected Classifications 13 July 2022 Govind Persad Hits: 808
At the Intersection of Race and Health: Racial disparities in the Maternal Healthcare System 12 June 2022 Sarah Schweitzer Hits: 1396
An Unfulfilled Promise: Section 1557's Failure to Effectively Confront Discrimination in Healthcare 12 June 2022 Majesta-Doré Legnini Hits: 1060
An Epidemic of Racism in Peer Review: Killing Access to Black and Brown Physicians 12 June 2022 Sidney S. Welch and Tricia “CK” Hoffler Hits: 1263
The Maternal Healthcare Crisis: Expanding the Scope of Postpartum Care and Minimizing the Racial and Ethnic Gap 19 May 2022 Arianna M. Rappy Hits: 1380
Medical Error and Vulnerable Communities 18 May 2022 Phoebe Jean-Pierre Hits: 606
Dosing Discrimination: Regulating "Prescription Drug Monitoring Program" PDMP Risk Scores 16 May 2022 Jennifer D. Oliva Hits: 1291
Death by Apathy: Tolerance of the Government's Failure to Fund Promised Healthcare Causes Loss of Native American Lives 30 March 2022 Lia Maria Fulgaro Hits: 1293
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